Louis Vuitton‘s Marc Jacobs commemorates the late fashion designer and artist Stephen Sprouse with this Tribute Collection, which is new for 2009 and will be sold shortly after a book on Sprouse’s life hits the bookshelves in January.

Who could forget the triumphant 2001 graffiti collection that shocked the runways and weeks later turned into cult collector’s items? Not only did this collaboration between Sprouse and LV’s artistic director Marc Jacobs turn into a fantastic, resounding success, it also paved the path for more celebrated collaborations for the near future. Takashi Murakami comes to mind. (more…)

With New Year’s Eve quickly approaching I keep thinking about what wonderful clutch I am going to carry that night. For me, the kind of New Year’s Eve handbag I will carry is a no brainer – a clutch, obviously. However, what *kind* of clutch is a completely different story. Do I let my outfit do the talking and use a bit of an understated clutch or do I let my clutch do the talking and wear an outfit that is a little less flashy? I think the Lauren Merkin Eve Moon Rock Clutch is the perfect combination of the two. The shape and size of the clutch is perfect for a fun night out while the color is popping. And this gorgeous gold color is found not only on the outside of the clutch but also on the inside lining. There are definitely times where I go back and forth about if I should go with gold or silver. If you are more of a silver kind of person, check out the Lauren Merkin Eve Metallic Clutch for a similar option. But you know, the great thing about the Moon Rock Clutch, you can use it year round, not just for your New Year’s bash. Buy through Luna Boston for $200.

What came first, the chicken or the egg? It is no shock to anyone out there that designs (especially when it comes to fashion and handbags) are replicated. Sometimes on purpose and sometimes not. But, I have to say, I can’t help but wonder when I come across a bag that reminds me of something similar if there is any relation. The Miu Miu Stamped Leather Clutch is fabulous. The orange glazed stamped leather clutch is adorned with gold tone hardware and comes with a zip top and detachable shoulder strap. Use the shoulder strap during the day as you run errands or take it off as you head out to meet some friends for a couple of post-work drinks. The handbag might be too small for me when it comes to day time running around, but if you are able to pack everything in, I say, go for it.

But, back to my original thought, this clutch reminds me of something else, say, the Furla Nausicca Xsmall Top Handle Bag I wrote about a while back. Sure, there are noticeable differences and I definitely wouldn’t mistake one for the other, but if you are anything like me, you can see the glaring similarities. So, do we chalk this up to a trend or something else? I’m just curious. Get the Miu Miu clutch through Net-a-Porter for $420.

Color, color and more color. Although I usually stray away from handbags with a variety of bright colors, I think this handbag might have changed my mind just a bit. As I came across the Jimmy Choo Celeste Rainbow Clutch I found myself imagining carrying it around while bringing in the New Year. Now, I’ll be up front, I do have New Year’s on my mind right now. What to do, what to wear, who to see – all the things that go through our minds. Yet whether I find myself celebrating with a few friends or hitting the town until the wee hours of the morning, this is a bold New Year’s clutch I’d love to have in hand. (more…)

We don’t talk a lot about Coach handbags on this blog, and maybe that’s an oversight on our part. What better way to start correcting it, then, than by talking about the line of bags named after yours truly (ok, well, they’re not necessarily named after me. But I came first. So there.)? The Amanda Satin Mini Satchel is, by my standards at least, kinda cute. There are disadvantages to using a material like satin (snagging!), but the advantage that Coach has realized is that it takes vivid color much better than almost any kind of leather. You get a sheen and brightness with satin that you don’t usually find in a handbag, and in small doses (this satchel is “mini,” after all) it can be a beautiful addition to an ensemble. I wouldn’t suggest buying a massive satin handbag, but something petite and bright could potentially be a lot of fun, methinks. Particularly at such a friendly price point. Buy through Nordstrom.

Before writing this I realize that I may give you all the impression that Vlad and I are nothing other than bumps on logs. Not the case, but I am well aware that it may come off that way. Upon first glance this clutch screams ‘take me with you on new Year’s Eve!!’. And then I thought to myself, what is it that we will be doing on New Year’s Eve this year? And then I thought about what we have done years prior, which has been truly mellow and involves a very small group at home. And then I felt lame. But I must say that for the past two years we have had horrible jet lag each time. Either way, that is neither here nor there, as this year we are going out with close friends of ours! And what will I wear?! (more…)

Just a quick FYI for those who care and those who love the Chloe Paraty Bag! It popped up last week on NAP UK and this week on NAP USA. Seems to be sold out already. Really, do so many of you absolutely adore it? I saw it in person and it did not give me the same instant WOW factor that I yearn for. That could also be due to the fact that it was nearby the hoard of designer handbags piled on top of each other on a plastic table for the sale table at Saks. Either way, Chloe lovers should check back and it may pop up again for the US lovers of the Chloe Python Paraty! $3820 via NAP.

So, I realize I just wrote about a tote gone wrong. As soon as I turned around I found myself pleasantly surprised with a tote gone right, the Carlos Falchi Velours Suede East West Tote. I will start off by saying I have two issues with the handbag. The color, white, can just get dirty too easily. And suede, I am just not always good at keeping it clean. So, as you can see, those are two personal issues, but if I can learn to keep white clean and take care of a suede handbag, this would be a great choice. Carlos Falchi certainly puts together some gorgeous bags. This one has dual woven handles, a snap closure, and is lined with a dark, rich pattern. I think the dark lining is a great contrast against the soft white suede. And in true tote fashion, there is ample room for whatever your daily essentials might be. Buy through Zappos for $290.

Sometimes I really think that designers make some handbags just because they need to have a tote, a satchel or another design. This is how I feel about the See by Chloe Small Tote. There is simply nothing special about this handbag whatsoever. It is a black, canvas tote with rhinestone and screen-print logo lettering on the front. This does not “wow” me. I am all for a durable, functional tote, but at the same time, I don’t want to compromise fashion. And really, when it comes to totes, there so many options out there, why settle for something like this? Now, if you think I am wrong and you think this is the kind of tote you could totally see yourself carrying, let me know. The one great thing about this tote is the price; yet, I still think you can find something much better for a similar price. Buy through ShopBop for $84.

Isn’t it funny how things from your childhood are ingrained in your memory? When I came across the Anya Hindmarch Viola Wicker Clutch, I instantly remembered a chair with a wicker base my parents had in their house. When Megs and I were young, we would sit there and poke our fingers through the wicker holes. For whatever reason, that seemed to keep us entertained for quite some time. However, I am not sure this clutch would keep me entertained for very long. I do like the casual feel of the clutch, but I am not sure I am a fan of much else. Over time, I worry that the wicker might start to fray and the last thing I want is to be carrying a handbag that could potentially snag my skin. Again, I can definitely see someone sporting this in the spring or summer, but I think it would be one of those handbags you use a few times and then it makes its way into the depths of your closet. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $355.

This bag is not playing around.

The Salvatore Ferragamo Top Handle Satchel means business, and it’s not going to put up with any of your flack. It’s an office bag if I’ve ever seen one, and although it evokes thoughts of the Hermes Kelly, it’s not iconic in a way that would tell all of your coworkers exactly how much you spend on your accessories. This kind of discretion is recommended by some in the current economic climate, but I’m just recommending it because I think it’s an interesting bag. The design isn’t totally buttoned – up; its structure is sleekly post-modern on the side gussets, and the hardware that holds it together is something I’d like to see in person. What we have here is a reimagining of a classic shape that’s office-appropriate without being obvious and interesting without being odd. Buy through Saks for $1890.

Merry Christmas to you all from all of us at Purse Blog! We spent the entire day away from the computer enjoying time with family and friends. We will be taking off tomorrow as well enjoying a sand Christmas rather than a white one.

Happy Holidays to you all – hope you all had a great Holiday season! We will be back Monday morning.

Megs, Vlad & Shannon