We receive countless emails everyday about new and emerging designers that want us to take a look at their line. I wish we had enough time in the day to be able to cover all of them, but we do not. What helps a designer stand out to us is their bags possessing a unique quality. Uniqueness catches my eye first, one of those ‘Ah, haven’t seen anything like that before‘ moments. That is precisely what I feel about LaLucca Handbags. The head designer of LaLucca, Laura Pimentel, was born in the Dominican Republic and trained in both Europe and the USA. Her design aesthetic jumps out and grabs you instantaneously, especially with the LaLucca Art Bag collection. (more…)

There is one reason why I can think that this incredibly bright Alexander McQueen Metallic Wallet would be absolutely necessary. That would be if I had a gigantic bag with an ink black lining filled to the brim with items. In that (rather rare) case, the crazy color would be useful because it would be easy to spot the wallet among all the other things in the bag. It would probably glow in the dark, so no worries: you can grab it from the bag if you need it suddenly in a pitch-black area.

Alexander McQueen Metallic Clutch

It can make a great clutch if you are into extremely, extremely bright metallics, or if you need something to add a burst of color to an all-black outfit, but I really like the idea of it with charcoal grey. I personally go out of my way to avoid extremely bright metallics like this in favor of muted leather metallics in dark grey or gold, but this is definitely a niche bag- I know many a person who love bright colored metallics an pull it off well. All I can say is be careful, because it is practically blinding. Buy through Zappos for $479 on sale.

Proenza Schouler Extra Large PS1

Just another version of one of the coveted Proenza Schouler bags. We have introduced you to nearly every version of the Proenza Schouler PS1 that has been released and this one is not much different. Main difference is the size, this is the Proenza Schouler Extra Large PS1 which not only is larger but also moves the price tag up into an extra large number. I prefer the medium size but if I am being completely honest with you I really just want the Crocodile Satchel. The chocolate suede looks scrumptious. What are your thoughts on the size? Buy through Net A Porter for $2,350.

Cole Haan Prudence Small SatchelAnyone that reads this blog with any regularity (instead of, you know, just looking at the pretty pretty pictures) knows of my deep and abiding love for the color grey. It’s the perfect neutral – modern, sophisticated, versatile, and with a small bit of inherent edge. It can go with black, brown, navy and any number of other colors that may be omnipresent in your wardrobe. Shades of grey don’t clash with each other. It’s absolutely sublime.

And it’s even better when it’s combined with soft leather and a subtly slouchy shape, as it is in the Cole Haan Prudence Small Satchel. I’ve been a fan of this shape ever since Cole Haan introduced it last season, and it’s even better with the thick pieces of matte woven leather. These handbags are light as a feather but still made of thick, durable materials and the color and texture are perfect for cold weather (some of which I wish I was experiencing right now. I’m sure I’m not the only one). Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $495.

Marc Jacobs Classic Key Pouch Don’t rub your eyes too much – you are seeing a Marc Jacobs design over here on Purse Blog Savvy. While we normally showcase the latest and greatest MJ bags on Purse Blog, when I came across this pouch I had to share it with you here. The Marc Jacobs Classic Key Pouch is an absolutely precious option for when you are having a minimalistic moment.

This key pouch is small but still has some amazing aspects to it. I love the soft grained leather, but I really love the gold-tone pushlock. When dealing with small pouches like this, you have to be careful because even the smallest accent gone wrong would turn the entire look into a disaster. Luckily this is not a concern with this pouch. I could totally see myself throwing in my ID, a credit card or two and a little bit of cash. Definitely not a bad idea. Buy through Bloomingdales for $125.

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Ladies, the Real Housewives of New Jersey ain’t got nothin’ on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. If you had forgotten, let the first episode of their second season remind you: the heat down here makes people crazy. It’s 10:30 in the morning as I’m writing this and it’s nearing 90 degrees outside – you’d get upset quickly too.

Maybe I have a special place in my heart for the Atlanta housewives because all of their shenanigans go down in my hometown, but I can’t help but think that they’re probably my favorite ones. I had a brief love affair with the New Jerseyites, but their reunion left me kind of glum and unimpressed, whereas the Atlantans have never done anything but delight me with their awfulness. And don’t get it twisted – that’s what we’re all here for.

And my Atlanta compatriots didn’t disappoint in their premiere. Since we saw them last season, alliances and residences have shifted, relationships have ended, and they started things off in the only appropriate way: a fight where a grown man had to be physically removed from his place of business, lest he punch Sheree in the face. (more…)

Tory Burch Studded HandbagsTory Burch toughens up her line of handbags with a bit of rocker studded chic. We love these studded Tory Burch handbags. There are many options for studded handbags this fall and Tory’s collection fuses classic silhouettes with contrast gold pyramid studs. The tailored shapes will pair nicely with a daytime outfit consisting of this fall’s uniform of leggings and ankle boots. Available in a variety of designs the Tory Burch group of studded bags includes several styles available in black and cognac. (more…)

Time for a moment of honesty – I have nowhere to wear the Nordstrom Ruffle Chiffon Frame Clutch. My days of prom-going are long gone (thankfully), and I’m not cool enough to get invited to movie premieres or charity balls. My friends don’t have enough money or maturity to throw cocktail parties. I go out a lot, but I live in a college town, and it’s best not to bring anything to those bars that you don’t mind spilling some Jagermeister on. It’s a good rule of thumb around here.

Nordstrom Ruffle Chiffon Frame Clutch

If you, unlike me, have someplace to wear a delicate, ladylike bag but your budget is tight, then the Nordstrom Ruffle Chiffon Frame Clutch might be perfect for you. It’s a little ridiculous, sure, but if you can’t carry a tiny, tacky bag occasionally, then what has the world come to? The clear plastic bow closure kind of reminds me of Lady Gaga (bow hair, remember?), and this sort of seems like something that would be right up her alley. I genuinely love the color, though. Deep, scarlet-y red is so glamorous and retro in a clutch like this that I can’t help but wish that I had a reason to have this bag. Buy through Nordstrom for $78.

Jimmy Choo Filipa Wallet

Studs continue to make their mark for fall/winter 2009 handbags. Some of you may not love a large studded bag and that is precisely why a clutch or accessory is the perfect way to add a little stud in your life. We are huge fans of Jimmy Choo and are happy to bring you a fabulous giveaway from Jimmy Choo!

New for autumn/winter 2009, the Jimmy Choo Filipa Wallet features luscious black Nappa leather with gold triangle studs. The price is $795. This wallet is so hot that it is already out of stock at Jimmy Choo. But we got our hands on one for one of you!

TO ENTER: Visit and tell us your favorite item! Post your answers in the comments section of this post and you will be entered to win the Filipa Wallet. Contest runs from July 20th through August 3rd at 4:00 PM EST. Open for both US and international users.

Good luck and thank you to!

Salvatore Ferragamo Studded Jazz SatchelIt’s rare that I see a technique that I haven’t seen used somewhere before. After all, I spend 40 hours a week (sometimes more, depending on how inefficient I am) looking at handbags; if a weird leather trick or a trim idea or a shape is out there, I’ve probably come across it out of professional necessity at some point. To a certain extent, there is nothing new under the sun – designers rip off each other and their own brands’ design history as much out of necessity as anything.

Which is part of the reason that I like the Salvatore Ferragamo Studded Jazz Satchel: the petal effect of the cut leather is not something you or I see every day. It’s incredibly intricate (and for the price, I certainly hope it was done by hand) without taking away from the essential function of the bag, which is a trick that not all designers execute skillfully. Usually I’m not a fan of brown, but in this case, keeping the color neutral and unobtrusive was the wiser decision. Although, now that I think of it, the tiny studs are silver – wouldn’t this bag be cooler in black? It looks less industrial this way, though, and maybe that will appeal to a wider customer base. Still, black version? Please? Or maybe not, since it’s so hideously expensive that I can’t buy it anyway. Buy through Luisa Via Roma for $3845.

I just love it when a designer that could be massively overcharging for her bags chooses to price them reasonably instead. Diane Von Furstenberg is a name that’s internationally renowned for chic, wearable clothing, and although her bag line is new, she probably doesn’t have to do the image-building with it that other neophyte handbag designers need to. People already understand her look, and they understand that she’s made high-quality clothing forever, so taking a chance on her handbags isn’t as big of a risk as buying an expensive from from a less-well-known designer. That she didn’t price her line 20-30% higher as a result is really great for everyone out there that might be interested in giving one of her bags a new home.

Diane Von Furstenberg Amelia City Bag

And lately, I’m interested in adopting the Diane Von Furstenberg Amelia City Bag. It reminds me a good bit of the Proenza Schouler PS1 Satchel in its structure and straps, but they’re both based on such an archetypal bag shape that I don’t think I can fault it for that. What it has going in its favor is that the details are slightly funkier – I love the origami-folded, studded straps on the front. Oh, another great attribute? The very reasonably price. Buy through ShopBop for $575.

Steven by Steve Madden Uptown Tribal Bucket HoboI love a soft leather hobo- but it has to be so soft and pliable that when the bag has a slight weight pulling it down the entire bag squishes in and cradles your shoulder in that perfect way. I know you know what I mean.

But for the time being, I’m in a tiny town in the Northeast that I’ll affectionately (because I love this place) dub “Granola Town” because everyone shops at the Co-op and bans big business, letting the cutest shops flourish. That’s why when I saw this Steven by Steve Madden Uptown Tribal Bucket Hobo, I knew it was the best of both worlds. That is, it has that soft leather hobo structure, but in a canvas that’s much more eco-friendly. Plus the tribal geometric print in purple keeps it interesting, while the whipstitched leather trim updates the look from reusable grocery bag to everyday casual chic. It’s got enough fashion for a city girl on a budget, I’d say, but it’s also laid-back enough to satisfy the locals in this town. Buy through Nordstrom for $198.