Is anyone done with hearing about Chloe? My guess would be that some people are, but I sure am not. I can’t fall out of love with my Paddy- it is my baby. I wear that bag and my arm feels so privileged! Vlad even loves it; heck my dad even loves it! So if you like the Paddy but want a little bit of a different style Chloe keeps on inventing for you. The Chloe Large Paddington Hobo looks like that familiar Paddington, feels like that familiar Paddington, sports the lock of that familiar Paddington, it nearly is that familiar Paddington… but a little different. This hobo is made of ivory leather with brown edging and beautiful golden hardware and studs. The hobo, unlike its ever popular prom queen sister, only sports one shoulder strap. The hobo style closes up with a zip top and the coveted and ever signature padlock and extended tab. The paddy hobo measures 10 4/5″H x 14 2/5″W x 7 2/5″D. For the same price as the ‘regular’ Paddy, the Chloe handbag is on pre-order via Saks for $1500. Tell us which bag you prefer!

Power PurseThere is no need denying that every woman carries a lot of useless crap around with her in her precious purse. I’m sure tons of you all have iPods or some sort of other portables that you cram in there, too. Joe Hynek of Iowa State University developed a fantastic symbiosis of tech and fashion and made carrying that extra battery charger a thing of the past. More room for more junk in the purse, whee! The bag’s outside is completely covered with solar panels which convert the sweet sun light into energy which, in turn, is stored in internal batteries. Your portable can be charged via the complementary USB port. Ingenius! Why didn’t anyone think of that before? And at a price of roughly 300 quid, it’s not even that expensive.

HotRomz Infamous iPod Case

I have to venture to say that Steve Jobs is a kid at heart. Do any of you have the new Mac computers? Well I do. A beautiful G5 to be precise, and this puppy is so sexy and so much fun. But I’m not going to lie. I have spent countless hours of wasted time on here. It is not hours wasted on anything productive, it is hours wasted on the Mac Photobooth. Steve Jobs- you are my hero. This handy Photobooth tool has all sorts of effects options that can keep you occupied all day. I have been able to make myself look so undesirably hideous that it is laughable. I really hope some of you have played with this program and know what I am talking about. Rumor has it that Jobbs even remarked on how much fun the Photobooth is. This leads me to believe that Mr. Apple himself is a kid at heart. His iPods may be sexy and chic, but Steveo is all about a little bit of fun. So why not add some frill and craziness to protect your Mac magic?

So for a fun furry iPod protector the HotRomz Infamous iPod Case is a strong contender. Ok so I know it is a little crazy, maybe a little too crazy, but it sure is fun. Made of ‘soft furry threads mixed delicately with multi-colored chenille balls’, this would be a soft iPod protector that looks a bit like a party favor and a bit like a sewing job gone bad. Some of the specs that HotRomz leaves us with really makes me laugh, including: “Made in the USA, not in China! and iPod not included”. This crazy little thing comes in a variety of colors. I like this ‘infamous’ color choice if any. The kiwi lime color reminds me a little bit of a tissue during cold season. Yikes. If you want to have fun protecting your iPod since we all are a little crazy at heart, buy one of this fluffy, furry, artsy, weird designs via HotRomz for $29.95.

Well ladies and gents, for the holiday season we did not want to disappoint you! I know many of you are busy with family and friends, but why not try to win a thing or two this holiday season. The first contests are completed, and the winners have been announced. I will be sending out their bags from the lovely Kristy of LaNeige Purses tomorrow! As for the rest of you, never fear- we have some more beautiful bags to give away. Again we will have some contests coming up with opportunities for you to win a bag from LaNeige Purses. The bags that are up for grabs are all different shapes, sizes, materials, and colors- so I am sure one of the bags will meet your wants! I also have a special treat in store for one lucky lady (or gent, but this is a little more feminine than not). Next week there will be a chance for one of you to win a Coach Mini iPod Case. This one is mighty cute- shows off a blue butterfly and can be a perfect present for yourself or late gift for someone else if you are that desperate. So sit tight and be prepared to try to win some contests!!

Keep on Purse Bloggin’!! And Happy Holidays from the Purse Blog folks (aka Vlad and I) to the rest of you! :-D

So ladies (and gents of course!), during this holiday season I am sure many of us got a new bag or two that we love. Even if we did not get a bag, I am sure there are some cool gifts floating around out there. So let’s share with each other some of our favorite gifts. I have a treat for all of you a bit later (I got quite the BEAUTIFUL new bag!!) and I have to show all of you the Dior wallet Vlad bought me! Start us off by showing us your most prized holiday gifts!! :-D

Join our present discussion on the forum! We’d love to hear from you!!

Lacoste Large Canvas Logo ToteI find it adorable when a mom and daughter wear something that matches. Call me corny if you want to, but I can’t resist it. Even better if it is a preppy little tote bag. The Lacoste Canvas Tote bag comes in both large and mini, and while the mini is not said to be for little girls, wouldn’t it be cute? The Lacoste Large Canvas Logo Tote would be easy to carry on your way out the door to get the kids to and from wherever or just for a day of errands. The tote is either available in blue/green or red/blue and is laid out with a cream canvas. Of course there are the cute little crocs all over the tote. The tote gleams with silver metal hardware, has an open top, and measures 15″H x 27″W x 6 1/2″D. But the large tote for mommie (or really for whoever) via Neiman Marcus for $125.

Lacoste Mini Canvas Logo ToteNow we come to the mini-me, which I still think would be so cute to have the little girl matching mommie or sisters matching one another. The Lacoste Mini Canvas Tote is also available in the red/blue or blue/green scheme and is on a cream canvas with larger crocodile print. This bag also has the silver metal hardware and open top. The mini measures 15 3/10″H x 21 1/2″W x 9″D. Wait a bloody minute- how can a mini measure nearly the same as the large… Ok anyhow. Buy the so-called mini through Neiman Marcus for $95.

** Note: After a long night out celebrating with friends and family, I realize that either I am incredibly more dumb than I thought, or the measurements for these bags are off. Maybe in my ‘late night out’ state I really read into the fact that large should mean big and mini should mean small. Looks to me like my post makes no sense and is not justifiable because the dimensions of the bag are so similar. Can this be true? Not to mention, if they are the same size why the $30 difference in price. Someone explain… and also, if this is incredibly ridiculous- don’t be too harsh with me. It’s been a long and wonderful night!! ;-)

Carlos Falchi Laser Cut Tote

Some of us are a little southern or have a little southern twang. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m kind of a country girl. Well, that is a lie. I’m quite the city girl, but I do like to believe I have a little country in me somewhere. If you like to think the same thing or if you are just trying to get in on the Western style vibe out there, there is a bag I’d love for you to look at. The Carlos Falchi Laser-Cut Tote has a rugged name along with its rugged look. This tote is crafted from pearlized smoke pebble-grain leather with red/rust/gold/green/and purple floral embroidery and some colorful whipstiching trim. It all sounds like a bit much, because it is a bit much. But for some this laser- cut scroll pattern tote may be just that country piece you have been looking for. I have the awful problem of being able to picture myself wearing so many bags with a few outfits, but the truth is there is no way I can afford that. With all its jazz, this bag may warm up to the country girl in you- or make the city girl in you realize why you like the city. Either way this bag can be purchased through Neiman Marcus for $795.

Burberry Leather Hobo Bag

For those of you who celebrated Christmas yesterday, I hope it was a good one. Santa thought I was a nice girl this year so I am smiling. And Vlad must have thought I was really nice this year too, because he treated me with a beautiful Dior wallet!! (pics to come :-D). For those of you who got some money to spend, why not jump right into the search for a perfect bag (or for those of you who have yet to celebrate this holiday season). For those of you who love the classic check pattern of Burberry, but also love some simplicity, the Burberry Leather Hobo Bag is quite appealing. This bag shows off a small check trim which lines the leather hobo bag. The bag is available in black, white, and cognac. Personally, I really like all three options. The simplicity of this bag is pulled together with a leather tab with a snap and button closure. Keepin’ it classy as usually, Burberry uses brass hardware to accent this bag. On the inside you will find a zip pocket and canvas lining and a cell phone pocket. This bag is not too big, not too small: 10″ x 8″ x 3″. I do wonder how the bag will fit under your arm and hang, because we all know we don’t want some good looking awkward fitting bag under our arm. But I do know that this Burberry handbag is a classy option if you are looking for a practical leather bag. Spend that money you just got via Burberry for $650.

Dear readers,
we wish you all Merry Christmas and a wonderful time with whoever you may spend the holidays with. We will be back in full force on Monday to satisfy your cravings for more bags — til then it’s time to chill and dedicate time to the ones you love the most.

Megs + Vlad

Christmas Contest

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! As Christmas is just about to stumble over the doorstep into our family’s homes, Megs and I at the Purse Blog feel the need to spread some love!

Thanks to wonderful Kristy Sobel at La Neige Purse, we’ll be giving away a whole bunch of her playful creations on a series of fun filled contests! This week’s contest is super simple and straight forward – consider it a warm-up exercise for upcoming events.

Head over to our forum to see what’s there to be won this week! And hurry, as this contest will end on Friday, the 23rd of December at 6pm EST sharp.

Good luck!

Chloe Ascot Tote

Most of us are quite accustomed to two main styles over at Chloe. But little Miss Thang is all about having us get to know her other designs a bit better. Let me introduce you to the beautiful Chloe Ascot Tote. This vivacious green tote bag is made from dark green pebble-grain leather and adds a little more color with teal trim. The big green is taking off the handbag world and shines in the sun with its golden hardware and studs. The focal point of this tote are the top and bottom tabs connected with the shackle clasp which adds a new dimension to the tote. I’m a fan of green and a big fan of teal, but I’m a little on the line with the combination of these two colors in this bag. Either way, I find the bag different and alluring. This Chloe bag keeps showing its roots with the Chloe price tag: buy it through Saks for $1875.

Dior Flight Flap ToteWhile shopping today I realized that all not all logo bags are created equal. If any of you recall, I’m not a huge fan of logo bags. Actually my mom is even more conservative than me. If a bag has a logo on it, my mom runs the other way. She doesn’t want people to know what she carries. But then again when she is carrying Gucci, Prada, and Chloe some people will most definitely eye ball and recognize her bags (just don’t tell her that- she is living in a dream world :-)). Much to my surprise when we walked into Dior she immediately was drawn to a certain logo bag and liked it not just on me but also on her. The world gets a little funnier every day!

The Dior Flight Flap Tote shows off the new Dior logo denim canvas and is trimmed in dark blue calfskin. For any of you wondering what one of the next big colors out there is, my mom and I saw orange/rustic orange being shown by many designers (which my mom loves- hint hint dad if you are looking or anyone else who can afford a bag for my mom because I am officially broke!). To show off some aspects from the Dior Flight line, there is an orange canvas belt detail and an orange neoprene Dior Flight tag hanging. For a little more of that hip orange color, the bag shows off orange topstitching. On the outside there is a handy pocket with button details and a snap closure. The inside of the bag has a zip pocket and satin finished textile lining. Also a big perk of the Christian Dior handbag is that it expands a bit by adjusting the side belts. When I tried the bag on, the rolled leather handles with polished silver metal links fit perfectly under my arm and the bag just looked almost too cute to pass up. Then again, if I were buying bags because they were too cute to pass up today, I would be stalked by all major credit card companies starting right about now. The bag is a good everyday size of 16.5″ x 11.4″ x 7.5″. Available through the lovely Dior boutiques or eLuxury for $1425.