Bottega Veneta Chain Strap Leather Handbag Recently a thread was started on the Purse Forum asking for help finding a black bag. Instead of posting my response on the forum, I’m going to do it on the site because I have found a black bag that I truly love. Bottega Veneta became the new love of my life this summer while vacationing in Europe. Sometimes you have to see a bag in person to truly appreciate its beauty. Their bags are intricately designed and made of the supplest leather. This may sound so cliche, but I can’t help but sound that way when talking about these bags. The Bottega Veneta Chain Strap Leather Handbag shows off both the woven leather and beautiful leather on the main part of the bag. This black beauty has a valley zip opening for the main compartment, and then playfully intertwines woven leather trim at the corners, on the straps, and running along the top of the bag. The inside of the bag adds some hidden color with its lime green suede and inside pouches. To add a little glitzy and glam, the shoulder straps are done in gold chain. Sizing up at 30cm x 17cm x 11cm, this is the black bag I would suggest!! But, my suggestion may remain just a suggestion, with the designer price tag of $1150 via Net-A-Porter.

Chan Luu Ring Charm Handbag

I have this thing for bags that have dangling parts. That sure didn’t sound right, but you kinda know what I mean. These kinds of bag ensure that no matter how lame or boring an event, you will have something to do. Yes, I may be juvenile, but it keeps me from just standing up and leaving when I know I am not supposed to. This is where the Chan Luu Ring Charm Handbag comes in handy. Made of silk and embellished with circular and ring charms, this bag could keep just about anyone entertained. Now, I’m not quite sure I could take it to a black or white tie event (chances are NO), but to any other boring dinner party, why not?! The handle is also different than the usual- the handles on this playful bag are circular horn bangle handles. Maybe I’m a bit too old for this bag, but I know there are plenty of people out there who would love this bag. You can choose between black with horn charms or ivory with mother-of-pearl charms. There is pretty much no defined shape with the bag, but there is an interior zip pocket. The price was a little surprising, but then again this is a silk bag and quite fun and flirty. Nab this “No More Party Boredom” bag for $150 via Vivre.

Twelfth Street Suede Studded Shoulder BagTo be seen on the road less traveled is not always a bad thing. Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent has designed a bag that screams out shape, style, and function. Cynthia’s Twelfth Street Suede Studded Shoulder Bag stands out from the ordinary bags out there. This shoulder bag is a studded standout. Although suede is not easy to keep clean, every lady should have at least one suede bag in her collection. Let’s discuss this huge bag. We are talking about size, size, size. With a height of 16″, depth 1-5″, width 13″, and shoulder strap drop of 10″, this bag is surely in a league of its own. Then there is the fun part- lotsa studs! Detailing is in style, especially stud detailing. This bag is sure to be a hit with its shiny purple studs which are stylishly placed in a geometric floral pattern on the bags front. The bag has a magnetic top closure and an inside pocket. Bigger is not always better, but in this case it sure may be. I think bags like this take a certain person to pull it off, but I know you are out there- and you will rock this bag like it’s your job! If I’m talking about you, hop on over to Sun Walters and buy this bag for the marked down price of $174.99.

Christina and Jordan Halloween

Like I said, Halloween makes women happy. Christina knows what I’m talkin’ bout! She’s the sexy nurse with her doctor who can make everything better.

Paris Bunny Halloween

Next we see that Paris is continuing to love the idea of Halloween. Her outfits are huge shocks, but she loves to be a ‘slutty _____’ (fill in the blank with character).

Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson Halloween

How bout a look at the ever cute couple: Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson. Her costume is a bit tame compared to most of the other ladies out there.

Tyra Banks as Paris Hilton

And last but surely not least, is Tyra Banks dressed up as Paris Hilton. I love it!! :-D

I hope you all have your costumes picked out already. As for me, I am undecided what to do. I sure could just throw something together and call it a costume. After all, isn’t Halloween just a day with an actual excuse for every girl to dress as a ‘sexy fill in the blank. (And by sexy, I mean on the verge of slutty). And to you men out there- don’t think you are getting away clean. I have known way too many men to delve into the estrogen pool when it comes to Halloween. That’s right- men dressing as ladies because it is “funny”. Come on guys, you know you actually wanted to try those panty hoes and lipstick on! ;-) Either way, I hope you all have a great and safe Halloween!!

Paris and Nicky Hilton decided to fit my mold as the girls who use Halloween and dressing up to their advantage. They both opted for scandalous attire. Paris wearing her usual garb- some tissues with color- decided to go for Tarzan’s lady Jane or something like that, while Nicky opted to be every mans fantasy- a sexy police officer with handcuffs. Hum, I’m sure the two did not think these costumes would draw any attention. What about you all- what are you going to be??

Paris and Nicky Halloween

Sorry for the watermark, I’ll look for some better pics later! (wenn)

Carlos Falchi Nubuck Tall HoboGreen is the color of life and growth. Actually, I think my older sister tried to corrupt my mind when I was younger and tell me it was the color of something else… I won’t mention it unless any of you do! I must admit I don’t think I have ever owned a green bag. Well maybe I have. But nothing recently. For many reasons, the Carlos Falchi Nubuck Tall Hobo is growing its greenness on me. This beautiful moss green colored hobo made from nubuck leather looks simply divine and supple. My favorite parts of this bag are the shoulder strap, buckle, and stitching. I am always looking for a bag that stands out. That is a bit out of the ordinary, which of course, helps me justify buying it. Let me start with the stitching on the bag. What I love is that the tonal leather topstitching down the sides is big and noticeable. Usually the topstitching is there but not chunky and in your face- and this bag stitches its way right in your face (yes, I did use the word chunky- yikes). Next we find the gorgeous tonal braided leather shoulder strap. It is nice to see that many designers are changing up shoulder straps for a little spice. Finally we are at the focal point, and my favorite part of this bag- the top flap and wooden buckle. If Mr. Carlos was looking to grab my attention, he sure did. This is how you draw people in. Not everyone may like this bold center piece, but being gutsy is more than worth a try. Actually, I remember another time when Mr. Carlos tried to be gutsy – I gagged. But this one, unlike the latter, is a sure hit. Overall the bag measures 14 1/2″H x 16″W x 2 1/4″D. Buy it for $675 via Neiman Marcus.

Botkier Stirrup HoboI’ve heard nothing but raves about Botkier bags. It seems the fan base is large and the beauty of the bags keeps it all going. I don’t own a Botkier bag, but I have seen many in person and I sure wouldn’t mind having one at some time in the near future (cue Vlad here ;-) ). If any of you are in the hunt for a beautiful blue colored bag, I think both the shape and hue of this bag will reel you in. The Botkier Stirrup Hobo is sure making quite the stir in the fashion world. This metallic twilight leather hobo is chic and charismatic for your flirty side. Only to add a little more glam and glitz is the silver metal hardware which accents the bag. The front zip pockets are at a slant and have suede tassel pulls. The inside is bursting with goodies. There are two hidden slit pockets and an inside leather compartment. The shoulder strap may be adjusted for your arm pleasures and the overall dimensions are 12″H x 16″W x 2″D. If you are fashionable, you know that these bags are in style. If your fashionable wallet may allow it, grab one of these beauties while they last: $660 via Bergdorf Goodman.

Well, things are finally settling down. My family is still without power and not able to live at home down in Florida, but they have settled for a condo on the West coast of Florida for now- rough life, eh? ;-) The rest of the family is healthy, after a little scare last week, so now my life is somewhat back to normal! Viewer’s Choice Monday has been on a bit of a hiatus- but will begin again next week. Remember to either email me {}, find me on AIM {nickname: PurseBlog} or post in the forum on the Viewer’s Choice Thread what you would like to see! That will finally be back in business, and I hopefully have some other great things to come for all of you soon (once I can finally get back to my home in Florida and things settle- luckily my place in Florida is fine). Hope you all are doing well!! Have a safe, fun, and sexy Halloween!! :-D

Chloe Small Hampton Handle Bag

While some designers are known for specific bags, it is ok for them to venture off the beaten path from time to time. Take Chloe handbags for example; known for it’s Paddington and Silverado, but the company has decided to capture our fascination with some other designs. Totally intriguing and different is the Chloe Small Hampton Handle Bag. I haven’t really seen a bag with this kind of shape yet (or I am just biased and try to believe that I haven’t, since I’m a huge Chloe fan). So let’s see what this bag has to offer. First of all, like I said before, this shape is completely unique and draws you in. Made of tan leather and accented in golden hardware, the bag can also been worn with many outfits for many occasions. I suspect you can dress this bag up or down. Next we see the top handle with red trim. There is not a big drop there, so I am guessing that it is meant to be held with the hand or on the arm, but I wouldn’t mind. The shape looks structured and slouchy all in one (yes, that sure is an oxymoron!). Along with all the above jazz, there is also stud detail and the clever framed front coin pocket with the Chloe logo lock. Do you feel drawn in yet? I sure am. Overall size is 8 2/3″H x 12 2/3″W x 5″D. With all the different aspects for the brand, the price is all too familiar. If you want it bad enough, your gonna have to shell out $1275 via Saks.

Jamin Puech Honu Patchwork Tote

Patchworking is where it’s at. Many designers love to put together a funky bag of patchwork- I love it. Maybe I love it because sometimes I’m in such an indecisive mood I don’t know which bag to wear. I’m not sure. But the Jamin Puech Honu Patchwork Tote brings in lots of fun and flavor. I wish the site told a little more about what each patch is made of, but we will just need to use our imagination folks. The patchwork pattern has brown, white, and red calfskin. Also the “bag has two leather handles with hole design and small silver rivets, white stitching and a hook clasp fastening at the top. Bag is lined in striped canvas with a zip fastening internal pocket.” I had to quote this because the explanation kinda sucks for how nice I think the bag is. For fall this bag is beautiful colors and a funky and trendy patchwork design. Unfortunately the description leaves me needing and wanting more info. I hate that. If any of you can find out more, let us know! Other than that this beauty is on sale for $570 through Net-A-Porter.

Oh yes, it is here. I have always raved about Coach producing new lines constantly. As if handbags, coats, glasses, and watches were not enough- Coach is now proud to be producing baby goods. I, for one, am thoroughly excited. Not that I have a baby, or even plan on having one anytime soon- but because when I do have a baby, I plan on dressing it in ridiculously cute clothes and buying ridiculously cute accessories. Now, my mom has always told me how impractical it is to spend big bucks on baby clothing and shoes, because they grow out of them so fast. So I do plan on listening to my mom; I will not buy them the ridiculously cute designer gear. I will let her do it.

Coach Optic Signature Baby Bag

For starters, every new mommie needs an adorable baby bag. I’m going to opt for the corny yet always classic and cute pink if it’s a girl blue if it’s a boy combo. The Coach Optic Signature Baby Bag is actually stylish to be worn even if you are not toting new baby. If you are looking for pocket space, this bag features an inside zip pocket, five open pockets, a back snap pocket, and two side gusseted pockets. I’m gonna bet that with all those pockets and all the baby stuff you have to carry, you might be lovin’ the pocket to ‘baby stuff’ ratio. Along with the pocket party, this diaper bag contains the ever needed changing pad for the dirty clean ups. I love the simplicity of the bag but the fun touch of the optic signature jacquard fabric. The inside is lined in fabric. For you dimensions junkies, which come in handy, the straps are 21 1/4” while the overall bag is 15 1/2 (L) x 11 3/4 (H) x 5 1/2 (W). Turn your mommie changing woes into designer fun for $398 via Coach.

Coach Baby Pom Pom Hat and Coach Baby Mittens

I always want to dress my baby in cute hats. I have to give props to my mommie because she always had all 4 of us dressed so cute. I am in love with the softness of the Coach Baby Pom Pom Hat. I’m actually wondering if I pulled, tugged, stretched, and wore it long enough just maybe it would fit my own head. This hat is made of cashmere and there is only one size available. Again, I wonder if it is one size fits all expandable type of hat. Probably not. This adorable little thing comes in light blue and pink also. For $98 through Coach any baby can be stylin’ and warm all at once. Now, if you have a hat, you have to get some matching mittens. What could be cuter than a baby with matching accessories? Umm… I venture to say just about nothing (oh, maybe that English Bulldog puppy I want soo bad!!). The Coach Baby Mittens are so cute that I want to fly back into the past and ask my mom to get them for my little baby hands. Made of none other than the softest imported cashmere, these mittens can make any little finger feel warm and cuddly. If any of you are looking for baby shower gifts, don’t you dare leave out the mittens if you get the hat or vice versa! Just for an extra precaution, the mittens have an attached string to help you keep from losing one out of the pair. These little guys also come in light blue or pink and are on sale for $98 at Coach.

Coach Optic Signature Shearling Baby Slippers and Coach Baby Booties

Now it is time for the itsy bitsy tiny 10 little toes. We are looking for cuteness and warmth for this season, and Coach sure has it. For starters there is the Coach Baby Booties. These booties are simple and cute- just the way I like them. Like the hat and mittens, these booties are made of cashmere and are offered in light blue and pink. Grab these baby treats for $98 via Coach. But if you want your baby to really stand out with some fashionable tootsies, you need to opt for the material of the season- shearling. Ah yes, shearling is even being used for little baby feet. The Coach Optic Signature Shearling Baby Slippers scream out ‘Stud in the making’ or definitely ‘Diva in the making’. These little slippers show off the Coach Optic Signature fabric pattern. There is even more. The leather strap has a stylish turnlock detail and the slipper gleams with its shearling trim. To finish this petite treat off is a suede outsole. Hey, if you are buying stylish shoes for yourself, why not do the same for your baby (this is where my mommie would come in handy ;-) JK). Buy these through Coach for $128.

Coach Baby Bear

And finally, what childhood isn’t complete without a teddy bear? I know I have had the same bear since I was about 3. My sister’s teddy bear has made it through so much in life it is ridiculous ‘Barf Bear’ is still alive (don’t ask about the name, that was so her choice). We had surgeries performed on our bears numerous times, and I don’t know where I would be today without ‘Bear-Bear’. The Coach Baby Bear is ultimately cute and topped off with a little Coach Signature fabric satin scarf bow around the neck. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you much about the bear itself or its dimensions (knowing our designer luck it is probably a beanie baby- I will have to look into it this weekend). Nevertheless this teddy bear is quite cute. Buy this pink or blue themed bear with its matching colored nose for $58 via Coach.

If you still haven’t found what you are looking for, try the Coach Baby Cashmere Blanket (for $198), the Coach Baby Bear Suede Picture Frame (available for $98), or the Coach Enamel Teddy Bear Keyfob ($48 through Coach).

Oh how I’d love to be a Coach Baby kid!!

Tod\'s Happy Shopping PiccolaOne of my most memorable teachers in life was from high school. Mrs. Campbell to be exact. She was in love with Henry David Thoreau and was always repeating his famous, “Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity! I say, let your affairs be as two or three, and not a hundred or a thousand. . . .” My teacher could not pound that thought into our head enough. To this day, I remember nearly every quote and teaching of Thoreau. Sometimes we all look for simplicity in life; whether it is in general or in a handbag. That is where the Tod’s Happy Shopping Piccola grabs my attention. This bag is simply made and simply beautiful. There is nothing as simple as a black leather bag. While this bag may look simple, it is intricately made of black Nappa leather- which of course is very supple and soft, and trimmed in smooth leather. The brushed gold toned metal hardware is of course not too flashy, but just right for this bag. The front pocket does catch your attention, with its little lock and key, but still keeps the theme of minimalism. The shoulder straps are made of smooth leather and divine stitching. When you take a peek inside you find textile lining with an interior zipper pocket. The exact measurements are: 16″ (including the side pouches) x 7.5″ x 5.5″ (at widest). Do what Thoreau and Mrs. Campbell pounded into my brain- be simplistic and purchase this bag for the not so simplistic price of $995 through eLuxury.

*The whole simplistic approach was a try at making you not think about spending nearly a grand. Ha. I know, I know, ‘nice try!’