Lauren Merkin Embossed Leather Clutch

For all of you lovers of white, I’ve got great news. White is in style (don’t even act like you are surprised!). Better yet, white-on-white, aka white-out, is also in style for spring. I’m jumping for joy, because I am a lover of white. It is always so fresh looking and fun. Woo-hoo for white! Not only do I love white for clothing, but I love it for bags. And on top of all of that, I love clutches. So let me put all of these things together to find myself a great clutch (I know: me, me, me). The Lauren Merkin Embossed Leather Clutch will fit perfectly into your nicely tanned ready-for-spring hand. Made of white baby crocodile-embossed Italian lambskin with a gathered body, this clutch has me oohing and ahhing. The frame is covered and on the inside you will find fabric lining but no pocket. The dimensions are a cute 4 1/2″H x 9 1/2″W x 1/2″D. I’m completely smitten with this clutch and it’s not too shabby price tag of $180 via Bergdorf Goodman.

Dior Detective Medium BagWe all know and love the Dior Detective bag. I haven’t been hearing about the bag as much lately, but I still love the shape and style of this bag. Just for all of you Detective lovers, there is a new spring color awaiting you. Why not be a little bold and daring and opt for a light green colored hit bag? This bag comes with a lot of attitude, but I know some of you ladies could easily rock it out. Just like the classic detective bag but with a little more zing and zang with its flirty color, this Dior Detective Medium Handbag is a framed bag is made of smooth leather with topstitched detail. There are of course the two snapped front pockets with dangling “C” and “D” charms that we all know as the watermark of this bag (along with the framed shape). The lining will also be reminiscent of spring with its satin-finish and tan-and-white logo flowers lining. The handles of the bag are made of rolled leather, there are protective metal feet, and there is an inside zip pocket and patch pocket. All of the specs, including the size (12″ x 6″ x 5″), are the same as the ‘old’ detective, but I felt the need to refresh your memory on the stats and throw in the new color for all of you to admire. Unfortunately, the price tag has stayed in that crazy high price range. Buy this Dior handbag through eLuxury for $1800. What a steal right? ;-)

Armani Collezioni Plisse Leather Tote

Let me again take the time to welcome me back. Welcome back me! I hope you all had a great weekend and are still enjoying all the leftovers. Lucky for me, South Florida missed me more than anything so of course I had to reintroduce myself to the mall, the beach, and the sun :-D. Now I’m back to all of you. Let’s all try to remember way back to the days of grade-school in art class. Did you ever do the 2-pictures in one? The one where you had the pictures fanned differently from each side so you could see one picture from one angle, and the other from a different angle? I’m thinking I didn’t explain this well enough, but it is just like the fans we all made. You got the piece of paper and folded in one way, then back the other, and next thing you knew you had a fan. Well these pictures were similar. Now I have found a bag that looks just like that style too (if you are lost, just keep smiling and blame it on all of the sun I got this weekend).

For a designer that is so huge, I have not mentioned Armani bags enough at all. The Armani Collezioni Plisse Leather Tote reminds me of the fans that I was talking about. Not that I don’t like the bag, but I don’t quite see how it is costing what it does. This funky fan pattern is derived from cognac (tan) plissé leather with natural canvas trim. Kinda a cool combo, and pretty much a different look. Golden hardware adds a little bling to the pattern along with the shoulder straps that attach to the bag with rings. This tote is big enough to use for an everyday tote and is simplistic enough to go with just about every outfit (12″H x 13 1/2″W x 5″D). Where I get a bit confused is the price tag. This bag is not strictly leather, and doesn’t have a whole lotta extra doo-dads to make me want to pay $1,460 for via Bergdorf Goodman. Blame it on my being broke, but this bag just seems a bit pricey for what they are offering (now that I look at it, it looks a little bit cheap or like some sort of foam rather than leather). What do you think?

After a wonderful weekend down in South Florida with my family, I am finally back and ready to get back you all of you! I hope Vlad kept you entertained for a bit while I was gone, and get ready for lots of new and beautiful bags coming your way!! As for emails and such, please don’t mind my cobwebs- I can’t even begin to explain the chain of events that lead to me being behind and not even having a computer to use. Things will be back up and going strong tomorrow for sure! If you have any questions, comments, etc feel free to email me or PM me on the forum! Hope you all had a great weekend, didn’t eat too much turkey (although I did), and maybe did some shopping.

For right now, I’d love to hear if you ventured out on Black Friday… dun-dun-dun. Scary, I know! But let’s hear about it. Post it on this thread in the forum. Have a great day everyone!!

Kat2 posted this one on our Forums and it was just too brilliantly simply to pass it up. The Momo Safe Chair, straight Museum of Modern Art, has to be credited to the Design Against Crime Research Centre based at Central Saint Martins.

I don’t think anyone will be trying to sack your bag from between your legs anytime soon. Although I see it being not thought out into the last detail, because especially ladies of shorter stature will be more likely to fold their legs behind and under the chair, rubbing against their bag.

More on the DAC project in a little.

MinaudiereIt’s Black Friday ladies, and that means the retail stores love you all for your day-long fanatic spending practice. I was never aware that this was indeed the single most busy day for shoppers and stores alike, but it must be true if they gave it even its own name. From Wikipedia I learned that the “Black” in the name comes from the standard accounting practice of using red ink to denote negative values (losses) and black ink to denote positive values (profits). Clever! I’m sure there’s gonna be a whole lotta black today.

The folks at Bergdorf Goodman would really appreciate writing down the black 6 digits if one of our readers decided to put down $110,000 for this exclusive clutch today. Chances are slim, but who knows. The clutch with the fancy name Minaudiere is encrusted with 320 cabochon tourmalines and 34 diamonds over an 18 carat yellow gold frame. Overkill for sure, it’s not even that enticing to me – but when it comes to a one-of-a-kind accessory, the Minaudiere takes the cake.

Welcome to the Turkey Day edition of today’s wild blog postings. While webmistress Megs is off and away to see her family in Southern Florida for the weekend, you’ll be stuck with me as a host for the rest of the week. Awful, I know.

As our Purse Forum broke through the marvellous mark of 8,000 posts, there is no end in sight. A really fantastic community has grown in the past two months, with heated debates and useful experiences shared. What’s been happening? Rumor has it that Louis Vuitton will bring the Demier Speedy in stores in ’06. Our ladies seem to have trouble deciding whether to pick the Spy or the Paddy. Iluvbags points out the recent lack in quality of quilted bags, and I think she may just be on the right track. Resident Shopaholic Noriko posted some pictures of her recent Chanel J12 purchase, gorgeous eye candy in white, I love it! Of course, there is tons more worthwhile threads on the forum, why don’t you register (if you haven’t – it’s free) and tell us a little about yourself.

Have a good time, see you all there! ;)

Marc Jacobs Collection Satin MiaThe Holiday’s call for their own bag. This is not a rule, but I’d sure love try make it one. This way, I would have a reason or excuse to buy a bag for this holiday season coming up. For some reason, this Marc Jacobs Collection Satin Mia screams out holiday cheer. I look at the bag, and I get happy- just thinking about all the mistletoe, snow, lights, gifts, parties, and New Years. This Mia bag is the bag I want under my arm this New Year’s. Anyone else get the feel I get too? Maybe it is just me, but even if this bag did not remind me of the holidays, I would still want it.

The bag intertwines soft satin with smooth leather and canvas. You really just have to look at the bag to understand to beauty. Actually, I wish there was a closer picture for all of us to meticulously look at each detail. For now, we will go with this picture and some of the specs. This bag features satin with smooth leather and canvas. The combination of the three seems so odd, but I am so intrigued. There are topstitched leather shoulder straps with adjustable with buckles. The satin is my favorite part of this bag- looks like it light pinks on the ends and fuchsia in the middle. Stay with me here- there are also canvas strap details with large, round Marc Jacobs studs. I know it seems a little confusing, but looking at the bag will make you say “Ahh I see!”. The hardware accents the bag in antiqued brass, and there are brass rings at the sides of the bag. Open the bag up and you will find fine twill interior lining with a zipped pocket. Sizing up at 12″ x 8″ x 4″ at its base, this bag is calling my name. Don’t make it stop, because I might just have to give in. Buy this gorgeous winter beauty via eLuxury for $725.

Buy Fendi handbags at Net A Porter and Saks Fifth Avenue.

It’s time to let Karl’s exuberant creativity roam freely and indulge us with new Fendi Spy Bag variations for the upcoming year. One thing’s for sure, the Spy never gets old and we never get bored looking at it. Then again, the new designs make boredom impossible to settle in to begin with. ‘njoy!

Fendi Spy Handbag for Spring 2006

Fendi Spy Handbag for Spring 2006

Fendi Spy Handbag for Spring 2006

Pics via

Wow, you don’t see this often. Blink again, and one or two or three more times until you realize that some Chanel products are marked down at Bluefly. This is the best kind of blinking there can be. Although with the price mark downs these bags are still expensive, they may be a little more manageable for you and your finances. I have always yearned for a Chanel handbag, and right now might be the time. There is one of these beauties that is secretly calling my name ;-)

Chanel Canvas Quilted Tote

And here is the first beauty, the new apple of my eye. The Chanel Beige Canvas Quilted Tote is simply chic and irresistible. There is something about the textured beige canvas exterior that looks so casual but sexy at the same time. Smack dab in the middle of the exterior is the embroidered Chanel (CC) logo. I know the mixture of canvas and leather do not always perfectly mesh, but in this bag I find it the perfect combo. At the sides of the bag there is quilted leather and there is also a leather trimmed net exterior rear pocket. The handles are made of leather and are connected to the bag by silver-toned links. On the inside you will find canvas lining with zip-close side pocket. This tote measures approximately 7½” tall x 12½” wide x 6” base depth. Even though 20% off sounds great, this price still will dent your wallet- but it for $1,400 via Bluefly. And hey, since the deal is so good, you could just toss an extra one in your shopping cart for me!!

Chanel chestnut quilted leather small shoulder bag

If you would like to opt for a classic little beauty, then the Chanel Quilted Leather Small Shoulder Bag may be making its way into your heart as we speak. This would be a classic bag that you could wear from now until whenever you’d like. Who can go wrong with a classic chestnut leather little bag? Um, not me- and not you I don’t think. Made of stylish chestnut colored leather, the streamlined diamond quilting makes this bag that much more desirable. To add a little extra class to the bag the logo on the front is featured in gold-toned metal hardware. The bag opens on top with logo engraved leather pull tag and the shoulder straps connect to the bag with gold-toned links. When you open up this cutie, the inside continues to scream out Chanel with logo lining and dual zip-close side pockets. Sizing up approximately 11 ½” wide x 6 ½” tall x 4” base depth, this small bag may perfectly grace your body. You save 20% on this bag, which still equates to a somewhat large price tag; buy it through Bluefly for $1080.

Chanel Green 5 Canvas Medium Tote

Do you know how some things remind you of something they are not? For some reason, this bag reminds me of golf. Yea, I know- I don’t get it either. I really don’t get it at all. But, I’m going to go with it. The Chanel Green ‘5’ Canvas Medium Tote is made of a white, green, beige, silver, and spring green canvas exterior with leather piping and quilted detailing. Doesn’t it just look like you would take it to the club house? Straying away from a very classic elegant look, this Chanel bag adds a little flame to the Chanel fire with its ‘5’ leather patch on circular exterior front pocket. The shoulder straps are intricately designed with silver toned chain straps that have canvas woven into them. The inside of the bag is lined in logo jacquard lining and has a zipper pocket. This tote is 11 ½” wide x 8” tall x 6” base depth, and I sure wouldn’t mind taking it to the country club. Buy it via Bluefly for $972.

Make sure you check out the other Chanel items at Bluefly that are also marked down!

Dior Embroidered Flowers Frame Bag

Sometimes I want a slouchy bag to offset and outfit, but some days a structured shape is what I’d like. If you are into the structure, into flowers, and into Dior, then you may be into the Dior Embroidered Flowers Frame Bag. And again, I was tipped off by Noriko to have this lovely bag added to Viewer’s Choice Monday! The structured body of this bag is assembled from supple white leather and adorned with pastel floral embroidery. The topstitching is intricately woven in zigzags along the frame. The polished silver metal hardware only helps this gleaming white beauty shine a little more. The leather handles show off C and D links. On the inside you will find a zipped pocket and Dior Logo textile lining. I like the feel of this bag. I’m not quite sure it could be pulled off everyday of the week/month/year (yup, you’d be a fashion don’t even though it is a Dior), but if you need a white bag for spring, this bag should make it onto your wish-list. I have a wish-list that is completely too long and completely unrealistic, but I could see this bag making its way onto the list. The bag measures 12″ x 6″ x 5″ and can be purchased through eLuxury also for $1725.

Dior Japanese Patchwork Saddle BagThe Dior saddle bags have been quite the hit. The styles and materials very so much, that if you like the shape of the bag you are almost guaranteed to like a design at some point. And for this Viewer’s Choice Monday, one of our leading ladies on the forum, Noriko, has set her sights on the Dior Japanese Patchwork Saddle Bag. For the saddle bags, this is definitely one of my favorites. It reminds me of the beautiful beaches that I grew up by, rather than the snow and grey skies up north. The Japanese-inspired blossoms bloom is laid out over a landscape of pure white canvas which is trimmed with caramel leather. Between the floral print and the creamy leather trim, this bag just kind of makes you want to smile. Showing off a little glam, there are the signature silver metal hardware C and D charms with the leather shoulder strap. The large silver metal D charm dangling from flap gives way to the flap closure. Inside you will find fine logo jacquard canvas lining and a zipper pocket. The saddle sizes up at 9.5″ x 7.5″ x 2.5″, and can easily be dressed up or dressed down. If you have been looking for a flirty floral saddle, then grab this Christian Dior Handbag through eLuxury for $1,080.