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  • 19yearslater

    The invitations she makes look amazing! Great style, too.

  • PhotoGirl

    Oh my word! I LOVE her. Love. I have seen her on TV a few times and always wanted to know more; she seems like a fascinating woman. Her bag and accessories are impeccable — exactly as I would have imagined.

    • dela

      I agree. I first saw her on Whose Wedding Is It Any Way? years ago. There was a very moving episode where she bought her parents a house as a token of her appreciation.

  • Jackie

    A look into her bag is a look into her life. I’m so glad to have just had a glance of the life of an event planner and designer because this may just be what I want to do. Thanks for this Purseblog and Jung Lee!

  • Kaye Beeh

    Wow she does amazing things and have amazing things in her bag!!

  • Ashleyg

    OMG I love her and just everything I saw! She has my DREAM job and my new dream goodies in her bag, lol!

  • somethingbags

    love everything…the bag, everything in it, love her!

  • For ELyse

    Neat pics but that lightbulb is scary lol

    • It was actually a large vase in her office.

  • minnja

    Wow, I love everything!

    LOVE from Germany

  • stilettolife

    I thought she looked familiar. I miss seeing her on Whose Wedding is it Anyway. I always loved her style and flair. She was one of the best on there.

  • Pilley

    I’ve always wanted to sneak a peek in Jungs purse! Every thing about her is beautiful, warm and lovely. An inspiration to work with and a stellar human being.

  • Marisa

    Like a few others, Jung has the same profession I aspire to have, so I like peeking to see what other Event Planners carry in their bags. Love her Fete sketch book. And those invitations are beautiful!

  • Brooke

    I find it hard to believe that all those objects were in her purse, especially those boots and whatever that last image was.

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