Marc by Marc Jacobs

I continue to love the Marc by Marc Jacobs line. The bags are beating out the overly gaudy and overly heavy Marc Jacobs bags and adding a look that is so much more appealing. Even these boots in the ad, amazing! I can say one thing: I am all for having the Marc by Marc Jacobs line not only look better than the Marc Jacobs line but also cost less.

Shop the new arrivals of Marc by Marc Jacobs at Saks!

This is the second time today that I came across a handbag that made me say, “oh-la-la”. And actually, I said “oh-la-la” about the same thing. There is absolutely something that I can’t get enough of about this bag. The Zagliani Shiny Python Flap Shoulder Bag is one that I would love to call mine (if it wasn’t for the price tag).

Zagliani Medium Python Shoulder Bag

When I look at bags, I usually take a step back and try to figure out what it is about the bag that drew me in. Sometimes this is hard to pick out, but other times, it is blatantly obvious. When it comes to this one, it is the color, or should I say lack of color that drew me in. There is something about this yellow hue that will make the bag work during every single season of the year. Wear a loud outfit and let this bag take the back seat, or use this bag as the focal point of your entire outfit. I’m in love.

The python skin is paired with the shape of this bag flawlessly. While you might wish a more noticeable color was offered, trust me, this bag is timeless. Buy through Luisa Via Roma for $2192.

We’ve been covering a few LAI handbags recently. Personally, I tend to link most of them. This particular clutch is no exception. In all honesty, the first thing I said when I saw this handbag was “oh-la-la”. Both the color and the shape of the LAI Trudy Clutch lured me in. Genuine python skin fits this clutch perfectly. Of course, the color is to die for. I love the pastel-y color; it’s not too dark or too light. But even beyond that, there is something about the shape that I adore. Yes, I’ve seen this shape before, but at the same time, there is something about the way the color and material combination that make this clutch one of a kind.

LAI Trudy Clutch

Now the real question comes up… what will I wear this with? Well, the answer my friends… just about anything! This is a clutch that will work throughout several seasons (especially Spring and Summer) and with so many outfits. This is also the kind of clutch that I might break out during the winter, to add a splash of color. Anyone else with me on this? Buy through Bluefly for $525.

Mad Imports Tusk Nairobi BagWe’ve featured a few bags by Mad Imports, and they have done it again with this awesome Mad Imports Tusk Nairobi Handbag. Mad Imports is a one-of-a-kind handbag brand; they collaborate with artisans in Madagascar and Kenya, making handbags from only renewable materials. Furthermore, founder Laurel Brandstetter helps promote economic independence in poverty-stricken families by doing so.

This bag is so unique. It’s not like many organic items, which are carefully branded in order to emulate “the real thing,” or the un-organic product. No, this bag has a rough edge, but that roughness makes it interesting and noticeable. The bag is made of wool and sisal, an agave that yields a fibrous yarn, which meshes nicely with the white bone beads on the suede strap. The whole effect is utterly special, informal and chic at once. I’m personally really into organic things, but I’ve never brought that interest into clothing and handbags: maybe it’s about time I did. Buy through Shopbop for $100.

I have an unnatural, unhealthy, all-encompassing obsession with and love for zebra print. I’m moving into a new apartment in the not-distant future, and I have scoured the internet in search of the perfect zebra-print pillows for my bedroom (I’ve got a scarlet comforter and black sheets – wouldn’t that be cute?) and a similarly patterned shower curtain (Target has one, but it’s $25 and I’m cheap about stuff like that). I found a zebra rug I like, but I don’t have anywhere to put it, so I don’t think I can justify buying it. Which is sad for me – I can justify buying almost anything.

LeSportsac Kenya Large Weekender

And I can definitely justify the LeSportsac Kenya Large Weekender. Who does need a couple of great bags to take on short trips or use as airplane carry-ons? And if they come in big, bold, easily identifiable patterns, well, even better! Plus, patterns conceal wear and tear, which is a constant concern with bags that are used for travel. In an overhead compartment, you’d certainly never have to think twice about which bag was yours, plus it’s totally fun and full of personality when so many bags meant for the same purpose are drab and lacking style. I’ll take one – and maybe a couple of extras to stuff and make into pillows. Buy through Shop Bop for $98.

Louis Vuitton Cruise 2010Cruise show season is kind of odd – instead of having a proper Fashion Week where all of the collections are presented together, they’re released slowly in shows around America and Europe, each with very different backdrops and moods. For example, Chanel, a brand that always shows at Paris Fashion Week, chose to present its Cruise collection this year on a Venice boardwalk.

Louis Vuitton, another house that traditionally shows in Paris, didn’t have a real show at all – instead, the clothes were presented as we see them here. It’s a more understated choice for a more informal season and smaller collection, but that doesn’t mean the sailor-and-pinup-inspired clothes and accessories are any less exciting. In fact, they’re refreshingly clean and pretty, but with just enough 80s urban influence to put Louis Vuitton creative director Marc Jacobs’ signature spin on the retro looks. (more…)

I’m of two minds about the Coach Poppy patent Starlet Satchel. At first glance, I like that Coach did something with it that doesn’t scream “Hello, I’m a Coach bag!” I’m not sure exactly what is making it look different to me, perhaps it’s the bold combination of color and finish, but it looks like the brand’s designers stepped out of their normal (and maybe a bit bland) design parameters.

Coach Poppy Patent Starlet Satchel

But then, the longer I look at it, the more it seems like the bag might not look all that high-end. I’m all for pink and patent and ridiculous things, but the combination of the two in a bag with that much surface area might not work. Plus, when you combine it with all the straps and zippers and placards and hang tags, the bag seems unfocused, and perhaps worse, even less luxurious than on first inspection. If you’re a fan of the brand, I’d stick with their regular leather offerings and away from what we see here. Buy through Nordstrom for $348.

Sometimes you look at a bag and know immediately what it reminds you of, without having to give it much thought or effort. Those are my favorite bags – it’s like they come with a blog post built-in for my convenience! And really, it’s thoughtful for designers to help me out like that. Who said that fashionistas never think of others?

Michael Kors Runway Clutch

And today, fake-tanned mensch Michael Kors is here to help with the Michael Kors Runway Clutch. The little evening bag has the distinct look of the late 80s and early 90s to me – an era of bright colors, strong shoulder pads, and shiny accessories. Patent neon pink is probably one of the strongest color statements a designer can make with a bag, and a shade like this references a very specific period in time – about 20 years ago. The strong edges at the top of the clutch, combined with the super-shiny polished silver hardware, remind me a lot of the ‘supermodel’ era – when Cindy, Christy, and Naomi strutted the catwalk in the things with huge shoulder pads and Kate Moss was just another skinny British chick. Such clear references combined with such clean lines give customers a great way to incorporate a retro trend in a super stylish way. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $595.

Miu Miu Quilted Suede Messenger Bag I have no idea why they have called this a messenger bag when it is clearly an oversized clutch with an optional shoulder strap. Nevertheless, here is the Miu Miu Quilted Suede Messenger Bag which is clearly getting fall on our minds. First off I love the color aubergine, which is the French word for eggplant. Deep purple hues are a great way to opt for a handbag that adds a pop of color that is wearable for many occasions, going with blacks, browns, and blues. My gripe with suede is how hard it is to keep clean, which is somewhat non important for a clutch this dark, but you still have to be aware that suede wears quickly. The quilting adds a nice dimension as well, along with the fold-over flap and internal pocket. I like this bag, but I don’t love it. I’d prefer it less East-West with a larger body. I am still excited fall is coming!

Buy through Net A Porter for $695.

Junior Drake is a brand that we’ve only touched on twice in the past on PurseBlog Savvy, but from what I’ve been seeing lately, that may have been a big oversight on our part. I’m a big fan of brands that use the texture of leather that they appear to prefer (it looks similar to what Kooba uses on their softer purses).

Junior Drake Kora Tote

One of the best examples I’ve seen of the great leather that they use is the Junior Drake Kora Tote. The color of this one in particular is somewhere in No Man’s Land between dark purple and navy blue, but it’s beautiful and versatile enough to be worn in any season. Combined with the not-too-showy tassels and braided details, the bag is young, fun, and certainly a great option for a very reasonable price. I look forward to see more from this brand in the future if this is any indication of the kinds of things they make. Buy through Bluefly for $299.

If you’ve never seen a Treesje bag in person, try to find one to take a look at in the near future. The brand has rapidly gained in popularity and is much more widely distributed than it was even a year ago, and you have to see the bags in person to really appreciate the materials with which they’re made and the attention that’s put into the details.

Treesje Turner Satchel

The Treesje Turner Satchel in grey is my current favorite. The color variation in the leather reminds me of marble, and the subtle pewter studs at the edges give the bag a bit of attitude without giving it too much attitude to have a wide appeal. But the reason that I’m so insistent that you need to see these bags for yourself is because the leather is so great – smooth, soft, and supple. Even though satchels are usually more structured than shoulder bags, this one has such great leather that it’s still got a bit of a casual sag to it. Buy through Luna Boston for $595.

Ted Rossi Screw HoboI’ve mentioned this phenomenon both here and on PurseBlog Savvy, and I’m surprised that I haven’t seen it written about on many other fashion websites, but the Fall handbag collections are making it obvious: black is back. Big black bags (BBBs), small black bags, any kind of black bags – they’re everywhere and in a variety of looks. Industrial details seem to be the prevailing trend among them, though, and all I can say to that is HALLELUJAH. Black bags with industrial hardware and finishing are among my favorite looks of all time, and there have been so many to choose from in the past week or so that I almost don’t know what to write about next.

But what I’m writing about now is the Ted Rossi Screw Hobo. It’s a clean, simple design, as most of Rossi’s are, but the small details and exceptional materials make it special without need for extra complication. The bag is made entirely of super-soft, matte black lambskin, which means it’s probably the most wonderful and supple thing upon which you or I have ever put our hands. Soft black leather is all it takes to convince me, but they gave us the extra bonus of modern, dark silver oversized screw heads at the base of each handle, which gives the bag an industrial edge without being overpowering or too costume-y. You could wear it to a Nine Inch Nails concert or to the mall with your girlfriends, and a bag that can fit in at two such divergent events is one that I absolutely need in my closet. Plus, for all that lambskin, the price isn’t bad at all. Buy through Singer22 for $948.