Day 1: A classic bag is the best way to kick off the 12 Days of Handbags, and there are few things more iconic than the Chanel Classic Flap. This small version is just right when it comes to carrying your necessities and since Chanel doesn't sell bags on their site, sites like can help you out.

Buy The Chanel Vintage Small Double Flap Bag

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  • Sara

    The only thing that ruins this gorgeous bag is the double C. That’s why the classic re-issue is sooo much nicer.

    • Lisa

      Have to respectfully disagree, as they are two different types of bags. The cc’s are classic, distinctive and dressier; the reissue is more casual and the closure has been copied by so many people that it’s not immediately recognizable as Chanel (if that matters).

      • Sara

        What has ruin the love of double cc and interwoven chain for me is the counterfeit market. Where I live, you can buy this bag at the markets. It breaks my heart…

    • justa9url

      The classic re-issue is much nicer because of the clasp (that’s how Coco Chanel designed it), but I like the leather interwoven chain on this one.

  • PKW

    My small classic chanel flap with silver hardware is my go to bag.