Any other day this review would belong on PurseBlog Savvy, but today it is going right here. Why you ask? Because I love French Bulldogs. I love bulldogs in general (Vlad and I will own an English Bulldog sometime in the near future, they are our love). The little quirky Miss Marc looks all kinds of awkward on the nylon Marc by Marc Jacobs Miss Marc Packables Pouch surrounded by her French Bulldog friends.

I would use this pouch for makeup and toss it in my handbag. Then I would pull this pouch out, and explain to everyone around me my love of bulldogs. It would get to the point of being so annoying that only Amanda and Vlad would listen (they both love bulldogs too). So maybe, I should just buy this, and then while I blog all day I can stare at it myself and smile. Thereby keeping all of you out of my bulldog-loving-long-winded-speech-path. Dimensions are 5″W X 9″H X ¼”D and it is available in fuchsia and twig brown. Buy via Saks for $58.

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  • Gotta brag for a second, and not about bags: my parents have an English Bulldog named Lucy that is descended from the University of Georgia mascots, and she is horrendously behaved but basically the most brilliant and adorable and wonderful little (ok, big) thing in the world. That is all.

  • cge

    French Bulldogs are so darn cute that you can’t help but smile at them everytime you see one! We have one across the street from us named Abby and she’s a riot! This little bag is super cute!

  • Sofia Nolan

    Marc Jacobs pouches (giggles). My daughter would love one of these when she`ll be older :)

  • Tori

    Not for me! Surely not for $58. If it goes on sale for a little more than half that price, I’d probably take it. I was never a fan of Miss Marc except for the T-shirts. Seems it should be targeted to a more younger crowd. This would make a great pencil pouch for school though. XD

  • Jane

    i love this pouche its adorable

  • 19yearslater

    This is so cute, I love that you can see Miss Marc’s and the dogs’ backs if you turn it over. I love this so much that I just might get one. Now- pink or brown?

  • gacats

    I get to enjoy the neighbor’s bulldog, Mojo. He’s a cutie pie.
    I’m not so fond of most of the Miss Marc stuff but I don’t hate this. I’m going to say the doggies rescue this.
    Go get one each, Megs and Amanda. (fb)

  • Karin bag4bag

    I like this cute pouch. The dogs faces look adorable. I like having fun pouches in my bag, as many of my large totes only have a magnetic clasp, the chance of spillage is less with little pouches. My brother had a white bulldog called Maxine for many years. Too cute.

  • oxlivhopexo

    the site says its on backorder till august. think bloomies will get it then? =]

  • Jocelyn

    It’s a cute pouch :) (fb)

  • Nicole

    Ohmygoodness!!!! Is there anything NOT to love about this?!!! Pink and Miss Marc and bulldogs! I don’t even LIKE dogs irl, but these are just too much! Now I can have a doggie fix while totally avoiding any proximity to a leash AND a pooper-skooper!!! win-WIN!!!


  • Naggy

    This is way tacky with the toddler-appropriate cartoonish look. (ipad)

  • creighbaby

    I love Marc, but at $58, this is just $48 too much. (ipad)

  • sneezz

    Very cute, love MBMJ! (iPad)