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  • 19yearslater

    Yay, what’s in her bag! These photographs are beautiful. I carry a small notebook, too.

  • Kadd

    I alwasy carry my molskine too

  • Lianne

    And how does the gorgeous dog fit in with everything else? :>

    • That is her puppy – and while I’d like to pretend he somehow travels in that bag, he just comes to the office daily and is adorable!!! We had to include him!

  • Merve

    pup is definitely my fave…looks like such a character

  • Laura

    Beautiful photos!

    I always have my moleskine with me too!

  • Danielle

    absolutely LOVE WIHB posts…had no clue you could customize sharpies. awesome! love the bag

  •  Yep, you are so right, in a fashion girl’s handbag, Meredith German of Meredith Wendell will be the most suitable item to put in!

  • I have a lot stuff in my bag. Lipsticks, molskine too, notebook, marker, etc.

  • Fahion magazine and cellphone will be always in it! Haha! 

  • How to shoot photos like the above? I wanna have someone take photos for me like this! As a girl, it’s very important to keep make-ups and a mirror in her handbag

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