Sorry for not updating sooner, but we have been traveling all day and I will not be updating today. We are in New York City right now, and while it is cold, miserable, and rainy, we are still thrilled to be here. We have exciting interviews set up along with sneak peaks at handbags for next season from some of our favorite designers. Stay tuned!

march giveaway

Lux Couture presents our March Giveaway with an exotic clutch from Michael Teperson!

What’s to win?

With your entry in this thread, you get the chance to win this exciting Par Avion Clutch by Michael Teperson sponsored by our good friend Sari Brown at Lux Couture! Made of supple watersnake, the Par Avion features smart detailing like the detachable bangle wristlet and Teperson’s signature suede lining in lilac. Plenty big for daytime, not too cumbersome for the night out. Retails for $1,500!

How do you enter?

– Obviously, be a registered member on tPF.
– Visit Sari’s online boutique of fashion goodies and pick your favorite item from her offered selection.
– Post a short commentary on which item you liked most and why.

Post your entry in this thread, one entry per person. Do not attempt to register more than one user name, for thou shalt be banned. Entries are accepted all month until March 31st, 2008, 11:59PM. The winner will be announced shortly after and will be contacted by the forum administration.

Good luck!!

Thanks again to Sari Brown at Lux Couture for sponsoring this month’s exotic bag giveaway! :mrgreen:

lambertson truex metallic rivington clutch
Lambertson Truex Metallic Rivington Clutch

Lambertson Truex bags are known for their clean lines, impeccable quality, and understated elegance. At times these bags fly below the radar, but the Spring 2008 collection jumps out and grabs your attention. From exotic crocodile in metallic gold to orange ostrich, the spring bags for Lambertson Truex have my heart. One of the designs that I am coveting is their fold over Rivington clutch. Available in crocodile, ostrich, and leather, this clutch is the perfect bag to use all day. The design is simple but the look wins me over. Other designers have worked with the fold-over clutch (recently we features Diane Von Furstenberg’s fold over clutch), but this simple version is the most eye-catching. There is also the Lambertson Truex Python Ludlow which is spacious and the perfect summer white bag with silver hardware. The overall theme for these bags are clean lines, elegant appeal, and a sophisticated touch. This is the brand that catches attention but does not take away from your overall look. And the best aspect is the fact that Lamberston Truex bags have a stay factor, allowing you to wear your bag year to year without it going out of style. Below are six bags from the Lambertson Truex Spring 2008 collection. I still have a hard time knowing which bag I love most, but with my love of clutches I am set on the Rivington style. All of the bags below can be purchased through Lambertson Truex boutiques or by calling 888-800-0970. Find out more through Lambertson Truex online and Saks online. (more…)

Victoria Beckham Hermes Birkin Some say Victoria Beckham owns 10 Hermes Birkins. Whoever claimed this obviously has not been keeping up with Victoria and her outings because her Birkin collection exceeds 10 by far. And one of her newest editions, said to be a gift from husband David, is a 30 cm Hermes Ostrich Birkin in Violine. When I think her collection can not get more stunning, she stuns us with a pop of color against her dark dress (notice the deep purple Christian Louboutins that compliment the bag ever so perfectly). What was the occasion? David Beckham was celebrating his 100th soccer match for England with Victoria at the luxurious Baccarat restaurant in Paris. The crowd clapped for David and his accomplishment, but if I were there I would be clapping for Victoria and her outfit. The couple is one of the hottest couples in the world say many, and this past Wednesday night they showed once again what a fierce couple they are. (more…)

Botkier Frankie Satchel
Botkier Frankie Satchel

Botkier bags have become a fan favorite in the handbag loving world. As the brand has developed over the past five years Monica Botkier, the designer, has kept true to her fans producing more hip and usable bags each season. Recently there was a release of Botkier shoes, which I look forward to seeing in person. The favorite of mine is still the Sasha (which you all went crazy over). I saw the Botkier Frankie Satchel at Saks last week and it immediately caught my attention. The bag contains all of the familiarities of Botkier bags, but adds a special touch with the silver patent leather. Now this patent is not the very glossy patent that we are used to, it is toned down a bit. There is also a detachable mini coin purse, which is always a nice accessory to add to your bag. The frame top gives this bag a dressed up feel and the braided detail handles gives a fun edge. Dimensions are 15″W X 11¼”H X 5¾”D . This is a great option if you have been looking for a little glimmer and spunk. $695 via Saks.

Rebecca Minkoff Violet Matinee
Rebecca Minkoff Violet Matinee

And I thought Vlad was off in thinking the Matinee was modeled after Michael Jackson’s jacket in his Thriller video; but the story behind the Matinee will come next week. We are huge fans of the Matinee here at Purse Blog. I have constantly gotten looks and questions about mine and look forward to grabbing a few more. The bags are practical, chic, and fun. One of my favorite colors, and the perfect color if you want something different but not your typical black, the Rebecca Minkoff Violet Matinee is the perfect option. This cool shape is made with supple leather and the flaps on the side have a light violet underneath. There is gold hardware, leather pullbacks, and loads of pockets for all of your needs. Buy through Delcina for $655. And if you are looking for another stunning option, the Jade Matinee is expected to ship next week! (more…)

Zagliani Lotus Python Clutch
Zagliani Lotus Python Clutch

Zagliani bags have been the talk of the exotic handbag lovers world lately. While the brand is not a household name for all, it is working its way up the ladder and into our hearts. What makes the bags so delicious? The fact that a dermatologist creates them and injects the bags with silicone to add a super buttery feel to the bags. While I fell in love with many of of the handbags I posted prior, my new love from Zagliani is the Zagliani Lotus Python Clutch which is designed with beautiful lilac python skin. The clutch features a zip fastening with a handle. All of the edges and seams are trimmed with brown, which offsets the lilac python stunningly. The price is around $1276 via Browns.

Matthew Williamson Beaded Bamboo Shopper
Matthew Williamson Beaded Bamboo Shopper

One of the big trends for spring is the global and tribal prints. I have found some great dresses and tops that are perfect for this trend, but have not yet found a bag that I would carry more than once. The Matthew Williamson Beaded Bamboo Shopper is designed with natural linen and features bead detailing throughout along with tribal prints. The bag is large, 18.5″ W x 17″ H x 5″D. This was seen on the Matthew Williamson runway show and while it is dubbed a collectors piece, you be the judge. Is this the funky bag that you would opt for? Buy through Net A Porter for $1720.

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Rebecca Minkoff Matinee in Wine

We’ve now established once and for all where Rebecca Minkoff found inspiration for her Matinee bag. (more…)

Michael Kors Watchband Clutch
Michael Kors Watchband Clutch

After I brought you the Michael Kors Beverly Gator Watch Clutch, the response was actually quite negative. Here is the thing; I was torn. Did I love the bag or hate it? As I was trying to decide, it literally showed up in front of me and grabbed my attention. Vlad and I were attending a Fundraiser a few weeks ago and a friend of the family showed me her clutch. I looked down as she asked, ‘Do you know who makes this?’. “Michael Kors” I said with a grin. I smiled because I had only written about the clutch a week prior and then it was there looking at me. The Michael Kors Watchband Clutch is much more stunning in person that it appears in photos. I realize the golden watchband has been a turn off for many of you, but truly, in person, it finishes off the look amazingly. The white calf leather works perfectly with the gold metal hardware. Dimensions are 10.75″x 5.25″x 1.5″. Many of you may still not be fond, but I say give this handbag another shot! Buy through eLuxury for $695.

Givenchy Nightingale
Givenchy Nightingale

Ok, I know, I know, my celebrity postings have been excessive lately. But all of my favorite ladies (some not so favorite) are carrying around the hottest handbags! It is hard to pass it up. Now this bag I think you will all enjoy, even if it is not in this color combination. The Givenchy Nightingale has been a fan favorite of stars like Ashley Olsen and a favorite of handbag lovers world wide for its sleek and clean appeal. There is something utterly perfect about this bag. What is even more perfect, is the beautiful Heidi Klum carrying it. Even more perfect you ask? Heidi Klum carrying it while being a great mom to her three children, Leni, Henry and Johan. And even more perfect than that… her body. I had to take it that step farther because when I saw her strut down the Victoria Secret runway merely 6 weeks after giving birth I got green with envy. And now I am green with envy over her green Givenchy Nightingale! This handbag is filling all the right categories. It is the perfect punch of color that spring is calling for, it is the perfect everyday bag, and it has that casual chic feel. This version sports a slightly wrinkled patent leather with a zip top closure, double top handles, and a removable shoulder strap. The inside is lined in fabric and has a side pocket and two organizational pockets. Dimensions are 13″ x 14″ x 6″. 5″. I loved this bag before, and now I have a slight case of obsession with it. If I had not just bought the Rebecca Minkoff Wine Nikki (ordered!!), Louis Vuitton Clutch (waiting for me!), and Louis Vuitton Watercolor Speedy (waiting for it to arrive), then I would most definitely go for it. But I have to show some restraint. Anyhow, my trip to NYC next week may have me leaving with a few other handbags, you never know :wink: Buy through Barneys for $1395. (more…)

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