Paris and nicky with Balenciaga

The atrocity that Paris put together makes my eyes hurt but Nicky looks alright. The sisters play nice and go for a nice shop together at Kitson. What do you think of her Black and White Stripe Balenciaga? This picture is too good to pass up. Caption it!!

Isabella Fiore Large Embroidered Hobo While I do love animals, I need to keep in mind that this site is about bags. Ah yes, purses are my desire and love. I am pretty sure most of us are feeling the summer heat already and the summer heat calls for colors and fun when you accessorize. While not all of Isabella Fiore’s designs are my favorite, some are over the top in my opinion, some are tastefully ornate. The Isabella Fiore Large Embroidered Hobo shows off an intricate floral beaded design in both turquoise and brown which offsets the tan woven body. Fiore accents the floral design with leather and embroidered trim along with antiqued brass hardware. I am not a huge fan of open top bags, but with a large hobo like this, measuring 16 1/2″H x 15″W x 4″D, the bag will fold over itself. On the inside there is a cell-phone pocket, pocket for pens and pencils, and key pockets. This fun bag is available through Bergdorf Goodman for $725.

That darned thing we called technology bit me in the rear again!!! It seems that for the past month or two I was not getting any of my mail sent via the blog. So if you ever tried to contact me through the site and thought that I did not care about you- it was really that the website script did not care about me or care to show your love (or hate- yikes!) to me!

So try again please!!! And I promise I will get back to you as soon as I can!!!! :-D

You all noticed the recent emphasis on the cute two/four-legged friends that we call our beloved pets. We’ve put up a new contest that involves both your favorite bags and your favorite pets! In this contest, you have a shot at winning one of three cute LaNeige Purses – head over to our forum to see how you can enter for a chance to get your paws on a free purse! :-D

Good luck to ya’ll!

Gucci Dog Pendant

Finishing off the day of man and woman’s best friend, is a pup accessory by high end designer Gucci. Gucci may be known for their designer bags, elegant gowns, and comfy shoes, but their pet department is growing. After visiting their boutique in NYC over the weekend, I realized they really do love pet accessories (many are so pointless- like a pet sun visor!). But different strokes for different folks. If you love it and you can afford it, why not. While pricey for a drooling animal that sniffs other’s rears, the Gucci Dog Pendants are chic and shiny. On the left we have my favorite, the Gucci Heart and Dog Bone Pendant. This pendant is a heart shape made of nickel-plated brass and has a red (enamel) bone going through the middle. Buy it through Gucci for $90. And on the right we have the pendant that makes me laugh at the ridiculous engraving. The Gucci Square G Dog Pendant is made of sterling silver and has “Gucci dog” inscribed. Umm… that is soooo not me or my family or my dog or my great-great-grandchildren’s dog. If someone lost their dog and it was wearing that tag and I found it, I would have to laugh for an insane amount of time. But maybe you dig it. If so it is available for a Gucci price for your indulged Gucci dog through Gucci for $185.

Palmellato Dog Collar

I am realizing one thing today; I am leaving out any animal that does not bark (with the exception of barking parrots, cats, fish, snakes, mice, ants, etc). So for all of you non-doggie animal owners: send me anything you would like me to cover for your precious pet! Some dog owners are not big into glitz, glam and costumes. Take my family for example and the recent Dog Star Nitro. Nitro is just a regular black lab. He fits into that typical American family, which many say we are. My family would never turn Nitro into Paris Hilton’s Tinkerbell, rather keep him simple. He can be simply stylin’ in a leather collar. The Barney’s New York Palmellato Dog Collar is designed from grained leather and is available in a variety of colors. This way your simple pup can still show off his or her different moods. For example wear light orange on a sunshiny summer day or black when trying to be low key ;-). The collar measures 55 cm in length and is 2 1/2 cm wide. Choose from a variety of colors via Barney’s New York for $35.

Dog Harness

While summer is upon us (trust me, I feel it to the highest degree), there are still some nights that will be cool. And for those chilly nights, your little pup might need a bit of warmth. Because I equate summer with the ocean, the Aquatic Theme Dog Harness would be perfectly fitting for the season. The harness is designed of microsuede and fastens with Velcro. As far as sizing goes, there are 3 available sizes; 8″, 10″, and 12″. Unfortunately, my beloved Nitro is considered a ‘heavier’ breed so this is not suitable for him nor is it suitable for any ‘aggressive pullers’- so that takes out my Aunt’s Westie, Casper. But, some of you may have the perfect little pup that would look adorable in this harness. Buy it via Snooty Pets for $35.99.

Goyard Pet Travelling Bowl

After a hectic but amazing trip to NYC, I am back and ready to talk about… pets! It seems that we all love our animals so much. Nitro, my beloved Lab, has been getting quite the spotlight on the main page of the site lately. He is experiencing his 15 minutes of fame and enjoying it very much ;-) Since I am sick and feeling my animal loving side coming out today we have some exciting things for you all. First, some bags and accessories for your amazing animal. But the best part is we do have a contest that involves fashion and your animal coming up later today. Vlad will be posting what it is all about. Sit patiently and let the games begin!

To kick off today, how about a completely unnecessary designer water bowl. Ah, yes! The Goyard Pet Travelling Bowl is exactly what any posh pet needs on the family vacation. Goyard decided that your pet needs to travel and continue to experience an extravagant lifestyle, so there is a foldable easy to carry bowl. The bowl features the Goyard signature print on the outside and two metal bowls on the inside. Inquire more for your pet’s posh traveling through Goyard.

After an amazing short trip to NYC with my mom and brothers, I am back at it. After spending the past few days int he city, I realized that I a) forgot to post my mom’s Mother’s Day gift b) need more cute clothes and c) do not own nearly the bag collection of most of the population of NYC. The only part of of that list that I can really change right now is (a). Sad, but that is all that is affordable (uploading pictures that I forgot about that is!) So, without further ado, I’d love to show you all my mom’s beautiful Louis Vuitton Epi Alma.

Check out the bag and flowers (compliments of her two wonderful and always nice sons ;-) )

Louis Vuitton Epi Alma 1

And of course, the dog of dogs, Nitro poses with the beautiful bag too!

Louis Vuitton Epi Alma 6

Make sure to look at the rest of the pictures over on the forum!! Hope you all are enjoying your Memorial Day Weekend!!

Designer Sale

It’s time for tons of sales to hit the streets this weekend, with Memorial Day sales events spanning across the country. Online stores like eLuxury don’t miss out on getting in the extra sales at the end of the Spring. Now’s your chance to score some great deals on Botkier, Tod’s, Donna Karan, Pucci, or MJ bags, also shoes chic dresses and other accessories. Head on over to our favorite online store and check out their marked down items. Good luck hunting – many of the hot items go faster than ice-cold KoolAid on a hot summer day!

As I was checking out the upcoming season’s bag trends, one common attribute seemed to stand out above them all. The fall is all about BIG BAGS. Big and bold, strong and with attitude, giving the term carryall into a whole new meaning. Let the pictures do the rest of the talking:

Camilla Staerk Huge Tote
Camilla Staerk Huge Tote

Dries Van Noten Large Tote
Dries Van Noten Satchel

Chloe Large Bag
Chloe Large Leather Bag

Yes my dearest readers, it’s been quiet around here in the past week. I know it’s not really a valid excuse, but we’ve been swamped with offline responsibilities up the wazoo, sadly it’s been the blog suffering with a lack of updates. Last Wednesday I finally returned to the US after 1 1/2 years of studying abroad in Germany, and I’ve been on the hunt for an apartment ever since. I also got a new MacBook Pro, a new cell phone, had to take care of lots of appointments regarding my immigration status… things have been crazy. Megs is heading to NYC for a job interview tomorrow, so I’ve also been helping her with misc. errands that had to be taken care of prior to her departure.

Fortunately, once Megs leaves tomorrow night, I’ll have some time to catch up with you all and introduce some new, exciting changes to the blog. I’ve been playing with a redesign for quite some time now, the finishing touches are in the making and the new design should go live around Thursday. Sorry again for the slow days, we’ll be back to normal sailing once the storm sets.

In the meantime, you can always stop by our forum and engage in discussions with our members, make new friends or learn about the hottest bags, fashion dos and don’ts or rag on celebrities. But be warned – some say tPF is more addicting than crack. ;)