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mulberry website

Change is always good. And Mulberry has undergone a site renovation adding great features and falling snowflakes for the winter season. The snowfall is my favorite, it simply gets me in the Holiday spirit right away (kind of like our Purse Blog Winter Theme). Even better is that you can download a snowing desktop application, which means the cheer can transfer onto your screen at all times. Below is the information about the website, with all new features explained in detail. Mulberry, which is based in the UK, is a brand that has been around garnering attention for years, yet is making a larger impact on the US market recently. Check out their site renovation and all of their amazing renditions of the ever favorite Bayswater and others!

Autumn Winter 2007 sees Mulberry’s online boutique re-vamped and re-launched in time for the Christmas season. A ‘snowsfall ‘on the homepage sees Mulberry getting into the Christmas spirit and enables users to download a snowing desktop application. The new site gives the consumer a luxurious and stress free shopping experience from the comfort of their own home with great gift ideas for ‘him’ and ‘her’!

Check out celebrity favourites Mabel and Bayswater in a host of shades and skins. They debut online in a more user friendly, flash based format on an open airy site. Improved accessibility and navigation make for pleasurable, simple shopping. Men’s bags, luggage, smaller leather goods, gift items, cufflinks, ties and scarves give as broad a range of products as the flagship store; with magnifying functions and more detailed photography allowing each product to be viewed up close. A streamlined check out process helps to beat the queues to a bestseller with as few clicks as possible.

Away from the online shop more brand information is available too. View the clothing collections online for the first time through the seasonal look book, and trace worldwide stockists with the interactive map. A press area will keep everyone updated on all Mulberry news. Key features are available to view along with the very latest celebrity sightings. A new improved customer services area includes material and care advice to make sure each product can stay as beautiful as the day it is first unwrapped.

The complete Autumn Winter range and the new early Spring 2008 collection can be viewed in their new online home now. Go to to view.

chloe paddington

1. Black Paddington bag WAS: $1,540 NOW: $924
Sand leather Paddington bag with gold hardware and large padlock.
2. Sand Paddington bag WAS: $1,540 NOW: $924
Sand leather Paddington bag with gold hardware and large padlock.
3. Nutmeg Paddington bag WAS: $1,540 NOW: $924
Nutmeg leather Paddington bag with gold hardware and large padlock.
4. Black Paddington bag WAS: $1,540 NOW: $924
Black leather Paddington bag with brass colored hardware and a large padlock.

The Paddington craze has simmered, but if you recall, in its prime, the quest to find a Chloe Paddington was as hard as finding treasures from the sunken Titanic. Good news for those of you who still love the Paddington; Net A Porter has their stock of Paddington’s marked 40% OFF. The colors left include two metallics, and sand, nutmeg, and two black styles with different hardware. Make sure you snatch your Paddington before they are gone!

chloe metallic paddington

Left. Metallic Paddington bag WAS: $1,850 NOW: $1,110
Metallic mouse leather Paddington bag with silver hardware and large white matte padlock.

Right. Metallic Paddington bag WAS: $1,850 NOW: $1,110
Metallic taupe leather Paddington bag with silver hardware and large padlock.

spice girls costumes

Many of us are obsessed with Victoria Beckham’s style. She is edgy and always pushing the line, yet somehow she almost always looks stunning. And with the Spice Girls Tour on the horizon, Roberto Cavalli has been hard at work designing their costumes. Here is one line up of what the group will be wearing. As you can see, Victoria’s outfit stands out the most. Wonder who wears the pants in this group…

What do you think of the Cavalli costumes for the Spice Girls thus far?

Via Perez Hilton

Chanel Reissue vs Classic Flap

One very commonly asked question on our Chanel Forum is on the difference between the Chanel Classic Flap and the Chanel Reissue 2.55 bags. I’ve scoured the forums this morning to educate myself, and our …

Bodas Travel Bags It seems only fitting that I run into these travel bags. If you all have realized one thing about me by now, it is that I am ALWAYS! traveling. In the past two months, Vlad and I have not been in one place for more than two weeks. New York, to Ft. Lauderdale, to Kentucky, to Ohio. In a week and a half we are going to Germany and straight from there I will be going to Florida. And within in place I go, we are constantly on the move too. Sure, I love to travel but I am sick of living out of my suitcase. Wondering what to pack, did I pack enough, wrap the toiletries, figure out my carry on, unload my computer, keep shoes away from clothes… did I forget anything? Probably. So while it is not necessary, and can easily be done with an old pillow case from your house, the Bodas Travel Bags are a cute idea for the gal who travels. Each cotton bag is embroidered saying bikini, underwear and shoes. Measurements are 13″x21″. That will fit my bikini and underwear, but my shoes are a whole different story. Either way, this is just a fun little gift and will help organization when packing. Buy through Barneys for $25.

bergdorf goodman sale

1. Prada Vitello Daino Pocket Tote. Was: $1,380 NOW: $925
2. Miu Miu Calf Soft Clutch. Was: $715 NOW: $501
3. Prada Python Pitone Frame Bag. Was: $2,620 NOW: $1,834
4. Miu Miu Belted Leather Satchel. Was: $1,080 NOW: $724
5. Prada Tessuto Gaufre Large Satchel. Was: $1,745 NOW: $1,222

I have been as giddy as I am on my birthday or any other special occasion because the sales going on right now are rampant! I keep feeling this itch, that starts at the very tip of my finger and goes right down to the last bit of my toe, pleading me to grab something that is marked down. I keep telling myself NO! but my heart keeps saying DO! IT! After my recent Birkin acquisition, I need to lay low. So for those of you that are ready and willing to shop, you must check out the amazing sale going on at Bergdorf Goodman right now, where there are designer handbags marked up the 40% off. As you can see above, Prada and Miu Miu have FAB bags on sale! These were some of my favorite of the season, and they are marked down at a steal now.

bergdorf goodman sale1

Bamford Ombre Crocodile Tote Was: $16,500 NOW:$10,725
Bottega Veneta Woven Leather Hobo Was: $2,250 NOW: $1,508

Both of these bags I adore for different reasons! While we all decided the Bamford Tote resembles the Hermes Birkin, it is still a cute shape. With a mark down of an amazing $6,000, the price really becomes a ‘deal’ in the crocodile range. And the Bottega Veneta Hobo is a no brainer; the chic and perfected woven leather in this shape is a perfect bag from the house of Bottega Veneta.

bergdorf goodman sale2

Bottega Veneta Metallic Knotted Clutch. Was: $7,700 NOW: $5,159
Gryson Olivia Leather Shoulder Bag. Was: $895 NOW:$627

I have seen the art piece that is the Bottega Veneta Metallic Clutch in person and Vlad and I both agree it would last forever! It is sturdy and stunning. The $2500 markdown is helpful too. Gryson handbags have been a hot commodity, and the Olivia is one of my favorites. Crisp white with brown trim and details is just divine.

bergdorf goodman sale3

Kooba Natasha Convertible Leather Tote. Was: $625 NOW: $438
Fendi Metallic Shoulder Bag. Was: $1,260 NOW:$844

Jessica Alba is a fan of the Kooba Natasha. It is playful and perfect for everyday use. The Fendi Metallic B Bag will garner all the attention when you go to a bar or a Holiday party.

Shop the rest of the sale at Bergdorf Goodman!! Good luck finding bag deals of the year here :mrgreen:

Belen Echandia Clutch Me

There is something striking and different about this clutch. The mix of silver on the black makes this clutch perfect to stand out in the evening, and perfect for a holiday party. It says look-at-me without screaming and flashing in your face. Designed by Jackie Cawthra, who is the founder and creative director of Belen Echandia, this clutch features a perfect hand held shape. The name given to the clutch is perfect as the Belen Echandia Clutch Me is asking for you to hold it in your hand. Dimensions are W 13 in, H 6 in. The inside is lined with fuchsia silk and there is a zip pocket. The designs from Belen Echandia have been garnering quite a bit of attention on our forum, and we are thrilled to see a new designer making her name known. This clutch is also available in pewter, red, purple, and black for $375. Buy at the Belen Echandia online store for $399.

neiman marcus designer sale

The sales just keep on coming!! It could not be a more perfect time of year either. As we all shop, we would love to save a little money. Sure we love mom and sister, but saving a little when splurging is a major bonus. Saks has announced its Designer Sale. Why shop in store when you can shop online from your home or better, work? Check it out and score some deals!

Louis Vuitton Monogram Mini Sac The shape is that of the Speedy, yet this mini bag packs a small yet cute punch! The Louis Vuitton Monogram Mini Sac features petite measurements, 6″x 4″x 3″, which make it a great evening bag, accessory bag, or bag for a youngster. While splurging for your little one, price is very important, to keep your little one lucky while not completely spoiled and indulged. It of course is all relative, as many who do not love handbags would never spend $375 on them self for a bag let alone on their child. I have seen many pictures of toddlers with this handbag, toting it around looking like a fashionista in the making. And I am sure some of you will hate the idea of giving a designer handbag to a three year old, but I am certain when I have a little girl she will be toting this bag around too. The monogram canvas is trimmed with natural cowhide and there are two rolled leather handles. Buy through eLuxury for $375 and receive free shipping on all orders!!

So tell me, would you ever splurge for your little one on this handbag?

cameron diaz with burberry bagA celeb knows that any time they leave their house, they have the chance to be photographed. Because of this, a early morning run to the grocery store or a trip to the airport means there needs to be ample primping and preparing in order to look decent to the millions of people that will view their pictures. Cameron Diaz is a favorite of the paparazzi, and while she is not in the league of LiLo or TomKat, she is a celeb worth taking shots of. Cameron does not even catch a break in the airport, as the photogs follow her in and continue snapping. What I love to see is that Cameron did not neglect one handbag as a kick around bag, she has three bags which are all high end designer. The handbag that stands out the most that Cameron Diaz totes is the Burberry Knight Studded Bag which is adorned with studs all over the black leather. This handbag is a must have, as it brings forward the rocker chic yet keeps its cool with a toned down outfit. There are double handles, and two separate compartments on the inside. And while this handbag steals the show, her Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Pegase rolling suitcase and Chanel Denim Cabas are the perfect carry on bags for traveling. Cameron manages to stay chic while flying. And while this is a great thing, it would be a pain to always have to attempt to look put together, even when you just want to dress down and run and errand or two. Buy the Burberry Knight Studded Bag for $2,995 at NAP, the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Pegase luggage at eLuxury for $2,740 and inquire at your local Chanel boutique on the Chanel Denim Cabas (approx $1295).

*This bag is currently sold out at NAP, but they are expecting shipment again soon!*

cameron-diaz-burberry-bag3.jpg cameron-diaz-burberry-bag1.jpg cameron-diaz-burberry-bag4.jpg


Images via Celeb Utopia.

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