Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Bow Clutch Yawn. C’mon Marc Jacobs, I know you have more to give than what I am seeing here. Sure, there isn’t anything horrible about the Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Clutch but there also isn’t anything that makes me want to go out and buy it right away. While I find it really important to have a few go-to bags in your closet, I am in the mood for a show stopper, not something that is just “blah”. (more…)

Having been on vacation for the last week, I did what I always like to do while on vacation abroad. That is, gather fashion inspiration from wherever I may have gone. And this time, the things I noticed in Prague were: tons of tourists wearing unoriginal touristy garb, lots of worn, vintage-looking dresses, flat gladiator sandals, and cotton tee-shirts and scarves with cotton fringe and plastic beads on the end. And surprisingly, I noticed a lot of bags with beading too-both plastic, metal, and crystal. (more…)

JPK Paris Large HoboHas anyone noticed a glut of JPK Paris nylon handbags in stores lately? First I noticed them in Nordstrom, and then I saw them at a boutique this weekend, and now they’re also being carried by Nordstrom’s website. For a bag I had never heard of before two weeks ago, they seem to be showing up in a lot of places.

And maybe that’s for a reason – the JPK Paris Sasha Large Hobo seems like a perfectly reasonable handbag, although I’m not sure about the price. (more…)


What scares a bunch of gay men and young, urban women more than a pregnant lady? As it turns out, not much! And that might be the primary lesson that we learned on this week’s Project Runway.

They’re particularly terrified when forced to make an outfit for one. Which is kind of counter-intuitive, considering all the empire waist, babydoll, flowing tops that we’ve seen in fashion over the past couple of years. If you can figure that part out, then don’t you just drape the dress with more fabric in front so that the hem hangs straight at the bottom? And they had these weird pillow things to strap to their dress forms, so shouldn’t they have been able to figure that out?

And some of them did, while others chose to make carriers for all manner of round objects – bowling balls, eggs, you get the idea. And guess what! Those people weren’t rewarded. We try not to bore Nina, after the jump. (more…)

While the time of “it” bags is surely over, there are still hit bags that continue to grab our attention each season. Last year we were all handbag-star-struck by the Chloe Paraty bag. First spotted on Katie Holmes, the bag could not stop generating buzz. Who is it by? When it is available? Is there a wait list? Everyone had to have this particular Chloe Bag. (more…)

If this bag is any indication, Lanvin is continuing their endless mission to morph their bag line into an a slighty hipster-y version of Chanel. I generally hate it when others complain that a bag looks like it’s Chanel just because it’s quilted or has a chain handle, but I can’t help but think that it’s an incredibly apt comparison in this case.

Not only is the Lanvin Happy Sac Partage Bag bag quilted, but it also has a chain handle, and its a flap bag with a front closure, just like a few other bags we’ve all seen in the past. (more…)

I love purple, I love studs, I love soft leather, and I love handbags that cost less than $500. All of those things are great things in and of themselves, and you would think that when you combine them all together, they would be even better.

But I’m not so sure. The Bulga Blesk Stud Tote has left me a bit undecided, and I need to talk this one out. (more…)

Piperlime is a great site for savvy price worthy handbags. There is so much to choose from and you are bound to find something that won’t make your wallet and/or bank account cry.

At the same time, the site also offers picks from superstar stylist Rachel Zoe. I love checking out her picks for handbags and beyond. However, I am not sure I am with her on this pick, are you? (more…)

Sigh, here is a bag I can’t decide if I like or not. Today is one of those days in which I could just make up my mind. While other days I don’t mind being on the fence, I just want to have make a decisive decision. There are aspects about this bag that I love and others that have left me confused. (more…)

I’ll be the first to say that I can appreciate when a designer does something a little weird. If no one ever went off the beaten path, we’d never have any new trends to look for and fawn over, and it’d be much harder for me to find stuff to write about every day. So, on both an artistic and practical level, I like a little eccentricity in my day.

But often, the weirdness just doesn’t work. The handle structure of the Cynthia Vincent Fairfax Convertible Tote is really throwing me for a loop. (more…)

Be&D Tower of Garbo

Last fall we had the pleasure to meet with the designers and co-founders behind Be&D, Be Inthavong and Steve Dumain. Be&D reintroduced the Garbo when we were at the press preview and we could not have been more thrilled. In 2004, most handbag designers were sticking to the basics. At this time I was still exploring my love of handbags (this is pre-PurseBlog days). Though many bags continued to look similar, there was a standout that caught my attention. It was studs. Glorious studs on the Be&D Garbo satchel.

Be&D Garbo Satchel in Python    Be&D Garbo Satchel in Python

Be&D Garbo Satchel in Python    Be&D Garbo Satchel in Python

At the time the idea of a studded handbag was foreign. No other designer was doing it and in my mind Be&D was one of the first brands to release a studded handbag. The duo became known for their studs. So while they did follow up with other successes, like the KanKan, the studs were dearly missed. (more…)


Last night, the Real Housewives of Atlanta took Los Angeles!

Well, sort of.

Lisa and Nene went to LA to attend Lisa’s grandmother’s 90th birthday party, which was actually cute and adorable and kind of refreshing when compared to the rest of a reality show that’s based on people that aren’t actually friends going to parties that they’re not actually paying to throw and talking about things that they don’t actually do.

And the other ones did some other things, all of which were more like the second part of the previous sentence than the first. Kim teetered into a recording studio to milk Kandi for all she’s worth and Sheree continued on her Use Your Delusion Tour ’09 by requesting to ride around in Maybachs while dripping in Tiffany jewelry and thinking that there are competent runway models living in Atlanta (hint: there aren’t).

We continue our dissections of these ladies’ adventures in profanity after the jump. (more…)