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  • shopper

    Wait – the scarf hanger… does it include the scarf???? If not you’re paying $630 for four clips….? What’s weirder is anyone who can afford $630 for four clips is NOT doing their own hand wash. I guess it’s turned over to the housekeeper. Lucky housekeeper.

  • dela

    Hilarious post! After exhausting the Hermes website, the horsey set can move on to Neiman Marcus holiday catalog.
    I am not gonna lie…I have actually thought about purchasing the cup holder.
    The paper clip scarf thing and the paint container thing are so DIY.

  • I clicked on to see the other plush toy horses and I’m surprised you didn’t choose the rocking horse version of the one above. The one that cost $4,125!. Oh, to be rich and wildly impractical.

    • That one might have gotten lost in the open-tab shuffle; I remember seeing it but don’t remember why I didn’t include it!

  • FashionableLena

    Geez, a fool and his money….
    In other news, I bought a leather headphone winder at Levenger for $20. It has a key chain and fob on it that I attach to the fob on the inside of my handbag. Much more functional than this piece of leather.

  • this made me laugh so hard! thanks Amanda!

  • Antonia

    That was great, Amanda….I especially loved your comment about the cup holder-lol!!! :)

  • Brandon

    Gave me a much needed chuckle ! Happy Canada day to all my fellow Canadians :D

  • bir

    and it is after all the absurd world of HERMES !!!! I love them for it and i love the post !!!

  • mollypete

    By paint container thing, I assume you mean the saddle storage? If one pays $11,000 for an Hermes saddle, this looks like a reasonable storage option.

    • If I paid $600 for a storage bucket, I’d want it to be metal instead of silver cardboard, personally.

      • Mary Smith

        That’s a valid complaint.

  • ChevaliereNoir

    The price for their dressage saddle is actually quite reasonable. I’ve never seen anyone ride in one (that I know of). Anybody have any experience with Hermes saddles?

    • I looked at the saddles when I was putting this together and thought the prices didn’t seem bad, especially compared to how much a lot of Hermès stuff costs and for how much workmanship must go into one, but I don’t know how much saddles run in general.

      • lek1982

        Saddles can run you under $1,000 for schooling/everyday riding/local showing. Typically, if you are showing on the A circuit, they can run you $2,000 – $6,000. Hermes is definitely one of the highest end saddles you can buy so they are at the top of the price range for sure. In high school (late 1990’s), my parents got me a Butet which at the time was probably $3,000 – $3,500 and that was considered expensive, but now they run over $5,000.

      • Dana

        A well made saddle is worth the price. It is between you and an animal that weighs about 1000 lbs. You are either doing daily riding or if you are showing believe me both you and your horse will be happier with the better sadle. It makes all the difference in the world.

    • Eos

      We went to look at their saddles once, for there are very few brands that actually offer to make your own saddle, after you and your horse.
      They actually send someone at your place to work every detail after the rider and their horse. Even historic high-end equestrian brands like Forestier or Stubben do not do this. Although very expensive, their price is relatively reasonable for such a saddle.
      Perhaps one day we will cross the line, but we have inherited very good Forestier saddles from our families so there is no hurry.

    • Laura

      One of my friends has a Hermes Steinkraus saddle that she purchased in the late ’70’s or early ’80’s. It is in great condition and she still rides in it several times a week to this day. The only modern concession that she has made is to add sheepskin pad to the top as it is a really flat saddle compared to what is common now.

  • CG

    Love a Kelly, Birkin or a silk scarf, but all those other trinkets are absolutely useless…!

  • Nuary

    Amanda, your comment on Hermès Ex-Libris Book Mark made me laugh so hard!!


  • Maya

    Thanks so much for this post, I laughed my ass off!! The cravache plush horse, seriously??!!! :))))))

  • Mya Wilkes

    Loool! That was funny. I actually don’t mind the scarf box but the leather elephant – WHY??!!!

  • lavinia

    Sorry Amanda this time I do not agree with you. Those are not ridiculous things because you have to think backwards. What do you make as a present to people who already have it all ? They produce those things because they HAVE A MARKET, Hermes produce the “unusual” to satisfy a BIG BIG request, in order to cover a “void in the market” (who does it?) just for a privileged kind of persons who need to have those exclusive things. Not for you not for me not for people who don’t give a …, but think of all the VERY rich people who have different needs…what can sound ridiculous for you and me it’s not for another person (many!!!) exactly like when people ask us why do we spend 1000-300 $ (sooo much????) for a bag? The variety in the world is the most wonderful thing we have :) (live and let live)

    • Oh, I think things can both have a market and be totally ridiculous at the same time. Those are not mutually exclusive! I’m sure Hermès sells tons of this stuff. But that’s not going to stop me from cracking a couple jokes at the expense of the Hermès bookmark owners of the world, and I’m sure they’re too busy enjoying their yachts to care.

      • Mary Smith

        Amanda also remember that these items are also popular with people who like the brand but have no interest in paying $9,000 for a handbag. I have three Hermes leather notebooks. I know some people think they are a waste but I really think they are cute and totally enjoy them.

      • I think that there’s a difference between a notebook, which is something useful and a leather elephant, which I find really ugly while, I admit, the horse is very cute but I’d prefer spend $1,000 in a piece of jewelry.

      • Mary Smith

        Ok you think the elephant is ugly. But that’s you. I guess my thing is. I don’t want people going through my house telling me what to buy and what not to buy. I get the comedy aspect of this piece but also think that if someone collects elephants than it would make some sense to add that Hermes elephant to your collection. I guess what I’m saying is. Yes this stuff is silly but people have their reasons. And I don’t think those elephants are flying off the shelves. I think Hermes fans love the strange and the weird and that’s part of the brand appeal.

      • Amanda

        The elephant is completely ridiculous and makes me smile. I love it. I don’t $560 love it. I love it maybe like, $5 at the flea market love it.

      • lavinia

        This is exactly what some people usually say of a designer bag: you can have a good bag at the local market for 10-30$.

      • Mary Smith

        Exactly!! That’s the point most of the commenters are missing.

      • Mary Smith

        Right but I’m not the buyer. As much as people love the Birkin I think it is a total waste for such an impractical bag. But that’s me. I’m not the buyer. I totally love my Hermes playing cards and think it was well worth the $80 I paid at the time. They are a super nice edition to my playing card collection. But that’s the thing. Judge not lest ye be judged? It’s one thing to point out the most out of the field Hermes items. It’s another to attack people who you don’t know. Bill gates gave 1/2 his wealth to charity, if he buys ten of everything on the list, I see no problem.

      • Yes, Mary I think it’s ugly, there isn’t an hint of refinement there, while I confirm that the horse is really cute and at least there’s some craft beyond it.
        We leave comment, here, and as long as we do it politely I don’t see where’s the problem. If Hermès made an expensive bathroom toilet brush in ostrich leather and mink bristles at the price of $5,000 I’m sure someone would buy it, but that’s not the point.
        Some brands have a wrong idea of luxury. They think “some will buy for sure any crap produced by us, so let’s make it”.
        As Bruno Munari said many years ago “Luxury is the manifestation of the importance that is given to the exteriority and it reveals the lack of interest for everything that is cultural elevation. It is the triumph of appearance over substance”.
        There’s a huge difference between a notebook, a bag, a necklace and things like these.

      • Mary Smith

        You missed the point entirely. But that’s ok. Just remember that next time you get comments about handbags and or shoes. Because Just like you think there is no merit in fun things for the sake of fun, someone else can easily claim that a $10 bag does the same job as a $1,000 bag. Or better yet no bag at all and some cargo shorts.

        That’s the point. It’s their money and their house, if you don’t want to be judged don’t judge.

        Why is it not enough to say ” not my cup of tea?” Why take it to another level?

      • So you can judge my opinion but I can’t judge yours, ok, i got it!
        The title itself says “The 12 most ridiculous things”, not “the 12 cutest” or “the 12 funniest”.
        I don’t find those things fun, I don’t see the fun in that hanging system that probably worth $10 (or less) and where’s the fun in a glove clip?
        I like the playing cards and they are relatively affordable, but if your point is “there’s a market, so why not?”, well, there’s also a market for humans organs!
        And I confirm you that people of the fashion business think “Let’s make some expensive things stupid rich people would buy without a blink just because there’s a famous logo on”.

      • Mary Smith

        Not not judging your opinion rather reminding you that once you open the judgement can you can’t then complain once it gets real. That’s all.

      • Oh Mary, I’m not bothered by the fact that you’re judging me, I’m just saying that you’re the one who said not to judge and that did it!
        But I realize we’re speaking two different languages, which makes this discussion impossible.

      • dela

        From Hermes trinkets to human organs…you are taking it all a little too seriously. The original post is humorous and not damning anyone for their choices.

      • I know, I know! But it was an extreme example… to say that “there’s a market” shouldn’t justify everything!
        I didn’t attack anybody, I just said that I find some items really ridiculous, like the title of the article says, and then this polemic started, because I can’t judge!

    • You’re right about the fact that all these things have a market, but some people who work in fashion business say themselves that things like these are ridiculous but luckily stupid rich people buy them.
      I recently read that the market of luxury toilet paper is increasing its sales. I know there’re people that can buy a roll of toilet paper that costs $15 but sorry, I find it ridiculous and a bit pathetic.

      • lavinia

        I do not judge, I hate when others do it to me (mary smith above said “I don’t want people going through my house telling me what to buy and what not to buy” and I agree 100%. I simply said what the market is (to me) and what it requires (positioning in the low cost or in the luxury in order to survive). There is a strong increase of very rich people coming out right now (more then ever) who are “hungry” of these products and there is somebody (in this case Hermes) offering them, fulfilling the need. No shame no ridiculousness nothing. You want to buy? You buy. You don’t want you don’t.

      • Who is going through the house telling you or Mary what to buy or what not to buy?
        The increase of very rich people is creating a huge market of people who became rich without any cultural background.
        Very rich people go to expensive restaurants and buy the most expensive foods and wines not because they like them, but because they want to show off their money. At this point, one day brands like Hermès will produce the most insane crap just because someone can afford it. Luxury shouldn’t be like this, and this is my opinion.
        So, people who knows what real luxury is would’t buy certin things, people who only want to show off money and wealthy would buy anything with a logo on.
        You can reply “that’s how the world works” and I would reply “saying that’s how the world works make you justify everything, very nasty things included”. What if, one day, some very rich people required human skin wallets and bags?

    • M Green

      Here is the reality: many of these items are sold to people who cannot afford a 5K bag or a 2K wallet but still want something from “Hermès.” Same at Bottega Veneta with many people buying the vastly overpriced leather bracelets because they want something from BV but can’t really justify spending more money. Same with Louis Vuitton with people buying tiny cardholders and small pouches because that’s all that fits their budget, but the desperately want something from the brand… Many of these items are not for the wealthy, they are for the middle class shoppers looking for an entry price item in the world of luxury.

  • VeronicaKHillis

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  • Passerine

    While I think most of them are ridiculous (and that saddle box is cardboard? how long will it last?? Is it basically a super expensive gift box?). I do have to admit that I really like that plush horse, he is very cute. I wouldn’t mind having him if I had $1000 to toss away on fripperies.

  • Finem Lauda

    Rich people… they’re kind of stupid.

    • Elisa

      Daddy always said money don’t spend itself :)

      • Finem Lauda


  • MollyPete

    I agree with Lavinia 100%. As for the saddles, I believe they’re around $11k. My sister paid about $2k for a new one in the late 70s. We all thought she was nuts; we were in high school and she didn’t show that much. But she saved her pennies and got it. It was truly a thing of beauty just like all of Hermes’s beautiful handmade leather goods. They cost this much for a reason. They aren’t targeting most of us, and I’m sure neither Hermes nor its regular clients cares what most of the world thinks.

    Btw I think I recall a post a few years ago introducing those little leather animals and things. They’re made from scraps of leather left from bigger items so I guess it’s their version of recycling.

    • Mary Smith

      No that’s petit h. These are different. Some petit h items prove so popular they became part of the regular line. The cup holder started as a petit h item, which are all limited editions all made from scraps. But it is now a regular item.

  • kaly

    Fantastic post and commentary!!! Love this!! Great day all!! :)

  • Kathyjazz

    Giftware is by its nature for people who already have the predictable things. Loved the post, let’s lighten up and laugh. And that’s a cute horsey; not $1k cute but still…

  • Mary Smith

    Does it make me a bad person that everything here except the elephant is something I WANT!!

  • I’m quite sure that at Hermès they laugh about the rich people who spend money in these ridiculous things which probably cost to Hermès $10.
    Killing animals to produce that stuff should be illegal.

    • rdrdrdop1

      Actually they do laugh. The majority stakeholder, one of the descendants said on BoF himself all these little things are made from excess leather trips from their main products lol

  • hectorrobertocontrerasmiranda

    A few things: first of all you are hilarious, but getting serious the box is made of cardboard but the lid and the base is actually metal, and, being totally irrelevant to the post also has toile and leather handles, the playing cards are absolutely stunning and also come in a bigger version which I think were cheaper at my nearest boutique. The hole in the earphone winder is to place the plugger, then you wind the cable in a north south direction and finally put each of the earplugs is one of the notches at the sides, about the comment in the hanging system you can totally wear more than one scarf at the same time on the neck. Also why did you choose that specific version of Hermy Amanda?

  • Nancy Fogg

    I actually LOVE the latte cup sleeve !!

  • Melanie

    I have no idea why, but for some reason I think the plush horse is cute and I want it.

    • Elisa

      Me too!

    • Canuck65

      Me too!

    • Eos

      You can find as cute plush horses handmade in Germany for like under 200$. The brandname is Steiff. But yes, it’s a cute horse. Overpriced,still.

  • T.U. A.

    For the headphone winder, the middle hole is for the microphone jack. So you won’t have to leave that metal piece flying around…

  • Jack Oberle

    I’ve totally thought of buying the bookmark, actually… I’ve seen it used as a money clip before, and it was a great look.

  • n.s.

    I use old receipts for bookmarks. Classy. The coffee holder cozy is DUMB, so is the elephant. Playing cards are like a buck in most places and why would you need a leather holder to store them? My junk drawer works just fine. Is there some sort of epidemic where adults are losing gloves at a extremely high rate where we are now 3 year olds who have to attach them to something?? I also use a rubber hair tie for earbuds. If I received any of this high price stuff as a gift I would call the givee an IDIOT.

  • common princess

    well, I’m actually glad I don’t have that sort of money to waste! lol


  • The Birkin’s original defacer was the woman who inspired the design: Jane Birkin. In 1981, Birkin was sitting beside then chairman of Hermès handbag, Jean-Louis Dumas, on a flight. He noticed her bag spilling its contents and later created a roomy tote with pockets in her name. Birkin has recently expressed some discomfort at her association with such an upper-crust accessory, covering hers with stickers to make it look “jolly” rather than “snobbish”. She has also complained that it is “bloody heavy.

  • Elisa

    Love the scarf box, but for the true collector it’s not big enough :)

  • Consing
  • BabyDietrich

    I would totally get the playing cards for my boyfriend. He collects them.

  • Dannis Thornton

    Let’s worry more about what this stuff is MADE OF. Rich assh*les don’t care if an elephant is killed for them to get their stupid handbag.

  • Gigi

    LOL I’m hardcore judging anyone who buys this bougie shit

  • tata

    oh how sad that i would love that scarf holder and i find their playing cards to be beautiful…

  • Tee

    I have a girlfriend whose husband is extremely wealthy. He recently purchased a sports car with custom Hermes leather interior. She never has to wait for Birkins like the common folk..she simply places a custom order for exterior/interior color and stitching…and gets exactly what she wants. I have to commend her for showing some restraint because her Birkin collection consist of only 5 (at last count). So they are exactly the couple that would purchase items like these just because they can but its really all relative. $20 to us is like $2000 to them

    All the items above are a silly way to spend money.

  • Yoshi1296

    I own the playing cards holder, to use as a wallet because I personally find it useful for me. Guess I’m an idiot lmao.
    And before anyone comes after me, no, I don’t own a yacht.

  • Sparky

    I think the hole in the middle of the headphone holder is for the headphone jack (push it through then wind the phones around it). On my planet these are steep prices for the products. $50 to me is like $1000 to others so its all relative. Buy what hakes you happy!

  • Maya

    I choked when I saw the horse:))))

  • Imgoingbroke