Chloe Large Betty Satchel

Some of the most compliments I have received are from my most simplistic looks. The days when I throw my hair up, toss on a simple tee-shirt, and throw on a pair of sassy jeans is when people tell me that I look amazing. I never understood that, but my mom always told me to ‘go with it’. I think I have found the perfect and most chic ‘go with it’ bag. The Chloe Large Betty Satchel manifests itself in simplicity and beauty. I can’t put my finger on why I love this Chloe handbag so much, but I just love how it looks so great without much effort. The hardware is silver metal which compliments the leather beautifully (available in gray or ivory). While the bag has shoulder straps with rings and a zip top, those are not the features that have drawn me in. Rather the four front zip pockets and the zip top coin purse have me sold on this bag. I am not always a fan of pockets, but this bag seems to intertwine the use of pockets and beauty perfectly for my liking. Roomy enough for all of you goods, the satchel measures 16″H x 17″W x 6″D. Pre-order through Saks for $1800.

Gucci Evening BagWhen it comes to evening wear, I don’t think it is a bad idea to may an eye-catching statement. And since we are all handbag pasionistas, why not make the statement with an ornate evening bag. The Gucci Evening Bag shows off a catena chain strap, a push-lock bamboo closure, and a jeweled bloom charm. Since I am a Florida girl at heart, the flower in the middle of the bag just suits me very well. If Gucci would elaborate a bit more on the materials, I could give you much more info, but we gotta work with what we have. This evening bag measures 5.9 x 4 inches. I see this bag being worn by the bold and daring ladies who aren’t afraid to spice up their wardrobe. Buy it through Gucci for $1895.

Cole Haan Large Carryall Sierra Embroidery Collection

Finally, an entry for Viewer’s Choice Monday!! Thanks to Jaffa for finding a lovely collection by the reasonable Cole Haan. Jaffa has fallen in love with the Sierra Embroidery Collection in which she loves both the shape and color variation of the bags. If you love the look of an embroidered bag, the Cole Haan Large Carryall Sierra Embroidery Collection implements both color and variety to allure you. This large carryall is beautifully embroidered with a blue/teal multi color canvas pattern. The hardware of the bag shows off an antiqued brass finish. To break up the pattern a bit, the shoulder straps come down to the bag’s body and cris- cross on the front. Measuring up at 20″L x 13″H x 6″W this bag is fun and ferocious for spring. Are you on Jaffa’s side, is this bag for you? Buy it via Cole Haan for $395.

So many owners of small dogs love carrying their itsty bitsy in pet carriers. But if you really want to accessorize your pooch, why not turn your dog into your bag. Sounds weird, I know, but it is do-able. Actually, the way that Pampered Puppy shows these puppy purses has me laughing. Your dog can be worn oh-so many ways, including around the waist as a fanny pack, like a messenger bag, a tote, or you can remove the straps. HAHAHA. Read on…

Shorten the straps and wear your PuppyPurse like a shoulder bag – perfect for a window-shopping excursion. Lengthen the straps to wear it across your chest for added comfort and stability on those longer walks or adventurous hikes. Readjust the straps and wear the PuppyPurse like a fanny pack – great for tandem power walking or if you just need to free up both arms. The straps are removable and every PuppyPurse comes with a set of tote handles for carrying your dog by hand. And should your pup actually want a break from all the pampering to get some exercise, you can also detach one end of the strap and use it as a leash!

Mardi Woof Puppy Purse

Since Mardi Gras is approaching quickly, why not deck your dog out in appropriate purse attire. The Mardi Woof Puppy Purse shows off color and flair with feathers and an aerated body. Buy it through Modern Tails for $59.95.

Yummy Yeti Puppy Purse

Next, if you are looking to make your furry dog look even furrier, there is the Yummy Yeti Puppy Purse. This shaggy, faux fur ‘purse’ seems so overly odd to me that I just laugh. Available for $79.95 through Modern Tails.

Ruffington Steele Puppy Purse

If you have the pup that needs to be the center of attention, why not take a look at the extravagant Ruffington Steele Puppy Purse. From the chain to the silver embroidery thread, this carrier just has me wondering if this is all real. Buy it via Modern Tails for $79.95.

Kooba Large Carla Bag with BraidWhile braids are such a trademark of young girls, I never quite liked them. One reason may be because I hated letting my mom do my hair and I couldn’t figure it out myself or even just that I was not good at making braids. As much as I am not a fan of hair braids for myself, I am not a fan of huge braids on a bag. The Kooba Large Carla Bag with Braid is a chestnut polished leather that is cinched at the top with a huge braided leather belt. No thanks. While the bag is described as bohemian chic, I really just see a big awkward and stiff braid. Maybe the antiqued brass hardware accents the bag nicely; then again maybe the hardware is not enough. The shoulder strap is also braided, but it is the braid that brings the top of the bag together that I can not get over. It is so overpowering, especially since it ties in the front and finishes with tassels that are way too long. This bag measures 13″ x 12″ x 6.5″ and maybe one of you likes it, who knows! Buy it via eLuxury for $650.

Dior Gaucho Denim Leather Medium Saddle BagNo, I can not get my mind off the Gaucho. I have seen so many of the wonderful people on the forum post their beautiful Christian Dior handbags and I still yearn for one. If you are opting for the medium bag, gander at the beautiful Dior Gaucho Denim/Leather Medium Saddle Bag. I love this color combination, and unlike the off-white shade that I want, this bag won’t show dirt as easily. This Gaucho is made of denim with calf leather trim alongside lambskin links trim and contrasting topstitching. The chunky antiqued silver metal hardware helps show off the desired look of this bag. There is something about this bag that draws me in; whether it is the medallion and large key dangling from the front, the perfectly placed square pocket under the front flap, the saddle shaped flap pocket, or the chunky silver metal hardware. If you are wanting a Gaucho as bad as me, check out the medium size (which measures 13.5″ x 7″ x 2.75″). Buy this denim beauty via eLuxury for $1,180.

Miu Miu Crochet Bags

When I think of crochet, I stereotypically think of a hobby of older women. Shame on me, but there are some pre-conceived notions that we all can’t kick. Then again, in college I had a roommate who showed me that knitting and crocheting is not just for the stereotypical ‘person’, because my roommate sure did make a kick butt blanket or two. What about when it comes to bags? Miu Miu has released two crotchet bags and I want to hear your opinion on if you like crotchet in general and which bag you like better. On the left, we have the Miu Miu Crochet Frame Bag which shows off a natural color crochet with a contrast leather frame and handle. This bag measures 8¼”H X 14¼”L X 4″W. Pre-order the bag behind door number 1 for $850 through Saks. Then on the right we have the Miu Miu Crochet Bag which is quite similar and shows off the natural crochet with a darker contrasting leather strap and trim. This bag is a bit of a different shape and measures 9½”H X 14¼”L X 3¼”W. Purchase the bag behind door number 2 also for $850 via Saks.

Chanel Ostrich 2.55

It has been a while since Chanel has graced us with its ubiquitous beauty. Thanks to the lovely Chanel Amour, we can always be updated on the hard to find Chanel goodies. Mixing exotic with classic, the Chanel Ostrich 2.55 has me drooling. Delicately made from supple ivory ostrich leather, this bag may be the perfect Chanel handbag to add to your collection. The 2.55, after all, is one of the most sought after bags, so if you love exotics and you love the 2.55, you may just love this bag. Inquire through your nearest Chanel boutique; retail price goes for $7,650.00.

Gap Canvas ToteOk so we all want and love those high end bags. But I won’t lie; I simply can not afford everything I want. I may try to justify it to myself over and over, but when the money isn’t there I can’t swipe the card. For the gal on a budget or just the gal who needs a bag that can use every bit of wear and tear we experience in everyday life, Gap has some great solutions. One of the best and most affordable tote options I have seen in a while is the Gap Canvas Tote. Available in quite a few colors and patterns, this tote bag is made of quality cotton canvas and is machine washable. There is also contrast trim, double top handles, side pockets, and the tote closes with a snap at the top. Perfect for the beach, for errands, for just about anything. So bring on the dirt and not worrying about where you put this bag! For a price of $19.50 via Gap, I seriously don’t see how you could go wrong.

Tods Decoupage Shopping Media Bag

I love when new catalogues come out. Thanks to eLuxury, our favorite advertising partners, there are a new set of bags for all of us to gawk over. I can’t help but love the preppy and stylish look of someone wearing matching shoes with their bag. I don’t find it overpowering at all, rather perfectly fitting. For today, Tod’s is going to fill my shoe and bag want and need. Starting off with the super sleek Tod’s Decoupage Shopping Media, you see perfectly lines and color combinations for a fun and powerful look. Designed from woven linen fabric with textured leather trim, this bag shows that contrasting textures and shapes can be harmonious. The front flap pocket is made from green sueded leather and closes with a golden button. The inside of the bag contains a center zip compartment and two open side compartments, along with a zip pocket, and textile lining. There is something so sleek and clean about this Tod’s bag (dimensions: 14.5″ x 7.25″ x 5″). I love the combination of green suede leather with linen. Perfect for spring, especially if you go all out and buy the matching pumps. Buy the bag via eLuxury for $845.
Tods Coupe Pump

But like I said, today is geared for the shoe and bag combo. You see the bag, now I can’t let you pass up the opportunity to see this super preppy and ultra- chic pump. Did I mention that it matches and compliments the bag perfectly? The Tod’s Coupe Pump shows off a flirty open toe alongside a muted lamé with smooth leather trim which is further accented by polished and gold metal studs. For a feminine touch, there are leather ties through two golden grommets along with “Driving sole” rubber dots detail at the back of the heel. Don’t think Tod’s will forget to leave your feet touching anything other than smooth leather lining and insoles! Finishing off this must have pump with 3.25″ stacked wood heel, Tod’s has lured me in quite nicely. Make this elegant pair of pumps a part of your collection through eLuxury for $375.

Coach changes their lines as often as I change my pants. Ok maybe not that much, and don’t get some weird thought about me changing my pants, but you know what I mean. For some fun and colorful spring and summer fun, Coach has recently released the Coach Hampton’s Weekend Collection ’06.

Coach Hamptons Patchwork Soft Tote

First let me introduce you to the Coach Hampton’s Patchwork Soft Tote. Bright and light, this tote shows off a plethora of pastel colored patches, including Signature lurex, scribble sateen cotton, stripe sateen cotton, Signature floral print, zebra print, and Signature jacquard fabric. Perfect to add a bright touch to any outfit, the tote also has an outside zip pocket and an additional outside pocket with a hidden magnetic closure. While many of us love our totes, we hate having an open top tote, in fear that we may loose something or someone may decide to make us loose something. Thankfully this bag has a zip-top closure, which makes way to the fabric lining, inside zip pocket, and a multi-function pocket. The tote measures 15 (L) x 10 1/2 (H) x 5 (W) and is now available via Coach for $498.

Coach Hamptons Weekend Scribble Travel Satchel

Next we have one of the newest shapes of Coach, with an added spin. The Coach Hampton’s Weekend Scribble Travel Satchel sports a new and travel friendly shape, along with a multicolor scribble cotton sateen with leather and suede. There are pockets galore on this bag, including outside zip pockets, two side zip pockets, and an inside multi-function and zip pocket. This bag closes with a zip top and shows off fabric lining and a luggage tag. If I were carrying this bag, it would be a cute and airplane friendly carry-on sizing up at 20 (L) x 11 7/8 (H) x 7 3/4 (W). Buy it through Coach for $348.

Make sure to check out the rest of the new line at Coach’s online store!

Chloe Paddington Croc Satchel

When you think of nearly $13,000, do you think of buying a handbag? Most of the world would say no in a heart beat. The people like ‘us’, the selective group of fellow handbag lovers, would say mmm a Birkin! But would you ever change your mind and say ‘mmmm, a Croc Paddy!’ Chloe is hoping there will be a very elite market to draw in when selling the Chloe Paddington Croc Satchel. Delicately and intricately designed from luscious chocolate crocodile, this satchel shows off golden hardware and the signature padlock closure and tassel with key. The least Chloe can do is offer metal feet to protect the base of the bag. I am under the assumption that the inside is still only lined in cloth, which makes me wonder if the crocodile used to make this bag was a limited edition extinct species. Either way, this Chloe handbag measures 8″H x 14 2/3″W x 7 1/2″D. Pre-order the satchel through Saks for $12,880.