Right now Fendi is on top of the world when it comes to its bags and accessories. While some think Karl Lagerfeld likes himself a little too much, the fact remains that when Karl introduced the Fendi Karlito Bag Bug, everyone wanted one.

I have my own Fendi Karlito, which has made a few appearances on PurseBlog and shown up on our Instagram account often as well. There was no need for this charm at all, and to this day, I know that it was merely a “fun” accessory. I have yet to actually put it on any of my bags.

But even with the lack of usability for Karlito, the craze is not dying down; in fact, it is only ramping up. New items with the much-loved Karlito will be released this month, including a sweatshirt with Karlito on the front and a pair of shoes, but the item that many have their eyes set on is the Fendi Karlito iPhone Case.

This month, Fendi will debut the Fendi Karlito iPhone Case, which is made with the same silver fox and goat fur shown on the original charm, for iPhone 6. Rumor has it only 600 will be made for Fendi Pre-Fall 2015, and the price will be $600. If the love for this case is anything like the Karlito charm, there will probably be a wait list. Call your local boutique if you’d like to get your name on the list; in the meantime, shop Fendi via Net-A-Porter.

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  • cbl

    that sh*t is NOT cute.

    • Louch

      LOL – comment of the day ????

      • grace4585

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  • kate


  • mary

    try to hold it with wet hand hahaha

  • Entwere1944

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  • kemilia

    Without the fur, it would have been cute. With the fur–icky.

  • ottercat


  • Sparkletastic

    The fur makes it gross and completely impractical. Can you imagine what a dirt mop it will be after a couple of months of use?

    Don’t put lotion on your hands – your iPhone will have a bad hair day. 

    • I feel like this type of case won’t be used daily, rather used for special occasions, like perfect instagram opportunities ;)

      • Sparkletastic

        LOL! You make a good point! I’m not thinking like a celeb or one who posts my “stuff” on Instagram. Yes, for a photo op its eye catching and a fun, trendy look.

        I always use my items. So for me it would be full of hand lotion inside a couple weeks.

  • FashionableLena

    I like the concept, but the execution is all wrong. All I keep thinking of is dirt and it smelling like sweat.

  • Charlie

    It’s so impractical but we all know it’s going to sell… after all, it’s super cute

  • I need this!!!! And $600 :/

  • Denise

    I love it! But I would only use it when taking mirror selfies; otherwise I would be afraid to ruin it as I tend to throw my phone around.