Isabella Fiore Large Leather HoboMany of you know well that Isabella Fiore is not one of my favorite designers. Her designs are very hit or miss with me, and I have seemed to have many more misses than hits. But the already known shape of this hobo, and the intricate but simple leather design has me oohing and aahing. The Isabella Fiore Large Leather Hobo is coined the “chain reaction” style with its supple leather body and embossed checkered pattern skin. The bag looks completely slouchy and perfectly fitting for my likes. There is woven chain trim and golden hardware. The shoulder strap has rings and the slouchy body finishes off with an open top. I must give Isabella a thumbs up for this one: she hit the nail on the head. Available in camel, black, or white via Bergdorf Goodman for a reasonable $675.

Burberry Trench Check Clutch

I’m in a clutch mood this weekend. The Burberry Trench Check Clutch combines funky brown, tan, and yellow buckle trench print alongside brown leather trim. The clutch has a bit going on but also has a preppy feel that I love. The front of the flap has a circular golden lock closure. While this clutch would not be the clutch that matches most outfits, it is fun and cute for fall. The dimensions are 4 1/2″H x 13 7/10″W x 2/5″D. Buy it via Saks for $595.

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Christian Louboutin Venus Satin Clutch

Every lady knows how important the little black dress is. Speaking of which, I definitely need to go pick up a few new ones. As an essential part of the accessory wardrobe, every lady should also have a little black clutch. The Christian Louboutin Venus Satin Clutch manifests its beauty in black panels of satin with a gold frame. A square clasp closes the clutch and hides sexy red satin lining and a zip fastening internal pocket. While Louboutin is known for sexy shoes, this clutch is the perfect accent to Friday night outfits. Available via Net-A-Porter for $891.22.

Hermes bags are among the most sought after, most exclusive handbags in the world. Prices in the 5 digits and customer waiting lists with years in waiting time are both common alike. Needless to say, it’s absolutely exhilarating to see some of our forum members who are proud owners of some very rare pieces that take your breath away. For me, it’s particularly the sheer beauty of these timeless Kelly and Birkin pieces… and the excitement to know that our site plays host to some of these wonderful collectors. Enough talking, let’s see the goods:

shopmom’s Hermes 28cm Vintage Combo Kelly
Hermes 28cm Kelly

aspenmartial’s Hermes Orange Ostrich Birkin (30cm) and Turquoise 27cm Bolide
Orange Ostrich Birkin Hermes Bolide

duna’s Hermes Family
40 Courchevel gold Birkin G/H
35 black Clemence Birkin G/H
40 Ardennes Birkin Marron Glacè? G/H
32 black box 32 Kelly G/H
32 courchevel gold Kelly G/H
32 box vert foncè Kelly G/H

37 Bolide Rouge H Clemence Pall/H
32 Pullman croc miel (vintage)
32 box Rouge H Plume G/H
Masai PM Etoupe Clemence Pall/H

Hermes Collection

theITbag and Chanchan’s Hermes Collection
35 Birkin Fjord Palladium Rouge H
35 Birkin Togo Ruthenium Indigo/Blue Jean
35 Kelly Epsom Palladium Raisin/Cyclamen
32 Kelly Fjord Palladium Black


addicted’s Hermes Collection
32cm Black Box Kelly
35cm Rouge H Chevre Kelly
32 cm Gold Togo Kelly
32 cm Potiron Chevre Plume
Hermes Bags

This is obviously just a small selection of the stunning bags that many members have posted. Many thanks to all that contributed to the Hermes Reference thread. For much more information on Hermes bags and items, please visit our Hermes Forum.

Marc Jacobs Striped Hudson Bag

Many times explaining the beauty of something needs nothing more than an image. Maybe it is the lighting, but I would have to believe that this handbag is actually more stunning in person than it looks in the picture. The Marc Jacobs Striped Hudson Bag is made from supple dark brown leather and is accented with tonal leather striped trim. The stripes add the perfect element to this simple and elegant bag. Golden hardware is paired with the double top handles with rings along with a push-lock closure. Adding a little more dimension is the inverted pleat on the front. If only I weren’t broke. Buy one of the new hottest bags via Bergdorf Goodman for $1275.

Celine Shoulder BagI have decided I have a case of OCD. I am sure we all do to some extent. But I have my ‘things’. For instance I must have my keys out and ready before I get to my car or house, I must wash my hands about 800 times when cooking or after riding the sub, and I am a perfectionist. So the thought of a a bag that is asymmetric bothers me a little bit – I am lying, quite a bit. The Celine Asymmetric Shoulder Bag is designed from mahogany leather and is accented with gold hardware and wood detailing on one end of the strap. Yes, just one end (OCD is kicking in here). The body of the bag is also asymmetric (OCD alert) which adds a different appeal to the eye. There is a gold zip fastening at the top and this shoulder bag is lined in red fabric. You be the judge- but my OCD and perfectionism kind of makes me not love this bag. Buy it via Net-a-porter for $1550.

Diane von Furstenberg Red Convertible Bag

Red was always a color I strayed from. Lately, I am drawn to it. It is so sexy and sultry. Lately I have also become literally obsessed with Diane von Furstenberg Wrap Dresses. The dresses are easy to throw on and very flattering. I wasn’t aware of the beautiful DVF accessories. The Diane von Furstenberg Red Convertible Bag combines slouchy with stylish. The body is ponyhair and the bag is trimmed in leather. There is a hammered brass ‘love knot’ which is based off out the DVF H. Stern Jewelry Collection. Pockets are what make this bag spacious and roomy- there are two side pockets and a front pocket with a diagonal flap closure. Pricey yes, beautiful yes – Buy it from DVF online for $1190.

via Luxist

While most of us continue to sweat in this summer heat, the fashion world is releasing their fall bags already. What can I say other than I’m looking forward to the leaves changing colors and a bit of a breeze. First, we will dive into the Prada Fall Handbags.

Prada Bags Shearling ToteFirst take a gander at the Prada Shearling Tote w/Fox Trim. I know the animal lovers out there will not be head-over-heels for this bag, but for Fall it is casual cute. This cinnamon brown shearling tote is meticulously adorned with decorative appliqués and trimmed with white fox trim. Sizing up at 12½”H X 15¾”L X 4¼”W the tote is finished off with double handles and adjustable tabs cover top on the sides. Available to be pre-ordered for a hefty $2375 via Saks.

Prada Bag Cervo SatchelNext we have the subtly chic Prada Cervo Antic Satchel. This satchel is designed from supple brown deerskin which is antique finished along with goldtone buckle detail on the handles. There is also a goldtone signature logo on the front, a detachable Prada ID tag, and a detachable shoulder strap. This strap will come in handy for the days that you need some relief from carrying the handbag with your actual hands. Measuring 9¾”H X 17″L X 5″W, this bag is also available for pre-order through Saks for $2450.

Prada Cheetah Print HoboRounding out the bunch, although there are many more, is the Prada Cheetah Print Hobo. This hobo lets us know that animal print is not out, quite the contrary, it is being seen all over the place for fall. This hobo features a cheetah print on calf hair and shows off a buckle detailed shoulder strap along with extended side tabs. There is a detachable ID tag and this wild hobo closes with a magnetic snap closure. Measuring 11¾”H X 15″L X 4¼”W, can you dig it? Buy it through Saks for $1850.

Manolo Blahnik Over-The-Knee Suede Boots

Many days I forget what we ladies must do to impress men. It is a vicious circle that takes hours of prep and in the hot and humid summer my attempts usually just fail. My hair is disheveled, I begin to sweat, my skirt sticks to my legs, my heels kill my feet, but I am sure trying to make an impression for my man and in general. There are certain accessories we can wear that simply make any man turn his head and many women be quite envious and stare too. I have found the perfect pair of boots to get the job done ;-) The Manolo Blahnik Over-The-Knee Suede Boots are eye-catching sexy and sultry black suede boots. Can you imagine pairing these with little white shorts, a tight tank, and a hot necklace? The men would flock to you. These boots feature diamond cutouts on the cuff, zip up the back, and sport a 4 1/5″ heel. Ok so these boots would make me taller than Vlad, but they are sexy nonetheless. Tell us what you think- sexy or trashy. I’d love to go try these on babies on- I’m sure Vlad would appreciate it. Available exclusively via Neiman Marcus online for $1450.

Balenciaga Bags Addict

If there is one thing I’ve learned in the past year since the opening of our Purse Forum, then it’s that there is no crowd more obsessive, determined, fanatic and crazy such as the Balenciaga crowd. These women would literally kill for some of these bags, the past season’s discontinued colors seems to be particularly sought after. It’s nuts! Balenciaga women need their own Balenciaga way, no questions asked.

One more reason why the Balenciaga Forum is so bloody busy. The Bbag creators are very strict about keeping their bags exclusive, which means that there is really no online stores that sell them… which usually leads to many ladies waiting for months until their most-wanted style and color appear in an authentic eBay auction and *BLAM* they go for the kill like they’d been starving through a winter hybernation. This is the reason why our moderators suggested the installation of an extra section for the fellow Bbag fanatics to point out last minute auctions on Bbags, which is a unique treatment and I was more than happy to give it to them.

Crazy bunch. In a good way, of course. It’s still hysterical for me to sit here and watch the crowd go ape sh*t. Only the Louis Vuitton ladies are struct with a similar, obsessive complexion. But if it came down to it, the Balenciaga ladies would take the pot home. ;)

P.S. Now that I think about it, the Hermes Forum has quite the tough crowd, too. :-P

Chanel Classic Flap Handbag

Not two months ago, Megs came crying to me, complaining about the lack of a bigger handbag collection. According to her, Miss Purse Blog Herself should own more bags than almost every imaginable ‘it’ bag there is (including: Chloe Paddington, Fendi Spy, Damier Speedy 30, the list goes on…), so she decided to follow up on deals that were posted in the forum’s Marketplaza – and voila – scored two gorgeous new Chanel bags in excellent condition. One Chanel Classic Flap with gold hardware (pictured above) and another ’04 Chanel in white/navy. Detailed pictures will follow once the bags reach her in NYC. Fortunately, Megs won’t have much room to complain soon. Or will she?