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MICHAEL Michael Kors Beverly Metallic Drawstring Satchel Are metallic handbags making a come back? They’ve definitely been popping up more and more lately. When it comes to metallics, I am typically a bit skeptical, but recently I have been pleasantly surprised. The MICHAEL Michael Kors Beverly Metallic Large Drawstring Satchel is a metallic satchel executed perfectly.

This double handles and goldtone hardware pair perfectly with this bag. I love the exterior pockets; it makes it easy to store something you need to get a hold of really quickly. With a large bag like this, it would be easy for the contents in the bag to fly all around. The center interior zip divider is a brilliant way to keep things where they should be. And of course, I always love a bag that catches my eye – just like this one! Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $448.

Jimmy Choo Martha Clutch

I promised you a better look at the Jimmy Choo Martha Clutch that we covered earlier this week. After I reviewed the bag I realized that the picture on NAP had the middle of the bag zipped up, which does nothing great for the look of this particular clutch. All of the Jimmy Choo Zip bags look better unzipped. This is a fact; every single zip bag from Choo looks 10 times better unzipped. My only gripe with this clutch is that it is flimsy. I like a hearty handbag that keeps its shape. If you don’t mind a lack of structure and you love animal print, then this clutch will be perfect for you. Again, I am not hating on it, I am just wishing for more structure on an otherwise stunning clutch. At least it will pack well for trips. Buy through Net A Porter for $1595.

Tod's Hel.Zip Sacca HoboAs much as I love scoping out great handbags, I also love taking a step back and appreciating the craftsmanship that goes into making the bags. Tod’s handbags, like many other high end designer bags, are known for exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. When you are dropping mega bucks on a bag, you better hope that the bag will withstand the test of time.

The Tod’s Hel.Zip Sacca Hobo is an updated take on a classic Tod’s bag. While I would prefer my Tod’s bag to be made out of leather, there is something unique and eye catching about the nylon and leather trim of this bag. The shoulder strap looks like it would fit perfectly on your shoulder without digging into it or falling off. Plenty of zippers and compartments adorn the bag. But, would you spend this kind of money on a nylon bag? What do you think? Buy through Saks for $950.

B Makowsky Perforated HoboI’ve never give much thought to perforated leather, to be honest. It’s out there, but it’s not super common, and I usually keep moving right past it when I see it. There are times when I’ve made a positive post about a bag with perforations, but looking back, it’s been the exception instead of the rule. But I took one look at the B. Makowsky Perforated Hobo and it crystallized all of my thoughts on the subject – I don’t like it at all.

When I look at this bag, I think “basketball jersey.” And when I try to come up with a different thought about it, I have a hard time doing so because the resemblance is so striking. It would indeed be a cute bag to take to a sporting event to go along with whatever team jersey you were sporting, but beyond that, I think the look is a bit too athletic to be worn with a regular outfit. Or maybe I’m just too pathetically out of shape to be amenable to anything that reminds me of physical activity. Buy through Nordstrom for $258.

Project RunwayOur wait is almost over – Project Runway returns to the airwaves August 20th, according to the new issue of Entertainment Weekly. They’ve got a cover story on the much-missed series this week in which they speak with Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum about the future of the series, the difficulties of waiting, and what we can all expect from our favorite fashion show.

First, the show’s move from New York to L.A. isn’t completely permanent. According to Tim and Heidi, the show will alternate seasons on each coast in order to reap the maximum benefits that the cities have to offer, which should be somewhat of a relief to a lot of the fans that couldn’t fathom shooting a show about fashion anywhere in the country except for New York (I am one of those people). Also, despite the new location, the new network (Lifetime, about which I will not snark since I got in trouble for it in the comments last time), and the new production team (of The Real World fame), Heidi reports that the runway set is more or less exactly the same. Lifetime execs said that they recognized that they already had a winner on their hands with Runway and did not wish to fix something that wasn’t broken. (more…)

Way back when, I had a purse by The Sak. It was back when I was but a wee child and they made only the woven bags that made them famous, and I thought it was the most luxurious thing in the world. I eventually added a smaller, black version to my collection and thought of it as somewhat of an evening bag, even though a child of my age really had nowhere to carry such things.

The Sak Convertible Satchel

I have since moved on with my handbag life, and it appears as though The Sak has done the same with it’s Convertible Satchel. Given the extremely reasonable price point, this bag is particularly well-tailored and sophisticated looking; it has a bit of slouch to it for a satchel, but not too much by any stretch of the imagination. It also neatly combines its second handle option by tucking the shoulder strap under the bag, hiding it until it’s necessary and then using the extra material at the ends to turn it into something of a proper-looking hobo. Look how far they’ve come. Buy through Nordstrom for $199.

Botkier Venice Hobo Botkier bags have been a longtime favorite of the Purse Blog team. There is a category for them on Purse Blog savvy which they so deserve but I still want to talk about them on Purse Blog sometimes as well. Amanda already covered the Botkier Venice Hobo on PB Savvy and now I am here on Purse Blog to share my love of this bag with you as well.

Let the lusting begin. The Botkier Venice Hobo is designed with smooth supple leather. The leather from Botkier is amazing, this I can attest to. Ample front zippers and tassels add an extra dimension that looks super chic. The hobo will fit perfectly under your arm and not rub right under your arm with the 9″ drop. All sorts of pockets are on the inside for storage as well, a zip and three open pockets. And this hobo is extra roomy, dimensions are 16″W X 13″H X 2½”D. I love this bag. A yellow version for $595 at Nordstrom is available (they have a magnificent yellow hue) or opt for black or caramel (which is my pick) at Saks for $595.

My hands are sweating just looking at the Stella McCartney Zebra-Print Wool Clutch. Wool, really? Whenever I have to hold a wool coat or sweater in my hand for more than a few minutes, my palms get so warm and moist that I have to put it down. I know Stella doesn’t use animal materials, and I know wool is a material appropriate for the Fall/Winter collection from which this comes, but it just doesn’t seem like that inspired of a choice to me.

Stella McCartney Zebra-Print Wool Clutch

And then there’s the size issue. A lot of designers make these wallet-sized clutches, and I’m not really sure who they’re selling them too – people without cell phones, maybe? Certainly people without Blackberries. I could never wedge mine into it. Whoever they are, it seems like an extremely niche market. What I do like, however, is how subtle the zebra print is. It doesn’t yell zebra, it merely whispers it, and subtlety and animal print are two hard concepts to combine. She does it rather well here, but it’s not enough to rescue the bag as a whole. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $515.


Ok folks – how many of you watch the Ellen Show? Here at Purse Blog, we can’t get enough! We think the show is hilarious, brilliant, entertaining and unique… just like us, right?! Well, if you do watch Ellen, you will remember her quest to be on the cover of O Magazine. After days, weeks, months of work, Ellen received a call from Oprah saying yes, in fact Ellen would be on the cover! So we are following in Ellen’s footsteps.

ELLEN, we love your show! And, we have fun, witty and amazing things to share with your audience. Ellen, call/email/tweet us. We will be on your show one of these days and we can’t wait!

So, all you Purse Blog fans out there – do you think we would be a great addition to one of her shows? Help us attain our goal! Email/tweet/call… do whatever you can and tell the Ellen Show why Purse Blog should be a part of it!

Photo via Ellen Show

Miu Miu Fuchsia Matellase Tote

There is a similar phenomenon with Miu Miu handbags and Marc by Marc Jacobs bags. Bigger brother/sister of both brands seems less impressive than the younger sibling at times. Prada is great, but many times Miu Miu is better. Same with Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc. One of my favorite bags from Miu Miu reappeared on NAP and I was crushing on it hard. Today I wanted to look at the bag again and it is sold out, go figure. The bag I am speaking of is the Miu Miu Fuchsia Matellase Tote which is a perfect bold yet feminine accessory. The gold tone hardware accents the pleated leather beautifully. This bag is roomy and has tons of pockets; one padlock pocket, one press stud pocket on the outside, and an inside pocket. This bag is a spin-off of the Miu Miu Coffer, which was a huge hit, and I love this more East/West take on the bag. Maybe it will be back on NAP soon. Buy through Net A Porter for $1,495

Kate Spade Hula Ida ShopperOh dear. It looks like I’ve finally found a beach-y, straw handbag that I don’t like. This is a big day for me, because I really thought that I liked anything that reminded me of vacation or sand or ocean. But I definitely don’t like the Kate Spade Hula Ida Shopper.

If this bag cost $15 at Target, I might think it was funny in a kitschy, literal way. And I hate to snark on Kate Spade, because their recent influx of new talent has turned out several good bags and has the whole company moving in a much-needed new direction. But with a price tag in the several hundred dollar region, this is just too silly and too ridiculous to be permissible. If the orange straw was all woven instead of like a hula skirt, then maybe. But as it is, no. Definitely no. Buy through Nordstrom for $295.