Tom Binns Earrings and Keychain

AlohaRag of Hawaii describes Tom Binns as an “an Irish designer full of anger”. Frankly, I can see where that is coming from. Whether his designs are really “showcasing his creativity and boldness, while at the same time creating plenty of controversy” is really up to the eye of the beholder to judge. To me, I am not quite sure what demographic niche Tom is trying to market his creations to. I don’t see a pale goth girl in black wearing golden dagger earrings, nor do I want to picture an elegant towngirl sport the bombastic Mickey pendant on a girl’s night out. Perhaps, it’s geared towards the modern rebel who has called out her personal Jihad on those facets of life that treat her unfairly? I don’t know. Maybe I am ignorant. Please tell if I am.

Prices range from $154 for the earrings, to a stunning $340 for the grendade keychain. Available via Aloha Rag.

DKNY Antique Statchel Handbag

Versatile leather satchel in Mineral, marked down 40% – sale price $138.95 – Link

Dior Vintage Logo Large Shopper

For this Viewer’s Choice Monday, let’s start off with the bad. Many of you over at the forum know about Noriko’s love of Christian Dior handbags, but this Dior is not really catching her eye all that much. The Dior Vintage Logo Large Shopper is a bit overwhelming for both Noriko and my own taste. Maybe you will feel different about the mix of vintage Dior logo jacquard canvas paired with smooth grained brown leather. Personally for me, it is the logo that I just don’t like. For some reason the Dior logo is too much to handle for my taste. But there is an aspect of this bag that is completely unique and could catch your eye. The zip top of this bag folds over to create a flap which buckles to the front. So really, this bag doubles over as a messenger or if you unbuckle it and use it all it makes the perfect shopper. For me, if this were a solid pattern, I would love it much more. Other features include long removable shoulder strap, rolled leather straps on the flap, a large antiqued silver metal CD plaque at the bottom, and the bag is lined in textile lining with large inside zipped pocket. The picture when the bag is rolled up may fool you, because the dimensions of 17.7″ x 11.8″ x 8.3″ reveal that this is quite the large shopper. Let Noriko and I know what you think about this one- because it seems that both she and I are a bit undecided. Buy it via eLuxury for $1295.

Lifepod Rock Steady Stereo Beat BagRemember the infamous boom boxes? Oh yes, those were cool. I’m a little late on announcing this bag, but it is too cool to pass up. A few weeks ago at the MacWorld Expo, Lifepod of New York introduced the world a golden metallic bag containing stereo speakers and a subwoofer if it all wasn’t enough. If you see the shine and hear the boom, it is coming from the Lifepod Rock Steady Stereo Beat Bag. This bag takes 4 AA batteries and is compatible with any mp3 player but also works with the beloved and chic iPod. As much as this bag sounds so cool (literally), the sound will not be as loud as many of you would love and the life may not last all that long. Oh well, still seems like am awesome idea to me. I wouldn’t even rock out any new music; I’d go old school with some MC Hammer or Vanilla Ice and rock this bad boy out. As for now there is no pricing info- which makes the bag even more appealing because we can pretend it is a mere $30 and we can all afford it and jam with it whenever and wherever we see fit. [via I4U News]

Michael Michael Kors Studio Crossbody

$282 bucks via Zappos!

P.S. To those who follow our blog religiously, I’m sure you’ve noticed that there’s a new category! The Bag Deals cover affordable bags and deals on chic bags that deserve being mentioned and shared. I know we tend to cover bags of the expensive spectrum most of the time, this new category should bring some balance into things. ;)

Louis Vuitton iPod Shuffle CaseFor some strangely disturbing reason, I never fully caught on to the whole Apple iPod hype. My Sony MiniDisc player was my daily companion for several years, eventually a tiny iPod Shuffle replaced it that Megs got me a few months ago. But I never got to appreciate the rotating wheel and the vastness of accessories that the regular iPod had to offer. Since I got the Shuffle, I used colorful plastic covers that only protect the ‘pod’s front from getting scratched. To this day, they still remind me of those green hospital robes that keep patient’s back buttocks exposed… Yeah, I’m weird like that.

Louis Vuitton provide a full cover alternative, to those who want to let their Shuff’ dangle off their necks in style. The Louis Vuitton iPod Shuffle Cover is crafted from LV’s signature Monogram Multicolore canvas and lined with peach natural calf leather. Now isn’t that something? The fashionable cover has its price though – 130 dollars American. Certainly more than the generic $15 plastic covers, but let’s be honest to ourselves. The Apple designs deserve better.

Marc Jacobs Collection Cropped Flare Pant

Sunday is one of my favorite days of the week. For some reason, Sunday feels about 182 times lazier than Saturday. It always has to me. It is more of a lazy unproductive day for me than any other. Typically I don’t get out of my PJ’s until about 2 pm (that is if I do ;-) ). So while I understand wanting to wear comfortable clothes, I also find some ‘comfortable’ clothes unappealing. Having nothing to do with bags at all, I’d like to introduce you to a pair of pants that I don’t quite understand. I stumbled upon the Marc Jacobs Collection Cropped Flare Pants and immediately became perplexed. Usually the models on the sites/in the magazines can pull off the craziness of clothes, but I don’t think these pants look flattering at all. Yet, these pants are a distinctly look straight from the Spring 2006 runway show, which means I may be way out of style this spring since I don’t like these pants. Made from 100% cotton, the cropped flare pant ‘sits low on the hips and then flares out with brio to create a voluminous leg that stops just short of the ankle- pair with a more fitted top for striking style’. If you were to wear these pants and did not pair them with a fitted top, it would look even more wrong in my opinion. The pants also have two pleats on each side, side trouser pockets, a back flap pocket on the left, and a back besom pocket on the right. I’m quite tall and I can imagine myself looking like an oompa-loopma in these. To me, it would take an extraordinary person to pull these pants off. Am I wrong? Buy these cotton pants for a hefty $875 via eLuxury.

Prada Python HoboIn the spirit of my love of python, I figure I will show you another slithery amphibian bag. Yikes, did that just make using python sound bad?? Nahh. But this python Prada bag doesn’t nearly get me the way the beautiful white tote did. The Prada Python Hobo is an open top bag featuring silver metal hardware and a really big freggin’ Prada logo on the front. In case you really are wanting everyone near and far to be able to tell the brand of your bag, Prada designed this larger than necessary logo to make you feel noticed as a wearer of Prada. Personally, I don’t like the pattern on this bag in general (although it may be natural). The hobo is quite a good size, 11¾”H X 15″L X 4¼”W, which only further clarifies my statement that the logo will be huge. Different strokes for different folks though, right? Buy this python via Saks for $1550. Again California is left out, but I am not sure too many of you Cali peeps will be all that disappointed.

Lambertson Truex Python Tote

California may have Hollywood, sunshine, Beverly Hills, beaches, shopping, and pretty much every gorgeous guy on the face of the planet, but they can’t have this beautiful tote shipped to them! (Sorry my Cali guys, just giving you a hard time ;-) ). I have always had a soft spot for python bags. And with white being the “it” color this spring, the beautiful Lambertson Truex Python Tote has caught my eye. This large tote (10″H x 18″W x 6″D) is made of white python which is accented with silver metal hardware. Simplicity and elegance at its finest is shown with the shoulder strap with rings and the gathered body which comes together on both sides of the bag. My heart melts for white and for python, so my heart is in a puddle right now. My wallet is also whimpering at this unaffordable price tag of $2250 via Neiman Marcus. So actually, California or not, I am still missing out :-(

Jana Feifer Leather Personalized Monogram Hobo

Your name distinguishes you from everyone else around you. This doesn’t mean that someone else does not have your exact name, because I am pretty sure most of us have duplicate named people out there- but it still makes you unique. While I am trying to not bash individuality, I just can’t ever imagine myself carrying a bag with “M”‘s all over it. It would just seem silly to me. So, I am sorry Miss Feifer, but I don’t think these ‘personalized’ bags were a good idea (this may possibly be why they are marked down 80% now!). The Jana Feifer Leather Personalized “Monogram” Hobo is derived from lambskin leather with initials coming in the color combination of white with pink, yellow and orange initials; or chocolate with camel initials. I realize that Jana Feifer specializes in personalized bags, but I actually don’t ever see myself wanting one. I am totally not into just sporting my initial just because it starts off my beautiful name. Finished off with camel suede interior with large zipper compartment and goldtone hardware, this hobo is sooo not for me. Buy your letter for $77.99 via Adasa.

Tods Smooth Leather Cindy Ballerina ShoesI love rocking chairs. Always fun to rock back and forth and back and forth. But what about a rocking chair for your feet? Tod’s figured it would be a good idea. Whether or not these shoes actually end up being comfortable in the long run, I find them hideous. Not to mention, I am pretty sure my toes are cringing and playing turtle- by hiding back in their shell- when they look at these uncomfortable shaped shoes. Let me introduce your feet to the Tod’s Smooth Leather Cindy Ballerina Shoes. No thanks for me. These shoes are leather slip-ons with crisscross detail on the sides and golden accents. The toe is squared, which would add even more throbbing pain to my feet. Lucky or unlucky for you, the sides are elasticized. These elasticized shoes scare me thinking that the already add form and shape would only loose the little bit of support they have with the elastic, and I will surely get hurt. I am almost positive that I would topple over and tumble down the hill to a big bump on the head if I wore these shoes. If you are looking for rocking chair shoes that are pretty sure to cause an accident and look hideous to outsiders, buy these suckers through eLuxury for $345.

Dior Pony Leopard Saddle Pouch

I know that animal prints can sometimes be in style and by cute, but also can be seriously over the top. How about NO, Dior!!! What the heck is going on with this bag?! The Dior Saddle bags have come out in a plethora of styles and varieties, but some are just major no-no’s. This is definitely one of them. Feast your eyes on the Dior Pony Leopard Saddle Pouch. It reminds me of Halloween, meets drag queen, meets Mardi-Gras, meets stripper, meets ALL WRONG. Somehow, the bag is said to “exudes contemporary glamour”. I may not have been crowned Miss Glamorous 2006, but I do know that this bag is not glamour. Made from leopard-printed calf hair and finished with red calfskin and golden metal hardware, I see this bag being carried by un-stylish wanna be stylish Tarzan’s Jane. Um yes, that sentence was confusing English, but I know you followed. This mess of a bag is being sold by eLuxury for $490. Get it while it is hot and before it is sold out! I’m sure Lady Jane (above) wouldn’t mind sharing her style tips with you…