HotRomz Infamous iPod Case

I have to venture to say that Steve Jobs is a kid at heart. Do any of you have the new Mac computers? Well I do. A beautiful G5 to be precise, and this puppy is so sexy and so much fun. But I’m not going to lie. I have spent countless hours of wasted time on here. It is not hours wasted on anything productive, it is hours wasted on the Mac Photobooth. Steve Jobs- you are my hero. This handy Photobooth tool has all sorts of effects options that can keep you occupied all day. I have been able to make myself look so undesirably hideous that it is laughable. I really hope some of you have played with this program and know what I am talking about. Rumor has it that Jobbs even remarked on how much fun the Photobooth is. This leads me to believe that Mr. Apple himself is a kid at heart. His iPods may be sexy and chic, but Steveo is all about a little bit of fun. So why not add some frill and craziness to protect your Mac magic?

So for a fun furry iPod protector the HotRomz Infamous iPod Case is a strong contender. Ok so I know it is a little crazy, maybe a little too crazy, but it sure is fun. Made of ‘soft furry threads mixed delicately with multi-colored chenille balls’, this would be a soft iPod protector that looks a bit like a party favor and a bit like a sewing job gone bad. Some of the specs that HotRomz leaves us with really makes me laugh, including: “Made in the USA, not in China! and iPod not included”. This crazy little thing comes in a variety of colors. I like this ‘infamous’ color choice if any. The kiwi lime color reminds me a little bit of a tissue during cold season. Yikes. If you want to have fun protecting your iPod since we all are a little crazy at heart, buy one of this fluffy, furry, artsy, weird designs via HotRomz for $29.95.

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