Looks like we will probably have to start cooking our 15 lbs of $179 Prime Rib about now to get it cooked in time for 8 pm, but nevertheless, it is nearly 2007. Here is the last bit of Web Shebang brought to you by the Purse Blog!

Chanel Sequin Eyeshadow

Chanel is sexy with its Chanel Sequin Eyeshadow {via Fab Sugar}

Squirrel on a coin purse, cute or overload for Anya Hindmarch? {via Luxist}

Britney wants to adopt?? She is crazy {via Celebrity Rumors}

Woodbury Commons is the place to bargain shop, you may even see a celeb! {via Fashiontribes}

Gucci goes big in airports and NYC {via Luxist}

That’s soooo 2006; the zoebots need to go for 2007! {via Radar Online}

Glitz, glam, and glorious gems for 2007 {via Style Bytes}

Cats and Dogs shoes to match Holiday sweaters {via Manolo’s Shoe Blog}

cats and dogs shoes

Congratulations to mas2388!!! The fab people at M Z WALLACE NYC chose lucky number 11, and mas2388 was the 11th person to sign up for the giveaway! She will be receiving her new bag just in time for 2007.

Thank you everyone who participated and a special thanks to M Z WALLACE NYC for the Crosby bag. We have had many fabulous giveaways and contests this past year and plan on many more for 2007! Stay tuned, there may be a giveaway around the coroner ;)

Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian Louis Vuitton Miroir Alma GM

For the first pretty much ever, I can say that Paris Hilton and I have something in common. She has been soaking up the sun in a bikini… Just like I have been doing in sunny South Florida! Total stretch, but I figured it was worth a shot before the end of the year. Anyhow, down under in Bondi Beach Paris Hilton has been seen ‘candidly’ posing perfectly for the paparazzi with her pal Kim Kardashian. Other than the overly logoized Louis Vuitton Bikini, Paris and Kim are sporting the bag of right now, the Louis Vuitton Miroir Alma GM. Totally bling bling just like Paris’ style, this line is silver and gold hot and pricey ($2100) and nearly impossible to find. Inquire at your LV boutique or try your luck through a re-seller. More info on the Louis Vuitton Miroir line here!

This post is way overdue. I’ve been obsessing over the Marc Jacobs Sweet Punk line since I saw the Fluo Violet Sid in the November issue of Vogue. By all reports, these bags are made of the softest, most supple goatskin leather you’ll see for a while from the House of Marc. The meticulously distressed pyramid studs are perfectly punk rawk in a chic, unforced way. Here’s the Marc Jacobs Sweet Punk Debbie Handbag in turquoise, a sumptuous color worthy of the most fashion-forward nymph or mermaid. I adore the toggle clasp. In fact I think I need a bag with a toggle clasp. I just love the idea, and it’s so well-executed here. The turnlock is another point of interest, with two possible locks to lock. Debbie is heavy on the details, and she may not be a bag for the weak of heart, but at the end of the day, she’s a funky beauty with a classic hobo shape. I’d love to take her home. She’s $1800, call your local Marc Jacobs to track down this color. Photo from Marcjacobs.com.

D and G winter wardrobe

Is this a winter wonderland must or a winter wonderland bust? This blond haired babe is decked in D&G snow white from head to toe. Do you dig the D&G Dolce & Gabbana Winter Outfit?

Speak to us people!! Post your thoughts on the forum or in the comments!

Fendi Blue Lambskin Spy Satchel

The Spy bag hit big a little over a year ago and since then house of Fendi has designed quite a few hit Spy’s and quite a few total busts. My Honey Spy bag is absolutely stunning and I still am complimented on it whenever I take it out for a stroll. To add a simply drop dead gorgeous color to the Spy creation list, Fendi has designed a lush and rich blue, to make the Fendi Blue Lambskin Spy Satchel. I can attest to the supple leather, beautiful woven handles, gathered sides, and front flap all being designed to the utmost beauty. I am sure I would not be blue if I had a piece of this Fendi heaven. $2120 through Neiman Marcus.

Miu Miu Large Nappa Leather Satchel

Perhaps it’s that I’ve washed one too many practice football jerseys… but I’m not in love with the “cutout details” on the Miu Miu Large Nappa Leather Satchel. Come on you washers-of-the-jerseys, you know what I mean. Such a strong resemblance to the hole-y fabric of the infamous practice jersey on the beautiful bag, I don’t think so. Other than that, pretty style and comfortable looking shape along with a removable shoulder strap. Via Saks for $1,495.

*This post brought to you by my very own mom, Jane!! She hopes some other mom’s out there can relate to the late night laundry you all did for your kids ;-)*

Alexander McQueen Shearling East West Handbag

Off the wall is part of Alexander McQueen’s middle name. This can also lead to extreme and complete odd ball handbag creations. I may have it out for shearling handbags, but come on, the Alexander McQueen Shearling East West Handbag has an angel staring at me. I am not sure the purpose of the angel; I was nice this year and Santa said so, I think I have a guardian angel or two, and really, what is going on? Check out the shearling angel, placed meticulously on this tan leather bag with over sized stitching (background for the angel) and shearling seams (just odd). Even worse, this bag is big, I mean 17.5 x 12 x 7 big. This takes me back to the days of Catholic School, plaid skirts, penny loafers, and oxford shirts, because I would feel very obligated to act proper if I were to carry a bag with a vision. Personally, I am not looking to find an angel in my grilled cheese nor on my handbag. Via Net-a-Porter for $2275.

Cameron Diaz Balenciaga Work

I will always attempt to find fault with Cameron Diaz because she dates my first no-chance-in-hell-he-will-date-me boyfriend, Justin Timberlake. Since then, I have seriously wondered why I even found him so sexy (ok so he dances from his baby toe to his left ear perfectly) and ever thought I could just maybe meet him someday. Cameron and him make a perfect commitment phobic couple. Cam does not want kids until she gets enough sleep and Justin does not want to settle down. Lately Cameron has been seen with her dark tresses, a seriously sexy pair of heels, skinny jeans, and a hot handbag. Cameron Diaz has been carrying the Balenciaga Work with Giant Hardware Spring/Summer 2007. The giant hardware is a hit or miss for many BBag lovers, but there is no doubt this outfit is gorgeous on Cam. Ah well, I let JT slip by me to an older woman with a gorgeous new handbag. Call Balenciaga NY for further information, 212 206 0872 or contact your local Balenciaga boutique.

To begin our sale shop from home day, Net A Porter has an array of handbags marked down substantially (last weeks sale picks). While some of the bags are straight up fug, I was drawn to an assortment of black and white handbags, which we all know are color staples of every wardrobe.

Jimmy Choo Coco Satin Clutch

Sleek, modern, defined, and sophisticated make the Jimmy Choo Coco Satin Clutch stand out. Nothing is more simple than this black rectangular satin clutch with gold casing around the oval cut out handle and magnetic fastening closures. Sexy in black via Net A Porter for $525.

Marni Polished Leather Bowling Bag

Oh how the house of Marni has such polished and sexy bags. The cream polished leather bowling bag features a detachable chain detail that sports trinket and links across side of bag. Own a piece of flossy white magic via NAP for $991.80.

Find more black and white beauties after the jump!

Banana Republic Winter Sale

On with the sales, check out Banana Republic who is having a huge blowout sale for savings up to 50% off. For affordable handbags, check out the selection that range from $29.99 to $119.99 via Banana Republic Online. Lots of great sales and good prices for fun bags.