Jennifer M asks:

Looking for bag…. I am just wondering if you know of anywhere I can still purchase the Marc Jacobs Hudson bag from? I know its old, but I LOVE it, and have been unsuccessful locating one. Or, if you know of a similar bag I might check out as an alternative?


marc jacobs hudsonOne of the recent coveted Marc Jacobs bags was the Hudson. I covered the Marc Jacobs Hudson early on, and I adored it. I can see why you love this bag Jennifer! The bowler/top handle shape is easy to wear, roomy, and looks great on. The combination of the lighter colored leather stripes helped make this bag stand on its own. Problem is, everyone else fell in love and this bag has been sold out for a while. The Marc Jacobs Hudson was available in black and tan and cost $1275. But there are similar bags out there right now and an option if you still are dead set on the Hudson. If the Hudson is the only answer for you, you can check it out at Bag, Borrow or Steal. While I am not a huge fan of the renting a luxury good phenomenon, for some people it works great. And I *think* there is an option to buy some of the bags from Bag, Borrow or Steal (but I do not know exactly how that works). My next suggestions are a wide range of bags that carry similar looks and may bring a similar appeal, but are not the exact bag you are looking for. Hope this helps Jennifer! And if any one else knows how we can help Jennifer find this bag, please do post in the comment section.

miu miu bowler tote
Miu Miu Shine Bicolor Bowler Tote | $1,280 via Saks
This bag struck me first. Almost exact same price and the look is very similar; casual and laid-back but still edgy and fun. The colors are perfect for fall and winter.

bottega veneta hobo

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Hobo Bag | $3,540 via Net A Porter
This bag brings a similar shape with the ultimate luxury. The woven leather is sumptuous and will withstand anything, and this handbag is timeless.

Alexander McQueen Flapper Novak Bag

Alexander McQueen Flapper Novak Bag | $1,780 via Net A Porter
The new version of the popular Novak, the Flapper adds the outside pockets, the streamlined lines, and the top handle appeal.

chloe paddington satchel

Chloe Paddington Satchel | $1,800 via Saks
Chloe Bags have become ubiquitous with the Paddington. The revamped Satchel version adds structure and the funky padlock charm.

Mulberry Large Agyness Bag
Mulberry Large Agyness Bag | $1,595 via Net A Porter
Fits over the shoulder and gives a little more slouch than the structured Hudson, but a great everyday bag nonetheless.

Salvatore Ferragamo Victoria Calfskin Satchel
Salvatore Ferragamo Victoria Calfskin Satchel | $1,090 via Saks
Simple, and elegant, this black handheld bag is seasonless and well made.

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  • Mrs. C

    As a matter of fact, there is a beautiful Chesnut Hudson listed on eBay right now from a lovely tPF member who frequents the Marc Jacobs forum here. I purchased a Venetia from her in February and have nothing but good things to say about the experience. Jump on it!

    • I figured there were some great ones on eBay! I just do not authenticate eBay items for people for a few reasons… thanks for the heads up!

  • Grace

    I loooove the Ferragamo… I really wanted one in Patent Black…

  • Kalra

    Try Ebay

  • mette

    Why not treasure this bag in your mind as a gem and buy something new, now that there are so many to choose from? Personally wouldn´t even consider none of the ones pictured above. All MJ bags IMO are terrible and recently I have seen many of his designs that look close to some other designers presented earlier.

  • christy

    Just to let you know. I have the Trish duffel in this same collection… And the bag has had problems. The top stitching came apart and the gold hardware is lose. Everyone I know has had problems with this bag. I would highly advise against it because it has lots of problems. I know it’s sooooo Pretty! But trust!!!

    • tadpolenyc

      I have both the Trish and Striping Bowler and have had no quality issues with either bag. I can assure you that this problem is not as common with other Hudson-owners on TPF as you have suggested.

      If the Hudson is what Jennifer wants then I think she should go for it. It was available for sale in the Bag, Borrow or Steal outlet section not too long ago. That’s certainly an option. Additionally, there is one available on Ebay with a low starting price and no reserve in the chestnut color. The Hudson is a beautiful bag and a Marc Jacobs subforum favorite. One of MJ’s best designs imo.

  • Graciella

    I think there’s a hudson in the outlet department of bag borrow or steal, it’s a tan one for 825 dollars! Go get it!

  • Jessica

    You overlooked an obvious choice: the Marc Jacobs Dash! It has the same profile and the same pleats. It is also on sale at Net-a-Porter, so it ends up being cheaper than the Hudson!

  • Label Ho

    I am so with you on the lease-a-bag phenomenon.

  • Tracy

    I knew I read about the Hudson recently! There’s one on ebay right now, listed as a cognac and black leather bag.

  • s marion

    I know this is REALLY late, but I purchased a Hudson bag on ELuxury (black) before they sold out and would like to sell it. It has not been used, still have tags, etc. If you can forward this to Jennifer M with my info I’d really appreciate it! It’s been a long time but you never know:)

  • Jaime

    I have the Hudson in dark brown that I am looking to sell. It is in mint condition, if you’re still interested, please email me at Thanks! :)