Dior Small Babe Shopper

To wear white or to not wear white (after Labor Day), that is the question. I think we all remember growing up and hearing our mothers tell us that white should not be worn after Labor Day. With Labor Day weekend upon us, I figured, why not pose the question yet again. See, I have a super cute pair of white jeans I bought earlier this Summer and I would absolutely love to keep wearing them will a “Fall appropriate” top, but maybe I shouldn’t. And I am sure you’ve noticed all the white sunglasses around this year. Sidebar – I love white sunglasses and I hope they aren’t just a fad. So, when I came across this gorgeous white Dior Small Babe Shopper, I couldn’t help to wonder if I would be shunned if I bought it now and tried to sport it this Fall/Winter.

As you might notice, I am desperately trying to justify going against what my mom always told me and not only wear but also buy white items after Labor Day. I hear conflicting opinions all the time, but this handbag might just be enough to get me to break a (previous?) fashion rule. Dior completely hit a home run here. I love the white gently pleated Italian leather and metal hinged handles. And guess what else… there is a detachable clutch!!! That’s right, two handbags for the price one. Sure, the price is on the high side, but I feel it is definitely worth splurging for! So, *is* white a no-no after Labor Day? You can buy this fabulous bag through Saks for $2,290.

L.A.M.B. vs. LeSportsac

Am I seeing double? As previously mentioned, today we are featuring handbags which look almost like carbon copies of one another. Sure, during any given season there are several bags that might have a similar shape or design. However, there certainly are a few bags out there that don’t just have similar features, they seem to be almost outright replicas. Now, I’m not talking about one designer bringing back a newer version of a handbag from seasons passed, I’m talking about different designers, same season and… same bag? This leads me to comparing the L.A.M.B. Music Dub Bag and the LeSportsac Kasey Mini Messenger Bag. We all know that Stella and LeSportsac have collaborated recently (on a painfully hideous deer backpack design), but these bags are almost an exact copy! (more…)

They say that there’s nothing new under the sun, and from time to time, as Megs & Co. are demonstrating today, this adage holds true in the handbag world as well. When faced with the need to blend practicality and style, how many different things can you really make?

So I present to you two bags: the Marc Jacobs Patchwork Amanda and the Versace Large Greek Key Shoulder Bag. Both are black patent leather, both have chain straps, both are kind of square and boxy, and both have large quilting over most of the bag. The styling is slightly different – Versace, naturally, makes everything in their line to be flashy and obvious, with their Greek motif forming the lines between the quilts. The Marc Jacobs bag is more fashionista friendly with more subtle styling and branding.

To me, the choice between these two is a no-brainer, and not just because the winner shares my name. The Marc Jacobs Amanda is much more elegant in its details and wearable in my wardrobe, and although not a complete original (Chanel did do pleats and chain straps first, after all), it’s still much preferable to its uninspired Versace cousin.

Dior vs YSL

This Friday is going to be the day of designer vs designer of similar looking bags. There are only so many things you can do with a handbag and for this very reason many designers have models that are eerily similar to another brand. Sometimes it is on purpose, sometimes not, and sometimes it is a downright copy. So for today, we are going to have a little fun with it!

First we are going to discuss the Dior Medium Dior 61 Tote versus the Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Medium Flat Tote. This YSL bag has caught our attention before with a really chic gold crackled leather finish. In fact, that exact design still has my heart. Dior has not been on the Purse Blog raider much because, well, let’s face it, some of their designs suck! Dior bags have not met my fancy much at all, until I ran into this one.

The Dior Medium Dior 61 Tote is designed with printed violent patent croc with a flat shape and long body. This is a great throw on your arm bag and stunning for work. The color is beyond divine, beyond drool worthy, beyond oh-so-my-style! There are double handles and this bag is on pre-oder at Saks for $1850.

Then we have the recognizable Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Medium Flat Tote. Again, this tote I love and most of us know the design well. It has been done in patent leather, cracked leather, and also croc-embossed leather. This flat tote is quite similar to the Dior tote, showing off a long body with a slight diameter. Perfect for papers but not big enough for the kitchen sink. Buy through Saks for $1395.

So now we have two bags from two very different designers that share a close resemblance. But which do you prefer? The Dior or the YSL?

Bad Mommy is BA-ACK! (Did I do the BA-ACK thing recently? I feel like I did. It all runs together). Unfortunately, she’s just the extra judge, not a fixture on the entire episode, which is unfortunate since she would have been a FANTASTIC critic during Tim’s rounds. On this week’s Project Runway, Laura Bennett returns as our designers make outfits out of car parts, and I’m not even joking. On a pop culture blog that I read, a commenter joked after last week’s episode that the only thing left for our designers was car parts, and as it turns out, he or she was right. There’s nothing witty to say about making clothes out of car parts. The joke is already there. So talk amongst yourselves. (more…)

Note: Enter your answer in the comments section of this post on Purse Blog, not at The Sak!

We are announcing the winner of our first The Sak Silverlake Satchel in black patent leather today. And just in time for that, we have another fabulous giveaway to run! I loved the black patent leather version of this bag, but it is in fact the cream version that has my heart. And now it can find its way into your heart, as The Sak has generously sponsored another giveaway!

The Sak Silverlake Satchel in cream leather is now up for grabs. The contest will run for two weeks, ending on September 12th, 2008 at 11:59 EST.

To Enter: Visit The Sak website. Then tell us your favorite bag from their site and leave your comment in in the comment section on Purse Blog.

Good Luck! And thank you to The Sak for sponsoring this amazing giveaway with such a fun bag.

Reese Witherspoon’s style is known for being elegant and refined, logo-free yet stylish. Her handbag sense follows this trend with structured stylish bags. Reese has been a fan of Anya Hindmarch bags before, spotted carrying the Anya Hindmarch Pimlico Bag. And most recently Reese has opted for an exotic handbag from Anya Hindmarch, the Anya Hindmarch Vigo Python Shoulder Bag. This large exotic python skin bag features a chic slouchy style that still exudes elegance and refinement, precisely what Reese Witherspoon emulates in her dress. And this bag, I LOVE! Oversized, exotic, and beautiful all combined. If you are looking for a bag that will last for many seasons and many occasions, this is a perfect option. The gold hardware dresses the bag up and the strap can easily be thrown over your shoulder. Another A+ for Reese and her style picks! Buy the Anya Hindmarch bag through Net A Porter for $2,495.

Anya Hindmarch Burton Python Clutch

So what if my sister and I are clutch obsessed? I really am just handbag obsessed across the board, which of course is why Purse Blog exists today. You know how there are people that own a warehouse full of cars? I want a closet that is warehouse sized full of bags. No, I would never be able to carry them all. But I would peruse the aisles and pick up and marvel at each and every bag. The warehouse of bags was an exaggeration, maybe just a large walk-in closet?! And all I would have to decide is if I wanted to separate the bags by designer or silhouette. Again, if I had that warehouse I could do it by silhouette from designer, but I am trying to be much more realistic. I think by shape. So there would be my clutches, glorious clutches! My holy grail clutch/wallet is my Hermes Kelly Long Wallet in alligator (I am obsessed!!!!). I have a few python clutches, I need an ostrich clutch, and the leather array is large. But I need a funky modern clutch, and I found the perfect fit for my someday closet full of bags.

The pink, beige, and black python skin stands out and makes a statement on the Anya Hindmarch Burton Python Clutch. This clutch is an attention grabber, a talk of the party, but still a stunning elegant piece. The shiny python will stand out and grab light from all directions and the framed top will give a polished finish. The inside is lined with black suede and has a small pouch pocket. Again, for my clutch section of my future dream closet, there will be a spot for this Anya Hindmarch bag. Buy through Net A Porter for $995.

In the South, we’re a little weird about college football. If any of you grew up or went to college south of the Mason-Dixon line, you’re already aware of this phenomenon. Not only do our college teams garner much more ardent support than any of our professional teams, but people devote themselves to their Alma maters with an emotional vigor that is rare to find elsewhere in all of sports.

So what’s this got to do with handbags, you say? Well, today is opening day of the 2008 college football season, and although most of the games aren’t until Saturday, a few will be televised tonight and kick off (literally) the happiest 12 weeks of the year for this sports fan. Not only that, but this time of year brings about an odd dressing conundrum for all female football fans that support schools in the South.

Because here, you can’t just wear *anything* to a game. We dress up for football like some people dress up for church – and we do it in our team’s colors. Some schools (particularly those where orange figures prominently, bleh) have a harder time of it than others, and I like to think that my school chose wisely. I am an alumni of The University of Georgia, and our colors are red and black. I’ve bought an untold number of dresses, pairs of shoes, and pieces of jewelry in red and black, thinking, “Great! I can wear this on game day!” In reality, there are only 6 or 7 home games per year, and I have more sundresses and red jewelry than I could ever hope to wear to them. (more…)

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Mulberry Leopard Bayswater Bag

Some designers find a handbag that they have made a hit and continuously reinvent it with new materials, colors, and patterns. It doesn’t always work, but it most definitely works for some brands. Take the Mulberry Bayswater for example. We have seen it in leather, pink ombre, purple ostrich, and even luscious green alligator. And each and every one of these versions I have loved. In fact, I wonder why I have not taken the jump yet and bought myself a Bayswater, since the sturdy yet somehow feminine design continues to intrigue me time after time.

Now there is a sexy vamped up version, the Mulberry Leopard Bayswater Bag which gives an exotic feel with navy leopard print patent leather. The reason this bag does not look leopard-trashy is due to the deep navy lather with the print, it is a color so deep and sultry but not bright and trashy. The Bayswater bag has double top handles and this version sports silver hardware and brown lining. Now this version is a treat on the Net A Porter UK site £695 (approximately $1,271) but I am quite sure it will show up on the US site soon!

By now, there is no doubt you know the love I have for most clutches. I don’t know about you, but one of the reasons I am such a fan revolves around the size of a typical clutch. Usually, they are big enough to hold all of the essentials while remaining hand holdable (literally). Then, today, I came across “over sized” clutches. I don’t know how I feel about this. I mean, should these handbags even be classified as clutches? The Maison Martin Margiela Giant Pleated Clutch is a perfect example. Granted, the image takes a little away from what the bag appears like alone, but take a second and look at how LARGE this clutch is!

Maybe it is just me, but I really can’t get over the size. Call me old fashioned, but I guess I really like the “typical” size of clutches; I’m not so sure I want to supersize my clutch. But let’s move on from my hangup and look at the quality of the Giant Pleated Clutch a bit. I do like the smooth pleated leather with the signature white stitching on one side. The clutch has a zip top with an 11.5″ long wrist strap pull tab. Clearly there is plenty of room to store pretty much anything you want and there is a cell phone pocket, leather-trimmed zip pocket and a leather strap with dangling key clasp. It is a gorgeous bag, but is it too big to tote around? What do you think? If you are ready to supersize your next clutch, maybe this is the one! Buy through eLuxury for $745.00.