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  • Lulugurl

    Great “what’s in her bag”! I love the new Kristen line!

  • Alana

    Love this one, what a gorgeous Coach bag!!

  • Luvindo

    The chair is SO COACH, :)) !

    • It is the Coach Legacy lining – we photographed this in the Coach store :)

      • Vivid

        I KNEW I recognized that stripe! =)

  • BKboy

    She sounds so chic! Love it :)

  • Cathy Fitz

    Love her “style”. And love these posts!

  • MizzJ

    Always love these posts! She has such cute handwriting – what would you do if you interviewed someone with terrible penmanship??

    • Well, we’ll find out when they do one about me in the next couple of months…

    • Good question, perhaps just scan and post it and let the readers decipher it?

  • 19yearslater

    Great stuff, great bag. The nail file is funny and cute.

  • king

    Love her “style”. And love these posts!

  • kemilia

    Nice bag; I love the Legacy Coach lining–I have a tiny Coach purse keychain from years ago and it is lined with that lining, so cute!

    I love these posts, makes me think what I carry in my bag too–guess I’m not the only one with multiple lipglosses.

  • Marianna

    The Sage is such an outstanding handbag and I love Vanessa’s wallet and python accessories. That nail file is just too cute. “What’s In Her Bag” is such a great spot!

  • adrienne z

    love the accessories!

  • Jelita78

    i was about to say i want that chair !!
    then i read megs replied that it was photograph in the coach store itself..
    shessshhh.. typical !

  • PhotoGirl

    Love this! Great bag, interesting contents, terrific photographs.
    I would recognize that lining anywhere.

    Time marches on, I know, but those early Coach bags were the best. I found one on ebay a while ago and I’m still smiling about it. Beautiful workmanship and simplicity never go out of style.

  • KaylaNiche

    WIHB posts are always my favorite! Python and leather? The mix of textures is crazy! I love it!

  • Handbag Debbie

    Why didn’t she come to me for a ‘reading’ of what the contents of her bag say about her!!??? It’s not too late!

  • DJ

    How come there’s never any old mints that have fallen out of the tin or any old crumpled receipts or any loose change?

    • PhotoGirl

      Excellent question!
      The photographer in me says no pre-planning. Would love to see a real WYSWYG bag shoot one of these days; mints, Kleenex, Target receipts and all. That’s part of the fun!

      • We only post what the person would like to share – and usually I think people “tidy” up!

    • Musette

      LOL! I could freshen the breath of everybody in town from the bottom of my purse! Usually it’s gum so they’re lucky – no dusting off the lint!


  • Rania

    A smart girl never leaves home without her sharpies!

  • Lorie

    The thing I always take away from these is that I am carrying around WAY too much stuff. LOL. Love these! Vlad’s photos are always perfect!

  • courtney

    Carrying the exact same bag today!

  • Another Nancy

    Love that bag!

    Love this feature — thanks so much, guys!!

  • The Tall One

    I can’t wait until this bag comes in green!

  • ninjaninja

    Makes me want a nude bag…

  • susan

    Love this Coach Bag,the one thing missing inside is my executive style Bagabook, perfect to keep notepad,diary,organizer or novel.

  • Joanna

    Just got the exact same bag a few days ago! Can’t wait to carry it to work tomorrow! So excited!

  • karen millen

    Its really great to see this blog.Nice work

  • Staci

    Vanessa has such a great job! I love her bag and the chair it’s sitting on!

  • AshleyG

    Love, love, love! These posts make my heart smile! :))


    Your handwriting IS cute, Vanessa. Good job, blog-mate! xx, Ava

  • Patricia

    I love Coach. I have a Coach Poppy Tote that I get alot of comments on. I like the new Kristen line.

  • Pam

    Love it. Can’t wait for the next one.

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