Maddalena Marconi Gold Pleated Organza Silk Evening BagWith the Oscars just behind us, many have evening bags on mind. From VBH, to Swarovski, to Leiber, to newcomer in the handbag world Roger Vivier, hand candy was an ultimate Oscars accessory. If you are not one of the lucky few who is actually given an expensive bag for free, join me in the search for spending your own hard earned money on a fabulous evening bag. For a very elegant and angelic evening bag, I am loving the goddess gold shimmer on the Maddalena Marconi Gold Pleated Organza Silk Evening Bag. All combined in one amazing bag, fine organza silk is combined with exquisite Swarovski crystals, which are shown off on a delicate and lady-like frame closure which is reminiscent of an highly elite Medieval Ball. For today’s purposes, any black tie event, exhibit, company party, masquerade, or any other event for that matter would find this piece to be the perfect accompaniment. Best part is the price, just under $500 via Forzieri so you can look like royalty without spending an arm and a leg.

Britney Spears Umbrella Attack
Picture via Celebrity Rumors

While many say that Britney Spears is getting what she deserves, I feel pretty bad for the gal. She has lived a life that is always in the spotlight and is attempting to undergo a divorce, raise 2 children, and bring back her singing career. All of this in the midst of trying to find herself. So yeah, I feel for her and wish her the best in rehab (last straw had to be the whole beating down the car with an umbrella ordeal). But just a couple weeks ago, at NYC Fashion Week, Britney was totally snubbed by fashion designer and model Lydia Hearst. Hearst had 100 bags to giveaway and when Brit asked for one, was completely denied.

A source told the New York Daily News: “Britney wanted to go backstage at the Heatherette fashion show during New York Fashion Week to collect a bag and promised to carry it to her front-row seat at where she would be photographed with it. But there were only 100 bags and her offer was politely declined.”

Hearst said: “I’m only giving the bag to accomplished young women who are doing something positive to affect the world around them. They are women I look up to and respect, like Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Jessica Parker and Anne Hathaway. They share the same high standards, and give back to the communities in which they live.”

After her request was turned down, Britney did not make an appearance at the Heatherette fashion show at all.

Leslie Sloane Zelnick, Britney’s overworked rep, denied reports and said: “It’s not true.”

Story via Celebrity Gossip

Chloe Edith Tote with Shoulder Strap

Chloe have three hit bags in my opinion that most likely come to mind when you think of the designer. 1) Paddington, 2) Silverado, 3) Edith. Soon the number 4 will be occupied with the Chloe Bay Bag (which I am not a big fan of). And with all of these hit bags for the house of Chloe have come tons of renditions of each. Tote, satchel, mini, biggie, wallet, doctor, you name the shape/size, Chloe has designed it. But the version of the Edith that really is simple and so practical is the Chloe Edith Tote with Shoulder Strap. There is a white, brown, and black version out right now, but I am loving the white leather version with oversized beige stitching. The shoulder strap is detachable, so you can choose whether or not to use it. Easy to dress up, easy to dress down, this bag is great. Through NAP for $1310.

Abigail Breslin Oscars Swarovski Clutch

At 10 years old I was playing with my Barbies with my plastic Barbie car and occasionally with my Polly Pocket. There was a special on Oprah recently about child wonders, uhmmm it sure did dumb me down a bit. And the other night, a different 10 year old wonder was sitting at the Oscars and up for Best Supporting Actress. I must admit, I was rooting for her, because while I love Jennifer Hudson her performance was more of a musical one than acting one in my opinion. The adorable Abigail Breslin was part of one of my favorite movies of the year, Little Miss Sunshine. Abigail showed up at the Oscars with a huge smile and an princess like Simin dress. Her accessories were impeccable choices for her princess ensemble; Harry Winston jewels and a Daniel Swarovski clutch. I am completely smitten that she even posed with her Swarovski clutch, holding it proudly because she sure did earn it. Abigail, I was rooting for you and am sure there will be much more of you in the future!

To nab a similar clutch, try the Swarovski Beverly Hills Evening Bag for $1,040 at Swarovski.

via Just Jared and Style

Nicole Kidman Oscars Bottega Veneta Clutch
via FabSugar

Sunday night was a huge night for Ellen and all of the attendee’s and winners at the Oscars. Genuine, witty, and cool, Ellen DeGeneress hosted the hottest event said to be viewed by 1 billion people world wide. Now that is something huge. Of course the red carpet is the place to go if you are a fashion minded person and enjoy laughing and swooning within a matter of seconds. From the heinous to the gorgeous, celebs walked the carpet in designer ensembles hoping to catch the attention of viewers. Nicole Kidman who is a down to Earth gal with a stunning body, beautiful face, adorable accent, and acting career to kill for (oh yea, a hunky hubby with a great voice), showed up on the red carpet with a stunning red Balenciaga dress and a Bottega Veneta Clutch. The cream colored clutch perfectly accented the bold red dress. Loved her outfit and the clutch was the perfect addition. Check out a similar clutch via Net-A-Porter.

Check out FABSUGAR for more Oscar’s pictures!

Dolce and Gabbana Vitello Canvas ToteLike I have said many times, I grew up on the ocean. Well not on it per say, although I always wanted to live in the ocean in Stilt City but that is besides the point. My family was never much of a fisher-family, seeing that both my mom and I are allergic and we all rather have someone prepare our food rather than take all that time to slice, dice, and remove parts. All things aside, we still would go on boats often and still had friends that liked to fish and use nets to catch all sorts of ocean critters. We used to wade in the sand bars and catch little crabs and other marine life in nets. The nets we used looked like a slightly different version of the Dolce & Gabbana Vitello Canvas Tote which appears more like a fisherman’s accessory than an accessory for a lady on solid shore ground. This canvas bag sports net-like woven metallic leather and a wooden top handle. Might as well give the dimensions seeing that you need to know the size of marine life that you can fit in here; 11½”H X 15″L X 5″W. Totally hideous and if I were sitting on way too much money, I’d cut out the canvas lining and literally use this metallic net to catch something or other out there. At least I would do it and make a fashion statement. Fugly and overpriced through Saks for $1550.

Marc Jacobs Sweet Punk Studded Leather Handbag

To tame down the word punk, add the word sweet. This really is a delectable oxymoron pairing, sweet punk, which is also the name of the new hit line by Marc Jacobs. Hilary Duff has already been seen sporting a Marc Jacobs Sweet Punk Bag) and if this bag ran more along the monetary line of the Marc Jacobs Miss Marc, I’d go for it. The smooshy black leather looks exorbitantly supple for a MJ bag which is the sweet aspect, while the silver hardware studs are embellished along the outside and bring in the punk aspect on the Marc Jacobs Sweet Punk Studded Leather Handbag. While the studs are plentiful, the stud cup doth not runneth over. I am a bit annoyed that the inside merely is lined in canvas, seeing that with this price tag you would expect more, but the bag is still a great handbag for a young gal with lots of spunk or any gal for that matter with lots of funk. Through NAP for $2350.

handbag real estate

Picture via NYtimes Fashion Magazine

The lovely Maxter on tPF brought this picture to my attention, which is an article as a picture and is literally worth thousands (if not millions) of words. It is clear that handbags are ruling the fashion world because of their necessity and ability to show off some style. Armand Limnander has created the breakdown of a handbag real estate map for New York City in the NYtimes Fashion Magazine. I find it odd that the most expensive bag chosen is a Chanel Croc Evening Handbag, which runs the huge and hefty price of $56.50 per square inch while the Hermes Birkin choosen ‘simple’ so to speak. We all know the handbag Queen of them all, is the Hermes Birkin, which if you are into croc and diamond encrusted will run over $100,000.

Where do I live you may ask, well I am an Upper West Sider. Always have been, always will be one (at heart). Granted I do not own a Python Burberry Handbag, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

Where do you live on the Handbag Real Estate List?

View larger picture here

Miu Miu Camoscio Tie-Dye Tote
Proudly sporting the ‘Art to Wear Girl Scout Badge’

Oh yes, I was in girl scouts. You better believe it. And when I was too young to be in girl scouts, I was an honorary members of my sisters troop (where my mom was of course the troop leader). One of my favorite activities was tie-dyeing. For every activity out there, there is a girl scout badge, I kid you not. You glue Popsicle sticks together with glue, you got yourself a new badge. But the tie-dyeing, now that was a badge well earned. Problem is the actual process because if you do not treat the garment properly, you end up with a brown creation, and who wants that really?! I have my hand in my imaginary girl scout troop leader badge drawer and and pulling out an ‘Art to Wear Badge’ for the designers behind the Miu Miu Camoscio Tie-Dye Tote. The folks behind the bag sure do deserve their badge, seeing that they were able to tie-dye suede with white and blue and even tie-dye the double handles. On top of this, the bag has a pleated front and a removable cross body strap (I’d keep the strap for outdoor adventures and campfires). Ah, you all catch my sarcastic drift here. Scouts honor, I am not trying to be rude, the bag is partially cute, it’s just not for me. Through Saks for $1445 (now you know that a girl scout really did not make this bag!)

De Couture Metallic Shoulder Strap HandbagI find that many women obsess over sizing. ‘Good gawd this is an 10, I don’t wear a 10! I’m not buying this’ or ‘seriously I am going on a diet and once I get to my goal these 6’s will fit’. Ladies, for years I had a closet full of ‘once-I-get-to-the-size-I-like-clothes. They inevitably never fit, and at times (a long time ago I tell you), I would pull those pants up, lay ont he ground, do lunges, stretch and squeeze, until the pants would fit. BAD idea. The fact that the pants could ‘fit’ was not a good sign, because they were so far from flattering that it was gaggable. Learn from this ladies, buy clothes that fit, don’t look at the sizes! This happens in the handbag realm also, not ALL handbags look good on everyone. A huge bag could look really overpowering on a small framed person just as a really tiny bag can look ridiculous on a tall/larger framed person. If you look in the mirror when trying on a handbag, and you are not sure, do not buy it. This is exactly the thought that came to my mind when I saw this De Couture Metallic Shoulder Strap Handbag, well that, and actually that it is completely fugly either way. Simply put, metal and leather are combined in an Medieval like manner, with a thick shoulder strap of metal, and a ring that connects to the small compartment bag. Totally not for me (since I am 5’10), and totally not for me even if I were 4’10.

Through Luisaviaroma for $920.

Prada Fall 2007 Handbags

While New York Fashion Week is an amazing event, Milan Fashion Week always leaves something to look forward to with its top fashion house designers. The big handbag accessory behind the Prada Fall 2007 line in Milan were hand-held clutches. Sure this makes life hands free, but the actually space where you place your hand is rather bulky and large which hides your hand completely and seems a tad overpowering. Miuccia tried to tone it down a notch by adding a bow, and of the two, the bow version would be my pick.

After the clutches came an odd array of handbags. From alright, to furry, to simple, to ruched green, the line was not really powerful overall. Spotted all over the runway was huge outfits of tufty mohair, colorful stockings, and funky high-heeled shoes. Miuccia may confuse some, but Prada is always a designer force to be reckoned with.

prada fall 2007 handbags 1

{Via Style}

Bottega Veneta Fall Winter Bags 2007

I loved the Bottega Veneta show. Beautiful dresses, beautiful dresses, and beautiful bags! Bottega is known for its classic designs, and the house tends to reinterpret and reproduce their simple, perfect bags every season. If they weren’t so gorgeous, I might gripe, but look at these. The soft crocodile clutch in red might be even more beautiful than the Ebano version I blogged about a few weeks back. The fold over clutch has now been lacquered with a superb but understated sheen. The ball bag has been redone with charming studs for a younger, funkier look. Finally, the exotic shoulder bag in that warm apricot color! I don’t know that I’ve seen this design before, but I am in love! Sigh…fashion week is such torture. It’ll be months before we get to see more pictures of these wonderful bags!

Bottega Veneta Fall Winter Bags 2007