I’m not really here to talk about the Jack Spade Folding Leather Valet Tray, truth be told. It’s a fine example of the genre, of course, and many similar pieces from brands like Hermes retail for far more. What I’m actually here to discuss, on this fine Man Bag Monday, is whether or not real people of either gender actually use these doo-dads for their intended purposes. So: do you? Are you a better at being an adult than I am? (SPOILER ALERT: You probably are.)

Perhaps I simply have a poorly formed sense of organization, but I throw my jewelry, sunglasses and spare change down on whatever surface is handy when I get home. I do always put my keys in the same place, but that’s because there’s a hook on the back of my door designed especially for that. If I were to have one of these valet trays on my dresser, my extra things would surely end up in a heap on my desk, or vice versa. Or, perhaps even more likely, they’d end up in a heap next to my smart little valet tray, while the tray itself contained a few business cards and some dusty change from way back when I first got the thing and remembered to put things inside it.

Those of you who would (or do) use products like this probably just think my commitment to aesthetics, my commitment to tidiness or both are lacking. My mother would probably agree with you. If you’d like to test your own organizational wherewithal, you can pick up one of these for $125 via Nordstrom.

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  • I have a bit of OCD, so I go crazy for these kinds of things jejeje.

  • Right now, I am positively OBSESSED with “trinket trays!” I find small plates in vintage shops in all sorts of fun prints and sizes. I have a rectangular one that has the logo of a retired department store printed on it; another one is a small, circular plate with some pieces of wheat painted on (reminds me of the Chanel wheat collection). They’re perfect for throwing jewelry, keys, and random knick-knacks in around the house.

  • thescm

    I actually didn’t know what this was for until I read the description, so you’re not alone in lack of organization. I have a little Christmas bowl my mom gave me on my dresser (year-round) that used to have candies in it, now it has long necklaces.