Missoni Spring 2007

Fashion Week in Milan continues and the Missoni graced the runway with its memorable prints and sleek style. As described by Style.com, Missioni “reinterpreting and updating her own vocabulary, rather than grasping at flighty notions of retro futurism”. While the big bags with their exotic skin and colors makes me happy, the big shoes make me cringe. I would love to wear huge heels and platforms, but at 5’10 (really pushing 5’11) it just makes me too tall (and too tall for Vlad- BOO!) So I will stick to my lower heels and envy all of you that get to wear the big heels.

It’s the last day to put in your guess for a chance to win a gorgeous Louis Vuitton Epi Alma bag, an LV key and coin pouch in Epi Leather or a chic LV scarf! The contest runs out Saturday night at 11:59pm EST… so register with the forum before it’s too late!

Fendi Spring 2007 handbags

When it comes to Karl Lagerfeld, be ready to expect anything. Sticking to black, navy, white, silver, and hot pink, Lagerfeld gave the Fendi Spring 2007 line a futuristic approach with his implementing high-tech materials. On the runway materials like black silicone, silver leather that was laser-cut to resemble athletic mesh, and holographic paillettes were used to make a striking appearance for Fendi this spring. Lagerfeld said, “I wanted to use the most traditional craftsmanship with the most futuristic of fabrics”. While I am not into Matrix-esque fashion (like Gucci Spring 2007), Lagerfeld has kept his designs on the money using a futuristic touch on classic looks and colors. {via Style}

Looks to me like the Fendi models have been hanging out with the Prada models a bit too much ;-)


Marc Jacobs Python Chain Satchel To all the mothers, people with younger siblings, and people who have babysat before in their life: what does this bag look like to you? If your first answer is what you see when you open your baby’s diaper… then you will be on the same page as Vlad and I. I am all for exotic skins- in fact, I really love exotics. But this bag is just the wrong color scheme and the marbleizing that occurs from the python just looks wrong. The Marc Jacobs Python Chain Satchel is described as cinnamon/dark brown python leather bag with golden hardware. I did not realize that anyone actually calls a snake that can weigh up to 300 lbs and be as long as 33 feet cinnamon in color. Maybe it is just me, but I find it highly comical. Chain shoulder straps are a huge trend right now, so I do appreciate the shoulder strap with multicolor ring insets and clips. Close up your dainty cinnamon bag with a push-lock closure on the front. $2500 at Neiman Marcus– I soo will pass this bag up, it needs a Huggie!

Jessica Simpson Prada Napa Gauffre Frame Bag

For the past few years, Prada has not designed any bags that I really fell for. The Robot Tricks were fun, but the price tags that came with those key fobs made me laugh (while also not shelling out the money). The Fall Prada bags are overly hot and most everyone wants to get their hands on one. Jessica Simpson may be letting herself go (creepy makeup, weird made-up relationships, etc) but she still carries killer handbags. One of my favorite bags from the Prada line right now is the Prada Napa Gauffre Frame Bag which pairs pleated leather with a frame closure to make this runway bag hot. Check out more Prada bags via your local Prada boutique, or Saks 5th Ave.

On a side note, were you all aware that Jessica and Pappa Joe are creating a restaurant chain similar to Hooters, called Daisy Dukes. The word is the waitresses will dress similar to how Jess dressed when she played in the Dukes of Hazzard movie. Pappa Joe likes this idea.

Bottega Veneta Spring 2007 Handbags

While New York Fashion Week is over, Fashion week around the world continues to happen. There are not many times that I fall head over heels for an entire line. Yet Bottega Veneta’s Spring 2007 Runway Show in Milan has me head-over-heels in love. Bottega’s accessories focused on exotic skins, large hand held bags, over-sized bows for your hair (oh yea, bows in the hair are making a come back), chunky heels, and of course luxe woven leather. Tomas Maier year after year is showing that less is more, including this “spring show which worked beautifully as a stripped-down statement of what he has to offer: a subtle beige-through-rose palette, ease aligned with elegance, and stunning detail in close-up.” You are drooling too, right??

And as you all know, I am a woman who loves her dresses, and the Bottega Veneta dresses for Spring make me so giddy inside- I will begin to save now.

Bottega Veneta Spring 2007 Dress

Prada Fringed Handbags

Fringe is in for Prada this coming Spring (which seems so far away right now). From satin scarves on the models’ heads to fringe bags and bold colors, Prada’s Spring 2007 line is reminiscent of the 1970’s. The bold colors took over the Milan runway, showing us that Prada wants the looks from their line to remain forefront in your mind this coming spring. Fringe bags have never been my thing, but Prada’s bags right now are such a hit that these fringe bags may also make their way to the ‘it’ bags of Spring.

Now if only the models would get a little more excited to be part of the Prada Spring 2007 Ready to Wear Runway Show.

Prada Faces 2007

Banana Republic Sandhurst Saddle Bag

I have been whining about finding a great messenger bag for fall. I will continue to whine until I have a bag slung over my body that I truly love. To help me get on my way, I will continue my hunt and share what I find with you. This season Banana Republic has released its Premium Handbag Shop which boasts elegant bags that are durable and practical. A perfect messenger bag from this line is the Banana Republic Sandhurst Saddle Bag. Banana Republic has made this bag stain and water resistant because they realize that life does happen. The hardware is alloyed aluminum and the shoulder strap has a 15″ drop. On the front there are zippered pockets with leather tassels and on the rear there is a pocket with a magnetic closure. The dimensions are 10″ x 13″ x 5″. Available in whiskey, dark brown, and black, this bag could be perfect for the fall equestrian trend and my love for across body bags. Via Banana Republic for $248.

Chloe Large Edith Bowling Bag

One of the latest ‘it’ bags from the house of Chloe was the Edith. The Edith handbag implemented beauty and simple design to leave many women going crazy. Chloe is known for releasing many different versions of their bags that are a huge hit (think of all the different Paddington’s). The Chloe Large Edith Bowling Bag combines divine chocolate brown leather with a bowling style frame and silver hardware. Chloe bags are not for everyone though; I know many people who feel the oversized stitching and appendages are too much. But Chloe bags fit my style perfectly, so this bag really has me swooning. There is a pouch pocket on the bottom front with a silver fastening and a panel around the base of the bag. Buy this chocolatey version of the Edith through Net-A-Porter for $1,660.

Gwen Stefani LAMB Bag

… Literally. Gwen Stefani is no doubt known for her singing, her hot hubby, her baby Kingston, and of course her fashion line, L.A.M.B. Stefani has colleborated with Tim Schifter to introduce L.A.M.B Luxurious Line of Handbags that will hit Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, Henri Bendel’s, Holt-Renfrew in Canada, eluxury.com, and in a select group of specialty stores like Intermix. The luxe line will contain 33 different styles of handbags. Schifter describes the bags as follows:

The bags themselves are closer to the European luxury feeling than the American contemporary handbag category. I think they’re highly differentiated but priced in the contemporary. Gwen’s unique personal take on fashion incorporated her signature elements like Rasta colors and the old English lettering. For spring, we’re incorporating velvet into the collection. For this first launch, there are two collections””the Signature collection and the leather collection which is called Love.

Stefani’s style is very edgy and colorful and I look forward to seeing more of what she has in store for us. Already sporting one of her new bags with Rasta colors, Gwen is making sure we all see how hot her new line of bags will be. Gwen is most likely using this bag to carry Kingston’s goodies while she spends the day with her little man and hubby.

LAMB Luxe Handbags

{via The Daily Fashion}

Fergie Burberry Bag

This summer my job was less than 100 feet from the side entrance of the David Letterman Late Show. What this meant was many visits to that side door to see the celeb of the day. The stars that appear on Letterman are always dressed to impress and the ladies carry the hippest handbags. This week a certain celeb paired her little black dress with a Burberry Handbag. While I can not find an exact match for the handbag, this bag resembles the Burberry Icons Collection Manor Bag. The Manor Bag shows off quilted house check with leather trim, handles and polished brass hardware (available via Burberry for $1295). Do you know the ‘celeb’ (calling her a celeb is really just relative) seen outside of Letterman with this Burberry bag? Find out after the jump.

Emma Roberts for Dooney and BourkeJulia Roberts is a known name and face across the world, and now her niece Emma Roberts is breaking further into the spotlight as the new face for Dooney & Bourke. Emma has been chosen as the D&B line’s spokesperson and will be seen sporting her own style bag in the October ads in Teen Vogue. I suppose her style is black background with cute bumble bees, but maybe there will be some sort of Nickelodeon twist to her style bag (yes, she is the star of Nickelodeon’s “Unfabulous”).

While Dooney & Bourke’s past lines have not wowed me, I know a younger age group may find the Dooney & Bourke Bumble Bee Line. I cannot see myself carrying the Bucket Bag ($140 via D&B), but I do think the Bumble Bee ID Coin Purse ($65 via D&B) is really cute.