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Stunning bags, sexy dresses and chic boots dominate eLuxury’s Fall Catalogue – check it out!

Moni Moni Eden Bag
Moni Moni “Eden” Bag | $575.00 | Pre-Order via Adasa

Marc Jacobs Collection Capra Satchel
Marc Jacobs Collection Capra Satchel | Capra leather with contrast leather trim | $1,350 | via eLuxury.com

Fendi Spy Bag
Fendi Wisteria Spy | Taupe textured leather with woven handles and wisteria leather flower | $2540.00 | via Net-A-Porter

Isabella Fiore Sweet Dreams Alexia Hobo in Black
Isabella Fiore “Sweet Dreams” Alexia Hobo | Chocolate Brown Leather | $725.00 | Pre-Order via Adasa

Gotta love news like this:

It was a crime of fashion, and a lot more serious than wearing white after Labor Day.

Seguin police were suspicious when the driver of a cargo van that crashed Monday on Interstate 10 started acting nervous when they asked about all those boxes with Chinese writing.

Expecting to find drugs, since I-10 is a popular route for narcotics smugglers between San Antonio and Houston, fashion-conscious Seguin police instead found bogus designer purses, wallets, belts and other swanky accessories valued at $400,000.

Detective Sgt. Maureen Watson said some might be taken in by the Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fendi, Coach, Christian Dior, Burberry and other merchandise, but it didn’t hold up to close scrutiny from Seguin’s fashion police.

“I love purses, and I hang out in that part of the department stores all the time,” Watson said Tuesday.

“If you examine the purses, the stitching, the materials, are not good quality. They smelled like vinyl, not leather, and when you buy an expensive purse, it’s usually in a cloth bag. These were in paper bags.”

The 21 large boxes contained 782 purses, more than 200 wallets and other items.

The driver, a 40-year-old woman from San Antonio who was traveling with her 15-year-old daughter, told police she was headed to Houston, when another vehicle cut off the van. She overcorrected and the van rolled. The driver and her daughter both sustained minor injuries.

Watson did not identify the two occupants of the van. They were released pending further investigation.

Dear Detective Watson, you are the quintessential purse protector that we need on our forum! via MySA.com.

While Ms PurseBlog Herself is trying to stay dry from Ernesto down in Florida, I would like to share something with you guys that certainly made my day. I never really thought that Jessica Simpson was particularly hot, her “smarts” surely didn’t help me find her more attractive. However, after seeing Jessica’s latest ad for her shoe and bag line, I must excuse myself while my blood starts boiling in excitement.


Hawt stuff. Click on the thumb to enlarge.

Megs loves her shoes, they fit her small toes perfectly. I haven’t seen much of Jessica’s bags yet, but I am sure they wouldn’t disappoint me if they are only half as good as their ad.

Jean Paul Gaultier Trench BagHave you ever wondered who was responsible for popularizing skirts on men? The answer to this question is not really all that shocking. Jean Paul Gaultier is known for edgy street chic designs and his out-of-the-box style. Many of his bags are also on their own page. But the Jean Paul Gaultier Trench Bag shows off soft grained leather with leather overlay (trench style) and a funky colorful silk interior that coincides with JPG signature style. The front flaps have oversized buttons and there is a decorative belt that encompasses the bag. With all of the flaps and buttons it looks like you could undress this bag. Maybe that is what JPG had in mind ;-) I am digging this bag and its size- 16.5″ x 9.5″ x 6″. Available via eLuxury for $1295.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. To start of the week fresh, I would like to share some Vuitton’ish eye candy gone awfully wrong. A truely sharp thorn in each LV lover’s eye.

Painted Louis Vuitton Speedy

I can’t imagine what boss would ask her employee to ruin a perfectly good Speedy. Yikes. Via tPF via flickr.

CompassIf any of you have been wondering why I have been not around much lately, it is because I have been moving. Seriously, moving so much is a pain in the rear. After a wonderful summer in NYC, I packed up and moved back to the Mid West. Because I am a fashionista myself, I had 4 bags of luggage; 2 of them weighing nearly 100 pounds each. Ha. Once I arrived back in Ohio, it was time for another move. Vlad and I thought we did not need a moving company. Because of my bad shoulder I really was no help, which left Vlad carrying all of my stuff up 3 flights of stairs. Now he is bruised, I am annoyed, and I truly do not want to unpack. But once I do, I have to take a picture of my new closet! It is not the closet of my dreams (my dreams truly are unrealistic though at times ;-)) but it is a closet to melt over! It is huge and roomy and just makes me smile REALLY big. So with all of the moving I have had to neglect the blog and forum for a bit. But I have a lovely vacation coming up and we have many things in store for you all. In the mean time, if any of you are thinking of moving, you may need a compass. Honestly, I don’t know of anyone that uses once since we have GPS now, but it is worth a shot. For stylish leather covered compass with gold details, hit up Barneys New York. The Barneys New York Leather Compass measures 2×2 and is available for $75 through Barneys in green, orange, and tan.

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Rafe Jessica Knotted Hobo

I always wonder what it takes to have an accessory named after you. I need the specifics. Could I buy my way in, do I need to sing, should I dress like a hobo, should I be able to play the piano with my toes? In my perfect life, I would have an exquisite handbag named after me; one that exemplifies who I am as a person. I don’t see that happening any time soon, so I will chose to write about others who have had that happen for themselves. I am not sure if there is a specific Jessica in mind, but the Rafe Jessica Knotted Hobo should make all the ladies with the name Jessica smile. While having a bag named after you is wonderful, I would want my name associated with a bag that has a bit more going on than this Rafe number. This bag is made from brown Italian washed leather and features a knot on the shoulder strap. The antique brass hardware doubles with cowhide woven pull-tabs and seams. From the picture the size of the bag seems normal, but it is very large- 14″H x 24″W x3″D. I’m not saying Jessica is a boring name, but Rafe did not make this bag anything special in my opinion here. The bag is cute but plain. Maybe Jane would have been a better name to pair with it. Via Neiman Marcus for $575.

Jack Spade Bridle Leather Bag

Just 10 years ago the married couple, Kate and Jack, made their last name a household name; Spade. The Jack Spade approach offers men items that represent both honest, thoughtful design and practical purpose. For functionality the men of today need a messenger bag. You all know that the man of the Purse Blog and Forum just indulged in a Louis Vuitton Messenger ;-) If you are opting for a clean and sleek look, the Jack Spade Bridle Leather Bags are perfect for the everyday man. There is the day bag or the field bag to choose from which both have an adjustable shoulder strap, two interior pockets, and an exterior back pocket. The day bag measures 13″ x 4.5″ x 10″ while the field bag measures 15″ x 6″ x 12″. If you are attempting to fit your 17″ MacBook Pro in there, it won’t happen (haha Vlad!) but if you only have a 15″ MacBook Pro like myself, the field bag is just right. The messenger style bags are available in black, chocolate, orange, blue, and red. The day bag goes for $495 while the field bag goes for $525 via Jack Spade.

Barneys New York Sac Bag with Bamboo DetailI am still on the hunt for the perfect everyday bag that can sling across my body or provide ample space and a perfect slouch. It is the *new* New Yorker in me to look casual chic on the streets of Manhattan. Barneys is one of the stores to shop at if you are in NYC and their line of handbags offers distinct variety with an affordable tag. For a slouchy everyday bag we have the Barneys New York Sac Bag with Bamboo Detail. I wish the website offered dimensions but the bags shape seems to be large yet not bulky. Lucky for me I am on my way out the door to Barneys as we speak so I can check it out if it is available. Buy it via Barneys for $595.

Bottega Veneta Woven Messenger Bag Today Vlad and I strolled the streets of SoHo. Seriously, if you have never been to SoHo put it on your to-do list. Many people have a misconception that the rich and famous shop on 5th Ave, when really SoHo is where it is at. Since Vlad and I have been spend happy, today we just browsed and enjoyed an amazing lunch. The street fashion there is very chic and laid-back. At that moment I realized I desperately need an across the body bag. I am not fully sure what bag will be the ‘one’ but I am determined to find a messenger that reflects my desire to be stylish and laid back all at once. I stumbled across the Bottega Veneta Woven Messenger Bag because of its signature woven leather along with its removable and adjustable shoulder strap. If you have touched a BV bag, you are well aware of the supple leather used. Nickel hardware is used to offset the leather and there is an inside zip pocket and canvas lining. This bag is a square shape, measuring 13″H X 13″L X 2″W. While I think I am more in the search for a rectangular bag, I will keep this beautiful BV number in the back of my mind. Available through Saks for $1350.