While the past year has impacted all of us in various ways, luxury bag sales have consistently grown – with little stagnation and record breaking sales continuing to take place. In fact, since many were not able to travel and shop how they typically would, auction sites like Christie’s continued to see tons of interest. And with an eclectic and rare mix of bags and accessories that Christie’s is able to curate, it’s not surprising that the excitement over these, many times, one-of-a-kind treasures has the handbag world watching.

Christie’s New York’s latest auction launches today, this one featuring another remarkable selection of Handbags & Accessories in celebration of Summer. With over 200 pieces from the world’s top luxury fashion houses, there is something for everyone. While many of us assume there are only the ultra-rare (which there are), Christie’s also offers ideal bags that can start a collection or quickly become the cornerstone of your growing collection.

Let’s talk a bit about the standout pieces of this lot, starting with a Himalaya Birkin 35. This bag continues to be the pinnacle for handbag lovers, and consistently breaks records at auction. The 35 cm makes this bag fall into the daily carry category, and I’ve actually seen people carrying this bag a handful of times (I will never not get excited over a sighting like this). There are also two Faubourg Birkin bags, both with exotic skin details, which are standouts as well and are expected to fetch anywhere between $80,000 – $100,000. If you want something bright and happy, the Rainbow Sunrise Sellier Birkin 35 might be one of my favorite bags of the lot.

There are far more pieces, including the much-talked-about Light Up LED Keepall Bandoulière by Louis Vuitton. I’m also quite partial to this Metallic Kelly Pochette (the shape has always been a personal favorite and metallic leather for Hermès is incredibly rare). This Matte Very D’Eau Alligator Constance 24 with Palladium hardware may very well haunt me in my dreams. There’s also this Limited Edition Turquoise Swift Leather & Osier Picnic Kelly 35 that would surely become the star of your summer wardrobe.

The list goes on (it’s nearly 200 items strong) and Christie’s continues to offer one of the most well-rounded auctions available to ensure there is something for everyone. Whether you are starting your collection and want to opt for the more classic and subtle, or an extremely rare piece is what delights you, you will not be disappointed with the Christie’s Summer Bag and Accessories Auction. The auction starts today and lasts through the 9th of June at 10 AM EDT. If you are in NYC, you are welcome to set up a reservation to preview the exhibition (which is a delight, I’ve done this before) at Christie’s Rockefeller Center Galleries from June 4-9.

Discover more of my favorite items below or check out the entire auction now!

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