Peta at Cavalli

A PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) activist holds a banner reading ‘Fur is dead’, as she leaps on to the catwalk during the Roberto Cavalli Spring/Summer 2006 fashion collection, in Milan, Italy, Friday, Sept. 30, 2005.

Because today is still my day, I think this picture is fitting. But who wins? The PETA activist or the Cavalli models? I’d say the models held their composure better than that crazy fur lady. What do you all think? Let’s get a little discussion going on fur; between those of us who are for using it in designer wear vs. those of us who are not.

Play nice :-)

Chanel Vintage Tote

Chanel Vintage Tote | Supple distressed calfskin leather | $1,995 | More info…

Chanel Silver Handbag

Chanel Square Vintage Bag | Lambskin leather | $2,575 | More info…

Chanel Ligne Cambon Tote

Chanel Ligne Cambon Tote | Quilted calfskin | $1,275 | More info…

Chanel Nylon Sports Bag

Chanel Ski Collection Purse | Nylon | $995.00 | More info…

Thanks to Rhiannon at Chanel Amour for the wonderful info on these Chanel handbags!

Ashlee Simpson Shops at Coach

And you thought you didn’t see many celebs shopping at Coach… Well, Ashlee Simpson does (if she even counts as a celeb). It looks like Little Simpson did some major shopping at Coach– I wonder what goodies she has in the bag? What baffles me is that she is merely the sister of Jessica, her album was not huge (at least in my standards), and she just bought a 9,000 sq ft home on an acre of land in California’s San Fernando Valley. Whaa?? I’m about to go make Angelina adopt me, then I’ll start a singing career, then I’ll make sure to lip-sing on SNL (since I will have to since I can’t sing at all), and then I can be on my way to a small mansion in Cali. Any of you with me?

Ashlee Simpson House

Jessica Simpson What Bag

Because Friday’s need a little fun (especially this one- Vlad heads back to Germany without me for 6 weeks), let’s play Name That Bag! For starters we have Jessica Simpson, who recently has been seen finding out just how much fun alcohol and no husband around can be. I have to give her props though; her bag selection is always to die for! While her blatant advertisement of Rita Hazan Salon in midtown takes over her pose, the worst part is the kiss she is blowing to the crowd. She is not a playmate, so she needs to clean that look of her face. But back to the lovely bag… Let’s play… Name Jessica Simpson’s beautiful Bag! :-D

Victoria and Son

Sometimes I need a random post on a celeb- it is a ‘fix’ for me of sorts. What is up with Victoria B. lookin so thin? My guess is some of you will say it is natural while others (like myself) will disagree that she eats 5 times a day, all well-balanced meals. Anyhow, she was picking up Brooklyn (yet holding his friend’s hand) from school -which so reminded me of schools that I went to- and was of course looking nicely put together just the other day.

The Beckham’s have made quite a fuss recently with their request to pull their son’s face out of the yearbook. After all, it is quite dangerous.

Celebrity couple David and Victoria Beckham’s eldest son has been blanked out of an official school photo at his parents’ request. Six-year-old Brooklyn’s face has been replaced by a gray blob on every version of the photograph, with the exception of copies going to the Beckhams. A public relations advisor Jose Nguyen tells British newspaper The Mail On Sunday: “Beckham told the headmaster that he did not want other people to see his son’s face and I instructed people to abide by those wishes.” Parents of other pupils at the exclusive Runnymede College in Madrid, Spain, are unhappy with the decision, and some believe that the move could lead to Brooklyn being bullied.

Chloe Paddington Wallet

Granted, not everyone has the monetary assets to buy bags that sell for thousands of dollars. The Chloe Paddington may only go for about a grant and a half, but then its availability (or lack thereof) creates another big issue that potential ‘it’ bag buyers must face. While Megs was lucky to have bought one of the last burgundy red Paddies available for this year (via the Chloe stores), others were not that lucky this year. The demand for Paddies was just overwhelming, I remember the lady at the Paris store laughing at me when I inquired for the precious bags a few weeks back. Please take a slip and wait in line… make yourself comfortable ‘cuz it’s gonna be a long wait – that’s as close of a description of what her laugh tried to tell me.

A viable alternative to those who want to get a piece of the paddilicious pie is the $360 Chloe Paddington Wallet. Yes ladies, the matching wallet to the infamous bag. The chocolate brown leather wallet comes with the signature large brass key, dangling off a silver zip fastening. Did I mention all Paddies have silver YKK zippers, no matter what the color of bag or handware? Internal pockets for credit cards, coins and notes and a slim press stud fastening pocket on the outside with brass rivets and ‘Chloe’ insignia provide ’nuff slots to store away all your magic plastic. More plastic, more shopping! Hence, the spacious wallet comes (un)practically handy when heading for the weekend shopping spree. Via Net-A-Porter.

Along with other bag blog friends of ours, namely The Bag Blog, Thebaglady, In My Bag, and bagcrazy, our very own Purse Blog was included in The Budget Fashionista‘s comprehensive collection of fashion blogs. As you may know some of the sites, there’s also a few that will further extend your fashion horizon and aid you in your Quest for the Ultimate Pretty! Thanks to Kathryn Finney for the mention.
Guide to the Best Shopping and Fashion Blogs

Coach Suede Beaded Tote

On with our day of Tuesday Totes, I have found yet another brown tote. As much as I am a lover of totes, all of the browns for fall are making me feel very drab. But this Coach Suede Beaded Tote is at least easier on your wallet than many other bags out there. I love this tote because it adds a little bit of fun to an overall ‘safe’ bag- and by safe I mean not daring with color or design (hey, why should it? It’s a brown suede tote!) The strips of bright bugle beads do not immediately stand out, but upon further inspection they give the bag quite a nice finishing touch. The rest of the bag is adorned in soft brown (actual color is called Flint) suede and is trimmed in metallic leather. The inside is lined in fabric and has inside zip pockets including a cellphone/multi-function pocket. Being a zip top closure is quite a perk for a tote, which makes it a little safer to carry around. The handles are an adjustable 17 1/2” and the bag measurements are 15 3/8 (L) x 10 1/2 (H) x 4 3/8 (W). This tote can be yours for $358 via Coach.

P.S. If you’d like to see this bag try to be daring, take a peek here! (I don’t like the color at all)

Gucci Shearling Tote

If we are up to date with our fall fashion, like we should be, we all know that shearling is ‘in’. I mean waaay in style. But just because you are a high end designer with a well-known name, it doesn’t mean that each of your bags will be a hit even if they implement the looks of the season. The Gucci Large Shearling Tote simply does not do it for me. Granted I have not yet seen this bag in person, but from the looks of it the bag does not look beige- rather the color you would see when you open up a baby’s diaper. The entire tote is monogrammed with the Gucci GG logo on the beige shearling and is trimmed in beige leather. This tote is also a pretty nice size: 10 3/4″H x 13 3/4″W x 5 3/4″D, but I’d still really rather pass. Of course, since the Gucci name is attached, this bag goes for $1,295 via Bergdorf Goodman.

Today is the first day our site is ever strictly dedicated to totes. It’s Tote Tuesday here at the Purse Blog! Hope you all enjoy all the fashion of toting :-)

Bulga HandbagWe live in a world of super-sizing. Everything that is good can be made better by sizing it up. I happen to love large bags. The Bulga Large Studded Hobo could be the perfect accessory to make all of us look small (I’m thinking since the bag is so big it may just make us look tiny- or maybe that’s just a deep down hope of mine). Giving a bohemian feel, this hobo is a perfect huge bag to carry anything you would like – portable refrigerator anyone? Bulga has made quite an entry into the purse and handbag world with its eye-catching shape and, of course, celeb publicity. This beauty is made of chocolate brown leather with accenting golden hardware and studs. I really love the shape and the tassels on the front but I’m not totally fond that the bag uses a drawstring closure with those tassels. The shoulder strap attaches to the bag with rings and the inside in lined in cotton. Like I said, the dimensions won’t leave you needing more at 18″H x 16″W x 1″D. If you are looking for a huge bag, this may be the one. Buy it through Neiman Marcus for $475.

Although this site’s content is usually chosen simply by me or Vlad, I think it is a great idea to start Viewer’s Choice Monday’s! How this will work is that you will email me, send me a message on AIM (screen name: PurseBlog), or submit your choice on the Forum with the purse you would love to see featured (you don’t have to love the bag- you can hate it too and like to see it be bashed!). Vlad and I will try our best to compile as many of the bags as we can to feature them on the Monday to follow. Keep in mind if we have many requests we may not have time to post them all (or we may format them into something like a Bag Bits section). If this goes well, we may open the Viewer’s Choice to have the option of allowing you to write the post yourselves! Let us know what you think about this, and let’s start hearing some choices for next Monday! :-)