When you look at and write about designer handbags every day, your concept of what’s expensive becomes distorted. So, when I find a great bag from a premier designer for around $1,000, my brain will immediately think of that as a great deal. But clearly, I work in a different realm and the fact is, spending thousands of dollars on bags is not an everyday occurrence for me or the majority of every else. I love finding a cute bag at a great price just like the next girl, and that is why I am crushing on this Antik Batik bag today.

With rather spacious dimensions of 7″ x 9″ x 3″, the Antik Batik Banta Clutch packs a huge design bang for the buck. The clutch is hand-crafted and woven, showing off an artsy side – think Anthropologie-esque. I adore the medallion coins and mirrored pompom tassel detail, along with the very authentic and artistic woven exterior. The best part of this cute clutch is the price. I’m really excited about the price, only $86 via ShopBop.

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  • jenny

    i think i bought a similar bag when i was in Asia – for five dollars

  • elle

    I could get a bag from the Tibetan shop downtown for $20, and they REALLY mark up their prices for surburban, minivan-driving customers wanting to feel bohemian. Not even worth $86, in my opinion.

  • Natasha

    Someone needs to get their head checked. No way is this even worth $86! You can get better bags in this style from my downtown local market with authentic batik woven by the locals for only $5. This bag just screams pretentiousness. Oh look at me and my Overpriced bohemian bag. Ugh

    • dnfl

      you know you’re coming off rude right

  • Donna

    Just my opinion but this is one ugly bag.