Gucci Baby CarrierFor some reason babies bloom like the flowers in spring time, and again here come the newborns. If you are like all the other mommies, you want your baby at your side all the time (I know my mom did). Thanks to the wonderful designers at Gucci, your baby can not only be right on your back or tummy but also sitting there in style.

Gucci’s Summer/Spring line is carrying the ultimate Gucci baby carrier with adjustable shoulder straps. The carrier is recommended for baby 3 to 9 months or up to 20 lbs. If you were anything like me and my siblings, that does not equate to 3-9 months, more like 3-9 weeks (what can I say, we were well-fed happy children, all over 10 lbs!!) The dimensions are 16 x 7.1 x 18.5 inches. You can either chose the beige/ebony GG fabric with dark brown leather trim or the black GG fabric with black leather trim. The carrier is gonna cost ya around $730, but for the price and possession of your life, you shouldn’t buy less than the best!

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  • mary

    i am looking for a gucci baby bag,,,can you help?

    • pepper

      i have them in black, brown and white

      • dree

        do you sell them pepper ?



      • kathy

        pepper how much do u sell them for :?:

  • billyjoe

    so what happens when the kid takes a dump in it or if he pukes a couple of times…..

  • lori d

    NO way… this is just absurd. Are you sure it’s real?

  • frankie

    I just saw(and tried it on)this carrier at Gucci, I loved it! Im 35 and thinking(really thinking) about baby #3, for a split second I thought it might be worth it..then hubby and baby # 2 woke me up. the Baby Bjorn carrier now seems like a steal at $100.00! What a rip off!! you only use it about 3-6 mths( if you have a normal size kid!) now,maybe a new Gucci bag would convince me to have another one…

  • lacey

    I am also looking for a gucci baby carrier.

  • maria

    i’m not too sure about this. it sure looks fabulous, but i think i’ll stick to my baby bjorn cause it’s a proper established baby products company…it just makes me feel safer to use the baby bjorn to carry my baby.

  • kooks

    I am looking for gucci dipar bag or baby bag.

  • Kimberly Hershey

    I already have it in every color! It’s a must have for me.

  • Loan Pham

    I am not even pregnant and I bought one. They should start selling them at WalMart. Every woman must have/

  • kadia

    I have a Gucci baby carier that I have been holding onto. I have decided not to have anymore children and I am considering selling it. Email me if anyone is interested.

  • amber

    If your looking for a gucci diaper bag and dont mind paying reg. price then you can always go to the gucci website, I believe the price is $870. And there is also one for i believe $590. Now if you would like to try to find it at a lower price then I would recommend ebay, you could get it for about $300 less.

  • Roshelle

    im 7 and a hald months pregnant and its my first baby.i really really want a guci baby carrier but $700 is too much for me.ebay doesnt have any so if anybody has a used one they’re interested in selling contact me at

  • Latoya

    I am 3 in a half months.750$ is too much for me.ebay doesnt have any so if anybody has a used one they’re interested in selling contact me at

  • Tiffany

    Hello Ladies, I’m 4 months prego with baby #1, young mom who just finished my masters. Anyone kind enough to donate their used carrier, would be greatly appreciated.

  • Dana

    EEEK- what awful straps, and dangling your baby by it’s crotch is just awful- I’ll stick with mei tais thank you very much!

  • Andrea

    There are other carriers out there that don’t dangle the baby by its crotch (they support the baby from its bottom all the way to its knees for proper hip development). They also have wider shoulder straps that could carry a MUCH heaver baby comfortably (no shoulder pain!!!). And very hip & stylish designs as well. All under $100. I would NEVER buy this carrier!
    If you want comfort, style, and not to pay an exorbitant price, look into mei tai brands like Sachi, Babyhawk, Freehand, or the like.
    Happy babywearing! :D

  • Nathan Vaughn

    I am Looking for a gucci baby carrier and a baby bag for my wife. She is 3 months pregnant and it’s our first child. I want to spoil her and our baby by buying them the best.

  • Abby

    I would have to agree with Andrea here. You can buy alot of the carriers she is talking about for the price of the Gucci and they are more comfy than this one. I love my Babyhawk!!

  • Erin

    I have to agree with the posters about the other types of carriers (meiteis, etc.). I started out with a bjorn and it was a waste of money. Once my daughter got over about 12lbs it hurt my back to carry her.

    And could you imagine just dangling from your crotch like that.

    Gwen Stefani once wore her son in this Gucci carrier. And then she wised up and discovered slings. So much more comfortable for mother and baby.

  • BHMommie

    There is no way my baby is going in one of those things. It looks, and I’m sure feels, like a parachute harness! My stylist found some absolutely drop dead gorgeous baby carriers from and

  • Cathy

    If you want slings that are stylish AND comfortable check out, or to name but a few – spend a fraction of the cost and get something you can use for over 2 years and is comfortable for parent and child. I wouldn’t use a carrier like that if it was given to me!

  • Lynne

    That looks painful. There are so many more stylish options now! Get thee a Rockin’ Baby sling, or a Beco, or an oopah or a p-sling if you really want to spend a ton. I love my mod and punksih Mei Tais and my neutral peanut shell pouches.

  • Suri

    What is wrong with mother’s these days… I love Gucci too but it’s really disturbing that if you want a good quality carrier you shouldn’t have to pay $900.00 for a baby carrier that our babies are only going to be in for 3 months or less. What a waste of $$$. I’m blessed that I can afford all gucci items but I would NEVER PAY that outrageous amount for one item that is only going to last a few months & then what? FYI MOTHERS…What’s really important is to buy a HIGH QUALITY “CARSEAT”! Our babies’ safety is the #1 IMPORTANT item to really buy! If you love Gucci like I do, just buy yourself a purse. This way you have something special for youself & this will go a long ways!!!

  • how cute i love it

  • nicole

    for those of you who think the carrier is absurd your not going to like me. i have to of them, in my own defense they were gifts. i think if you cant afford it then it is a waste, yes there are other things that could be done with 1400, but if all of your stuff is order and you splurge-. then hey. whats they difference in buying a ridiculously expensive tv or vehicle, its all a waste of money. anyway i have 2 of them for sale. we were pregnant with twins and i wasnt able to go full term. i much as i dont like it it i know i cant hold on to michael and mikaylas stuff forever so, if anybody is interested ill sell them. you can email me at

  • Ana Isabel

    I need know if gucci have chair baby. I want buy one.

  • Nikyia

    I just had my beautiful baby girl, early and i’m in need of some material because i have to go back to work and i need assistance in finding a gucci baby carrier, so if you can help my career, trust me i’m sure u do understand that work is essential. thanking u in advance.


  • Erin

    If anyone is interested in buying this carrier i have one for sale… email me at
    -Erin :wink:

  • Nicola

    i think its great! i have one for my first baby! there fab! x

  • Lorna

    i think these look great! bril!!

  • Nayda

    Where can I get a brand new Gucci baby carrier for a good price

    • Emily

      I have a Gucci brown set for sale if intersted! The diaper bag,bottle holder and Gucci baby carrier! It comes with all the auth cards and booklets and serial numbers email me at if intersted thanks

      • Sarah

        hi Emily, im interested. It’ll be good if i can get a price and some photos. thanks

      • victoria

        am intersted emily can you pls contact me,or give me your contact number

      • Melissa

        how much you selling it for???

  • Nayda

    Where can I find a brand new Gucci baby carrier for a good price ? I love it and want it for my baby daughter. I would appreciate it.


  • j

    They sell some on Ebay but BEWARE….nowadays, ebay have tons of fake stuff….it says in the title “authentic” but they’re actually not….if you decide to return it…they give you such a hard time!!!
    I was one of the many victim

  • Brandon Kennedy

    Can someone tell me where i can go on line and purchase a gucci baby carrier?

    • I26

      You can go to E-bay >Gucci baby gear

  • noelle

    i am looking to sell or trade my louis vuitton keepall duffle bag for a gucci baby carrier. i bought it at an upscale resale shop in aspen. i live in vail and can send pics of it. i paid $400 for it. email me!

  • soon2bemommie

    I was wondering if anyone still had a carrier that I can purchase from you. My husband wants one really bad, and we can’t afford to pay regular price. This is the fourth time we have been pregnant, but the last three ended in a miscarrage, we are finally expecting a son. :lol: Please
    e-mail at if you have one.

  • Janet

    pleas send me a pisctures for a baby carrier and what prise you whant

  • I am pregnant with my first child, and i am looking for a Gucci, or fendi pushchair at any price.
    If there is any one that knows of any one, or can help me, please could you email me on.

    Kind Regards :razz:

  • JS

    Are Gucci diapers available ??

    I am looking for Gucci diapers, I don’t think my precious baby should poop anywhere else.

  • William Antonio

    I’m also looking for Gucci diapers or similar to these:

    here in Baltimore. Any idea about where can I find them?

  • regina Turner

    I love it i have to have it im even looking for the gucci shoes to go with it

  • regina turner

    I want to no where u can get the carrier and the baby shoes to go with it.

  • achand

    So…is this a fake?

    It’s quite a discount from Gucci’s retail price.

    And by the way, a 20lb weight limit is absurd! That’s fashion for you though, the smaller the better.

  • nao

    i have gucci 3set diaper bag, baby carrier and bottle holder all in brown. also brand new. if somebody looking for it i can help you :!:

    • mahogany

      i really need help finding the gucci carrier…..been looking everywhere!

  • Patricia

    I have a Gucci diaper set available for sale if anyone is interested. Black set, limited edition.

  • Jeff

    I have a Gucci diaper bag, baby carrier and bottle holder up for grabs if anyone is interested, contact me.

  • Jeff

    sorry forgot to leave my email

  • patricia

    forgot to leave my email guys

  • Patricia

    I have one

  • Mina

    I live in London, UK and I am due with my 1st baby in Feb 2009. I’m looking for either a Gucci, LV, Prada or similar Diaper Bag. Thanks

  • elizabeth

    i’m lookin for a gucci stroller do u know were i can find one

  • dorion

    lookin for gucci baby carrier asap where can i get 1..

  • sofearinozat

    This is a wonderful site. The things mentioned are unanimous and needs to be appreciated by everyone.

    Baby Gear

  • Daniela

    Check out I got a fendi carries, pushchair and baby bottle there also got fab dior ones for my first (boy) now having a girl and they have just started selling the juicy pushchair which I have to have

  • Myka

    I like the baby holder because i like gucci and its my type and its pretty i love it.

  • MIKKI!

    HI! im mikki & im 16 & pregnant with my first child me & baby’s father wants him with the best so if any one knows where we can purchase the brown gucci baby carrier please email us @

  • molly

    if anyone is interested in gucci diaper bags or baby carriers i have them just sind me an email and for a small fee i can ship. thanks

    • mahogany

      i would love to buy both the diaper and the carrier if they are still available

    • feonia

      hi im interested in buying please let me know the price and if its still available.

  • Naggy

    This is a repeat blog posting- I still don’t see the appeal. (ipad)

  • KY

    I didn’t know Gucci made these. (ipad)

  • cadeau naissance

    Great great baby carrier

  • Baby Hip Carrier

    Awesome baby carrier!Baby Carrier adjustable trait make it more durable and comfortable and easy to use.

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