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katherine kwei handbags

One of my first stops when looking for new designers in the handbag world is Lux Couture. Lux Couture, dubbed the haute spot for designer handbags, often introduces the work of new designers who ultimately make a name for themselves. The people behind the website, like the fabulous Sari Brown, are on top of the game. Sari introduced me to the stunning designs behind new designer Katherine Kwei, and it is evident with the meticulous craftsmanship and funky designs that these handbags are sure to be a hit. Lux Couture put together a fabulous bio for Kwei, which can be read below:

A former PR rep for luxury giant Louis Vuitton, Kwei was familiar with high-end skins and craftsmanship long before she started her own line. By drawing on her heritage and the tradition of Chinese knotting to make her modern luxury bags, Kwei gives her designs a special, personal quality (a far cry from what you find with her former employer’s logo covered totes). There’s no decorative bling or extras, it’s the intricate knotting that makes these bags so stunning. You might think so much handiwork would make her bags seem precious, but they look edgy and tough – a perfect representation of the modern woman who’s both feminine and strong.

Coming from a designer background, Kwei picked up on what the eye loves and hones in on her skill of knotting and crafting her materials to design stellar handbags. Available on Lux Couture right now are the Katherine Kwei Donna Clutch and the Katherine Kwei Teresa Hobo. The clutch uses shiny water snake with slit tactic to shape the material into strips and then is knotted at the bottom. The hobo is a treat for the eyes, featuring knotted strips of leather that are so precisely devised that the hardware can barely be seen by the eye. With the amount of time that must go into this handbags, the price is beyond reasonable. And the more I am looking at these handbags, the more I am falling in love.

Buy the clutch for $850 and the hobo for $700 at Lux Couture.

Chloe Paddington

Sure, some of you may be totally over the Chloe Paddington, but this craze is still going on to this day. There is something about the chunky hardware, the thick leather, and that extremely heavy lock that makes all the world want this handbag. Face it, this is a hit bag, not just a seasonal trend. If you ask anyone in the fashion industry they will let you know that the Chloe Paddington became a staple in the handbag world, bringing in millions of followers world wide. I still use my Taupe Paddington Tote from time to time, and my beautiful Rouge Paddington Satchel has my attention here and there too. For fall and winter, a lush Chloe Cream Paddington will spice up your wardrobe. The color is defined as sand, but it appears like a creamy treat, accented with gold hardware. The rest of the bag is just like any Chloe Paddington, featuring double top handles, two slit pockets, canvas lining, a key attached to the handle, and, of course, the signature padlock. This may be the color for you if you have been searching for a first, or want to add to your collection. Through NAP for $1540.

Anya Hindmarch Metallic Bowling Bag

Both the muted metallic bronze leather and the casual detachable strap make the Anya Hindmarch Metallic Bowling Bag a chic accessory. The fashion world continues to rave about shiny patent leather and in-your-face metallics, but this look is not for everyone. Maybe you like a little sparkle but you don’t want to look like the New Year’s Even ball. Ok, an exaggeration, but some people very strongly detest shiny metallics. Anya Hindmarch designed this bag simply, yet got to the point and made it usable and stylish. There are double top handles along with the detachable shoulder strap which is not made from the same bronze leather, but a cream and brown canvas strap. As far as storage goes, there is a separate compartment in the front and pouch pockets on the inside. Toned down but not boring; buy for $975 at NAP.

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Prive Tartan Bag Those who attended a parochial institution may receive tingles up and down their spine when they see this handbag. Yes, I went to a Catholic grade school and high school. Does underlining you perfect black pen (of course never blue) cursive name, class, subject, and date with line formed by a red pen and ruler ring a bell? Ding ding over here. My schools were both amazing and ridiculous at the same time. And the uniforms, they were hideous. In grade school it was a skort and in high school it was a plaid skirt paired with penny loafers, a button up white blouse, and the 2-2-2 rule (two earrings, two rings, two necklaces, preferably holy garments at all times). I am not sure JPG realized the emotions he would evoke when designing the Jean Paul Gaultier Le Prive Tartan Bag, which implements woven tartan with its trench style overlay. The shape is great and the trench style overlay adds a chic dimension, that is alluring and also odd at the same time. The shape is very reminiscent to the Dior Detective Bags, featuring two front flaps with decorative buttons and a belt and buckle that encircles the base. Yet, I still am left with images of uniform detentions in my mind. Available through eLuxury for $1495.

Patent leather designer handbags are hot this season. Designers captured the trend early on and adapted accordingly. As a result, very visually appealing bags have been created, some of which I would like to introduce to you.

black patent leather handbags

Top row, left to right:
Marc by Marc Jacobs Patent Utility Tote ($438.00 via eLux) – Michael Kors Large Patent Satchel ($1,195.00 via eLuxury) – Tod’s Patent Restyled D-Bag Media ($1,495.00 via eLuxury)

Bottom row, left to right:
Alexander McQueen Elvie ($1,495.00 via Net-A-Porter) – Fendi Large Patent B Bag ($2,070.00 via Net-A-Porter) – Marni Oversized Patent Tote ($1,449.00 via Net-A-Porter)

alexis bledel style1

I admit it, I was and still am a Gilmore Girls watcher. It was not something that I sat to watch weekly, but when those re-runs come on, I find myself drawn to the mother-daughter bond show, where everything is so peachy keen. The only way I can relate is because my mother’s and my relationship is strong, but other than that, it is just another show to watch when winding down the day. Even if you did not watch the show, you must admit that Alexis Bledel is a stunning young woman. The dark hair, crystal blue eyes, and light complexion makes her resemble a fragile porcelain doll. Apparently, the paparazzi even follows her around town, and caught Alexis Bledel out for lunch at 4th Cafe in West Hollywood. She sported a casual look, with a flowing sun dress, little sandals, and a small white handbag. Her sun dress unfortunately reminds me of a dreaded dress I wore in 7th grade that I loved at the time but looked like a piece of cheap fabric when I think about it now. Yet her white handbag is cute, small, compact, and cute. Can you Name that Bag! (more…)

kooba aram metallic bag The hue is perfect, the shape is functional, and the price is superb. The Kooba Aram Metallic Shoulder Bag is yet another Neiman Marcus exclusive, featuring gunmetal metallic lambskin. The chunky shoulder strap and buckled strap on the front add the Kooba touch that we have all found recognizable. The leather is patent, which we all know is a must have for this season, and the color is gunmetal metallic which is almost a must have for the season. Coyly placed side slide pockets add a dimensions on either end of the bag. While this handbag is nothing super fantastic or extraordinary, it demonstrates that style can be functional and practical (money wise). Kooba is known for good prices and young funky bags. Buy exclusively through Saks for $595.

Christian Louboutin Metallika Shoe Boots

My Couture is obsessing over the Christian Louboutin Metallika Shoe Boots {via My Couture}

A Fab Read, Nina Garcia’s Little Black Book of Style {via Fab Sugar}

Paris Hilton is stealing a Swedish tourist to be her boyfriend {via Celebrity Rumors}

bernaud arnault louis vuitton We are all very aware that we pay mark up on our designer handbags, and if you are not aware, get out from under that rock. I love designer handbags, obviously, but sometimes even I gasp at the price tags. If you ever shop with me you may see me peering at price tags and my face becoming flush and then I walk off and browse more. That is from the price tag, the exorbitant price tag. But I keep on buying and I keep on sharing with all of you the next hot handbags and those that are not. The writer of Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Lustre, Dana Thomas, compared Louis Vuitton to McDonald’s, being recognizable as the golden arches with no pizazz from the chairman of Louis Vuitton, Bernard Arnault.

Dana Thomas is stuffing envelopes with copies of Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Lustre and writing notes to go with them. What to say to Bernard Arnault, chairman of Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, one of the world’s biggest producers of luxury goods? “Oh, I dunno. ‘I hope you enjoy my book’,” she says. Arnault will have a fit.

The French mogul is fingered as a fiendish money-making former property developer with no artistic sensibility and Louis Vuitton is characterised as the McDonald’s of the luxury industry. “A million served,” says Thomas drily. The logo is as recognisable as the golden arches. “It really is. I would certainly put it in the top 10, along with Nike, Coca-Cola.”

Read the entire article at Executive Style

Is luxury losing its wow factor to any of you?

Miu Miu Ostrich Tote

While Miu Miu may be Prada’s younger sister with huge shoes to fill, she is filling them out beautifully. Clean lines and understated elegance, the Miu Miu Ostrich Tote exudes ravishing symmetry with exotic ostrich leather in a sophisticated gray color. The gold hardware gives the handbag a very elegant touch, adding the perfect shine for the lush gray ostrich. The lockable clasp at the front draws you in, as it is the focal point. And like I keep saying, having the option of a top handle or a shoulder strap is perfect for people who are practical, which we all should be. On the inside there are three compartments and a small zipped pocket. The price is high for Prada’s little sister, but keep in mind this is an exotic, and the overall appeal lures you in so strongly, that it truly is worth it. Completely lust worthy and sure to be a hit at NAP for $3360.

fendi hologram suede clutch

Tis the season for glitz and glam and fabulous events and parties. It has already begun, the list of auctions to attend and Foundation Dinners and weddings are on their way. I absolutely love this time of year, where I can dress to the nines, not to mention it gives me an excuse for new outfits and handbags. The clutch is the most integral accessory when attending a fabulous event. It can add so much to an outfit with such a small piece. Fendi has not be garnering much positive attention recently, but their clutch sports a stunning elegant shape and the design is spot on. The Fendi Hologram Suede Clutch offers a glimmer with the silver suede and with the gold and diamante clasp. A fold over clutch is a simple idea, but if done right can be the most sophisticated piece. On the inside there is sultry burgundy lining. Simple, yet perfect. Available through Net A Porter for $730.