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scarlett louis vuitton denim neo cabby

A new ad campaign, a new denim color, and a hot new handbag! Fall is going to be great! I recently stumbled upon the new Scarlett Johansson ad campaign and after tearing my eyes away from the gorgeous ScarJo I immediately started assessing the bag and imagining the potential damage to my already fragile bank account. The verdict: Louis Vuitton has done it again;.released yet another bag that I cannot live without, the Denim Neo Cabby! The Denim Neo Cabby also heralds the introduction of a new denim color to replace the discontinued Lichen and Fuschia. A subtle black that has just the right amount of distressing, they look like the perfect pair of worn in jeans. The black will look great with just about any outfit, the black leather handles mean I don’t have to worry about getting any vachetta dirty, and the bag comes in two sizes (MM & GM) to please everyone! Like I said, the perfect bag! Stay tuned next Tuesday for more information on the newest Fall/Winter bags.

Neo Cabby also available in blue. $1500 for MM, and $1720 for the GM.

Visit www.eluxury.com or call 1-866-VUITTON to get yours today!

louis vuitton neo cabby

louis vuitton neo cabby1
Images via Louis Vuitton

JCMadison Bag Giveaway

tPF and JC Madison are proud to present July’s Isabella Fiore Bag Giveaway! The contest will end tonight at midnight, so get your entry in now!!

July is known as a month for vacations. This month, JC Madison is sponsoring a fabulous Isabella Fiore giveaway for the members of Purse Blog and Purse Forum! Giving off vibes of sweet Caribbean air and cool beach breezes, the Isabella Fiore Bohemian Hariet is the perfect funky summer accessory.


Entry level Louis Vuitton bags!

1. Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Reade PM (in Pomme d’Amour) – $725.00

2. Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Speedy 30 – $620.00

3. Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Speedy 25 – $595.00

4. Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Neverfull PM – $575.00

All available via eLuxury’s Exclusive Louis Vuitton boutique!

Miu Miu Aged Leather Clutch

And now I am coming at you from Washington DC. While walking towards baggage claim I saw everyone in the security check line. I realized one major thing; people were dressed ultra chic. Sure, I have on a nice pair of jeans, white top, and cute Ralph Lauren sandals, but I felt more like a Florida bum than a DC gal. The stereotype is that most people carry an oversized bag on the plane, but this is not always true. Great handbags and even clutches are toted in the air. I realized it was time that I purchased a more sophisticated clutch. Miu Miu must have been reading my mind because the Miu Miu Aged Leather Clutch fits into both the practical and fashionable categories. This multi-functioning clutch uses beige aged leather with a faux lock fastening on the front, fold over top to the button back tote compartment, and a removable shoulder strap. So you do not have to give up more space when buying a clutch, there is such a thing as having the best of both worlds. Love this clutch! Via Net A Porter for $1240.

airport luggage

After reading this site, you will probably think I live in the airport. To be perfectly honest, sometimes I feel like Tom Hanks in The Terminal. The fact of the matter is I fly more than I drive. You know you fly too much when you start to see the same people behind the counter and flight attendants and they recognize you. I am at the airport again on my way to Washington DC and realized that I have never been completely satisfied with my carry on bags. Today I opted for one large purse, my Gucci Horsebit Hobo and an Armani Exchange messenger bag. I flung my laptop in the messenger, only later to realize that it was completely uncomfortable to carry.

So when flying, what do you carry?

Image via Conde Nast Portfolio

Recently I was interviewed by the lovely Megan Angelo at Conde Nast Portfolio. She put together an amazing and information filled article on the new luxury fakes in the designer market. It is an interesting read and there are great quizzes to test your knowledge of fakes on the right hand side of the page. The fact of the matter is that those in the world of creating knock offs are getting more and more skilled. Ask a friend if they have been duped into buying a fake, and I bet at least 75% have. Luckily, we all keep learning more and the companies themselves are trying to fight the fake peddling market also.

Via Conde Nast Portfolio.

Read the informative article below!

hilary duff rebecca minkoff nikki1

This young starlet seems to be paving her way in the fashion world as a very stylish celebrity. I have always been a fan of Hilary Duff’s handbag style, because she wears bold bags with flair. Recently Hilary Duff has been amping up her outfits and carrying a stunning shoulder bag, the Rebecca Minkoff Nikki. I introduced the Rebecca Minkoff line before and let you all know that the Nikki is my favorite style, and now it is Hilary Duff’s too. This bag is so hot that it is not even available on Rebecca’s site right now. But I am sure there will be more to come soon! The Nikki goes for $635. (more…)

Christian Louboutin Fug Bags

If you had a reputation like that of Christian Louboutin shoes, why on Earth would you delve into a realm that you can not conquer just as well?? Instead of learning the ropes of the handbag world, Christian Louboutin has released some fug bags for fall that look as if they need to be tranquilized and locked up. First we have the hideous Christian Louboutin Orylag Hobo which appears to have saddle bags or really horribly off center breasts covered by orylag fur (rabbit fur) and dominatrix patent leather trim. This bag costs nearly $4000 at Saks, which means it is a frightfully expensive mess. Sure it would make a good pillow, but that is about it. Then we have the Christian Louboutin Alpaca Satchel. Hello bad perm job of 1983. Sure, once you actually touch the alpaca it will feel soft, but looking at this bag is like sitting in a lecture for 3 hours staring at a horrible head of hair in front of you. The kind of horrible where you hear nothing the instructor says and merely wonder if the person happened to get struck by lightning on the way to class. The calfskin trim and chain link handles do not help much. At least this bag is not as much as the first, costing $1695 at Saks.

So a note to those at Christian Louboutin: Stick with the shoes.

Zac Posen Billie Top Handle BagThe house of Zac Posen has created quite a following that continues to grow. A new addition for fall is the Zac Posen Billie Top Handle Bag, a stunning emerald green pebbled leather bag with gold metallic leather trim. The style is Deco, which is reminiscent of Deco Drive in South Beach. The golden hardware flows perfectly with the gold metallic leather trim. There are artsy top handles which have a 1½” drop, making this bag only fit to be hand held. On the inside there is suede lining and two zip pockets. The huge over the shoulder bag is out for fall, and the smaller hand held structured bag is taking its place. A different rendition from Zac Posen, but this handbag is refreshing and artistic. Measurements are 9″W X 7″H X 5½”D. Available through Saks for $995.

Larger picture below!

nicole richie jail
Photo via AP and Washington Post

This past week Nicole Richie was sentenced to four days in jail in a plea deal. This deal helped her avoid up to a year behind bars for her second DUI conviction. This sentence came after Richie drove the wrong-way on the freeway and was under the influence of narcotics. Also, Richie was fined $2,048 and ordered to attend drug and alcohol rehab.

Is this enough time for the crime committed? Did Richie get off easy? Was Paris treated more harsh than Richie?

Let’s enjoy a weekend debate!

Story via Washington Post

Celine Embroidered Leather Bag

Again with my being tardy, I am sorry. A brunch date turned into a brunch/talk/shopping date with one of my friends. But she was asking me about buying a white handbag with a little extra flair. I told her I’d look for something, and then wham, I saw this bag from Celine. The Celine Embroidered Leather Bag is designed with nude soft leather and tonal stitched chain link embroidery and silver hardware. The embroidery is easy to be seen, but not overpowering. Then again, because it is not predominant, will it lose its wow factor? There are double straps, a top zip fastening, and brown chain link lining to compliment the outer embroidery. Available via NAP for $1500.

Fab or drab?

miu miu ostrich satchel

Prada’s little sister wants to make sure to show the crowd that she too can be extravagant and exotic. Miu Miu adorned herself with ostrich, to garner some attention. The Miu Miu Ostrich Satchel is made of lush taupe ostrich leather in a structured bag. The color is delightful for all seasons, but I am not 100% keen on the design. This satchel sports top handles, an option shoulder strap, and a front flap closure. Because this is Prada’s little sister, I expect a shape that will look more fun than serious. Prada should be the role model, the one who wants to be taken to work. Miu Miu needs to be the fun loving sister. Or maybe that is just my impression of the two brands. On the inside there is dark brown cloth lining (come on, with an ostrich bag you need suede or some other luxurious feeling fabric) and a divided compartment with a zip pocket. Dimensions are 9 1/2″H x 12 1/2″W x 4″D. This bag screams work bag. I love that Miu Miu wants to find a place in the world of exotics, but I prefer a funkier bag rather than a serious business woman bag. Available for pre-order at Neiman Marcus for $3505.