Purse Blog and Who What Wear LV GiveawayIf you are an adamant Purse Blog follower, you might have noticed that we bring you great giveaways just about every month. We love providing the latest and greatest when it comes to handbags. Even better yet, as we continue to expand we get to share new sites, new collaborations and of course new giveaways with you! Well, I hope you’re sitting down, because this month, we have an amazing giveaway to share with you.

We’ve partnered with the oh so fashionable, fresh and fun site, Who What Wear to bring you our February giveaway. I am sure there are some of you out there who are familiar with the site, but if you aren’t, let me just say one word to start – fabulous! Just as you come to Purse Blog to get your handbag fix, Who What Wear can be your one stop shop for what’s in and hot in the fashion world.

Now for what Purse Blog and Who What Wear bring you this month. Ok, again, are you sitting down? Two amazing sites bring you a set of Louis Vuitton Luggage! That’s right, not just a designer handbag, and not just one gorgeous Louis Vuitton handbag, but if you are randomly selected as the winner you will receive FOUR drop dead gorgeous pieces. So, now, where/how do you enter?!? Everything you need to know is listed below:

Co-sponsors: Purse Blog and Who What Wear

What is up for grabs: Louis Vuitton Keepall 45, Louis Vuitton Pegase 50, Louis Vuitton Poche Toilette 10 and a Louis Vuitton Evasion Tote, total worth almost $5,000!!

When: Tuesday February 3rd 2009, 9 am PST through Tuesday March 3rd 2009 at 11:59 pm PST.

How to enter: Click here and head over to Who What Wear to register. You’ll need to grab the promotional code from here and enter it when you register.

Promotional Code: Malletier

If all of this is yours, how will you be notified: A winner will be randomly selected the day after the giveaway is over. Once selected, the winner will be notified via email.

Are you jumping out of your chair yet? We all have been trying to hard not to spill the great news leading up to the giveaway. But now that you know, I have a couple more pointers I just can’t keep to myself!

You will have a couple ways to increase your chances of winning! While registering over at Who What Wear, enter your friends email addresses and you will receive extra entries. And keep coming back to Purse Blog throughout the month and look for an entry about the giveaway and receiving an extra entry from us (hint: pay extra close attention during the middle of the giveaway)!

Have fun, stay tuned and GOOD LUCK!

Disclaimer: Louis Vuitton is a registered trademark of Louis Vuitton Malletier Société Anonyme. This sweepstakes is not affiliated, connected, associated with or in any way sponsored by Louis Vuitton.

  • Zarka


    I am already subscribed with the Who what wear and I found it on their newsletter…Great giveaway….

  • debbie

    I think what your doing is soooo great, even persons like me living in the caribbean have a chance of winning. thanks

  • debbie

    I think what your doing is so great, even persons like me living in the Caribbean have a chance of winning. thanks

  • Sara

    Wow, that is all I have to say!!

  • luvhautecouture

    I want to win!!! :D haha

  • ZG

    OMG, I totally NEED this!!

  • Zor

    How cute would this look in my hand? I’m so excited.

  • Stef

    WOW…. Cant wait until March 3rd… The bags are so beautiful!

  • RC

    Hope 2 win

  • Cara

    OMG!!! OMG!! OMG!! fingers crossed. xx

  • Natanya

    Saw this giveaway on the WhoWhatWear.com newsletter! So excited for a chance to own real LV!

  • Jen

    I love LV. the giveaway would be a wonderful addition to my Louie’. I hope I win.

  • Sylvia

    I would love to win!! The bags are amazing!!!!

  • Sharon Floyd

    AMAZING! Brilliant! I love both of these sites and so excited about the giveaway! I want everyone to know!

  • Julie

    Thank you sooo much for being generous! Take care. I love both of these websites, very fun and great styles!

  • Cecy

    This is a great giveaway. I wish I could win!!!! Thanks.

  • Jenn

    LOVE LV!!

  • trine

    I never owned a beautiful bag like this in my life!
    I will be in eternal ecstasy if you choose to give it to, a 1st owner of a LV to be!! ;)
    Thank you for a brilliant website! I am already a big fan of WhoWhatWear.com

  • va_couturegirl

    There is nothing I would love more than to take this luggage on my trip when I retire from the Army! It’s gorgeous:)

  • Za

    That best portion of a lady life is her way of dressing up,styling up ,etc which actually give hapiness and the joyful in life that can never be decribe of having the LV luggage !!! whats more its give away . hoorray ! XD

  • Holly

    Fingers are crossed!!!

  • Marsha

    I just love your website, and I would be the happiest person if I win the LV luggage.

  • Erica

    LV luggage would be like my new best friends to keep me company when I travel…fingers crossed!

  • Monica

    Will you be announcing the winner on both sites?

  • Marilyn

    I absolutely love LV and to have a set of their luggage would be an AMAZING birthday present!!! I can’t wait until March 4th :)

  • lovemaegan.com

    yes please!

  • rene leer

    Love this contest!

  • MariaBesonia

    Mi birthday present I can wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Natalie

    I am so picky when it comes down to it … probably why I’ve never purchased a luggage set. This giveaway, however, solves all that! It’s just fabulous.

  • Cindy

    This would be so awesome to win

  • Kara

    This is THE BEST giveaway ever and I was just searching for new luggage!!!! Thank you TPF and W3!!!

  • Serena

    I am so excited! what a good prize!
    Fingers crossed until March 3rd!

  • serene

    I already see myself screming “I won?! me?!?!” ;D

  • noof

    yes :)

  • gsmile9

    OMG. I hope I win! Now this is what I call a good contest giveaway!

  • Kristin

    I wasn’t familiar with purseblog before— what an AWESOME site!

  • MuMa

    It would be LOVELY to win!

  • Ahmed

    I think I’m the only lad entering this competition. Kind of obsessed with hand accessories in general and a little miffed that there’s no murseblog just yet. Finger crossed, may the best man win ;)

  • Rosary

    Hope and pray to win!!!

  • Ji

    Wow this is an awesome giveawayyy~!!!

  • fashionista

    WOW!! Im soo excited. Im about to freak out.. I just checked my mails and found this awesome news in my who what wear mails. im sooooo freaking excited. unbelievable. i just need this luggage set. oh migod… everyone would be SO jealous. I just NEED this. So thanks for this amazing giveaway. i hope so much i´’ll win :) So THANKS again.

  • tuv1

    love to win
    viva LV

  • Tianna

    and the winner is!!! *drum roll*…ME >> So Excited… i cant wait!!

  • Kathey

    Since im a member of both blogs, im soo excited for this opportunity to have a little light of hope to win the luggage set!! Ill just pray to God and hope my wishes will come true. Im just soo excited as this is the biggest giveaway I have ever seeen!

    Have a good day! :]

  • Ruby

    What a wonderful thing to have something to look forward to – I may win!

  • Vanessa

    Awesome giveaway!

  • Sasha

    I want that, that, that… and THAT!!

  • Kathy

    Beautiful bag, thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • steph

    Love to win this, i am just not quite sure if my entry went through.

  • my new bag

    Yahoo! looks good in all ways

  • Elaine Casey

    Fabulouse Bag… It will be great to carry our Jewelry Designs to clients

  • Elaine Casey


  • jules

    WOWEE! You guys ROCK!

  • julia

    this is an amazing offer

  • Y

    One word: LV

  • jonna

    More More More Fabolous Bags!!!!!!!!

  • Samatha

    I love LV! I entered!

  • Penelope


  • Beatriz

    fab luggage… gotta have it!!

  • Kelly

    Yet ANOTHER reason why The Purse Blog RULES!!! However, can you please have some giveaways where it is open to those of us in Canada?!

  • tony

    i want it! pls let me win.

  • tony

    i hope i can win

  • Mimi

    I am a reader of both blogs… and am so excited about this giveaway!!! I hope to win as well!

  • Nataly

    Well …just amazing…how will it work? i m so far in the Sakhalin Island but still have a chanse???? WOW!!!

  • irene

    It is seldom do I encounter contests in the internet, especially in fashion, which includes the Philippines. I am glad that I can join this one and have the opportunity to win the set of LV luggage. Thanks!

  • popita

    omg can’t believe you guys are giving away LV! my heart literally skipped a beat… :::swoooon:::

  • vero

    OMG! OMG! I want to win LV PLEASEEE!
    Im so excited! thanx PB & WWW!

  • Donna H.

    Thanks to WhoWhatWear I just found out about your great site. Now I have TWO great sites to visit.

  • Peony

    I gotta win this :)

  • Peony

    Carry LV and travel all around the world….What a sweet dream:)

  • Lina Kattan

    i am Addicted to LV :)

  • Jacqueline

    what a great deal!!! hopefully i can win!!

  • Merve

    This is gotta be the best giveaway u have done, so excited…..

  • Tt

    I hope it’s mine!!!

  • Tt

    I hope it’s mine!!! great!!

  • Joan

    How beautiful! Hope to win!

  • baby boo

    I WANT TO WIN!! I LVOE LV LUGGGGGGAAAGGEE!!!! heheh am soooo excited

  • Cats


  • Fernanda

    I think the prize will come to Brazil!!

  • sara

    gr8 idea,,,,,i WANT it ,,plz

  • fhe

    i’m already a big fan of both sites! and now plus those amazing prizes.. wow it is soo great!

  • Sasha

    I LOVE Louis Vuitton and I need luggage so this contest couldn’t have come at a better time!!!!

  • Denisse

    WOW!!!!!!!!! LV lugagge that’s fantastic

  • jenny

    so want to win love LV stuff but can’t aford to buy them so need that bag

  • sophie-rose

    OMG Best give-away ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cami

    im from argentina! i hope i win!
    im addicted to whowhatwear, and because of them i discovered this site!
    its amazing!

  • sandra adair

    exciting site!!!!!!! great selection/ I feel like a “Hag” in need of a beautiful “Bag”

  • Chelsey

    I saw this and was like WOOHOO! I am going on vacation in a few months…hopefully…to visit a friend. I lost my luggage in Hurricane Ike when we flooded and have been shopping for new stuff. Hopefully I will not have to buy any now. Good luck too everyone. We all deserve it

  • Peony

    Here I am at “IT” blog again. I can’t wait to see the result. :)

  • Tara

    Once again, not available to Canada…… :(

  • danielle


  • Stephanie

    I’m equally as excited to have found this new site!!

  • kita

    Wow! This is great! Just when I thought I was going to have a bad day, I stumble across this contest. Excited!

  • Aly

    It would be so nice to win this for my b-day – it’s on March 1st. Please please PLEEZE?!?

  • jenniferrr

    ah! this would be so amazing. now all thats left is to be whisked away to paris!

  • Sindy

    this prize is amazing!

  • Tiffany

    OMG! If I win this I will literally cry of happiness!! :O

  • cyrena

    OMG i so very want ittt! I think u guys are absobloodylutely awesome. A Chanel last time…n LV this time. oh plssss..give it to meee.. :)

  • Kat

    Good luck everyone!!

  • Cathy

    This would be amazing to win! I’ve always wanted LV luggage and my birthday is the next month so this would be the perfect 18th birthday present ! :)

  • maritimesun

    Woow!!!!!! so beautiful……i love LV!
    i have only one LV bag till now. She is my lovely baby in heart. I think she will be happy to have a sister…….looking forward to …… :D

  • bi

    WOWWW!!!!! Increíbleeee!!!

  • Betsy


  • Katrina

    YEEEEEEEES – I must win!

  • Susanne

    What a price to win! wish me luck ;o)

  • Alexandra

    The thought of winning makes me laugh!!!

  • Mela

    Free is Free!

  • liz

    we’ll see. fingers cross.

  • nimeesha

    OMG!! LV luggages!! MUST HAVE!!!!

    just need to register right?? *drools*

  • Net

    Hope, i´m the winner. thanks for the effort.

  • LooneyforLouis

    Now thats what I’m talking about!!

  • claire_yoyo

    this is far more than great! i love lv~~~

  • monmon

    i hope to win enshalla

  • Mikado

    I have subscribed now, and hope to win this beautiful price, Helena

  • Celia Hish

    I have submitted too. Hope i can win these beautiful pieces. Wish my luck!!~

  • mstc7

    Coould this be a lucky day for me? I hope so. I appreciate classic design and admire LV, wouold be so excited it I win.

  • mstc7

    Could this be a lucky day for me? I hope so. I appreciate classic design and admire LV, would be so excited it I win.

  • kanga

    Both these websites are fantastic.
    The LV give away has everyone so excited!!!
    Me included, fingers, toes and eyes crossed.
    Thanks Vlad and Meg for such a great website.

  • Zuzu

    oh god i love LV so much i take care of my bags as my childern realy they are my babys :)
    i hop i win and have anew baby :)

  • papi

    I love LV luggages,hope i will win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hpzapper

    In on this one good luck to all

  • papi

    I love LV luggages,i hope i will win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shopaholic

    Wish everyone good luck!!! I love these fantastic websties. Hope I will be that lucky dog:)

  • shopaholic

    I love these fantastic websites. Hope I will be the lucky dog:)

  • Carolyn

    OMG! I DREAM Louis Vuitton!

  • Janis P.

    I’m crossing my fingers!!!

  • Oris

    Awesome… The luggage looks exceptionally amazing. Then again, it is LV… Awesome.

  • gloria

    i would be pleasured to win those amazing lv bags .. wining them would be the best i wont give up ill try my best to win !! i wish i could yaaay

  • Nealie

    This is so great! Thank you both!

  • serena

    are these giveaways for US residents ONLY? I think it is unfair :(

  • Swap

    What a great contest! THANK YOU! Love Who What Wear…had not been on that site before!

  • laurie damrose

    ooh la la ! viva la louis! I want want to win! good luck to all and thank you

  • mememe

    OMG, this is an amazing prize!

  • tiffany

    LV is my world ! ^^

  • vicky

    beautiful bag!!

  • Bette

    What a GREAT thing to look forward to in this economy! Really could use a status, builder to cure the winter dull drums. THANK YOU!

  • vicky

    so beautiful, would love this!!!

  • Kat

    WOW !!!! WOW !!!!!!!!!! is all i can say

  • parkeedoo

    i hope to win. :-)

  • nicole

    very nice giveaway!

  • cindy

    Wow what a great giveaway! I have always loved LV luggage and now I have the chance to win some. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


    I would totally love to win, I’ve never won anything in my life….my mom would love this!!

  • Arlene P

    I think I’ll look pretty good carrying that beautiful luggage on my cruise!

  • Sandrine

    OMG! I hope I win. I always wanted some of those peices.

  • Elan

    Wow! impressive!

  • Veronica L.

    Wow , what a wonderful giveaway!! Thanks for the chance :)

  • MiMi


    this giveaway is outrageous!!!! i mean really insane….even though it’s like a one in million chance to win, it’s still nice to dream.lol

  • Sheila

    Awesome sight,now I am subscribed,thanks Mel for sharing,maybe you or I will win ^__^ ,great site!

  • MiMi76


    this giveaway is outrageous!!!! ….even though it’s like a one in million chance to win, it’s still nice to dream.lol

  • Audrey

    It’s such an amazing oportunity! Thank you so much for making these contests possible!

  • suzanne

    This is the biggest prize yet from purseblog….. very cool. Whoever wins it will be sooo sooo lucky!! Good Luck everyone! =D

  • elena allegranti


  • Jenn

    This would be a great gift since I recently got laid off…..the neverending job searching process is driving me insane and this certainly would be a nice pick-me-upper.
    Thank you purse blog & who what wear.

  • doris

    My extra baggage is Louis V!!!!!!!!!!!

  • doris

    My extra bag—gage is Louis V!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chirstine


    UpS for Purse Blog!!


    I would die..!

  • christine



  • evita

    i would love to win those Louis vuitton bags!!!!!1

  • renier


    what a sweepstakes… makes me wanna sweep right into the storage room… GRAB AND RUN BABY! :]

    Goodluck everyone!

  • laurie damrose

    ooh laa laa…………i want this!

  • Lisa

    What an amazing prize!!!

  • angiebag

    I visit both sites daily, and just read blog after blog, about the trendy handbags, i dont comment much because i dont own any yet. I wish i did. I am a name brand junkie, just cant afford it right now. And i REFUSE to support fake bags. I really hope i win this and get a chance to feel like a million bucks at least once in my life. Fingers crossed

  • eulawang

    I want this!!!

  • doublej

    OMG, I totally NEED this!!

  • Cheryl English

    I have been looking for you Louis Vuitton luggage to be sitting in my closet , waiting to show you off at the airport when I take a trip out of town. You are welcome at my house. I have already made a room for you, so come on home where you belong. Thanks.

  • Vickie Couturier

    These are so nice,beats my poor old beat up walmart ones hands down,I entered over there ,so keeping my fingers crossed

  • Holly

    wow, wow, wow!!

  • CanCan (Mom Most Traveled)

    Wow, these are incredible! I travel ALL of the time.
    I hope I win these in time for my trip to Bali in April!


  • dnice

    How exciting…….now THIS is a GREAT promotion!!!!!! Wishing me luck :)

  • Brooke

    YAY! I hope I win!! There will be one VERY LUCKY lady soon!!!

  • dnice

    WOW!! Now this is a GREAT Giveaway…wishing me luck ;)

  • mstc7

    Just love the LV quality and distinction…

  • Brigitte

    With all the bad luck I’ve been having lately, winning this would really cheer me up!

    Great promotion, good luck to all!

  • Betty Shoemaker

    would truly love to win this, great contest

  • bandar

    I hope I can be the winner

  • blackouts

    HOLY!!! i would very much like to have these when i go on my vacation this summer!!
    it would be sooooo nice =D!
    great contest!!
    i’v wanted these for soo bad …im so happy!! i hope i win ^^ ggood luck too rest of u too!!

  • anna

    that’s great, just amazing,hope ill be the winner

  • Sara


  • kawgirl23

    What a great promotion! I hope I win! Good luck everyone! :-)

  • usillypenguin

    How exciting! Hope I win!

  • victor

    My wife would faint if we won

  • exoticB

    I’m sooo excited!! Great giveaway! THANK YOU!!!!!! I am praying I am the winner!! I really want this!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

  • Vonnie

    OMG… I would love this and It would love me too… ;)

  • nurseluvslouie

    Wow…niceeeeee giveaway!

  • JaneEyre

    This is amazing! Thanks for the opportunity! :)

  • Vonnie

    OMG… I would LOVE to win this especially since, I love LV and have wanted a REAL one since forever… lol… I know this would love me too… lol… this would not only make my day but make my year too… what a dream come true this would be… almost like winning the lottery… ;) good luck everyone… pass it on…

  • cdzxh


  • Cates

    What a wonderful giveaway! Thank You!!

  • eva81


  • Christina

    Who doesn’t love beautiful?

  • Lucy

    Wow! What a contest. A girl can always use a beautiful set of luggage. I am a subscriber who enjoys your blog and youtube videos. Thank you.

  • Linda

    cool. hope i win.

  • Susana

    I would love to win this set of luggage.

  • Charlie

    OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!

  • Doris

    I want to join the fun contest but how come Canada isn’t invited????? There’s no Canada on the drop down menu for Country. Why is that??

  • Wendy Chen


  • Wendy Chen


  • leeloo06250

    yes, that’s great

  • olivia

    i hope i can win !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Katie

    I definitely agree with my fellow subscribers: BEAUTIFUL! And what a fabulous opportunity!
    Hmm… I’ll be spending the next month daydreaming about where I’d travel with this gorgeous luggage…

  • FLBagaholic

    1. I stand ready to accept the winning entry for this fabulous giveaway!! 2. Good luck to all the others who are entering! 3. purseblog and whowhatwear – you guys rock!! This was a herculean demonstration in the marketing negotating department. KUDOS to both!

  • Stacey Bradley

    What a wonderful giveaway. Thanks so much for giving us handbag ‘collectors’ such a great site!

  • Maya

    J’aimerais bien gagner les Louis Vuitton luggage ! Sa sera geniale !

    Besides it’s nice to know who won the giveaway. Can you plz declare it ?! :-)

  • Teri

    Fab give’away! Thanks Megs and Vlad!

  • Sheri

    Awesome giveaway. It would be amazing to win this one!

  • Jenifer

    Great giveaway! I travel all the time so I would LOVEEE this one.

  • Peggy Gorman

    Amazing LV giveaway! Wow ,all of these beautiful pieces are a dream for me.I would love to win. Thanks for this fall out my chair giveaway!

  • Katy

    Wow, how awesome! Thanks for putting together such a great giveaway! I hope someone really deserving wins it! (Maybe me… I’ll keep my fingers crossed!)

  • Linda

    I want it~!

  • Page11

    I want it sooo bad!!!

  • Oliveen

    Awesome give away & beautiful site. Thanks for including me, I can see myself using a LV bag on my next cruise.

  • zzsa

    What a wonderful giveaway! Thank You!!

  • Dalal Khalifa

    Thanks for including me :D i deeply wish to be one of the winner to get an LV set :D:D wohooo

  • _jL

    sweeet deal :)
    goodluck everyone !

  • FancyFace


    I would LOVE to win!!!

  • simonetta ciucciomei

    This would be one of my dreams come true-

  • Caroline

    OMG!!!! I’ve never won any contests ….EVER!
    If I can only win one…..let this be the one! Thank’s a bunch for giving us the opportunity!

  • Susana

    Great giveaway!!
    I’m so exciteeddd… fingers crossedd!! (good luck everyonee!)

  • Diane

    This is all I want for Christmas…
    and Valentines Day…
    and my birthday…
    and Easter…

  • sandra

    Gloom and doom .. credit crunch …. winter blues …
    Great timing for such a fab competition
    good luck all

  • wendie

    I was hoping to start my LV collection this winter but school made me broke! It would be so awesome to win my first pieces of LV! Awesome contest!

  • Danae

    Absolutely fantastic giveaway!! This would be one fantastic wedding present for me! haha! Good luck everyone!!

  • kathy

    Sorry girls I’ts all Mine! Mine!Mine!Mine!Ha!Ha!Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jackie

    WOW! What a fantastic giveaway! I would love to have this for ALL of my future trips! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Melvin

    wowowow have to win this

  • Jennifer

    Wow, wouldn’t this be a fabulous prize.
    I would look great carry those.

  • Dvynanjl

    Thankyou PurseBlog, for showing me so many beautiful and desirable handbags and accessories, but how do you do it? You get ladies all over the world excited everytime you post a new item, me especially! Please keep up the awesome work you do :)

  • chaney

    I never win anything but maybe this is my big chance! I love TPF

  • erika

    that would be awesome to win, 1 in like 45681000000000 though. hah



  • Yvonne

    This is like the Holy Grail of giveaways…
    <3million Purse Blog/Forum

  • Aki

    wow, fantastic!!

  • Mae

    Awesome! If I’ll be that lucky, this will truly celebrate the milestones of my life long love for bags!!!

  • Michelle

    what an amazing prize….its the stuff fantasies are made of!!

  • Erika Logan

    I just put the desire for some Louis luggage out in the Universe. The Universe always responds in kind to our actions… I really need and want some new Louis Vuitton luggage!

  • Mark

    How lovely, I hope I win!

  • Lex

    i’m counting down the days til the 3rd. :D

  • jean

    i’m gonna start praying now…wish i’ll win!

  • Angela

    Woot~~!! Although the chance is pretty slim, I still hope I can win ^_^

  • Micheline

    I need it for my next trip…. I hope to win!

  • poohhunny

    awesome prize! thx!

  • winnie

    Thats so cool…! thanks for a fantastic giveaway. I hope I can win hoho ^^

  • ken

    Its great…!

  • ShoreLady

    I need some good luck in my life & this would do the trick nicely!

  • Ken

    I’m not going to kiss up….I just want to WIN this great prize!

  • suri

    I’m already melting for this one

  • Jazzymom3

    I LOVE LV Bags!!! I have NEVER won any kind of giveaways, raffles, or contests. What a GREAT way to START winning :)

  • a_new_love

    ahhhh, i hoOPPPPPPPPPPPPE I WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M SO EXCITED!

  • MiNi CooPeR

    Wow! such a great prize! I have never won any kind of giveaways, raffles, or contests TOO!

  • litterey

    i just send this morning, hope i can get these bags! so excited:)

  • noxxy

    OMG!!! I sure hope i get it!!! =)

  • laylameng

    one word people .
    WOWWWWWWWW ~~~~~ !!!!!!

  • MissG

    I think I might actually pass out if I win these!!!

  • Marni

    If I can only win once….. let this be it!!!!!

  • Ane

    Good luck to everyone :)

  • jason

    my 1st louis vuitton luggage are coming.

  • Victoria

    This is a dream come true for any avid brand whore. Jet-setting in style, the envy you will get from the passer-by, the satisfaction you will arrive, just by merely being able to own it. I am actually hyperventilating thinking about it. My first contribution to any forum, any online contest. So excited. Good luck everyone!

  • dnice

    WOW……What a FAB giveaway :)

  • Irene

    That’s an absolutely FANTASTIC giveway – I’m very excited !
    Best of luck to everyone :-)

  • Teresa

    I really really really want this.

  • Janine

    QUOTE: ‘The WhoWhatWear.com and Purseblog.com Designer Luggage Giveaway (the “Sweepstakes”) is open to all legal U.S. residents…’
    So, not the rest of us worldwide then? Boo.

  • Kail

    love me some lv! ;)

  • Oliveen

    Fantastic giveaway. I am not holding my breath but I am keeping my fingers and toes cross.

  • Zoe

    Wow….what a fantastic prize!

  • Ash

    This is fabulous! Such an amazing giveaway.

  • Jedd

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    One bag would be a fantastic prize! Four! Unbelieveable!

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    Who else wants the 4 of them to go to 4 different people?
    I do, unless I win! Then I want all 4 to go to 1 person — ME, of course!! :o))
    Good luck to all.
    Wow — I’m still blown away!….

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    i never win on things like this and it would be perfect if i can win it as m bday is coming soon :)

    thanks meg, vlad

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    I love it! I want it!! I can’t wait to get it !!

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    I’ve always seen LV’s on other women and just melted a bit inside for that “Alma”, I had to take back.

    To be a part of this forum and Who Wore Wear beings me great pleasure and OMG would it truely be a dream to win this contest. Thanks no matter what for having such a great place to come and just talk about my girly girl passion!!

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    Pick Me Pick ME!!

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    a kiss from argentina,
    and thanks because of the opportunity


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    keepin’ my fingers crossed in MD.

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    Good luck to me!

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    Another though… Go to Las Vegas and lay on your back. LOL

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    The other 2 I’ll give to my mother and sister :-)

    Good luck everybody and thanks to Who What Wearand Purse Blog for this!

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    Good luck to all who’ve entered, someone is gonna be made a very happy lady in a few days!

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    that would be the best gift I could ever ask for!
    thanks purse blog<3 and who what where<3

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