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Chanel TV Belt

Gadgets Gone Glamorous! None other than our beloved Karl Lagerfeld himself put his innovative mastermind to work to create this Chanel TV Belt. This gem was almost overlooked during this year’s Chanel Spring/Summer 2005 Runway Presentation, yet it is the item for any socialite this summer. Yeap, Karl is always good for some ridiculous magic out of the blue. And yes, the screens did indeed show Nicole Kidman’s ad while the models ran the catwalk. However, it is questionable that this gadget will ever hit the Chanel stores. A lady at the NYC store apparently mentioned it may stay runway only, but who knows with Chanel. What more could this world need than more garnered attention and stares at peoples crotches? More pictures below…

Chanel TV Belt Picture
Chanel TV Belt Picture

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  • This is a realy good way to know if the channel public need to get gadget whith the clothes of the brand…

  • Billy

    that’s……that’s just retarded.

  • Yes, seems to be a copycat… but this have style and caché !!!

  • I don’t understand what’s happening. Is the entire world a joke?

  • Zoraida

    it looks good on her…i like the roundness of the belt and it doesn’t pretrude out…what I can say is weird, is that this world is just spoiling women more and more that don’t need to be spoiled any longer….some women need to get a grip on reality..and the ‘model needs a new pair of legs’

  • Rachel

    I like to be spoiled and personally would rock that belt

  • Women can be spoiled, but also need to understand how the world works. And believe it or not, it does NOT have to be in the hands of people catering to their every needs. At least my mom tells me that. But what woman would not want to be extremely spoiled? Better yet… what human would not want to be extremely spoiled??

    I’m not going to lie when I say that I would rock that belt too!!

  • Let’s talk about *if* those Chanel TV belts were available, what would you want to be playing on yours??

    • Jacckkkaaay !

      playboy – unlimiteedd.

  • cait

    i think its hilarious.

  • Bob

    Seriously, all men do is stare at women’s crotches anyways…might as well have a tv down there, right?

  • tyrty

    stupid idea ever. i mean come on, who needs these kind of invension. 0_o

    • Courtney

      haha i love it when people say that things are stupid whilst butchering both spelling and grammar laws. moron meant to say: stupidEST idea ever. i mean come on, who needs these kindS of invenTION.

  • gino

    Why dont they just put the TV on the tits where most of us guys are looking anyways.

  • Will

    To put it quite simple…Chanel makes few mistakes and this is not one of them….

    Yes, I would rock the belt!!!

  • gianfranco ferre

    really cool and it will keep you from getting bored.what can you say,with technology it WILL go this far!

  • Cravin Moorehead

    Jesus… killed… Batman…

  • greenday is so sexy i love them

  • julio

    it’s’s not ment to be taken seriously. karl, you are a genious. alwayas ahead of the game. that is why karl is still runnin the best house in fashion. coco chanel and it’s elegance.

  • sky

    bob, you are one nasty kid

  • Kitty


    (If Coco Chanel knows, she will crawl out from the grave!)

  • chanel

    the designs are brillant and chic . one of a kind artistry.

  • billyjoe

    shut up bob

  • vixen

    Bob: Hee Hee! I personally think it was funny… but not ALL men do that. Plus: this is a silly invention.

  • sadik

    it woul be a good idea if you send som photo for bikini fashion soon

  • Thalia



  • beth

    “LIGHTEN UP, THIS IS FASHION!” Karl Lagerfeld is a genius and if he wants to put tvs in his belts the i think thats brilliant! If they came out in stores i would be the first in line!

  • bob

    boy what next

  • gabby

    This is really cool but who would watch TV on their belt they could just watch a normal TV.

  • Paris Hilton

    woooww Thats hot

  • Lindsay Lohan

    omg that is sooo cool i just gotta get 1 they will probebly send me 1 tomorrow yay!!!! but of course all of u posting stuff r cheap soo i can get 1 and u can’t

  • erica

    omg how do u watch tv on a belt???

  • Chanel

    Hi my name is Chanel and im from Paris, France. I have been into fashion ever since I was a little child, and now since im 21 I am persueing my career in modeling. My agent has talked to Chanel Headquarters last January and I have became an official Chanel Model on Feb 10,2006. My comment is I would like to model this outfit in my next shoot, my agent said it would be possible. Email me as soon as you can, love ya all.

    • Random

      Are you in L.A. Party at club Area this friday I would like to meet you. Im 21 and I own a modeling agency in Beverly Hills.

  • taylor

    i wish i knew how much they cost…how much do they cost! i want one!

  • cilla


  • kate d

    loves it

  • brittney

    where can i get it at?

  • anna

    real kewl luivs it!!

  • joanna

    hey ppl i love chanel and everything but that doesn’t mean that i have to like everything they have. so my point is that this t.v belt is kinda useless if its around your waist how are you supposed to watch it? exactly, lol.
    but i still love chanel so no worries.
    thanks for reading this,

  • MARY


  • Danielle Williams

    Well to me it is a little to much. I mean really who would be watching a belt? They would be looking at my body instead of the belt. But still I love the idea!! Dannie c/o 2007

  • Danielle Williams

    Well it is to much money for me. If it comes down to a poormans price then maybe I would think about buying it.

  • tv

    This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks for the great information.

  • sexy beast

    whats wrong with the world? and no im not talking about Chanel. Chanel is amazing. Why i’m asking what’s wrong with the world is because of all the annoying emo people that are like ‘omg women are being spoiled i hate chanel’. THATS SO STUPID GET OVER YOURSELVES, CUTTERS

  • me

    The world is not a joke, western culture is a big joke.

  • Kayliegh

    Omg My daddys rich and i have EVERYTHING chanel… the boots, clothes, room everything! im getting dis belt wen it cums out! xx Kayliegh & Chelsea (my lil sister)

  • Sxci-x-Model

    Hi im a Model, I have Green eyes, slim body and a azz 2 die 4.. Oh im sooo HORNY.. CALL 1-800-U-WISH IF U WNT SUM..

  • amziii

    lindsay lohan & paris hilton

    what the bob
    liike they posted those

    & welldone fr being rich
    but why would you tell everyone


    & i like the belt

  • aly

    never been a fan of cahanel and i dont c the point in this belt, you’d have to fold urself in half to watch it.

    also the model is rediculus.

    there now to go slag off some one else

  • coco

    guys stare at that “area” all the time…
    No wonder the company made a TV belt… lol

  • Elizabeth

    the models are hot and so is the belt
    and the only thing that is stupid
    is the new weight crap about models
    they are hot so just leave them alone

  • adrian

    this is a great product,and the thing bout the weight its a good thing so what if their hot its basically about the clothes anyway…if your and experienced fashion show goer ud kno that.

  • that belt is the most ugliest belt in the univers (: no efance:) but it is a supper reatarted belt i mean like really who would want a belt wit a photo viewr and it is WAYYYY to big for a bel attachment but your purses are so cute

  • Milly Anderson

    Okay, I love Chanel, I love to buy their stuff, but a TV belt?! Come on! How can you watch it if your wearing it. You might fall, or walk into a door.

  • allissa stockmans

    why the mannequins are they always thin and without smile? one will be able to believe has scelletton… me which am a specialist in the mode… (en France)je does not include/understand why that does not change!!!

  • May I ask, how much would this item run at? Even a runway price would be relevant. Thank you! :D

  • mehdi


  • gonnie

    nice.. :lol:

  • soy una girl

    hi im a person that lovese to go party and i also like suchi and omg u dont evenkno what happended to me today i was in school and then a girl that i hate called celia appeardand i hate amber cisneros! :mad:

  • soy una girl

    cecilia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :razz: :razz: :idea: :idea: :idea: :evil: :evil: :shock: :shock:

  • em girl

    i think its pretty cool!! id love to have one. how woudl you watch it when your wearing it?? oh well its still awsome….oh how much is it :?: em girl xoxo :mrgreen:

  • [..]-Ella-[..]

    Oh My God.. i have this belt because i went to Milan Fashion Week.. i got it for only $20,000!! Soo Lucky HeeHee..

  • maddy.y

    i have this belt.. i am so lucky . my parent get em what i want so yeeh.. haahah imm the luckiest person.. i get everything only expensive or big brand!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:

  • chanel

    where can I buy this :?: :razz: :roll: :smile: :grin:

  • me!

    well i think its kinda stupid its like buyin a tele 4 sum1 coz ur not da 1 whos gunna b watchin really! an many ov u av sed that Lagerfeld is a geinius but when u really think hard about it is he? i dont think so, jus think of wot chanel woz wen coco woz runnin it, high status and only the best had her clothes she revolutionized the fashion industry and Karl has made it main stream fashion? if hes really that great den y do we feel the need to buy vintage chanel? AND WOT THE F?CK HAS HE DONE TO HER NAME! am sure shes turnin in her grave!!!!!!!

  • Chanel :D

    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: OH MY !! :shock: :razz: :grin: :eek: Soooo GREAT !! :smile:

  • I

    Im from argentina Ilove chanel its very, very great…when I went to houston i bought a jean and t-shirt and bagg!! and Ibought in dior

  • cc

    I think that the t.v. belt is really cute/cool but how heavey is it? its like a really interesting/fashionable work out! rock on!
    i love it!


  • The Hand Of God

    Its a pretty good idea….I would add to it a GPS system
    ,Wifi internet, a credit card swiper for on the road pruchases, cell phone capability, radio, and ofcourse TIVO.

  • i like that

  • Genevieve

    three, six, nine, ten.
    fashion is not art.
    art is timeless.
    fashion changes.
    you can make change fashion.
    art just is.
    the way you are is the way i like.
    but you’d never know
    if i never show you.

  • Mia

    i deffinately want one of these

  • Emmy

    :arrow: :shock: :smile: :cool: :evil: :grin: :idea: Gabbt why don’t you just SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!! This belt is HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CAM


  • beatrice

    wow sono bellissimeeeeeeeeeeee stupende… adorabile

  • Maahhrrriiiiiaaaah !

    same- horny guys meet horny college girls!


    same- horny guys meet horny college girls! lmfaoo. MARIAH! :D

  • jess

    there is a lot of thing on the cat walk that are not supposed to be worn…i mean not many could pull of one of galliano’s haute cotoure while walking down a street…why is everyone so upset about this? i mean sure its a tv, but it is not as if chanel is releasing it to the public.

  • Paige hall

    Omg I hate dat belt, I am a size 0 so it would b 2 big 4 me tehe..xx I thing that any 1 hu likes it are complete retards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 get a life losers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111111111111111111111

    • Beth Woodring

      if u dont like it, DONT LOOK AT IT! honestly, do u have nothing better 2 do than sit here and post nasty comments?!?

  • faisalboxer1

    03004323257 faisalboxer1

  • Naggy

    That is a belt for Las Vegas! (ipad)

  • KY

    This belt is cool and weird at the same time lol. (ipad)