Lindsay Lohan Handbag Style
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Friday miscellany is here. I spent my day with an interior designer and my mom picking out window fixtures. Let me tell you, no fun. Who really cares about the rings on the curtain rod and which finial to pick. My head is still spinning. My head continues to spin as I am confronted with a nipply Lindsay Lohan. Yikes. ‘Veryyyy nice, how much???’ say the men. But really, you know me, I am oogling that bag. A tad hidden, but still easy to ID if you know your designer handbags! Let’s play Name that Bag!

Louis Vuitton Dentelle Kirsten After the mess that was heard round the world, the Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag, LV is still trying to redeem itself with more limited edition handbags that they hope will sit better with the world. This is where the Louis Vuitton Dentelle line comes into play, the line touted as the lace underwear line. Oddly enough, Marc Jacobs named the Louis Vuitton Dentelle Kirsten after Kirsten Dunst. She is not in my mind what I would consider the romantic, elegant, prim and proper gal (that is unless we are thinking of her in Marie Antoinette), but Marc felt the need to pay homage to her, so be it. The Dentelle line itself has me on a fence, do I love the 18th Century inspired lace look or is it totally tacky? It is subtle, but I do believe to appreciate the beauty you would have to be up close. Under the lace is LV monogram canvas, which is not really fitting with delicate lace. But it does the job. Help me jump from one side of the fence to the next; Yay or Nay on the Dentelle line and WHY? Inquire through Louis Vuitton about availability and pricing.

Scarlett Johansson Louis Vuitton Dentelle Kirsten
Images via Louis Vuitton

Anne Hathaway Tory Burch Patent Leather T Tote

When casted for one of the lead roles in The Devil Wears Prada, I was not sure Anne Hathaway would be perfect for the part. But this pretty gal who was known for Disney roles stepped up to the plate and became a fashionably chic woman on a mission. And now in her everyday life, Hathaway brings in a little fashionable this and a little fashionable that to let the world know she still knows how to dress. Simple in a black outfit at LAX, Anne Hathaway adds a Tory Burch Patent Leather T-Tote to make her outfit pop. The patent leather tote features a perforated Tory Burch logo, is a great size (17 1/2″H x 17″W) and is available in in Massai Red, Black, Honey Orange or Baltic Blue. Via Tory Burch for $295.

mcqueen printed tote

Within the scope of Fab’s Spring Handbag Guide, the ladies present us with this fun, printed spring tote. You certainly don’t need to be involved in the nautical world to enjoy it to the fullest. The look of the tote actually reminds me a little of Louis’ Antigua line, even though the print gives the McQ a more bold appearance over the more subtle unprinted LV line. If this bag floats your boat, grab it via ShopBop for $823.

Miu Miu Coffer

On the hunt for the perfect green bag, I stumbled across the Miu Miu Coffer in an army green leather. The subtle green leather is ruched and paired with gold hardware. I am a huge Miu Miu fan, and the coffer is one of my favorites, bringing together a braided strap and an across body shoulder strap. So many versions of the Coffer, what do you think of this version/color? Through Net-A-Porter for $1445.

Michael Kors Jet Set Monogram Satchel I have said it at least 100 times in 100 different entries, the whole over-zealous monogram pattern does not do it for me. I want the beauty of the bag to attract the attention, not the logofied style. Even worse is designers who do not typically use a monogram pattern, or have not found success with one, using it like it is hip. Gag me. Upon first glance of the Michael Kors Jet Set Monogram Satchel, I thought of two things: ‘mmmmmkayyyyy’ by Mr. Mackey and Mary Kate Olsen. Those are two things you do not want a potential buyer to think of when looking at a Michael Kors bag. The shape is great, the leather trim is stunning, the push lock closure is cute, but the monogram-embossing makes me seriously laugh and want to gag all at once. Kors, stick to what you know works, simple bags without your initials splattered all over it. Especially when your initials will make people think of at least two totally opposite things. I mean really, who thinks of Michael Kors when they first see the initials MK? Not me. And that is not a good sign. Via eLuxury for $328.

Kids designer travel gear

You know you travel more than most when you start to have people who work the counter recognize you, can answer questions better than the airport staff, know exactly where each gate is at nearly every airport, and have the security check down. I am on land for another week and a half, and then up in the air on my way to Barcelona, then flying to Venice, then flying to Florida, then two weeks later to Ohio. Apparently I love cruising altitude more than steady turf. Yesterday I was lucky to sit next to a woman from Connecticut and talk about life, family, work, and everything in between. She was great. She has two kids and while I told her about Purse Blog she and I started to talk about travel gear. I couldn’t help but keep my mind from wandering about what would be perfect kid travel gear. Today I found a cool back pack for a dude and a cute roll on for a little girl. Funky and fresh, the Lipstik Luggage Roller is hand-painted and features, pink, denim, aqua, and purple coloring throughout. The front zipper pouch sports the words “love” and “peace” in paint. Easy to carry for a toddler to a tween, this roller is cute and affordable. Buy it through Neiman Marcus for $125. And for the cool dude, the Diesel Logo Backpack comes in an army green with blue denim trim and a white “Diesel 78” on the front. Toss in an iPod, hand held game player, and a car magazine, and your cool dude is good to go. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $65.

Lindsay Lohan Croc Handbag

You know the feeling of utter frustration for not being able to put a face to a name, or a name to a face, or remember a name, or remember a face, or ‘remember the time when…’? Many fashionistas around the globe are desperately trying to put a name to the croc handbag Lindsay Lohan has been seen carrying, but just can’t seem to do so. Shiny glazed croc makes this bag sophisticated along with an elegant style and shape to top it off. Put your thinking caps on, and help some fashionistas out, Name that Bag!

A close up and another shot after the jump!

Henry Cuir Crocodile Eucaliptus Bag

I will be the first to admit that my collection of handbags lacks a croc bag. It makes me sad at times, like I am doing exotic bags an injustice. Don’t get me wrong, I want a croc bag but I just have to find the perfect one. And right now, as much as a croc Birkin would be amazing, it is not on the ‘I can afford this or even get my hands on it’ realistic list. I am fairy certain that I will add a Nancy Gonzalez croc bag to my collection soon, but there can still be contenders. It is time to check out a bag and say Yay or Nay! The Henry Cuir Crocodile Eucaliptus Bag is a large frame bag made with a softer looking croc skin and chunky stitching. I am not really drawn to it. It looks like the croc piece starts over after the middle break in the bag, which is a major turn off to me. Even the coloring looks different, while I would want a mirror image when split down the middle. And it is still pricey; a whopping $6200 via Barneys.

So what do you say? Yay or Nay?

Britney Spears Chloe Bay Bag
Image via GR

Ready for a vacation far far from the paparazzi, civilization, and anything that resembles a camera, Britney Spears enjoyed lunch with a sombrero, eyelet white dress, a brunette wig, and a lovely piece of arm candy. While the Chloe Bay Bag first gave me the creeps that a face was staring at me through the bag, it has grown on me a tad. Not my style, but it has been a huge hit, and Spears is enjoying toting it around pre, during, and post rehab. Spears carried a red hue of the Chloe Bay Bag and put on a smile for the crowds. No bashing here, just lots of support from Purse Blog to Brit! And hey, at least she has a nice designer bag, right? :wink:

Like many of their hit bags, Chloe starts with the mother bag and then many versions are sprouted. Check out a few of the many after the jump!

Bottega Veneta Chain Handle Bag

There is nothing wrong with being feminine. Wearing pink, sporting a bow, twirling your hair around your finger, embracing your curves, wearing heels, enjoying chick flicks, etc. The spring/summer 2007 line from Bottega Veneta embraces femininity by implementing pink and purple hues on many of their supple leather bags. All of these bags are love at first sight. Another stunner is the Bottega Veneta Chain Handle Bag which shows a slight tint of powder pink woven leather which is offset with pink patent woven trim. An elegant brass chain handle and brass lock close the bag. Sophistication at its finest with a touch of elegant femininity. Go girly at Net-A-Porter for $2760.

Gryson Buckled Shoulder Bag

I’m sitting here in yet another airport ready for another vacation and I just realized that I need a more colorful handbag. I know, it is shocking that this is what comes to mind at the airport, but it is clear as day. The lady across from me is wearing a striking green shirt that keeps catching my attention from my peripheral. And next to her, another young chic gal in a light green cardigan. So green it is. A new favorite among many, Gryson creates ‘timeless, modern bags with that unique combination of luxury and attitude.’ Perfect description right there of what Gryson bags entail. The Gryson Buckled Shoulder Bag from the Saddle Group is named the Jessie and is available in the green that I lust for. Not lime green, not forest green, but a stunning color that appeases my need for color yearning. The leather is supple and paired with brass hardware. Your attention is drawn to the buckled shoulder strap, which is adjustable, and wrapped handle. Suede lining finishing off the inside, along with a zip and slide pocket. Dimensions are 8″H x 11″W x 7″D. Get gorgeous green at Neiman Marcus for $725.