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Hope you all had a great Halloween!! Head on over to Purse Blog to get in on the discussion of what purse you used for Halloween.

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A very Happy Halloween to you all! Vlad and I have been out wandering our neighborhood, which is known for the best trick-or-treating on the East side of Fort Lauderdale. And we were total party poopers, as we were not dressed up. Our house on the other hand, has massive 3 ft spiders crawling about along with spiderweb on all three levels. But today I was conscious enough to take my Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini in tangerine, which got me in the Halloween spirit. And in the very least, even if you are not a big fan of Halloween, at least opt for a purse that goes with the holiday.

And for some my orange and black picks, I would opt for the Marc Jacobs Palais Royal Bag in orange leather, $895, or the Jimmy Choo Saba Python Bag in black, $4,495. No explanation, just two choices for an orange or black handbag! Buy both through Net A Porter.

What did you wear for Halloween? Did you opt for a Halloween spirited bag?

It is Halloween. I wasn’t really setting out to write about any Halloween inspired handbags today, but with all the Halloween talk, I just couldn’t help myself. At the company I used to work at Halloween was a big deal. People would decorate their doors, kids would wander the halls on a specified day for some trick or treating and some would dress up and there would even be a employee made haunted house. Sure, we all joked about it every year, but at the same time there was definitely something fun about it. I am sure this isn’t what the designer had in mind, but the Christian Louboutin Fringed Suede Clutch would be a perfect Halloween handbag! You might remember that I wrote about an almost identical clutch not that long ago, the Christian Louboutin Jesse James Suede Clutch. Many of you were less than impressed with it and I can see why. So, now looking at the purse from another angle and if you had this kind of money to drop on a bag for a given occasion, what do you think? Perfect for Halloween? If so, buy through Net-a-Porter for $995.

The Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show began yesterday and is running through November 3rd. Living in Ft. Lauderdale has several perks, but one definitely has to be when the Boat Show is here. You might not know this, but Ft. Lauderdale, believe it or not, has been referred to as the Venice of America. With tons of intercoastal waterways, it is a great location for boats of all shapes and sizes. When I came across the Marc by Marc Jacobs Graffiti Standard Supply Tote, I am not sure why, but I instantly thought of the Boat Show. For whatever reason, I feel like this would be a great tote for a day of yachting. Ok, don’t judge me if you think I am way off my rocker. I am not a yachter; I am only going off of what I imagine. I actually really like the graffiti-print canvas handbag. No, this is nothing fancy; it isn’t one of those designer handbags you pick up for one of your dress to impress outfits. But, I can see how this could come in handy. The simple black and white means the handbag can go with so many different outfits and be used for several occasions. If you were cruising the intercoastal on a yacht, could you see yourself carrying this with you? Buy through Shop Bop for $148.

This is yet another one of those handbags where I don’t really know where to start. At first glance, the Miu Miu Patch Shoulder Bag has just too much going on. Now, I don’t think it is quite as busy as the Bottega Veneta Woven Boston handbag Megs covered just a couple days ago, but it’s still too much for me. Sure, many fall colors are thrown into this look which means you probably have several outfits you could pair with this purse, but at the same time, the outfits would have to be rather plain. If you tried to pair this handbag with anything but a plain outfit you could come across as one of those shifty people who wears every pattern they own at once. Miu Miu did something similar with the Miu Miu Nappa Patch Leather Bag, but in this situation they kept it simple. So what do you think? Is it better than the Bottega Veneta Bag mentioned earlier or should Miu Miu have stuck with the “less is more” option found with their Nappa Patch Leather Bag? Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1,345.

Saks Shoes & Handbag Event

The notorious Saks Spend Some Get Some has arrived. Go and spend some money on your favorite shoes and handbags and get some money back. Fairly easy and somehow oddly rewarding. Shop Saks now!

Don’t you just love it when one of your favorite colors is one of THE colors of a season? Since blue handbags and clothing have been seen everywhere, I’ve truly been a happy camper. Blue is definitely one of my favorite colors and I have been thrilled to see a variety of fashionable blue handbags. I was a little wary at first because it seems like you would really need the right hue so that the bag didn’t seem like a mess. I came across the Bulga Tasia and I was thrilled to see another blue bag success! The blue leather is simply a fabulous shade. However, I think the goldtoned hardware makes the bag look both distinguished and chic. The shoulder straps are rather wide which is a nice change and actually adds personality. All of the Bulga bags I’ve written about so far have all had studding in some way shape or form. And as much as I like studding, it is great to see a Bulga bag without it. The only thing I am not a total fan of is the price. I kind of think it is a little pricey for what you get, but you can buy through Zappos for $767.

Jimmy Choo Ramona Patent Bag

While Jimmy Choo got on the map for his shoes, Jimmy Choo bags have instantly made a name for themselves. One of the favorites is the Jimmy Choo Ramona Patent Bag which has quickly become a staple of the house. And this bag can be yours, for free, this month! Purse Blog has teamed up with Net A Porter to bring you a fabulous Jimmy Choo giveaway!

The Jimmy Choo Ramona bag is a large everyday bag, great for work or all-day wear. This version is made with taupe crushed patent leather, which will glimmer just right for fall. There is pale gold hardware and double handles. The inside is quite a treat; suede lining with lilac trim.

How do you enter? Just visit the sign up page and enter a bit of info, then you are good to go and in the running to win this fabulous bag!!

I feel like I’ve been kind of a Negative Nancy lately, so I hopped on Saks.com hoping to write about something I really like for you guys.

Unfortunately, instead of doing that, I have to be negative again. And it’s all Gucci’s fault.

The Gucci Tribeca Medium Shoulder Bag is a disaster. Of epic proportions. And that’s coming from someone that normally really likes Gucci, even when they get a bit wacky with their designs. I usually understand what they’re up to, but here…there just are no words. It’s a big bag with a skinny, tiny strap – bad proportions! It’s got a textured heart inset placed randomly on the front – icky! And it’s got a big ol’ tattoo design in the tradition of the geniuses (and I say that facetiously) over at Ed Hardy right smack dab in the middle. Eww. I’ve heard rumblings of unhappiness with the Cruise collection over in our Gucci section on the forum, but I figured it would still have some redeeming qualities to most of the bags. Some of them aren’t so bad, but this? This is bad. I say this out of love, Gucci. I want you to make beautiful things. So please, for Spring, try harder. But, if you disagree, buy through Saks for $1,395.

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A special thank you to CC Skye for sponsoring our giveaway. We will have much more from this talented designer coming soon!

When it comes to clutches, you pretty much know what to expect. Well, you might not completely know what to expect, but when you think of a clutch, at least the same shape comes to mind. So, I was definitely excited to see that the Giuseppe Zanotti White Canvas Jeweled Clutch offered something a little bit different than your typical clutch. When you open the top flap, there are two zip compartments! I know, it isn’t anything major, but to me, this difference is noteworthy. Sometimes with clutches, there just isn’t enough room. But with this one, you are sure to have enough room for the clutch worthy basics as well as your full set of keys AND cell phone! Getting past the double zip compartments, this is a perfect bag for the Fall. The white, orange, and brown color combination is both clean and rich at the same time. Now, add the jeweled ornament detailing along the front flap and the clutch completely comes together. Just make sure you keep this bag out of the reach of a small child, I could see little hands reaching towards the jeweling as if it was candy! Ok, I’m probably being a bit dramatic, but you can see where I am coming from. Buy through Bluefly for $724.