Burberry Denim Messenger Diaper Bag

While so many of the accessories we lust and obsess over are not essential, when you are a new mommy a diaper bag is essential. You have to be prepared at all times with diapers, bottles, food, toys, wipes, pacifiers, and whatever else I am leaving out. For the new mom who does not want to spend too much and wants a stylish yet casual bag the Burberry Denim Messenger Diaper Bag is a bull’s eye. Rather than overpowering the outside, the inside of this diaper bag is lined with the signature Novacheck pattern while the outside shows off practical and casual blue denim. Because this bag is all about practicality, there are two side pockets, a path pocket on the front flap, and a terry cloth changing pad included. The dimensions are 11″H x 5 1/2″W x 11″D. I may not be a mommie but I am half tempted to buy this bag for everyday use. Casual chic Burberry style is available through Saks for $229.

Binetti Crochet Bag

Say hello to MacGyver’s bag he wishes he always had. I can guarantee MacGyver could use this bag to make a trap, fix a bridge, make an airplane, and a tight rope that would take from the USA to Europe. The Binetti Crochet Bag is a brown woven crochet bag with loads of fringe at the base (for all of MacGyver’s goodies). There are shoulder straps with hanging charms, two inside pockets (like MacGyver would need those) and the bag measures 13″H x 19″W x 8 1/2″D. Dear Mr. MacGyver this bag can be yours for $450 via Neiman Marcus.

Prada Jute Snakeskin Hobo

I’ve been getting some requests lately to talk more about Prada. I would love to if Prada only make more bags and had a website that was a little more helpful than a simple bump on a log. Until then, I will stay on the hunt for more Prada bags and will let you all know when I find them. Right now let’s take a look at center stage. The Prada Jute/Snakeskin Hobo is here in time for summer. There is a bit of glitz with the gold snakeskin on the top and bottom sides but the bag is toned down perfectly with the woven jute body and tan leather trim. Oh the strap you will find buckle details. Prada finishes this bag off with its logo on a wooden plate smack dab in the middle of the front of the bag. Overall the hobo measures 11¾”H X 15″L X 4¼”W and is readily available through Saks for $1490.

Louis Vuitton Almas

For every brand there are a few signature bags that everyone seemingly knows and loves. For some reason my brain is not working great right now so my example is beyond obvious: What bag to you associate with Hermes? For all the wise-guys who didn’t say Birkin, you should be ashamed of yourselves for not taking my game seriously ;-) When it comes to Louis Vuitton there are a few signature bags that stick out in my head. The Speedy is one for sure, but so is the Alma. There are some beautiful Alma’s that can not go unnoticed right now.

Louis Vuitton Damier Alma

The Louis Vuitton Damier Alma is an alluring shape with the chic Damier print and is accented with smooth ebony leather trim. This bag is the perfect size for work or fun measuring 12″ L x 9″ H x 7″ W. The Alma opens wide with a double zip top closure to show off terracotta canvas lining and a cell-phone and patch pocket. Add the Damier canvas to the Alma line via eLuxury for $835.

Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Alma

But if you are looking for no print or pattern and only simply divine leather, give your attention to the Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Alma. Available in myrtille or black/silver this Alma shows off gorgeous textured Epi leather and is accented with smooth leather trim. While the myrtille is gorgeous, the black/silver makes me go ga-ga. There is a full double zipper closure with a padlock which opens to alcantara lining along with a small inside pocket and cell phone pocket. This Alma also measures 12″ L x 9″ H x 7″ W, and looks like the perfect work bag to me. Buy it through eLuxury for $990.

Earlier today I reported about HH’s launch party for their W06 collection. Silly me didn’t realize that it was a press event only. So please disregard what you read about it, you’ll have to just read about their new line on the PB. Not that that’s a bad thing at all. ;)

Dior Western Leather Ballerina
Let’s start off the week with something other than bags. Yes, this is the purse blog, but I know so many of you love all the other accessories out there. After a weekend loving the beautiful weather and the trees in bloom, I decided I want a new pair of shoes. I am not sure if I can get myself to buy a really nice pair, but I can always be easily swayed. The Dior Western Leather Ballerina makes my feet feel like a piece of heaven is down here on earth. These ballerina shoes go along with the Gaucho western-style that has everyone oohing and aahing right now. Because it is the color of the season, I would opt for the color that I know I would make dirty, white leather. There is contrast topstitching and a leather strap with the focal antiqued silver metal Dior buckle and small key charm. Could these shoes be any cuter? Showing off its comfort and appeal, these shoes implement a round toe with slightly elasticized sides and a padded leather insole which come together for the most divine mixture your feet can experience. For casual or dress up, these shoes get my vote. I am not sure if I can justify spending the money on a white pair of shoes at the time (seeing that I am somewhat broke), but wouldn’t it be nice. For you lucky ladies, buy these absolute beauties through eLuxury for $395.

I have probably told you all that I will stop talking about the Fendi Spy ten times now. I lied. Fendi realized what a huge fashion impact the Spy has been and won’t stop producing these bad boys. I’m not going to blame them; some of the Spys are to die for. Right now there are two new ones that I am torn between. Torn as in which one I like more. So I will leave it up to all of you to decide between the two beautiful beauties.

Fendi Floral Spy Satchel

First there is the Fendi Floral Spy Satchel. This bag intertwines the ‘it’ color of spring and summer, white, with an intricate floral appliqués on front. Absolutely divine! The hardware is both golden and silver metal and there is a front flap for opening. The handle is the leather spy woven handle that we have seen every time. My heart, my eyes, my wallet… Buy it for $2840 through Neiman Marcus.

Fendi Metallic Spy Satchel

Behind door number two, is the beautiful and subtle Fendi Metallic Spy Satchel. I would be a little less sure about this bag, but after seeing Kelly Osbourne carrying it (yes, odd that I use her as a fashion icon right now) I am in love with this bag too. This spy bag is made with metallic gold/silver leather and shows off woven trim. Accented in golden hardware and metallic gold woven leather top handles, the bag shows of glitz and glam without over-doing it. Honestly, this bag has my attention so well. It could dress up any outfit and is so fun and flirty. Buy it through Neiman Marcus for $2410.

What to do, what to do… both bags are gorgeous!! Would you pick number 1 or number 2?? :-D

Bebe Work to Weekend Bag

A weekend get-a-way sounds pretty nice right about now. Who else needs one? For a bag that can be used during the week then double over for a weekend carryall, don’t neglect to think of Bebe. I know for my weekend bag or airplane carry-on I don’t want to spend an exorbitant amount of money because it always gets roughed up quite nicely. The Bebe Work to Weekend Bag is a trendy carryall in a logo embossed leather. The shape is alluring and the two front pockets with buckle detailing add some extra space and access for smaller goods. The bag is nothing extraordinary, but I would feel comfortable throwing this bag around to get some good use for my much needed weekend vacations or on the airplane. Buy it through Bebe for $298.

Avril Lavigne

Who would have thought that the sk8er boi girl would sport a real cute bag? Is Avril Lavigne all grown up and leaving her punk roots to become a fashionista? Nahh. But she has opted to wear a trendy bag. Avril Lavigne was spotted wearing the Kooba Sienna Bag. The Sienna is perfectly fitting for this punk girl, it has chunky handles and detailing and studs. I always kind of liked Avril and now I do a little more. If you love the Kooba Sienna buy it through eLuxury.

Kelly Osbourne

Could it be that the entire Osbourne family played clean up?? I still remember seeing both Jack and Kelly far from desirable and now they both have lost weight and cleaned up their acts. I see matching outfits, ‘normal’ hair colors, and a sense of style and fashion. Wow, I think Kelly has an edge on me right now and that is just sad. I better go shop (yep I just gave myself a reason to!). Kelly Osbourne was seen looking chic with a beautiful Fendi Spy Bag that I have yet to see. Kelly nabbed a beautiful metallic Spy that is so flirty and fun- lucky gal. Check out some of the other Fendi Bags via eLuxury (not this particular one).

(Thanks likeafeather77!)

Heidi Klum

After the baby, comes toys and baby clothes shopping!! Heidi Klum and Seal were out buying a huge Giraffe stuffed animal recently and the blond beauty was carrying a bag in the color of the season. Heidi Klum articulates her sense of style and great taste with the YSL White Ostrich Muse. White is the color of the season and exotics are always chic in my opinion, so Heidi really is a huge hit with this bag. I am jealous. I want one. Check out some YSL bags via Bergdorf Goodman.

(Thanks likeafeather77!)

Jessica Simpson

Time has not been on my side lately. But I am going to try to find more of it. Today’s posts are late but they are here! For today, let’s live vicariously through the celebs. I catch myself checking out celebrity style all the time. For starters Jessica Simpson has been seen sporting the Louis Vuitton Manhattan GM Bag. Some are fans, some are not, but either way I know that Jessica has a much better collection that I can ever dream to have. Check out all the Louis Vuitton bags at eLuxury. And PS- Dear Jessica: why did you cheat on Nick?