Louis Vuitton Monogram Panda Porte-cles

Takashi Murakami stikes again in full force. After creating the Monogram Cerises line along with Marc Jacobs, his creative talent gave birth to the new Monogram Panda line of bags and accessories. Don’t be fooled, this series is not new. Murakami released limited editions of monogram bags with Pandas and other characters a few years ago. However, the limited eds were only available in Japan. The line then included a variety of bags featuring the Panda, including the round coin pouch, agenda, billfold, the vavin and others.

To me, the Panda looks a little freakish. Not to mention, it might be cute on a different backdrop, but on the classic monogram…? More than questionable. But as long as it sells and the Vuitton fanbase is not revolting, Murakami must be doing something right. As about only online store, ELuxury sells the pictured Panda keychain for $140.

Searching online archives, I’ve managed to collect two images from the past Murakami Panda collection for you to appreciate:

Flower Hat Man, Panda and Onion Head:

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  • Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! I’m going to vomit!!!!

  • Chris

    I love it. It is so cute. I think I’m going to buy one.

    • Emers

      i have a white purse with the panda monogram all over it. It has never been used and i would be happy to sell it.

  • omg…what the hell happened to louis vuitton? he put drawings on his beautiful purses of onion headed things and pandas with pink buckteeth and flower hat men! which make those beautiful purses look hideous

  • Morgan

    I love the fun and bright limited edition ones! Neat!

  • paula

    LV Panda have speed MINI ? I love panda

  • Amanda

    those are so fricken ugly……i like the normal monogram…..whoever thought of those is either on speed or is just plain crazy

  • Virginia

    I absolutely love it and can u believe i owne one but its a white duffel for travelling! anywho lots of love!

  • Beasy

    He’s actually poking fun at vapid idiots like yourselves and having you foot the bill. It’s great.

  • Veronika

    I LOVE onion head….. where oh where could I possibly find one…

    I have a panda agenda, authentic…

    Thank YOU for publishing these… the onion head is fabulous1!!

    Veronika fashion victim


      I HAVE A ONION HEAD ONE DO YOU WANT TO BUY IT OFF ME ??? :?: :cool: :???:

  • deano

    im sorry panda fans, i have to agree that these just dont look right on the mono pattern but i think they would look cute on the epi leather or any of the solid colored bags!!i do appreciate the chance they take on integrating art with fashion though!!

  • liz

    where can i find a woman’s wallet for this panda monogram? anyone knows? please let me know i really want one !

  • shadowcom

    :razz: :mrgreen: i love what Takashi Murakami and Marc Jacobs did its very creative love it i have the LOUIS VUITTON MURAKAMI PANDA AGENDA its art Murakami could be the next Andy Warhol :!: :roll:

  • shadowcom

    i love what Takashi Murakami and Marc Jacobs did its very creative love it i have the LOUIS VUITTON MURAKAMI PANDA AGENDA its art Murakami could be the next Andy Warhol

  • Jolyn

    it totally ruined the high class and classic feeling of LV=.=

  • sylzz

    gosh….the look of those hatman and panda and oinion head looks extremely terrible…whoever that designed that with those digusting colours and drew them have totally no taste.. people who buy those would just buy because of the brand LV ….imgaine is it was just a normal bag imprinted with these 3 horrible pictures ..who would buy those…lol

  • miriam

    I just bought a louis vuitton white monogram with all three characters, panda onion head and flower hat man how much could it be worth? these are rare!!!

  • Maggie

    These are so cute! (ipad)

  • Naggy

    I’d have those personalized with something else as these are way too tacky. (ipad)

  • KY

    Cute but not on a LV bag. (ipad)