This past Friday Vlad and I were invited to attend an ultra posh party at the glamorous Sagamore Hotel in South Beach, Florida on behalf of Glam. Not sure what to expect, but knowing we had to look South Beach ravishing, Vlad was dressed head to toe in Theory along with Tod’s shoes while I (snuggly) pulled off a stunning David Meister dress. The posh party was held in the Penthouse Suite of the Sagamore Hotel, which overlooks South Beach, and was attended by a a great crowd, including Dr. Lee Gibstein, Olivia Chantecaille, Beth Shapiro from Marchesa, Stylist Ann Caruso, Sagamore Owner Jennifer Sazant, Iron Chef winner Michelle Bernstein, and many more. Vlad and I were totally taken off guard though to find out that a majority of the attendees were at the party to celebrate a fine weekend with Vivre. If you are not familiar with Vivre, it is a posh online store and catalog which sells knock-out designer goods. In one of the bungalow’s poolside, Vivre had a small makeshift shop set up for people to browse and buy goods. I was eying some beautiful Nancy Gonzalez croc bags and gorgeous jewels and jems, while being a little put off at my recent spending that was keeping me from purchasing something. If we were not lucky enough to be invited to this party, we also had the pleasure of meeting of meeting Vivre’s CEO, Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti. Although she was pressed for time, giving one interview after the next, Eva had a brief moment to meet with Vlad and I. This woman is a fashion guru, a business genius, and a stunning lady. We were so happy to get the chance to meet her and so many others!


Read more details about the party and view more pictures below!


The chic Bal Harbour shops recently opened up a Chloe store. Vlad and I checked it out last week, of course to see what handbags were there. We were both psyched to see that Chloe has finally begun listening to its crowd, they are releasing Paddingtons with much smaller padlocks. I am happy because it means the bag won’t hurt me, and Vlad is happy because it means that he will not have to hear me complain. There were quite a few new clutches, this being one of them, and all were ultimately un-moving. This Chloe Chain Handle Bag is far from anything out of the ordinary. The only aspects of this small bag I like are the black leather along with metallic leather patching. So, pretty much, I merely like the leather and colors. The shape is perfectly fine, it is a clutch shape. But the focal point of the bag, the closure along with a tortoiseshell clasp really looks cheap online and unfortunately looked cheap to me in person. The chunky chain strap is overpowering for a small handbag. All in all, it is just not me. Via NAP for $1,035.

julia roberts wallet

The posh mom of two is expecting her next baby. I have always loved this Pretty Woman. She sports her great lips, stunning hair, and huge smile everywhere she goes. While sporting her tiny baby bump, Julia Roberts was seen sporting a chic wallet. To be 100% honest with you, I merely have an inkling of an idea who the designer may be. So while I am asking you to play Name that Bag, it is also to see if any of you are on top of this wallet. This tan wallet features intricate designs and a push lock compartment. Help me out, let’s start Monday off with Name that Bag!

LAMB Manchester Clutch

The oversized clutch fits in with the oversized bag and our society’s need to have everything bigger and better. Not that I am fighting it, I am all about better. But we all know that bigger is not always better. What about in the case of one of Gwen Stefani’s clutches? It is big, but is it better? The LAMB Manchester Clutch doubles as an in hand clutch and a fold over handbag. I am feeling the black and white stripes along with the perforated leather trim. What I am not totally sure of is the logo jacquard L’s. They are subdued, and kinda chic even, but I am on the fence. Polished gold metal hardware, a magnetic closure, and both interior and exterior pockets make this clutch very versatile. When folded, the clutch measures 8.5″x 16″x 1″ while when open it measures 13″x 16″x 0.5″. You be the judge. I feel it is edgy, young, hip, and the kind of ‘night on the town with the girls’ fun and ‘leave the boys at home’ fun. Buy through eLuxury for $395.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Softy Tote

This is late, but there is still time to sign up to win the Marc by Marc Jacobs Softy Tote over at Fab Sugar! The fabulous folks there have a spring handbag giveaway with this MJ number in a chic green color!

Via Fab Sugar

jessica simpson handbag

Jessica Simpson Handbags Dawson Large Hobo | Shiny tumbled leather | Only $198.00 | via Zappos!

Mischa Barton Handbag

A Lennon shirt, high waisted jeans, two designer bags, and a puppy to boot, Mischa Barton was spotted roaming the streets of London. I am a a fan of high-waisted pants, but maybe paired with a tight fitting top, not with a tucked in loose John Lennon shirt. Typically, I think Mischa has a stunning face, but she looks a tad shoddy out there on the island of London. Love the bags. One is totally easy to ID and the other is fairly easy too! So let’s begin Friday with another round of Name That Bag!

Jimmy Choo Ramona Tote There is something so sultry and sexy about the color red. While red lipstick looks completely awful on me, a red bag suits me perfectly. My next red bag will be some sort of small Chanel (either 2.55 or clutch) but if you are looking for something a little bigger, more rich in color, yet still sexy, check out this Jimmy Choo. The Jimmy Choo Ramona Tote shows off a deep rouge color with gold hardware and large eyelets across the top with a thick strap threaded through. I love the laid back look of this bag, completely easy to wear everyday in a color that means business. A signature clasp on the front secures the threaded strap. My favorite lining for a bag, suede, is found on the inside and trimmed in lilac. I love my Rouge Paddington, but this oversized tote is another great option. Expensive, but sexy via Net A Porter for $2800.

Larger pic below!

Mulberry Leather Bayswater Bag

There is something about an earthy understated bag that is so practical and perfect for so many. Many times we are all so caught up with the newest trends, that we forget many people manifest their handbag desires in a great everyday bag. Mulberry deserves much credit for their sturdy simple designs that get the job done and do not add too many additions to make the bag detract from its intent. The Mulberry Leather Bayswater Bag uses a earthy warm ‘oak Darwin’ colored leather to make a handbag that is easy for everyday use. The two handles make this a perfect tote and there is a gold buckle fastening on the front. A flap closure, internal pockets, and adjustable side straps that give a little more room in the bag finish it off. There is also a chance the bag can fit under the arm nicely. Just under $1000 at NAP, this bag is sure to be a stunning bag for the gal who just needs to use a handbag (unlike those of us who have growing collections!).

The Purse Blog is giving away two Bottega Veneta goodies in a fun and easy contest! Click here to find out how you can win them! Click below to see a picture of the two beauties! (more…)

Prada Nappa Gaufre Messenger

The Prada craze over the Gaufre is well deserved. The ruched leather is done impeccably by Prada and the various options available means that there is most likely a Gaufre that will suit any lady or gent. While browsing the Prada Venice store I was drooling over a creamy supple camel colored lambskin Gaufre. On the other end of the spectrum is the Silver Metallic Prada Nappa Gaufre Messenger which is gleaming and beaming enough for you to view a distorted view of your face everywhere you go. Not totally my style, but intense metallics are in and this messenger is easy to carry around for your summer days. There are two front pockets and an adjustable cross-body strap on this 10½” H x 14″W x 5½”D bag. Expect to get the bag shipped around June of this summer; Pre-order now via Saks for $2680.

jessica biel ysl bag

Last week the sexiest woman alive (so says Esquire) had an appearance on the Letterman show. After taping the show, Jessica Biel greeted her fans and signed autographs wearing a fitted gray coat, a beautiful YSL bag, and red lipstick 3857673 shades too dark. She needs to get rid of that shade of lipstick, it really makes her look like a clown, but should keep on keeping on with the Yves Saint Laurent Downtown Tote. Biel opted for the white/ivory version which sports montana leather and goldtone hardware. Bag available via Saks for $1495 (though it looks as though Biel has a large version not medium; inquire further via YSL).

Picture of the bag after the jump!