I both tweeted and facebooked about being extremely let down by a new handbag purchase. And this is it.

The Alexander Wang Rocco in a style that I was obsessing over for its sporty chic vibe. This version of the Rocco had my heart. The wavy-stitched detailing added such a nice dimension to the luggage-colored leather, alongside the ridged silver tone studs at the bottom. And when I saw it online I had to have it. Perfection!

The rest of the handbag-loving world is still mulling over the original Alexander Wang Coco with black leather and brass studs. In fact, I was hoping for the black and brass original myself. But when I spotted the camel leather version I got this weak feeling in my knees. It seemed perfect and I clicked SUBMIT ORDER on the Alexander Wang website quicker than my fingers could type my payment information.

The bag arrived last week and I immediately ripped the packaging open. Alexander Wang shipped it in a beautiful box, very Net-A-Porter like. It was wrapped impeccably and as I pulled back more layers of tissue paper I saw the bag emerging. Then came the feeling I was so hoping would not follow: disappointment.

The leather is stunning, thick and smooshy, and the wavy stitched detail adds such a nice touch. The studs are a great color, a ridged silver tone color which compliments the burnished silver-tone zip fastening. Each material was just as I expected and I loved it.

Now comes the disappointing part.

The bag is very heavy. I have tried on hundreds of bags over time, and always liked the stud trend, but this bag has one of the worst weight-to-size ratios I have ever held on my arm. With the studs being on the bottom, the duffel body has no option other than to slouch lacklusterly down to the ground, the weight of the studs pull the leather straight down.

The size is very similar to the Louis Vuitton Speedy 30, which is another bag that at times people dislike due to the lack of shape. The Rocco really lacks shape though, the body of the bag looks nothing like it does on the website. Obviously each website that photographs this bag will stuff it, which will give it the structure and shape that I so desperately desired.

It has been rare that I have pined for a certain bag, bought it, then felt let down. Part may be because I built this bag up so much for so long, hoping it would look exactly as I imagined in my mind. Now all I have to decide is if I will return the bag, which for me is something entirely rare.

You can buy this version of the Rocco via Net-A-Porter for $875.

Help me make a decision and share your thoughts on this bag below.

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  • bisbee

    Megs…I feel your pain. I have the original with brass studs. When I first got it, I posted about the weight on tpf – could not believe the number of replies that said it wasn’t heavy at all! It’s a monster!

    That being said…it’s very slouchy…no shape at all when being carried. However…I kept it! I love the leather…and also love the shape (or lack thereof). No way I can fit that baby over my shoulder…still thinking of hanging it with weights to see if I can stretch the handles. But…I’ve gotten used to the weight! When I carry it, I put the minimum in it so it’s not heavier than necessary.

    I totally understand if you return it…I might have also, especially if I paid full price…but I got mine from mickmargo.com with the lucky code that gave me 35% off. Now that was worth it!

  • Chicken

    Can you post pics holding it with your usual items inside, so we can see how it looks?

    • We will take another photo. I can not cut off the tag, since I am considering returning it, but we will still try to take a shot to show you the bag unstuffed and even without anything in it – that way you can see how it hangs

  • otter

    I “tested” it at Barney’s last week and also thought it too heavy and slouches in an unattractive manner when not full . . . . and with a bag this heavy, would not want to fill it.

    • I always carry at least my wallet and phone. I can imagine that would add even more weight which would pull the bag even more.

      I wonder if the plain pebbled leather version of this bag hangs differently. Not sure why it would, but the leather might be slightly different and not hang as much. Whenever I see celeb photos with it, it doesn’t seem to hang as much

  • digby723

    I think it looks really nice in the picture that you’ve posted, but I am sure that it weights a ton! Plus, using it over time, and adding stuff too it will possibly only stretch it further, which then wouldn’t really make it as appealing. If it were me, I’d return it. I’ve got heavy bags that I never learned my lesson on and I almost never use them. Too hard to go shopping and try to hold onto it. It is a beautiful bag, but sometimes it’s just not worth it!

  • sunflower

    I bought the black/brass last summer. It is heavy, but I don’t carry it every day so I can deal.

    I do tend to carry a lot of stuff, so it “puffs out” the droopiness you mentioned, although it doesn’t really bother me too much. This bag definetely is not for everyone. It kind of reminds me of when I had to have a Paddington, I was freaked out by the weight and the commitment it took to carry it.

  • Dawn

    megs, if you don’t love it then i think you should return it. there are too many beautiful bags out there just waiting to be loved by you! :)

  • Kara

    I have flirted with this bag but only because the leather looks so yummy, it’s a very trendy bag and way to heavy for normal use, if I have learned anything about purses if you don’t 110% love it when you open it it goes back or gets sold.

  • ShoeQueen1961

    I feel your pain dear… If you’re not happy with it–return it!!!

  • ingrid

    maybe a lot of owners are willing to overlook the weight because they love the look and design of the bag? it doesn’t really make sense that the other versions of the bag would be less heavy. hopefully you can come to a happy decision with it! good luck!

    • No it doesn’t! I guess when I saw photos of other people with it the bag did not look as slouchy, but maybe it is. :)

  • cge

    So sad! Especially when you were so excited to open the pretty Alexander Wang package, only to be faced with lunch-bag letdown (literally!). I would definitely return it. You’ll never love it like your other bags, and it will never have the structure you crave. The color and texture are lovely though. Perhaps Alexander will read your review (he should), and amend his design for the future! I’m sure the studs could be manufactured out of a lighter material.

  • kemilia

    It is such a lovely bag, but maybe only to look at? I love that camel-colored leather, though I would want brass studs and that is not an option for that leather color.

    I am sorry for you–I know well the pangs of disappointment with a bag that wasn’t what I was hoping for.

  • baglady39

    When I first got my black/brass studs from Barney’s, I didn’t like it at all…not because I thought it was too heavy, but because it was totally squashed and didn’t hang like I had seen in many photos. I was going to return it, but couldn’t make myself, so I just stuffed it and let it sit for several weeks. It’s definitely not ever going to be a structured bag, but if you store it packed fully, I think it does much better when you go to use the bag. At least that’s what I found to be the case. Mine now looks more like the photos posted on the forum, and it doesn’t curl as much around the edges. When I sit mine down, it actually looks a bit more like the stock photos too. However, I am always one to say that you should not keep anything you’re not happy with…we all have different tastes and expectations!

  • jen

    Oh I think it looks just fantastic in your pic, but then I love slouchy looking bags, especially when you can really SEE how soft and great the leather is!
    I think this is an iconic bag, and if it is as well-made as you describe, it is even a really fairly priced bag. But I understand your thoughts, and if it is just too heavy for you to bare, there’s really no use.

    Of course I can’t speak for yourself, but if you already are dissapointed, I would say return it, because in my experience once you feel that way, there’s no way back.

  • Idealist

    Megs I absolutely LOVE this blog & I totally agree with you on this one! That bag looks very sad lol & with the color it almost hangs like testies (excuse my language I know this is a family friendly blog) However, I saw this bag just last week in black in person for the first time besides the net & I loved it! So, maybe its the color plus the sagginess that’s a turn off…

  • Simona

    I have tried the bag in black/brass and I also thought it was too heavy and did not buy it. I am considering, however, to buy the SMALLER VERSION from shopbop.com, and I am hoping it will be lighter. Does anybody know or has any experience with it?

  • Nicole

    I returned my black/brass Coco last year for the same reasons. I also wanted to love it but, I could not get past the awkward shape (or lack of it).

  • sbelle

    I lusted after this bag from the first pictures of celebrities carrying it. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one. I did eventually see one of hte black/brass ones at BG and as soon as I picked it up I knew it wasn’t for me. Although it has a very cool look (I don’t mind that the shape collapses), for me it is crazy to carry a bag that it that heavy empty. I have made some real mistakes in the past (Chloe Paddington for one) buying bags that were just too heavy. It isn’t fun to carry and doesn’t do your body any good to drag all that weight around.

  • Kristina | Pretty Shiny Sparkly

    Bottom line – for a bag at that price, to feel any disappointment is a reason to return it. You should be gaga over it and wanting to find excuses to go out so you can show it off – anything less is a waste of heart, and money.

    • Loquita

      Well said – I would personally not keep the bag, either. Why not put the money towards a bag (or something else) that you truly adore from the get-go?

  • Kiwishopper

    I bought the black version with the brass studs. For some reason, my Coco stays in it’s original shape pretty well. Maybe it’s the leather difference? I love love the quality of the leather, and I don’t care if it is another black bag I have. I mostly carry the Coco when I am not going to be walking around too much.
    Meg, maybe return the one and get another replacement just to see if it is just that one bag? Or maybe consider the black or the gray version?

  • summer robinson

    If you don’t love it, send it back for a bag you love. That’s to much money to spend to be unhappy with the bag.

  • papertiger

    Is it possible to put a speedy-type case shaper in the bottom (they are super light) or some cardboard?

    My Gucci Babushka Boston (from 2008) had the same problem but I made a base for it.

    • An4

      I just wanted to suggest the same thing! I have LV epi speedy and my friend has the monogram canvas and she was so sad hers didn’t hold it’s shape like mine, so I bought her the base shaper – she was thrilled!
      I’m curious whether it would help in this case, it looks too heavy and droopy.

  • Mallory

    I’ve had the mini coco for almost a year now. It does take quite some time to get use to. I went from using the balenciaga lune tote that weighed about 20lbs to this, so the coco was a little bit better but still way heavier and a lot smaller than I usually prefer. Its also kind of hard to get in and out of the bag, I find the opening to be really small and.I REALLY wish there were more pockets! but as you wear the bag in, it takes its shape sooo much better and it truly is an amazing bag. You’ll grow to love it, I promise!

  • Jennifer

    Don’t keep something you don’t truly love, it will just end up on the bottom and the back of your closet and forgotten. I’ve had heavy bags before and stopped using them due to shoulder pain. It is a beautiful bag, in the professional pictures but if you don’t stuff it full and look like your not struggling to carry it, how great can it be?

  • seahorseinstripes

    i got the black/brass and despite the weigh, it’s a perfect bag for me.
    i love the shape that most people considered lack of shape, i happen to love the way my speedies slouch and the weigh on the studs really weigh the bag down and make it slouchy, just the way i prefer my bags are.
    and yeah, this is definitely not a bag for everybody, and although some people say that later versions is kinda lighter than the 1st batch, i honestly think it’s still heavy with all those studs.

    • hannah

      I noticed this bag for long long time just so worry about its weight, i am going to buy it tomorrow, after viewing this much negative comments now i saw someone have the same idea that i have which is i just adore that bag even it slouchy, i am gonna have it !

  • Sofia Nolan

    love the camel leather but I`d prefer something bigger. much bigger! to fit all my daily accessories :)

  • Ivory

    Of course if you don’t absolutely love it, you should return it. Get your money back.

  • amanda

    i love this bag. i saw it at barneys like 3 weeks ago for the first time in person.. maybe i am biased because i love heavy bags, but i feel like its even more amazing in person. the weight didnt bother me, but i am used to carrying my mbmj groovee which is pretty heavy itself. i think you should consider keeping the bag, its such a unique update to this new classic… however i trust your judgment in choosing a great bag that suits YOU, and thats what it comes down to. keep it only if you love it. but if it didnt make your heart beat out of your chest the second you saw it then it probably isnt the right bag for you.


  • I tested this and a regular Rocco out at Barney’s COOP yesterday and I really like how they look, but I don’t think I’d like carrying them. The brown leather is super soft, but I didn’t love the structure. I like several other AW bags a lot more.

  • Ingerid Prebensen

    If you are not happy with it, return it. It’s not worth spending USD 875 on something you don’t love 100&!

  • Allie

    I say return it if your not happy with it. For that amount, you want the bag to just be everything you want out of a bag. I’m a handbag addict and if I’m not satisfied with the bag when I’ve put my stuff in it, I immediately take it back. I’m very particular about my bags.

  • mochababe73

    I have never liked this bag. Now, I see that my opinion was confirmed. I am the mother of two very active sons so carrying a ton of stuff is apart of my daily life. There is no way that I could carry a bag that already starts off heavy. This was one of the reasons why I never got the MK handbag with the chains on it.

    To be honest, I thought that the bag looked cheap and really didn’t like the leather. I say return it. The economy is too bad to spend that kind of money on something that you are on the fence. You should LOOOOOOVE it!

  • Jane

    Its a lot of money if you don’t like it return it and get something that you will love. It is so silly but sometimes I feel bad for letting a bag go like it has feelings. Be strong, return it, and something fab instead.

  • Beth S.

    The weight would kill me, but even besides that? The studs on the bottom remind me of tire treads. The BIG kind. On farm equipment. Not good.

  • Bag Brag

    I have weigh the black version of the bag and it is approx 1.5kg.

    Can you weigh your’s and tell us what is the rough weigh of this bag.

    And 1.5kg is an empty bag without stuff.



  • Harry

    Why don’t you try this fabrication! haha she will definitely be lighter


  • Allison

    I bought the grey coco duffle back in Oct and i totally regret it. i don’t like the bag. i got caught up in the hype i think.

  • Karin bag4bag

    I think you should return the bag as you are never going to really enjoy it.
    It is the best feeling when you go out with your new bag for the first time ! But you have to love it, or love how practical it is for the outing etc. It is very disappointing. Once I misread the size dimensions on an online purchase, and the bag arrived perfect in every way, but it was tiny!!

  • Merve

    I saw this bag in Selfridges in London and i toyed with the idea of getting but for some reason i didnt. I dont know why but now im glad i didnt go for it. If a bag is really heavy it has to be able to sit on my shoulder. Its kinda of the same issue i have with my birkins. I love them but they are so heavy.

    • Bag Brag

      I feel you Merve! Those Birkins weigh a tonne. With beauty comes PAIN!!

      • Merve

        Its kinda sad i never use the birkins. Recently in NY i thought it was a good idea to walk around MoMa with a birkin. Needless to say i literally ran back to my hotel which was close dumped the birkin and got a messenger and carried on my tour of the museum.

  • ranag

    How very timely your review of this bag is!

    Yesterday I started searching for this bag (I was hoping to find the older grey color). I had seen this bag when it first came out a few years ago, but I literally just decided that I had to have one yesterday.

    I am accustomed to very heavy bags, but I can understand the wieght being a major drawback.

    As for the shape (or lack of), would a Speedy shaper help? I put them in all of my LV bags to prevent slouch. I also use Chameleon organizers which also tend to provide some structure.

    I am so sorry that you are disappointed with this bag!

    I will probably still order one and at least give it a try. Who knows, I may end up returning it too.

  • dierregi

    Sounds like a sensible decision to me. A heavy bag is a bag that rarely gets used, thus a waste of money. Besides, this one is also small… double waste :-)

  • Mirandacake

    Thank you for this review! I was considering getting one but was worried about the shapelessness of it. I don’t carry a lot of stuff so maybe the Diego bucket bag would be better….hmmmm…..

  • bindc

    Don’t keep a bag you don’t love. It’s not worth it. You’ll never carry it if you don’t love it.

    My 2 cents.

  • Julie

    I personally have never understood the hype over this bag! It does nothing for me! The luggage color is definitely nicer than the black, but it’s still a bag I’d never look twice at!

  • denim53

    I LOVE the leather but hate the studs. They look like octopus suction cups and kinda scare me. I hate the studs so much that I didn’t even try on the bag for weight.

  • Jenny in Jacquard

    The leather looks gorgeous, but it definitely lacks any sort of structure. In theory, I love the stud trend, but I wonder how long it’s going to last? Not sure if it’s worth my investment.

    I bought the Alexander Wang Gunny Sack in navy suede from ShopBop. It was originally $580 and marked down to $408, so I haaaaad to have it! The pics on ShopBop were pristine and edgy. Unfortunately, when I got it in the mail, it also lacked a firm shape and just didn’t feel right.

    Major let down with Alexander Wang. :(

    Follow my fashion twitter at http://www.twitter.com/jennyinjacquard

  • Christian

    No!!!!! Don’t return it! trust me…I have it. If you’d like, I can actually take pictures and send them to you!!! OMG I felt the same way when I first played with it at Barneys….I thought it was too small and wouldn’t hold much…Rocco bags are heavy though. But they’re not the only ones that are….Back to my point…in time the leather of the bag stretches a lot and begins to get very smooth and mushy….It looks gorgeous as it ages and as you get more wear out of it. My bag looks amazing and I love it!!!!!!

    • hannah

      omg, seriously????? I have been waiting someone tell me some good news about this bag ! yes ! I am gonna have it , for some reason i just like its saggy look lol

  • Al

    No offense, but of course the bag isn’t going to be duffle-stuffed when it first arrives. Not to mention, everyone has talked about the weight of The Coco being either an issue for them or not. It’s a “heavy” bag. The leather is thick AND the studs are in rows on the bottom of the bag.

    I feel you could’ve avoided this disappointment by reading the AWang thread or by looking up pictures of it being worn ala Ashley Olsen. Research, review, research, review.! When I first got mine (black & brass ed) I stuffed it to the brim and that helped with the sides folding in like a double-crushed coke can. If you do that and give it one week, you’ll never turn back! I promise. It’s been my workhorse since then.

  • Rachel

    I just bought this bag as well (the black one from last season) from Barney’s Coop and I love it!! I think yours may have looked like this because of the way it was packaged. They must have packaged it very tightly. LOL. The picture is depressing. I’m sorry :(

  • J

    Saw this bag in a girl’s shopping cart in Whole Foods the other day. It layed limp shapeless with no integrity nor emotion in her cart. Very dull and drab. Disappointing because I loved it in the beginning when I saw it on MK in the pics….Meg definitely needs to return it pronto! love purseblog as always!

  • hazel0704

    very dissapointing (fb)

  • Amanda

    I know the Coco has been so popular lately, but it’s just not for me. (fb)

  • Amanda

    Sorry, there was a type, it’s the Rocco, not coco.

  • Rosanna

    I still love the look of the bag, but I have to agree that the shape (or lack of it) ruins it for me. (fb)

  • Lianne

    It looks lovely, but I like more structure, and there’s just too many studs on the bottom (especially if it increases the weight that much). (fb)

  • CoachGirlJami

    I do NOT love this – the color or the bag itself. And if it’s really heavy, then that’s another strike against it. You can find the same style in cute spring colors from other designers. No sense killing your back to carry around heavy bags if you don’t have to. :) (fb)

  • Chi

    One word .. ewwwwwww!


  • Mishie Monroe

    I love the look of the Coco and I was considering purchasing but the weight of the bag is an issue for me. It looks wonderfully slouchy in the photos above and I’m one of the individuals who have a problem with the shape of the LV Speedy. So much so that I recently sold mine.

  • Jenny

    The leather looks SO soft on this bag, and I love the color. I think it looks nice in the picture where it is flat, but it looks odd in the hand held picture. You are right in that it just just “hangs there”. I wonder how this compairs in weight size to my Chloe paddys? (fb)

  • Emily

    I am a sucker for studded bags, but the weight kills me. I am out on this one. I had to get rid of a beautiful studded Rm b/c THAT was too heavy and hurt my back – this would be torture! (fb)

  • miko

    wow….i totally covet everything alexander wang makes, i am super shocked at this! especially since the coco duffel is sheer perfection, i thought the rocco would be a wonderful upgrade. thank you SO much for this post PB!!! (fb)

  • Sonia

    The color seems nice… But the studs on the bottom? And if it’s too heavy, forget it. Plus it’s compared to the LV speedy and that one is not a comfortable wear. (fb)

  • Lee

    I lovvve these bags! the studs are hot. beauty is pain ;)


  • Shannon Baker

    Finally a bag that is completely protected at the bottom and it adds style…Love it…it’s a beautiful bag!


  • Jacqueline Griffin

    Every bag has something to offer. They are all so very beautiful!! Thank You


  • Shannon Baker

    Okay looked at it more and didn’t realize the studs would be so heavy, as much as I love the bag; if it’s too heavy…forget it!!!! Not worth it, if it’s breaking your arm and back! I agree with the other women.


  • Rachel

    I say return it. If utter “disappointment” was your initial feeling, that’s your answer! I loved the look of the Coco in theory, but the handle length, shape, and what I heard about the weight made me see it as a very impractical bag. I love the color and it looks great on you! but, it won’t be a bag you’ll regularly reach for…. (fb)

  • Gelynn

    Just beautiful!! (fb)

  • Ann

    See, I’m loving this bag! Love the color, the design but would need to feel to see how heavy it really is. (fb)

  • Theresa W

    Oh, Megs, I’m so sorry to hear that! If you’re not loving it then defo return it! I think it’s a beautiful bag – a nice change from the LV Speedy, but if it’s too heavy empty there’s no point in putting anything in it, is there? :( (fb)

  • Theresa W

    Oh, Megs, I’m so sorry to hear that! If you’re not loving it then defo return it! I think it’s a beautiful bag – a nice change from the LV Speedy, but if it’s too heavy empty there’s no point in putting anything in it, is there? (fb)

  • justa9url

    DNW…I hate heavy bags since I will make it heavy with all the stuff I throw in. (fb)

  • April C.

    Aww…I’m sorry Megs you were disappointed! I totally understand..I don’t like really heavy bags either! (fb)

  • Paula

    Pretty Bag, I really like it!! (fb)

  • Jessica

    aww im so sad that it was such a disappointment :(

  • C

    Megs- I love this bag- much much better than the black/silver version. The luggage and silver is just fabulous. I agree about the weight- this is a really heavy bag. I think that is why a lot of people are excited about the version with the shoulder strap coming out- it’ll be easier to wear then. It does start to look more like the duffel shape the more you wear it, i hate the limping sides too. Not to mention its a PITA trying to get thru airport security with it if you travel.

  • Tania

    I love my Alexander Wang bag! I have the grey version & get compliments on it all the time. Yes, its heavy & its slouchy, not structured, but that is what I expected and I like slouchy bags. I also expected it to be heavy as I’m also a Balenciaga girl and when you add big hardware like that, there will be weight on the bag.

    So, I think maybe it just was different than what you expected. I agree with C, this type of bag needs to be worn in a bit.

    The luggage color is really nice.

  • bonybynatur2003

    Im sorry Megs, but Im kind of eh on this one. I dont hate it, but I dont love it. I am sorry that you felt let down though. A couple of years ago I couldnt decide between an LV Papillon or the LV Speedy. When I finally got the Papillon-I was not thrilled. I couldnt return it, and regret it to this day. From personal experience, return it while you still can and get the one that you will LOVE! (fb)

  • MG

    Megs, I’m really sorry to hear about your disappointment. I guess it’s really better to buy bags in-store instead of online (if you can). That way you can try it (or even all the bags there) and see if it’s really for you.

  • hoofbeats95

    The leather looks so gorgeous! I hate that immediate feeling of disappointment. (fb)

  • kellie wilson

    I am sorry you are dissapointed with this bag. It looks so awesome in the pics..but the weight of the bag would really bug me too! fb

  • StarBrite310

    I am in the very same predicament that you are in with this bag! I bought it just two days ago at Barneys Co-Op in the black with brass studs. I was extremely excited and figured it would be my new everyday black bag. Well tonight I decided to test it around my house with all my stuff in it. All my stuff as in an LV French Purse Wallet, small LV zippy credit card holder, keys, Blackberry, Prada makeup bag and some gum. I don’t carry that much.

    OMG!!! I feel like my arm was at the gym lifting weights! It is soooo heavy. I am able to get it on my shoulder, barely, but it does fit and even that was crazy heavy. I really don’t know if I could get by walking around town, running errands, shopping ect with this bag :( I’m very upset because I adore how it looks. I really don’t know what to do either. How do the girls who have the bag wear it comfortably??? Are they just going with the beauty is pain factor??

    I’m also a tad concerned with “It” bags because of how fast they can go out of style. I pretty much only buy classic bags so this purchase is a little nerve racking.

    I think you should return it if you feel it’s just not going to work out. I may be doing that too, not completely sure yet. In the end, this bag will probably be out of style by next year and we will all remember this and think that it was a good idea not to keep it haha! Who knows…

  • Elyse

    I don’t blame you for returning it. Although it is a gorgeous bag – if you can’t lift it and you don’t like the shape when all your stuff is in it – will you ever actually carry it? (fb)

  • liz

    well at least you will have good arms after lifting that bag all day :) (fb)

  • J

    thinking of buying the same bag – did you try stuffing it with paper as suggested – or did you return it?

  • JJ

    I’ve considered this bag myself many times, and I always end up saying, NAH – it’s just a fad. I have to say, I’m not a big fan of the quilting/wave pattern. If this had been the original bag, I might be leaning more towards agreeing with those who have said to keep it and give it a try. If you still can’t decide, maybe you should try one of the originals, in black or grey with silver studs. I think the bag looses it’s originality and edge with these new brighter colors and quilted leather. The original was edgy and rocker chic and had originality. This, IMO, just looks like another designer’s bag copying the original Coco. Sorry (fb)

  • Jocelyn

    Thanks for the review. It looks like a nice bag but I don’t like that the straps are so short.

    Tag for Linea Pelle (fb)

  • Joy


  • ABF

    I was considering getting the Rocco bag but then read this blog and hesitated……and I saw this brown quilted bag in Selfridges and really did not like it at all – but then I saw the black bag with the black studs in the Joseph shop in London and really loved it…I picked it up and really did not think it was that heavy! maybe because I’m used to carrying my Chloe bag…..the leather was really lovely and the size of the bag was not that small – and it was not that difficult to get into – but I really do not want a bag that is too easy to get into to ward off any thieves…..so I decided to order the bag but in black with the brass studs…..so I will let you know what it is like when it arrives! But I would think that if you do not love the bag, you should return it. Maybe the black bag has a different leather and is lighter than the quilted one? The quilted bag I saw in Selfridges was in fact shapeless and I did not like it at all…..but the black one is really great! I think it is important to see any bag in person before buying….

  • Emily

    I think the first instinct always counts. In this case, if you feel that you don’t like it, then that will always haunt you. I personally love Speedy, I carry it to work everyday, but I also think that’s a personal preference. I am totally into big bags, bigger the better! But in the end, if you don’t love it, then you shouldn’t have it!! Have a bag that makes you, cuz it’s part of your style, your statement!
    I am also considering buying this bag….just not sure if I want the black one or the gray…and I just read some comments and saw that they are coming with the bag with straps?? That might be great!! Not sure when they are going to come out, I might just have to wait for that one to come out.

  • Debbie

    Love the stitching but not into the studs on the bottom. (fb)

  • satany_caftan

    I’m sorry that your disappointed I was on the fence about this bag in the original black with brass studs but had the same reaction to yours as you did, I must have it. Bummer it’s so heavy. (fb)

  • Karma

    I am REALLY glad I came across your review before I purchased an Alexander Wang “Rocco” in light grey with silver studs. As gorgeous as it look it in the stock pics, it’s definitely not worth spending $875 for a handbag that will unattractively sag while being toted.

  • Taylor

    I just found this review. I bought the black/brass one about a month ago and yeah, I couldn’t agree more. The #1 complaint is heavy. I took it shopping one night and my shoulder was aching by the time I was done w/ it and bags. I carry it to work a lot, but nowhere that I know I’ll be carrying it for ages. But the one cool thing about it is that it’s so heavy, it won’t fall off your car seat :-)

  • Antonia

    I have the black with brass studs & yes 1st thing myself and my mother noticed was how heavy it is! BUT its such a nice bag and when you go out with it you probably wont see 5 other people with it which I love, when I 1st go tmy LV DAzur I didnt see it around often..& then I did & now i dont wear it as much. The Wang is defo something “rare” ..to an extent & I only take it out though when I know im not carrying my life with me..otherwise it will break my tiny arms! BUT ITS A LOVELY BAG! & I love the shapeless ness of it but maybe thats just me

  • jwk

    I just bought this bag in grey and the second day I took it out it got black streak marks all over it- no idea how, it was sitting in my lap most of the day. I know light colored leather is easy to dirty, but this is a little ridiculous- wondering if other people with the grey bag had this experience or maybe it was something defective about mine.

  • angela g.

    After seeing this bag I totally fell in love and purchased the grey baby duffel and showed for love to it than my balenciaga city , I just purchased the one shown here the brown one and it is heavy and misshapen however I was able to reshape it with time and it also improved the shape by stuffing it with all my crap lol, I think if u love this bag u should totally re purchase it and give it some time and it will regain its lovely shape :)

  • samaher

    i was really disappointed when i found out it’s heavy which was after it arrived to my country :(
    i love the bag but it makes hard on me to carry more stuff i need outside

  • Gigi2698

    If it were me, I’d return it. I’d be afraid that after the initial excitement of the bag wears off, that it will end up sitting in its dust bag cuz it’s just too heavy. I’ve also heard that it can be a real pain when traveling – that airport security doesn’t like it (I forget exactly why though).

  • purseloco

    i have been pinning for one also, but am skeptical to buy do to the weight. I bought a beautiful coach bag once, I think it was the Janice shoulder bag, this is older coach bag design. I gave the bag away becuase I couldn’t stand the weight. So if it is too heavy for you send it back.

  • Amanda Deer

    Just got this bag from barneys, luggage color with nickel studs….I looove it. It’s really not that heavy and I love the shoulder strap. Nickel color looks good with silver and gold jewelry, the leather color is just gorgeous too! Still in the first days of using this bag, but so far so good!

  • Amanda Deer

    Update! Since my last comment I went on a trip and took my alexander wang rocco on the plane with me. I literally caused a scene at airport security! Guess they didn’t know what to make of the heavy metal studs on the bottom of the bag. Long story short, my bag made it through the xray check but each time i got a funny look and a second bag search. Carried the bag all day on a three day trip to Washington DC..no it wasn’t the lightest bag in the world..but it wasn’t too heavy either. anyway, just wanted to update y’all! :)

    • nisha kumar

      thanks for the great tip! i was looking to take this bag along with me when i travel, ahahah i guess i just have to have a heads up when going through security

  • Newme

    I like. (ipad)

  • Emma G

    That’s a shame it’s a great looking bag (ipad)

  • Emma G

    Shame it’s very heavy, the lack of shape is a huge problem for me (ipad)

  • Heather Anne

    I love my Rocco and can’t understand why people get dismayed about the limping sides. A little bit of homework would show how the bag ‘really’ looks. It’s on sites all over the Internet. What should also be obvious is that the studs would add weight. Having said that I’m glad I didn’t pay full retail for mine. Alexander Wang is far from being a household name and has very little track record as yet. And judging from complaints I’ve read, tighter quality control wouldn’t go amiss.

  • Clarissa

    Exactly how heavy is this bag? And do you by any chance know if it is heavier than the Alexander Wang Marti back pack? I cant decide between both of them! Which would u recommend? :)

  • Tommy

    I feel as if you should have taken the studs (which will be heavy, duh!) into consideration before purachasing the bag. Or maybe go into Sals and TRY it on FIRST.

  • Tommy

    Purchasing* Saks*

  • Stylinone

    It looks fabulous very edgy and classic in the above picture. Thanks for the heads up. I was going to buy this based on looks alone.

  • turadosapuay


  • tyra

    hai, just out of curiousity where does this bag made from?is it china?

  • I did wonder whether the studs would make it appear shapeless! Not worth the money really unless you like that sort of style

  • Yuridia

    I love it! but is the kind of love that hurts. It is extremely heavy (about 6 lbs with the regular stuff you put on a light purse). It is not shapeless as it appears in the picture above, perhaps because my rocco is soft leather instead of the pebbled one. It is amazingly roomy which is exactly what I need but for a day of running errands is just not the best choice.

  • Alison Westgate

    I’m about to buy the black one with good hardware and this has really made me rethink!
    Am for sure going to be certain that I am ok with the weight before I do it!

  • Hana

    I met one in person and fell in love with it. black, pebbled leather. didn’t look nearly as lumpy and weird as that brown one does. might have to do with the stitching on the leather?


    this was the old style before it had the shoudler strap! the newer Rocco does not crumple down as easily as its made from a more thicker leather!!!

  • Aly

    Do you have color options?