If it weren’t for the spotless credibility of the store carrying it, I’d think it was a belated April Fools joke. Hong Kong based online boutique Pisa.com.hk is a great source for rare premium designer goods and promises to carry the newest glam goodies for your shopping pleasures. Aside from targeting mainly the far east with luxury western fashion, they also seem to get their hands on very unique gems that just fall out of the usual line.

The Louis Vuitton computer mouse is just one of those gems that make you cringe in shock & cower in awe at the same, convenient time. Die-hard Louis fans can rest their paws on the mouse for HK $2,090, which equates to roughly 270 dollars American. Verdict: You must be kidding me. For almost 300 bucks you get a vintage PS/2 connector, no mouse wheel, a casing that suggests breaking upon the hundredth click and an absolute lack of smooth optical tracking. Louis Vuitton could have at least pimped out a quality Logitech mouse and slapped their LV logo on it; but this is just too painful. More info here.

P.S. Pisa carries the Louis Vuitton Monogram Denim I talked about yesterday. The Speedy goes for little over $1800.

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