We introduced you to eLUXURY’s contemporary buyer earlier, and now it is time for you to meet their Designer Buyer. Andrew Dershaw is Designer Buyer for eLUXURY.com, whose selection I frequent most often for Purse Blog posts. There indeed is someone behind the buying choices for the designer selection at eLUXURY.com and we got a chance to ask him some questions.

PB: For eLuxury, is there a certain profile of a customer you are looking to attract based on the handbags you offer?

As the Designer Buyer, for me it is more about acting as a filter for of our current and aspirational customers. I need to have a steady feel for current trends and demands, and act as a liaison between our customers and designers to ensure we are serving up the most fresh and must have bags that our customers just have to carry! Our Designer handbag customer’s all do share some commonalities though; they need the most luxurious fabrications, in the must-have styles, from the world’s top designers.

PB: What is big for this Fall/Winter?

For Fall we started to see what we are calling “the new luxury” emerge. This is more about individuality, quality, and expressing more of one’s personal style through their dress. As our socio-economic climate shifts, so does the way we shop. We are seeing less of a demand in our logo and iconic handbags, and much more of a need for bags with new and different embellishment and luxurious details. The Fendi Secret Code Bag and Dior 61 are great examples of this, as well as must haves for the season! (more…)

One of my favorite online boutiques to browse and shop is eLUXURY.com. Their selection is vast and the options are always on par for the season. But I rarely think about who is behind picking the handbags to show all of us season after season. If you wondered the same thing, wonder no more! We had a chance to get to know the Contemporary Buyer for eLUXURY.com, Jen Ely. Jen took some time out of her busy schedule to answer some of our questions.

PB: Who do you have in mind when buying bags for eLuxury?

I keep key trends of the season top of mind when it comes to Contemporary handbag selection for the site. Our customer is on the cutting edge of fashion and wants the latest and greatest to choose from every season. I focus on making my mix of brands, styles and colors as unique as possible so that customers know they can come to eluxury.com for both that exclusive, new, “IT” bag, as well as a staple, essential bag that they might not be able to find elsewhere. I keep in mind what bags have sold best from each brand in past seasons, as well as a creating a compelling mix of new designers and key existing designers. A great handbag is a perfect piece to invest in, and I want my customers to get excited when they find THE bag on eluxury.com, so I keep that in mind throughout the buying process! (more…)

Let’s be honest, it is always nice to have a little incentive when you are dropping loads of cash. And it is no surprise that we all spend quite a bit of money in a short amount of time during the holiday season. Over at Shop Bop, they entice you to spend more in order to get some off: spend $250 and get $50 off, spend $500 and get $100 off, spend $1,000 and get $250 off and finally, spend $1,500 and get a whopping $500 off. Not a bad deal if you ask me. Check out Shop Bop and see how you can buy and save!

If you have been checking out Purse Blog today, you’ve noticed that we are bringing you an assortment of sales. As Black Friday plugs away, I am sure if you aren’t out and about with the rest of the masses, there is a good chance you are doing a bit of online perusing. There are some fabulous deals and steals going on over at Bluefly. Click here to see how you can get up to 40% off your purchases!

The sales continue to pour in. Where do you begin? I say open 10 tabs on your web-browser and shop shop shop away! The next great sale is from eLuxury, which has up to 40% off their designer items. Many of these items are never placed on sale, including handbags from Tods, Fendi, and Dior. Don’t miss out!

Shop the eLuxury designer sale here!

Not like this sale needs much of an introduction. Saks has the fashion world clamoring for items from their 70% off sale. The sale lasts through 12.07.08, so you still have time. But of course the best items will go quickly, so continue to update and see if you can nab a great 2008 deal!

Shop the Saks Sale here!

If you are not a frequent visitor of YOOX, you need to add them to your list. The fact of the matter is that once I visit YOOX.COM, I get lose in an endless oblivion of designer clothing, handbags, and accessories. Their selection is out of this world. Right now YOOX is offering an extra 40% off Fall/Winter items.

Shop the YOOX sale here!

Smart Bargains truly has some great bargains right now. There is also a Black Friday deal through 11.30.08 which will give you free shipping on orders over $75. Their handbag selection is not my favorite, but they make up for it in a variety of other options.

Shop the Smart Bargains Sale here!

Take advantage of the amazing Net A Porter sale extravaganza while you can!! There are amazing bags marked down up to 50% off. Of course, there is fabulous clothing, shoes, and other accessories as well. Shop the Net A Porter Sale Extravaganza while the items you love are still available!!

Shop the Net A Porter Sale HERE!

Today and Monday we will be bringing you various sales around the web. If you are like me, you will be hiding from the chaos that is today. And I am guessing if you are reading this now, then you either made it back from Black Friday alive and well or are staying in to online shop or are laying on the couch hoping the Thanksgiving feast calories will melt off your body (I am partaking in number 2 and 3 of that sequence). So here come the sales. Hope you enjoy the weekend and the crazy shopping today!!


From all of us at Purse Blog we would like to wish you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkey is in the oven, the kitchen is finishing up a late brunch, and we are enjoying the amazing weather and family time! We will be bringing you sale info tomorrow, as it is Black Friday. Enjoy your holiday with loved ones!

How could this week be any better? Vlad flies back from Germany today, tomorrow is Thanksgiving with the family and no work, and today we had a feature in The Miami Herald. We were interviewed for this piece by Kathryn Wexler who met us at our house and had the opportunity to learn more about Purse Blog. Kathryn saw us in our true element, though I did wear a nicer blouse than I typically walk around the house/office in and I had a tinge of make up on. I constantly attest to the fact that we are laid back, and Kathryn will agree with this!

The article, A Virtual Purse Party, lets you in on the ins and out of our website and our business. The boxes of bags that come in for us to review and shoot in our photo studio continue to grow, leaving our front entry wall practically impassable. From $300 to $35,000 bags, our office is constantly seeing the latest and greatest from the designer handbag world. But we are a close knit trio, me and Vlad and my sister. We know the latest and greatest from the fashion world and the runways, but choose to wear jeans and tee shirt and rock out an amazing bag. Kathryn Wexler depicts our story, how our site started, and where our site is going perfectly. Welcome all the new South Florida readers!! And a special thank you to The Miami Herald and Kathryn for the piece.

Article found online at The Miami Herald. (more…)