Marc by Marc Jacobs Snakes on a Frame Crossbody, $298. LeSportsac Divine Sunglasses Wristlet, $25. Both via ShopBop.

In my three years at PurseBlog, I’ve written a lot of posts that I never expected to write as part of my job here. For example, I never imagined myself Photoshopping a picture of a small, yappy dog next to a very expensive clutch for comparison’s sake. I never expected to write half of the things I’ve written about all manner of Real Housewives. Today’s Bag Battle, though? It might take the cake.

When I first saw the Marc by Marc Jacobs Snakes on a Frame Crossbody, I smiled at its relative novelty. A sunglasses bag! Cute! But yesterday morning I noticed the LeSportsac Divine Sunglasses Wristlet, and the coincidence seemed to fun to pass up. Of course, with two bags that share an unconventional theme, we have to put it to a vote: Which one do you like better? Check out larger photos of both bags and vote in our poll, after the jump.

At $298 vs. $25, the LeSportsac version definitely wins for kitsch value for the money. I could see having something silly like this in my purse to hold a few small items, but I don’t think I could spend a couple hundred dollars to wear the Marc by Marc version as a real handbag. Therefore, my vote goes firmly with LeSportsac.

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Marc by Marc Jacobs Snakes on a Frame Crossbody, $298 via ShopBop

LeSportsac Divine Sunglasses Wristlet, $25 via ShopBop

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  • rose60610

    Occasionallyou have an article about a purse that is for a young girl. Fine. I prefer to read about bags for adult women. These are sunglasses bags are for children, or for women with a female Peter Pan complex.

  • 19yearslater

    The LeSportsac is cuter overall, and obviously the price is friendlier. I guess I have a Peter Pan complex, because I would carry it in an instant.

  • mochababe73

    I guess that I have a Peter Pan complex as well because I really like the Marc Jacobs one. It’s shinier and more practical.
    However, I would never spend that much on a novelty bag.

  • Stacy F.

    Oh, hey, I thought I was the only one with a complex. Well, a great big HELLO to my fellow Peter Pan sisters. :) I like them both but for the price I voted for the LeSportsac, but I must say that having one in leather looks nicer.

    It’s fun to have a little something unexpected in your purse (er, excuse me, “handbag” if you’re all grown up :o) lol) to pull out and makes me and sometimes those around me smile. I don’t do it often, but when I do even little old ladies have smiled and asked me “what is that, it’s cute” and “where did I purchase that from”. Love it.

  • Karin bag4bag

    I do like fun novelty bags (I love Judith Leiber purses) but these two don’t grab me at all.