Perlina hand bag

Megs stumbled upon this pretty hoboesque bag yesterday. Keep in mind that was while I was kept at INS Level 2 (some immigrations agent thought I may have been an illegal worker in the US or something like that, almost causing us to miss our connection flight) and being interrogated about my trip. Fortunately, they didn’t drag my arse to Level 3, where an oversized Helga with latex gloves and lots of lube would have awaited me for a full-body cavity search, hoping to find some oh-so-secret information about f*ck-do-I-know-what. Oh splendid. I guess the INS does not like tourists travelling into their country too frequently, I really don’t know. Fortunately, they didn’t send me back, ‘cuz that would have sucked pretty big testicles. Aside from high stress levels and Megs’ uncertainty over what would happen to her boy, the delay had one good though. The lady had plenty of time to browse good ol’ American mags and catch up on the latest fashion jazz.

Perlina is a company that has yet to be mentioned ’round here, but considering their simplistic designs (that still manage to impress) their application range is very wide. Take for example the Rumor Two Pocket Slouch – looks like a winner to me. The leather gussets (the patches around the corners) and the two front pockets add flair, still not making it too busy looking. You have a choice of five shades, including the very popular pewter. Hence, mix-matching it with your wardrobe should not be much of a task. The bag also comes relatively cheap, $286 to be precise. You can grab them off Perlina’s online store or several brick & mortar retailers around the US.

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After restless hours of searching, we still can’t get it right. :-( Andrew, a loyal reader of ours, who wants to grab one for his girl’s birthday this month and can’t figure it out. Neither can we… gasp. Our first thought was that it might be a Cartier Large Bag from the Trinity de Cartier collection (pictured below), but it’s still not quite right. Ideas, anyone? Help a fellow reader out and help him make his girl’s birthday memorable! Afterall, you all will agree with me that it’s quite the task to keep our girls happy. ;-) (more…)

Prada Leather Envelope Bag

You know something that really grinds my gears… when a store advertises a bag a certain way, and then you later realize there are various parts you have to buy to make it look that way. I know it is all about presentation. But even online? You mean to tell me that online they do that too? Well they do. I ran into this Prada Leather Envelope Bag and thought it was so tastefully done. But read the specs a little further to see that the butterfly trick is sold separately. Is that not false advertisement?? (Ok it’s not since they mention that it is sold separately but still the picture really got my hopes up high) The rest of the bag is really quite cute. It is made of gold leather, with a detachable silver chain strap, and silver metal hardware. The dimensions of this little one are 5″H x 7 4/5″W. The leather bag is actually quite reasonably priced for Prada, $334 via Neiman Marcus, and the butterfly trick (which adds such a beautiful touch to the bag) is of course a whopping $138 also through Neiman Marcus.

Debra Messing and Michael Kors

This lady you don’t see much of other than on 11 pm re-runs of Will and Grace– it is the lovely Debra Messing! Now I am a huge fan of the show- just love it. I love Jack and Will quite a bit more than Grace. I think Karen’s voice could drive anyone insane but she makes up for it in humor. Just love it. Grace, Debra Messing, was recently at Michael Kors with Michael himself showing off quite the beautiful clutch. I love it! I’m a sucker for big clutches and this one is quite a beauty. Debra is embracing the photographer but Michael seems to be staring off into space. Earth to Michael- the camera is over here!

Oh yea- if you can’t tell by the enormously obscuring atrocious watermark- this picture sure was taken by the UK Press. I can’t find this clutch on their site, but feel free to browse others there!

LV Hair CubesWhile you are reading this, I’ll be sitting on an airplane with a numb arse eating my peanuts and wondering how much longer the 9 hour flight will be. You can instead enjoy the comfort of your home/office/wherever and admire this set of two hair cubes. Ah yes. The Louis Vuitton Hair Cubes Strass is proving to us that hair scrunchies and hair ties are soo HOT! You can choose from a set of Pink/blue or Brown/beige. I bet this is what you all have been dreaming about. Lucky us, they are finally here. Unfortunately, I will not be buying these. These cubes remind me of the car dice that hang from the rear view window- and that is a bad thing! Right now there is no word on the pricing- but if you really want to inquire just call your local LV boutique or check them out online. Actually when I think about it again, these could possibly be pulled off by some girls (or guys :-) ), but I’m not sure if I can see that person being me.

Dior Trotter Romantique Large Zipped BagLately I have not been the biggest fan of logos. I just hate how they are slapped all over purses as if it makes the bag that much better. I love the appeal of designer bags, but the logos just bother me sometimes. I did it too though- started off with my first designer bags being all over logofied. Yup- Coach and Louis Vuitton printed logo bags. Now, some of the logo bags are still tastefully done, while others (refer back to this Dooney and Bourke bag) are not. While being the purse and handbag browser that I am, I ran into this Dior Trotter Romantique Large Zipped Bag and felt drawn to it.

This Dior bag is not like the usual over printed logofied bags. It implements the use of the Dior logo in a way that doesn’t scream out, “Look at my biatches- I’m Dior!” The Dior Trotter Romantique Large Zipped Bag gives off a creamy chocolaty feel which makes the bag melt in my heart. This bag is made with the Dior Logo canvas with smooth leather trim and velvet piping. Luckily the color of the logo pattern blends well together which just makes it all flow perfectly together. There is a modern feel with the polished silver metal chain link shoulder straps, which keen fully have velvet woven through the links. Velvet also covers the leather shoulder pieces. My favorite part of the bag is brown velvet bow and light-blue textile-and-velvet flower on bag front. It just all meshes together so tastefully and peacefully- I love it!! The bag also features a full zip closure and textile lining with an inner zipped pocket. This beauty measures 14.2″ x 9″ x 4.25″. Call me crazy, but the price doesn’t make me want to cry- this bag is readily available for your viewing and carrying pleasures via eLuxury for $990.

Luella Luca Haircalf Bag1Today is hectic. After the most wonderful month spent in Germany and all over Europe, it’s time for me to be packing my bags (by bags I mean I packed my life into the hugest luggage imaginable) and heading back to the states (well what is left of Florida- bye bye trees). On a quick side note- everyone who may be affected by Hurricane Katrina is in my thoughts. Stay safe- and remember that possessions are only that. I, unfortunately, know all about Hurricanes from growing up in Florida and losing our house to Hurricane Andrew in ’92. To all of you in the path of the storm, stay safe and we all are thinking about you. Back to some business- handbags and purses. So while I vehemently try to re-pack, which is not going as well as planned, I allowed myself to get side tracked to browsing some bags. Lovely how my mind thinks. Speaking of lovely, I saw this Luella Luca Haircalf Bag and also fell in love.

Luella made a huge impression into the fashion world with its high end designer Luella bags, which we all love so much. This bag adds a different flavor to the mix of the usual Luella bag (the Gisele). The Luella Luca Haircalf Bag adds a touch of sophistication with this haircalf treated bag and adds a touch of flare and fun with the grommet and stud detail. The bag features leather trim, a single strap with ring detail, a fold-over tab with a hook closure, suede lining, and of course- the signature heart-shaped charm which grabbed my attention first. The bag is simple and lovely. To add this lovely one to your endless handbag obsession, buy it at Saks for $1,295.

Heidi Klum and Rebecca Romijn

Some more fodder for the celebrity style section! Spotted at a soiree at designer Michael Kors’s Beverly Hills boutique on Thursday, Rebecca Romijn was caught sporting a Tod’s Happy Traccolina and putting a gentle grip on Heidi Klum‘s über pregger belly. Peek-a-boo, baby on the way. Only really a matter of days until the newborn will join Heidi’s daughter Leni (who’s 1). Grats to Heidi and Seal and all the best. :-D

Bisadora Hip Purse girlThe world has become hands-free. We have hands free phones, hands free computer typing (for the very lazy), hands free drinking with straws, and maybe someday our entire lives will be hands free — driving cars and all aspects of technology and work. Yikes. But sometimes hands-free is oh-so-necessary. For instance, when you go to a bar or a club, and you want to dance the night away. Dance with both hands in the air, not just one hand since the other is holding your beloved purse. For times like these, hands-free would be quite useful. This is why the Bisadora Hip Purses may just be the new on the go bag for you.

These handy little bags could be the very thing that you have been looking for. When I go to a club or out to dance, I really do hate carrying my purse securely under my shoulder. How many of you have had some sort of alcohol poured all over you before by some obnoxious drunk? Well, I bet you didn’t have the time to slap him because you were holding on to your purse! (maybe that’s a long shot, but it was worth a try!) Here are some reasons this handy little Hip Purse would be, well, so handy: they have a unique patented self-closing mechanism, the bag holds ID, makeup, keys, credit cards & money (which is all the necessities), you can chose the chain belt which you wear the bag on around your waist, it makes you and your valuables more secure, best to be used with travel, nightclubs, shopping, and best of all– gives you back the power of both of your hands! These hip bags are offered in a variety of colors and materials and you can even choose your chain belt. For very reasonable pricing (around $20), you can buy yours via Bisadora.

Paris Hilton Chick bag

Now isn’t this so nice of Miss Paris Hilton? She is all about supporting her sister’s handbags. This one is not so cute at all. But Paris took it out in Miami (yay for my hometown!), and smiled big for the camera. I actually don’t have much to say about this picture because Paris’ face/skin looks flawless and beautiful and her ring is HUGE! Geeze look at the size of that sucker (see both beautiful skin and huge honkin’ ring here). I’m not a huge fan of her Dior sunglasses- I don’t think Paris, of all people, needs to be wearing glasses that sport the logo that big. Hey Paris, we all know you are rich. But the sisterly love is there. She wears her sister’s bag, Chick by Nicky Hilton, like it actually is stylish. I don’t like the bag at all but more power to the Hilton sisters! Other Chick by Nicky Hilton bags can be seen at Shop Kitson.

Hey Paris, while in Miami go say hi to my family! And give them back their power too- you are an heiress to the Hilton throne after all ;-)

Fendi Bag It MiniI guess I haven’t given off the best Fendi vibe to my readers. Well, that’s true- it’s not always my style. I just got back from a long day of shopping and driving along the countryside of Germany (which is beautiful by the way- maybe I’ll show you all some pics later), and got an email from a reader, Denise, who thought I should check out this little number. I wonder if she realized I may not like the bag- which I don’t! Ha. So let us discuss the Fendi Bag It Mini (Lace and Mink). Okay, first of all the name has me totally lost and confused. They did not use the Lace and Mink in parentheses, so the name of the bag reads: Fendi Bag It Mini, Lace and Mink. Not a good name, which means not a good start! That just sounds wrong and it surely does not flow. And as we move along and check out this bag, it gets more interesting/questionable. Actually let’s read the commentary from eLuxury and see if any of us agree:

Fendi’s sexy showstopper is as fun as it is fabulous. Vibrant patent leather handles and trim accentuates the intricate lace and pearl bead detailing. When worn with the striking chain-link shoulder strap, the handles fold over to reveal exquisite mink fur and a polished silver-tone kiss closure.

Hum the bag is not particularly sexy to me, trashier, and the only reason it will be stopping a show is because of the “Fashion Don’t” look it will get. The leather handles are bright pink/strawberry which could be ok if the rest of the bag did not make it all look so trashy. The bag does feature two open outer compartments which have a coin purse closure. It is obvious to all of you that this bag surely does not meet my fancy, but it may be appealing to some of you. I hope no one ever feels like I am bashing bags too much, but hey, it’s just my opinion! (Side note) Anyhow this bag is an accident waiting to be purchased for $2,040 on eLuxury.

*Everyone can thank Denise for the link- which in turn leads to this negative commentary. JK Denise! :-) Check out a picture of the bag which makes it look like a man-eating animal here!!

Bottega Veneta Braided Handle Handbag If there is one thing I learned about Bottega Veneta bags in the past few weeks, it’s gotta be the divine suppleness of the leather they use to craft their bags with. For those of you who never had the pleasure to get touchy and feely with one, the picture of the fall Braided Handle Tote should give you a good idea. Granted, the leather is probably not as durable as, say grained leather, but the feeling of being able to use your bag as an ultra comfortable pillow in the case of a spontaneous nap, that makes up for it tenfold.

Excuse me, but that was exactly the thought that went through my head when I got a taste of the absolute softness of Bottega’s materials. I like to take mid-day naps, what can I say?

Anyway, the tote is immediately available through Saks 5th Ave for $1,350. Ok, Saturday nap time.