Sundae Best Peacekeeper Handbag

Everything about James Piatt’s work screams out kickass, from his Dr. Strangelove themed site, his provocative Pillory Dinette table, to his odd lightning piece.

However, what strikes me the most is the vinyl Peacekeeper Handbag. Bizarrely, it integrates a set of aluminum brass knuckles for a handle. It sure is not everyone’s thing to carry what is usually considered a concealed weapon out in public, but the detachable handle may come in handy sometime on a heated Saturday night. Absolutely fabulous and literally, kickass.

You can order the $75 masterpiece in vinyl by ordering from James directly. His works are produced under the the brand name Sundae Best and will feature more fashionably provocative items in near future. Can’t wait!

via [Core 77]

Louis Vuitton Alma

Louis Vuitton Alma, I bow before thee in deep respect. With a capacity of a Sherman tank, and the discreet elegance of a Rolls-Royce Phantom II, this will be your best friend on the urban business battle grounds. Louis Vuitton shows that they can go even without the classic monogram canvas and still produce a fantastic bag. Like any war, this bag is also very expensive.

DKNY Baby Bag ToteTo you new and expecting mommies, I didn’t forget about you! Diaper bags become the acccessory you end up carrying when you have a newborn. The DKNY Baby Bag Tote combines style and simplicity to provide you with a new mommie neccessity. The bag comes with a removable changing pad, bottle wrap, and removable pocket, and is consumed by colorful lining and soft leather trim. Other features include the leather tie closure and inside zip pocket for your valuables. The bag finishes off with double leather shoulder straps with 11″ drop. There is no reason not to love this bag for a mere $185 of gorgeous practicality. Available through Eluxury.

VBH Small Metallic Leather ClutchVBH stands for V. Bruce Hoeksema. Mr Hoeksema is a very successful businessman and designer with over 20 years of fashion expertise. His company V.B.H. is an Italian luxury accessories house, the core of which is a line of men’s and women’s luxury bags. Despite being based in Rome, all leather goods are exclusively produced and located in Florence. Using the finest materials and engaging in the finest of the Italian craftsmanship, it comes as no surprise that each of his contemporary design works are unique, elegant and timeless. Every single piece is individually handcrafted and sewn by small teams of experienced expert artisans. Adding all these ingredience together, it does not surprise that the VBH bags sell like strawberry ice cream on a dazzling hot Sunday afternoon.

Browns’ founder J. Burstein recently said, “VBH handbags have sold like nothing else this season. They are stunning python-skin or satin clutches and everybody wants one. V. Bruce Hoeksema, the designer, used to work with Valentino and it really shows.” The extraordinary finesse shows in the highly desirable VBH Small Metallic Leather Clutch. The splendid envelope flap clutch features fine metallic silver leather and rhodium-plated hardware and comes with dark gray kid suede lining on its inside. Judging by the design and features of this marvellous clutch, it does not surprise that V.B.H. are the three letters that a handbag lover should remember this season. Available through Bergdorf Goodman for $670.

Hermes Ostrich Kelly Replica

Get this exotic Kelly Bag look for hundreds less than Hermes’ and Gucci’s. This large gorgeous rich brown bag is embossed to look like expensive alligator skin. Our Kelly Bag delivers an uncomplicated top zipper closure and un-cinched sides.

Hundreds less, ey? Here’s a newsflash. This Hermes Ostrich Kelly Replica goes for under $40 – and you are claiming hundreds less than the real one? Last time I checked the iconic Kellys went for several thousands.

John Galliano Lingerie HandbagThe more I have delved into high end fashion, I have realized designers truly have no problem saying what they really think. John Galliano’s was recently recorded saying his motivation when he designs is to design clothes for women that make men want to f*** them. If that is not toally upfront and forward, I don’t know what is. What I do know is that our society and culture have pressed women to dess sexy and desirable. And what is wrong with feeling desired?

After that being said, as much as Galliano’s remark took me off guard, I do have to admit that his designs are sexy and his bags are unique and simply divine. I’m in love with his Lingerie Handbag. Evening bags are hard to come by, and a soft yet chic design shows beauty and true sophistication. The bag comes in light pink, white, beige, and black and is made of satin, leather, and metal adornments. The dimensions are 13 1/2″W x 5″H x 4″D and you can purchase the bag for $1235 at Style Drops.

Dior Flowers Saddle PouchI’ve been meaning to credit the Dior Saddle Bag for the longest time, and finally comes the day that I do so. What the Kelly to Hermes, and what the classic monogram is to LV, Dior’s is the Saddle Bag. The form is just extraordinarily sexy and timeless, and as much as the bags were withheld from the general public in their earliest days, these days we can consider ourselves lucky to have unrestricted access to the Saddles. Which of the Saddles you will call your own someday depends mainly on your funds, of course.

I’ve decided to go with the entry Saddle level with the Vintage Flowers Saddle Pouch. The bags have been reinvented over the years, and this season the tendency gears towards going back to the roots. The classic logo jacquard is embroidered with elegant flowers to add a delightful burst of spring color. A leather trim and silver metal hardware round off the glamorous package. For a reasonable $350 at Eluxury.

Gucci Large Horsebit HoboI can’t help but be a celeb style follower. I love to see what they are wearing and what is in style according to Hollywood. My Newlywed friend, who I hate to love, can’t get enough of the Large Gucci Horsebit Hobo. Jessica Simpson is the girl that many look up to for style (let’s hope not smarts) who is never seen wearing anything but the trendiest and best bags. Now she even is as privileged to be wearing a different color every other day. I know I don’t have that luxury, although I would love to, but I’m not making commercials about Pizza Hut’s Buffalo Chicken Pizza either (yea, like that takes a lot of brains?!) Back to the Gucci. Mrs. Newlywed herself has been seen sporting the Gucci Horsebit Hobo in Pink [pic] and also tabacco colored lambskin [pic] and black lambskin [pic].

The Large Horsebit Hobo is part of the Gucci Spring/Summer 2005 cruise line of handbags. On the website there is a variety of colors and fabric material offered, but the pink that Jessica has been sporting is no where to be found. The bag ranges from $980 to $25,000. Wait, wait… is that the right number of zeros? Umm yes. The Gucci Mahogany Crocodile Large Horsebit Hobo with light gold hardware can be yours for the price of a new car. The worst part is, there are actually real people who can afford that. Sigh. It is a large hobo style with horsebit detail strap and inside zip pocket. The large bag is about 18.8 x 4.8 x 15 inches, which is a pretty decent size, if you ask me. The black leather is about $1,290, which is still a hefty price to pay, but no where near $25,000.

Jimmy Choo HorizonLondon-based couture shoemaker Jimmy Choo is not only great at manufacturing stylish and wearable shoes, but also high quality bags. And that is what we care about, afterall.

Today’s pick out of Jimmy Choo’s fantastic collection is the Horizon Leather Bag that just hit Net-A-Porter of England this week. The bright orange bag stuns with an outstanding leather quality on the outside and with beige suede with lilac trim lining on the inside. The bag has a gold signature inscribed buckle in the front securing a small pocket, a single shoulder strap, zip fastening closure and eight tiny feet on the base. A vigorously bright, compact and chic style for the spring time. For ~$995 at Net-A-Porter.

Miu Miu Small TwiggyMiuccia Prada is loaded, alright. She was recently voted one of the 30 Most Powerful Women in Europe by the Wall Street Journal while Forbes estimates her fortune at $1.4 billion. Not to shabby, she must be doing something right. 1992 marked the year of the expansion to the Miu Miu line of earthy, hippyish garments in natural fabrics and colours.

Following that path is the Miu Miu Small Twiggy handbag. The handbag blends dark brown, green, yellow and orange in a stunning handbag, which might even appear a little busy with all the stitching and assets. It sure is an eyecatcher deluxe, there is no doubt. The materials include regular fabric, fine leather and metal hardware, while its measurements equate to 11″ x 7 1/2″ x 5″ inches. You can get your paws on the Small Twiggy at for $749.

Abercrombie Fitch Floral BagThe Abercrombie cotton tote with flower print features bamboo handles and a silk chiffon bow accent. The handbag has a flat pocket on the front with a two button closure. The interior is fully lined in printed cotton fabric and there is an extra zipper pocket. It measures 13.5 inches wide by 9.5 inches tall by 3 inches deep.

At a price of $28, there is no reason, I repeat, no reason for you not to head over to the EFashionHouse and grab one for yourself. The retail price is $50 on that cute bag, which results in 44% savings for you. In case that you are wondering, mommy Britney Spears herself likes to sport the A&F bags herself once in a while. ;-)

Chloe Bracelet BagJelly beans meet satin evening bag. I have been searching for the perfect evening bag, and although I have not found it yet, I found a funky fun stone-age Chloe Bracelet Bag. When I think of evening bags, I usually think of simple black sophistication, as do most of you probably. But fashion is not always about simplicity, and I am so lovin’ the stones on this bad boy!

Chloe is adding an extra kick to evening wear with this satin evening Chloe bag. The bag either comes in jade or black satin. If you are going to be this funky, go with the jade! The outside is adorned with aquamarine, crystal, and smokey quartz stones (the jellybeans) and features a top handle with silver metal rings and adornments. The bag is a hefty $1,095.00 at Saks. Yet with a bag looking like it has a candy-coated outside, I’m not sure how long it will take before I would start picking the stone/jellybeans off. I’m still a child at heart and that is just way too tempting!