Banana Republic Animal Key Chains

Stocking stuffers and other small gifts are a must for the holiday season. While we all wish we could get Hermes bracelets, Louis Vuitton Cles’, and Chanel makeup in our stocking, it is not feasible for all of the gift givers out there. For the gal who loves cute accessories, pick up out one of the Banana Republic Animal Key Chains. A penguin, elephant, fish, and owl are all available and offered in a few colors to add a special touch to a key ring. Buy any of these through Banana Republic for $24. {Via}

Louis Vuitton Miroir Line

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Metallic bags are the bags to carry this holiday season and the IT bag to be seen with is the new Louis Vuitton Miroir Line. Janet Jackson has been photographed carrying this new IT bag, even though the new Miroir line does not officially launch until December 1. The frenzy surrounding this launch is comparable to the 2003 launch of the Cherry Blossom line, with stores only receiving limited numbers of each bag and the wait lists being extremely long.

Janet Jackson Louis Vuitton Miroir Line

The full Miroir line includes bags representing Louis Vuitton’s most iconic and recognizable shapes: Speedy, Papillon, Keepall, Alma, and Pochette. The line comes in two different colors: Silver and Gold. I must admit that I am not a huge fan of this new line, in fact the silver seems oddly reminiscent of aluminum foil and if you have trouble finding a mirror to touch up your makeup you can always use your bag! In addition, if you’re one of those people who doesn’t like to draw attention to yourself with your bag then this is definitely not for you. Another major problem that is holding me back from loving this line is that the Speedy comes with a price tag of $1330 USD and is made of PVC, therefore causing me to question the durability of such a pricey bag. That said, the frenzy surrounding the Miroir line is unlikely to die down anytime soon and if you are contemplating buying one you should call Louis Vuitton immediately to place yourself on the waiting list, so that you can be one of the first to be carrying this season’s IT bag!

Note: Prices on the above picture were listed prices before recent price increase. Prices on this line have increased approximately 10%. For more information on wait lists and prices call: 1-866-VUITTON or check the Louis Vuitton online boutique.

Written by guest blogger: Twiggers

Vlad and I decided to make the Purse Blog a little more interactive. To do this, we have opened up the Purse Blog for guest bloggers to contribute, for thousands of readers to see! A little nerve-wrecking for a minute or two, thinking that so many people will read what you write, but exciting nonetheless. Vlad and I posted an announcement looking for Guest Bloggers on The Purse Forum and the response has been tremendous. Starting today, you all will have the pleasure to read about bags, designers, trends, and much more from various people through out the world. If you too are interested in becoming a guest blogger on tPB, please register on the forum and send me a PM about it. For starters, every Friday will be Guest Blogger Friday. There will, of course, be some exceptions to the rule (like tonight’s post by the lovely Twiggers) if the material is time sensitive because of a launch or hot news!

Welcome the guest bloggers to the Purse Blog family!!! :-D

Thomas Wylde Oxford Circus Handbag

Typically if you are going to attempt to sell an expensive handbag, you will also attempt to take a decent picture. This way the potential buyer will understand and be able to visualize the bag more. Barney’s, I love you, but this picture is that of deplorable quality. The Thomas Wylde Oxford Circus Handbag may very well be rocker-chick meets sophisticated chic but we will never know because of the picture. Thomas Wylde handbags are a growing hit with their skull detailing and rebellious touch, yet a picture truly is worth 1,000 words. Whether or not this was Barney’s idea or Wylde’s herself (doubtable), this is a major bag turn-off. Either way the Thomas Wylde Oxford Circus Bag is designed with Oxford Circus supple leather, skull rivet and zipper pull details, and thick grungy chain double handles. Measuring 14″x9″x12.5″, the size is great, the materials seem great, and the bag unbeknownst to all may truly be great- but the attempt at an artistic touch with shadowing and a bag hanger needs to go when advertising an expensive hot bag to an online crowd. Via Barney’s for $2,360.

Marc Jacobs Karen Leather Frame Handbag

Over the year there have been a number of fug bags designed by some of the big names. Now that the year is ending, the black numbers need to be written in bulk and designers have gorgeous handbags that popped up just in time. I have been on a purse ban for the past few months, which ended today with a new Gucci tote, but that is besides the point. The point is that I have been keeping my wallet closed and attempting not to be tempted. Way too many bags are out right now that have me drooling and my hand itching to grab that lovely piece of plastic that is so easy to swipe and brings me good things. If I let me hand begin to do some plastic swiping damage, I may begin with the Marc Jacobs Karen Leather Frame Handbag. This frame bag features supple tan ruched leather with gold hardware and a touch of gloss. The detachable link shoulder strap adds fun without tacky. More of a ‘look at me, I am sexy’ than ‘look at me, I try too hard’. Closing the bag is a clasp closure and the handles feature circular buckle detail. Simple brown bag goes sexy at the house of Marc. Via Net-a-Porter for $1500.

Nancy Gonzalez Silver Ring Lizard Clutch If this bag were at the $1 store, I would not buy it. Yet this bag is at Saks and costs $1 times 1,350. GASP you say, and I agree. Nancy Gonzalez handbags are known for their exotic skins and typically she puts out some great items. Sometimes designs crash and burn and the Nancy Gonzalez Silver Ring Lizard Clutch is on its downward spiral. Silver lizard skin provides the base for leaf imprint detail on this fug bag. Honestly, at least opt for flower detail. No one wants to look at a aimless wandering leaf pattern on silver lizard skin. Nancy, stick with exotics but please, please, please do not drag yourself down with tacky colors and odd imprints. Pre-order via Saks for $1350.

Fendi Zucca Leather Boston Bag with Palazzo PrintThe Holiday season is now officially upon us (oh yea, decorations are up around my house!) and gold handbags are all the rage. If you are not as keen on buying a completely gold bag, opt for a bag with gold details. A new hot bag is the Fendi Zucca Leather Boston Bag with Palazzo Print. The golden metallic palazzo print is a hit for me, but the combination of it placed on top of the Zucca print does not make me love the bag. The combination reminds me of 3-D books; you remember crossing your eyes and staring at the pictures. Yet the representation of the Palazzo print pays tribute to the neo-classical architecture of Fendi’s Palazzo flagship store. Shape wise there is a Louis Vuitton Speedy vibe, measuring 9.75″ x 9.5″ x 4.25″. Golden metallic leather pull tab and leather handles cap off this Fendi number. I have heard this bag is hot but I am not feeling it, just too busy for me and the Palazzo tribute is offset by Zucca print. Prove me wrong and tell me how hot the bag truly is. Buy it through eLuxury for $845.

Marni Washed Leather Slouch Bag

Vlad and I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and enjoyed Black Friday Shopping (or hiding). We went to a wedding which manifested in open bar, nature preserve, and nearly getting stuck in an elevator (don’t ask). After an overly filling Thanksgiving meal, we overly ate (and drank) at the wedding. So right now sweats are my best friend and skirts that have some give are a plus. This is where a big and simple handbag make for the perfect accessory, not attracting too much attention and being able to hide a bit of additional attention my body acquired after this holiday weekend. Perfect to remain an accessory and not a focal piece is the Marni Washed Leather Slouch Bag. This handbag implements simple yet not drab gray plush washed leather, a slouchy style to add a hip touch, and a detachable shoulder strap. A zip top closes the bag and the corners have an added touch of panels and contrasting leather trim. As far as up and coming ‘it’ bag designers, Marni is on the list. Watch this brand transform into shoulder candy of the masses, just give it time. Buy it through Net-A-Porter for $1065.

Jenny McCarthy Chloe Paddington Satchel

I must really be out of it, because I actually had no idea that Jenny McCarthy is with Jim Carrey?! Nevertheless, the weird match (weird to me) has been enjoying their European vacation after attending TomKat’s wedding. Also, weird to me that they were at the wedding to begin with. Fab Sugar did some fashion research and pin pointed the outfit Jenny sported. Long and casual yet chic and girly, the C&C California Striped A Liner Tunic is perfect to make you look hot without trying (via ShopBop for $245). The perfect bag to go with the attitude the sweater brings and the laid back look Jenny is going for is the Chloe Paddington Padlock Satchel (via Neiman Marcus for $1620). This satchel also combines supple leather with a trendy addition. The Paddington handbags have been around for a few seasons, but are not going anywhere fast. Their simple design and chunky hardware make them perfect for different ages and casually cool.

Thanks Fab Sugar for the Jenny McCarthy outfit breakdown!


I know this comes a little late in the day, but Megs and I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful time with your families and friends. All I know is that I overstuffed myself so badly, I am going to be fasting for the next 3 months.

Ecosist Eco-Friendly Luna Bar Wrapper Bags

On Thanksgiving Day we should all give thanks for what we have, including fresh air and a healthy environment and of course, the FEAST on our tables today ;-). For our Eco-friendly readers, there is a special treat for you today. My mom, sister, and I are the biggest Luna Bar fans out there. These bars are wheat and dairy free (both ingredients I am allergic to) and taste amazing. Thanks to Ecoist many bags are being brought to us that are environmentally friendly, like the Ecoist Eco-Friendly Luna Bar Wrapper Bags. Ecoist explains that the ‘wrappers that are used are post-industrial waste, typically due to misprints or discontinuation of a line. They are made in Mexico and Peru by workers that are paid fair wages. Once the discarded wrappers arrive from the factories, they are cut, folded into straps, weaved, and sewn by skilled artisans. Each product is 100% handmade. Plus, for each bag that is purchased, Ecoist plants a tree through Trees for the Future.’ These bags are out of the ordinary but extraordinary in their eco-friendly design and fun wrapper appeal (especially Luna Bar due to my addiction!).

Top right we have the Luna Bar Jumbo Coin Pouch which is a mere $18 via Ecoist and is made with an array of Luna Bar wrappers sporting all the different flavors. The Coin Pouch is a perfect size for your ID, lip gloss, and cash while you are in a hurry. Next we have the Luna Bar Small Shoulder Bag which is made with blue Luna Bar wrappers and measures 9 x 4.5 inches. The shoulder bag is available through Ecoist for $58. And last, the Luna Bar Double Coiner works like a clutch and can be bought for $32 via Ecoist.

If Luna Bars are not your favorite, make sure you check out all of the other candy wrapper Ecoist handbags. Also, there is free shipping for the holidays on orders over $100. Make sure you enter freeship for the offer code during checkout at

Fendi Black and Silver Canvas B Bag

Looks like a re-post from 2 days ago, I know. I did not lose my mind quite yet, but I am wondering your thoughts on this color combination? Would you party with this bag to bring in the year 2007? This Fendi Black and Silver Canvas B Bag is hard to miss with its black canvas body featuring silver leather trim. For the simple reason that I am not flossing with Benjamin Franklin’s, this bag will never find its way into my closet. So would you buy this handbag, and if so, where would you wear it? We want to hear your opinion!

Via Net-A-Porter for $1580.