Alexander Wang has followed in the footsteps of many brands by again shrinking an already shrunken version of one of his most popular bags, but don't worry; you can actually fit stuff in this one.

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  • FashionableLena

    I kind of want one of these to go with my regular sized Rockie. Too bad it only comes in this blush color.

    • Amanda Sheff

      There are more colors on Alexander Wang’s website.

    • Sara

      I have just received my new Rockie regular size in soft leather. It is gorgeous and currently on display in my living room as eye candy. I haven’t used it in case I decide to return it – reluctant to do so. But it is quite heavy and the zipper is not smooth. You’ve had your regular size one for a while, are you used to the weight? Does it soften over time? Is the zipper functional? Sorry to bombard with questions. On a bag high at the moment.

  • Joyce Alcantara

    i think i just died and went to heaven and came back to life. this is the cutest thing i have ever seen in my liiiiiife.

  • Robertoff

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  • QueenPosh .

    It’s super cute and i’m very impressed with the leather of Alexander Wang bags.

  • Kathyjazz

    That’s cute and actually a more doable size than some of the other minis!